Book I – Legend, Chapter 9 – The Birth of a Legend

The aspect of immortality was what made Jodye Trill obsessed with practicing this Titanic Rage Law4Lawthe rules and principles that create, govern, and maintain the energies of the universe. When laws come into harmony they form different systems naturally, with as many functions as the laws in harmony. For laws to enter a state of harmony, they must be compatible and have a proper conduit such as a star, or anything with its own unique Origin source law. With a good enough conduit it is possible to make incompatible laws reach a state of harmony, but in such a scenario there is a high chance of the force turning cancerous. The condensation of law energy produces what is known as Force or Qi... With a Titan’s level of strength, lifespan, and ability, he would be able to confidently search for Sansa46Sansamysterious witch responsible for banishing the souls of Jodye, Sylvester, and Xavier. Her origins are unknown, her whereabouts are unknown, and her motives are unknown. She was once the parential guardian of Jodye. and Lulu’s whereabouts in the future. If there was such a thing as reincarnation, he just didn’t believe there was no way to see the two of them again!

That said, young and motivated as Jodye may be currently, he was confident that humans couldn’t easily possess such prowess. The memories of Jupiter Titan the T’Zhane were mainly centered around his life of cultivation and battles, but his first 100 years of experience were different.

It was as if Jodye had personally lived those years as the young Titan before he earned the title T’Zhane. A title which meant ‘To see through the heavens.’ Ancient Titan clan members would only receive their titles upon reaching the Ancient Lord Realm of the Titanic Rage Law. T’Zhane’s given name was Jupiter. At this moment, Jodye Trill decided to provide himself with a title only after breaking through to the Ancient Lord Realm.

This could be considered his piety to his estranged master Jupiter.

All Jodye knew for sure was that the Titan, in his youth, had extreme disdain for humanity. Of course, that is if you can consider someone older than a century youthful. Nonetheless, they were like little ants in the face of Jupiter’s supreme might! It was for this reason that Jodye chose to focus on the Titanic Rage Law. As a human surrounded by humans, becoming a Titan seemed to be the best way to be able to travel unhindered throughout the world. It sounded even better the more he thought about it.

Members of the heaven slaughter race are actually weaker than humans when they’re born. Far weaker, in fact. These heaven slaughter babies are born with brittle little bodies that can barely withstand a force as strong as sunlight, absolutely no physical strength, and no essence compatibility. What they did possess was an abnormally powerful spirit, a high affinity to calamity and serenity law energy, and high-level sensitivity for astral might.

This body transformation law system focuses on opening what was called the eight inner gates of power and then turning every gate into a Stargate by resonating with a constellation in the heavens.

From the Wimpy Man Realm, all the way to the final stage the Cosmic Supremacy Realm, the body undergoes earth-shattering changes. Despite this, Jodye was nowhere near close to the level of Cosmic Supremacy, to the point that he couldn’t even fathom such strength. Jupiter’s memories unfortunately only go up to when the young Titan broke through the sixth stage. What the view was like beyond that, Jodye would have to discover for himself.

The first stage of the Titanic Rage Law was all about body refinement. To enter the first stage one first had to refine their skin with astral might, making the body suitable to cultivate astral powers with. The Titan clan members didn’t need to do this, as they had a natural affinity with Astral Might9Astral Mightone of the 9 original formless energy masses that existed within primal chaos before the universe was formed. Also known as the 9 layered skies or the Heavenly Ennead. Astral Might can be viewed as a universe without a will of its own, and thus, no laws, only pure power. Fourth layer. The Ancient Titan race uses astral might in all their cultivation practices. Volos race practices require both true essence and astral might. that was more powerful than the rest of their race.

Jodye Trill, on the other hand, was a human. His body had a natural affinity with spiritual energy and pure essence, but not astral might. Because of this, Jodye could only start with refining his skin like the low talent individuals of the heaven slaughter race who existed outside of the leading clan.

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The moment the astral energy touched his skin, the one-year-old Jodye felt like he was on fire as he swallowed his painful wail before it could manifest. The pain was excruciating, he felt as if he was literally being burned alive at 350 degrees Celsius. Jodye’s face was twisted and grim, as he focused on enduring the pain. His outer appearance quickly went from brown to purple, then deep red with steam rising out. If his mother were to notice this, she would surely be terrified!

Anyone who knew what Jodye was doing would consider this baby suicidal.

Jodye Trill’s body looked swollen as if he was about to explode like a balloon with too much air. All this from a tiny amount of astral might! In spite of all this, however, little one-year-old Jodye sat steady like a 10,000-year-old rock. Although he had indeed been too anxious, vastly overestimating his weak little body, he wasn’t too shaken. Back on the 21st century’s earth, he had endured far worse pain than this during a particular mission’s torture. He maintained his meditation posture, his face the epitome of stoicism.

Jodye focused all his being on repeating the mantra of the first stage in the Titanic Rage Law,

“The night is long and dark, though my heart is darker.”

“The river is endlessly dropping, unaware of stopping.”

“The light gives us life, and the dao creates the heart.”

“The Heaven’s call to the sky, if they fall it was mercy’s fault…”

Two hours later, Jodye Trill looked like a lump of coal in the middle of the bed. Every bit of his skin was blackened and burnt, as he sat in the exact same position as if a painting, unaffected by the passage of time. He continued to wash and refine his skin with the astral might. After four more hours, Jodye Trill’s spirit power was running out, and he started to feel faint. It seems as if he had overestimated himself, due to his excitement.

Unfortunately, this was a process that could not be stopped once started, otherwise the consequences would be disastrous. If Jodye were to end before making progress, there would be a backlash of astral force that would likely destroy his body. This equaled death, as he was just too weak currently. Jodye was still too young, and far too fragile. There was no way he would survive through a rebound.

At that moment, Jodye felt like somewhere in his mind something cracked. He felt a weird fluctuation from what seemed like his soul itself, before a cooling sensation ran across every inch of his skin, leaving him exhausted. Jodye was familiar with this cooling sensation, as he had felt it many times in his past life. Anytime he received a fatal injury, but withstood the pain until this feeling came, he would suddenly begin to recover rapidly! Sometimes it was even visible to the naked eye!

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His body would also end up becoming a little tougher than before!

Suddenly, as if it was in tune with his thoughts, the pain gradually resided. In its place came a warm but comfortable sensation. After another hour, his burnt skin started to fall off of him on its own. Underneath appeared smooth, shiny, and tender caramel chocolate skin was revealed. His skin looked angelic and soft. If one were to touch, however, they would discover it felt like resilient and supple, just like some rubber.

Jodye Trill was slightly caught off guard. He instantly activated his Mind’s Eye and cast his senses inward to check the condition of his body. Due to having low-level spiritual force, the keen ability of his Mind’s Eye could not expand more than a few inches outside of the body. However, seeing the condition within was easy enough.

Of course, what Jodye didn’t know was that this, too, was abnormal.

His first time using the mind’s eye to inspect his body immediately left him in awe. The human body was indeed a marvel. It looked like a miniature galaxy. There were 12 light spheres throughout his body with many more tiny lights all around them, like 12 planets in a starry expanse. This was different from the heavenly slaughter race’s body composition, but there were similarities. Titan’s had only 10 of these spheres.

After investigating for a while, Jodye slowly figured out what the main difference was. Different organs! Heavenly slaughterers had two hearts, and the only other common organ between their races was the stomach. He then observed his skin and found some remnant astral energy mingling with his own blood energy. It was almost as if…

“It seems that after the astral quenching, some of the energy remains. In that case, I should continue to quench my skin. I feel incredible!” thought the baby boy Jodye Trill. Previously, he was worried about explaining his injuries. Now, he was shocked that he had recovered so swiftly and this seemed unreal, “It seems my previous life’s ability has world-traveled with me? How strange…yet excellent.”

In the following three months Jodye would spend his days accompanied by his mother or his sister Kamila. Whenever his father joined them at dinner or visited his mother and himself, he would take every opportunity to spam his old man with questions relating to the outside world. After all, Jodye was never allowed to roam much further than his mother’s courtyard, unless the creepy butler was the only one around.

The House Lord took great pleasure in his son’s thirst for knowledge, for this was the mark of a truly born sage! Thus, he continued to pour knowledge into the mind of his son. Eventually, Lord Trilleck begins to allow the first lady to bring the little boy on the estate’s main grounds, so that he could be with his son more.

Thus, Jodye Trill became acquainted and familiar with all the essential officials and delegates of the house. His daily schedule then shifted to accompanying his mother as she handled her affairs around the estate. At night, he would resume his practice. Whenever his mother expanded her spiritual sense to check on her son, and saw him deep in meditation, seemingly cultivating, she would be greatly shocked.

Lady Isis didn’t fear her son to be an imposter. She could see that he was under the impression that no one could see him and he was utterly defenseless. An imposter wouldn’t behave this way, for this was ignorance. As the Frozen Night Master, how could lady Isis not be aware of her son’s actions if she chose to be? Merely, when bringing this oddity up to Lord Osiris Trilleck, the latter laughed boisterously in praise of his son. Lady Isis felt helpless.

“To think, the boy sees me meditating a few times, then he constantly asks about it in great detail. Now, he is meditating himself! You should…wow… you should not worry, my beautiful muse.” Lord Osiris held lady Isis’ chin while he spoke to her gently, making her blush and avert her gaze. From the opposite side of the desk, one would only be able to assume that lord Osiris was speaking into a serene sound mirror in his lap, “Yes, my wife, this is good for little Joe. What level of spiritual strength could the child possibly have? However, now that he is meditating so early perhaps that may change!”

Lord Osiris Trilleck was back in his main study, reviewing the house’s financial reports. Reclining in his chair his eyes occasionally seemed to drift into a daze, as he stared out of the window at Kamila and Joseph Trilleck who played in the courtyard below.

“I am merely worried, my lord…mmm, he is just a small boy, and I fear he’s developing a bit to fast,” came Isis Trilleck’s voice from under the desk. After a few breaths of pause, she continued, “You even gave him a stalk of Morning Spirit Grass! Are you trying to worry me?”

“It is merely one stalk, and just my conservative explanation would not be enough to teach him the method of refinement. It is good that he shows such competence and interest in the martial way so early. This…ah. This child of ours is simply a true… a true genius, I say. He will be an incredible warrior Sage one day. The credit is, in fact, yours. It seems necessary to give you another child…” Lord Osiris gave lady Isis a lascivious smile, making her blush deeper.

Meanwhile, Jodye Trill was oblivious to the private matters of his parents as well as being spied on. Later that night he sat in the lotus position in his bedroom, his mind buried in cultivation. Through his mind’s eye, he was able to see different energy flows floating around his room lately. Anytime the energy went through his pores, Jodye would feel like he just got covered in a layer of ice. The child didn’t hesitate to guide the silver-pink power into his skin, constantly tempering his flesh with it, along with the medicinal force coming from the stalk of Morning Spirit Grass his father gave him.

Jodye Trill had noticed that by doing this the amount of astral might that fused with his flesh after each quenching nearly tripled! Such medicinal herbs were like gold, and Jodye would have probably smoked it if he was older. Jodye could tell his body was changing, slowly beginning a transformation. Due to his unique ability to withstand the torturous pain of tempering his flesh with pure energy, and somehow avoid death, he was becoming more abnormal by the day.

Unbeknownst to anyone, this simple daily lifestyle would one day be responsible for the birth of a legend. Though Jodye Trill was acting impulsively due to his inexperience, his instincts were leading him down a road no human on this planet had traveled before.


Sky Fall Legend

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