Chapter 203- Entering The Game

KMega6KMegacharacter, Astrid7Astridcharacter, Kieser, and Yirk exist in the real world now.

Their bond and interests were deepened over the last several years; they were like a family.

KMega entered the character creation mode and saw the inheritance option. As an actual player, the decisions were his and the other three would agree with whatever he said.

Naturally, he chose a dragon4dragonspeciesoid half breed for his race, as this was now a feature in the game, and the others became that as well. Yirk decided to be their guardian uncle as a blue dragonoid. Kieser became a black dragonoid. As for the other two, they became their original colors; green and red.

After several other meticulous tasks, KMega set up their backstory that they were young descendants of the great hero. This made it able to trace their bloodlines back to the old game’s characters. Kieser, after the wars of the old game, retired with his father and found love with one of Lazar’s children. An age difference of 15 years is not a lot for a dragonoid, so there was nothing wrong with it. Now, Keiser will be Yirk’s actual son once again since Yirk was chosen to be the guardian of the overpopulated area of the main nest. The three of them were hatched near the same time, and the in-game lore says that when they hatched, KMega and Astrid were born soulmates. Not only that, but they were reincarnations of the brood founders. They all had the same trait when they were born; inherited memory. This means that they were granted access to their previous life’s memories. In fact, all players and companions inheriting characters have this trait. However, KMega was born with another, unwanted trait; myths legacy. It gave no description, but by the context of the name alone, KMega thought it was going to be another headache to come like how he played the last game. He had no desire to get another mythic title. All he wanted to do was get a plot of land and become an honest and simple farmer.

He also wanted to find Kieser a girlfriend.

After creating their characters, KMega was introduced to the lore of the previous game to give backstory to the sequel. Small, unimportant details turned into glorified tales. One such tale was KMega’s unwavering loyalty as Kieser’s protector knight. What annoyed Astrid though was that she gave birth after their anniversary date that occurred before his in-game permadeath when the two of them lost control of the avatar in the first game. However, her life soon ended as well since it was originally sustained by KMega and the strain of bearing young was too heavy a toll. This left Lazar as the senior-most member of the brood. That story was a whole new mess of trouble for Karma Sky Island, but after the guild wars, things became stable again.

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After selecting their region, they were recognized as the reincarnations of the founders of the brood KMega and Astrid were raised to succeed one day, but until the current head perishes, they are left to grow on their own. With the exception of specialized leadership training for broodlord successors, the two received a rather normal education from the best school in the Republic. With Yirk as their private tutor, they got top marks.

After that, it was time for them to decide their futures.

Even though the game had not fully launched yet, the tutorial was fully operational.

For KMega’s tutorial, he was put through his character’s youth alongside his companions.

Since his character had such a special history, his performance changed the game before it was even launched. The game observers were very surprised when they read the report of his tutorial and saw what he wanted to be when he grows up in-game.

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“I want to live a quiet and peaceful life as a farmer.”

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