Chapter 204- Opening Event

Four hours passed rather quickly, and KMega had more than enough time to give an educated guess about the tutorial.

All he had to do now was wait.





>Only allowed on








As soon as the server went live, KMega loaded up his premade character. Instead of spawning inside a church like the first one, KMega and the others wound up in a dragon’s lair with several other Dragonoids looking at a large elder dragon. KMega looked around to get his bearings before noticing that Yirk was not with them, but was standing at the side.

“You are the next generation of this brood! The young that will one day lead our community into the future. Go and venture out into this great world! Experience its richness and grow into respectable beings!” (Elder Dragon)

The elder dragon then moved aside to show the exit of the cave to everyone, and the NPC dragoniods started walking towards the exit, so KMega and his group followed suit.

According to the lore of the game, none of them had set foot off of the sky island. Some took to flying, while the others took a portal. Each of them had an idea of where they wanted to go, and KMega was no exception. He knew farming required land, and land required money.

The best place to get money was an adventurer’s guild. They gave three different types of quests;  extermination, fetch, and delivery. Extermination is just killing a set number of mobs to reduce their population. Fetch is to gather a certain number of items. Delivery is to take a package from one location to another.

When KMega stepped off the transport emblem, he was amazed to find himself in another city. From what he remembered, this was called the Lower Sanctuary. As the sky island is dominated by the dragon-kind, here is where humans and dragon-kind interact. It was a lot more crowded with new players walking around here than on sky island. To make matters worse, the new players rushed over to the startled young NPC’s. KMega could not help but step forward just so he can get to his own demands sooner.

“HEY, EVERYONE!!! SETTLE DOWN!!! It’s fine if you want to talk to us, but not everyone at once!”

As KMega yelled, he was using his body to shield Astrid and the others.

KMega then noticed a sharp drop in his HP as someone yelled, “Hey, noob! Get out of the way so we can get the new premium companions!”

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KMega’s vision suddenly went black as he sighed in a void of nothingness.

“SERIOUSLY!!! Will I ever play a game where I’m not killed in the first five minutes!?”

The startled and confused half breed dragons were unsure about what to do as all the players ran up to talk to them. However, when one of their own fell lifeless and another grabbed the killer by the neck in a rage, all h*ll broke loose. Some of them flew away, while the others armed themselves and took a battle ready stance. Even as half breed dragons, they knew their bodies were valuable ingredients for alchemy and blacksmithing. This is why they all were taught to be wary of those that would harm them. What occurred next was an hour-long slaughter of level 1 players until the town guards got things under control. However, the system took this as an act of self-defense for the dragonoids, as the first to fall was one of their own.

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