Chapter 189: The Great Escape

The order to evacuate came too sudden, causing some panic in everyone.

To require the seventh branch to evacuate on the turf of the Azure Water Sect; that showed how terrifying the enemies were.

‘It must be the Devil’s Hand Guild’s headquarters taking revenge!’ Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist guessed.

As one of the top ten ranked demon dao organizations listed in the Azure Water region, the Devil’s Hand Guild was considered a rather strong organization. With the full force of the Devil’s Hand Guild strength, it was natural that the seventh branch had to retreat when threatened.

It was important to not underestimate the strength of a demon dao organization.

The overall strength of a demon dao organization may not lose out to a sect’s overall strength.

Some of the stronger demon dao organizations would even have strength to overpower a sect.

But they could not openly show their prowess and could only hide in the dark. If they dared to openly display their military strength, they would be immediately assaulted by multiple sects, just like the Evil Fist Sect in the past.

If a demon dao organization was too weak and small in scale, they would have already been wiped out by the the other demon dao organizations in the Azure Water region. They wouldn’t allow for smaller organizations to benefit while they were being targeted.

All the members from the seventh branch rode on class 2 demonic blood horses and galloped towards the sixth branch.

In all of East Unicorn Continent, class 2 demonic blood horses were the best mode of land transportation. Every sect would tame at least tens of thousands of class 2 demonic blood horses. As for class 1 demonic blood horses, they were meant for normal martial artists to use as transportation.

Class 2 demonic blood horses could travel at breakneck speed and had amazing stamina to maintain high speeds.

But no matter how fast a class 2 demonic blood horse could run, it wouldn’t beat the flying speed of a Heaven Realm martial artist.

Five Heaven Realm demon dao martial artists blocked the path of the seventh branch.

Right now, the seventh branch only had three Heaven Realm martial artists.

One of them was the branch commander, Wang Gan. The other two were the branch vice commanders.

What’s more, among the five Heaven Realm martial artists, one of them was actually mid leveled. Although he was only at the 4th level of the Heaven Realm, that was still considered mid leveled.

“All of you rush forward and don’t look back!” Wang Gan roared.

This was a life and death crisis. Don’t even think about saving others, it would be good enough if you could save yourself. Of course, as the branch commander, he could not escape. There were a dozen of direct disciples at the seventh branch. If his escape was to result in the eradication of all the direct disciples, the upper echelons of the Azure Water Sect wouldn’t just punish him, his own clan would also be held accountable.


Li Fuchen clamped tightly on the horse’s abdomen to allow the class 2 demonic blood horse to push its speed to the limit.

At his side were Xiang Tianqiang and the other direct disciples.

Li Fuchen didn’t dare use his light body technique to flee, as he was afraid it might garner attention. The one who got the most attention now would most likely be the first to die.

“Once we reach the sixth branch we will be saved. Damn it, these demon dao organizations are too presumptuous!” One of the direct disciples cursed and swore.

“Hmph, wait and see! After this incident, the sect will surely be infuriated and send out a huge number of Heaven Realm martial artists to eliminate the demon dao organizations.” Another direct disciple spoke with a gloomy expression.

Li Fuchen looked at them and suddenly thought of something. He then intentionally put some distance between them and himself.

Xiang Tianqiang was rather clever too. Seeing that Li Fuchen intentionally put some distance between them, he did the same thing.


An intense qi force like the most terrifying storm came crashing down at the group. At least 8 Earth Realm martial artists and dozens of Origin Realm martial artists died on the spot with their horses, bursting into a bloody mist.

The one who killed them was a Heaven Realm demon dao martial artist. With his Heaven Realm ability, he killed Earth Realm and Origin Realm martial artists like chickens, wiping out a whole group of them.

“What a close shave!”

Looking back at where they galloped earlier, Xiang Tianqiang’s scalp went numb. It had become a straight path to death. A path of dead people, horses, and some direct disciples.

Turning back to the front, Xiang Tianqiang cast a look at Li Fuchen.

His eyes looked as though he felt blessed and also in awe.

To be honest, when he followed Li Fuchen in putting a distance away from the group. It was purely a subconscious move, and this subconscious move saved his life.

If he previously admired Li Fuchen’s perception, he was now beginning to admire Li Fuchen as a person.

He already wasn’t a human. How could he have such a strong perception and mentality at the same time. He knew that if all the direct disciples were to gather at one place, it would attract attention.

“The two of us better maintain a certain distance. We are both too young looking. A single glance will be enough to know that we are direct disciples.” Li Fuchen said.


Xiang Tianqiang understood this point and began to pull apart his distance from Li Fuchen.

Everytime this Heaven Realm martial artist made a move, it would claim a massive amount of lives. After his continuous assaults, there were only three surviving direct disciples.

They were Emotionless Sword Xue Feng, Li Fuchen, and Xiang Tianqiang.

Soon enough, the attention of the Heaven Realm demon dao martial artist fell onto Emotionless Sword Xue Feng.

With his Heaven Realm senses, he could sense that the sharp qi presence from Emotionless Sword Xue Feng was different from regular direct disciples.

“He should be a gold class direct disciple.” He sneered with a malevolent smile and sent a palm strike across the sky towards Xue Feng.

The class 2 demonic blood horse burst apart while Xue Feng turned into an afterimage and leapt out.

During the crucial moment, he activated the 2 star secret technique, Divine Movement Leg. Assisted with a light body technique, his speed shot up to the extreme.

He dangerously dodged the attack.

“Ohh? You dodged that? That’s fine too. Let me, the Blood Owl, play with you.”

Blood Owl sent another palm strike at Xue Feng.

Xue Feng turned his hand and tossed out a handful of Thunder Blast Bombs.

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The Thunder Blast Bomb was a firearm that was even more rare than Thunderbolt Bomb. One bomb was worth 10,000 contribution points and could easily blast an Earth Realm martial artist to death. A handful of Thunder Blast Bombs would mean that it was worth around a few hundred thousands of contribution points.

Only direct disciples like Xue Feng could afford to pay so much contribution points.

The handful of Thunder Blast Bombs were still unable to stop the palm force of Blood Owl. But it still was able to create an opening and Xue Feng made use of this opening to bring his center of gravity to the left side and darted in that direction.


The position where Xue Feng originally stood at became a huge pit that could easily bury over a hundred bodies.

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“Intriguing. I would like to see what other trump cards you have left.”

Blood Owl flicked his finger, a shocking fast finger force shot out. It flew faster than an arrow by a few folds.


Xue Feng’s body burst apart and danced like rags in the air. After taking a closer look, they were actually just pieces of clothes.

What happened was that Xue Feng had already executed a type of escape maneuver that was like a cicada shedding its carapace.

‘Luckily Xue Feng was here to help us draw the attention.’ Li Fuchen felt blessed.

There were a total of five Heaven Realm demon dao martial artists. Four of them were dealing with the three commanders of the seventh branch. The one left out was specifically left out to deal with the rest of the minions.

If another one came to chase them, he wouldn’t have any certainty of surviving.


A miserable shout came from behind.

It was the branch vice commander Liu Kun’s voice.

With four against three. One of them would definitely need to deal with two enemies.

Liu Kun had the weakest ability out of the three commanders, but he had to face two enemies. After withstanding a few hundred moves, he ended up being killed.

“You go chase after the rest of them.” The chief of the Devil’s Hand Guild sent a message to one of the Heaven Realm demon dao martial artists.

“Yes.” This Heaven Realm demon dao martial artist’s body flashed as he chased after Li Fuchen and the evacuating group.

“Not good, another Heaven Realm demon dao martial artist is coming.”

Li Fuchen noticed an absurdly strong qi presence catching up from behind. His heart was shocked, but it immediately turned into an intense thought of unwillingness to surrender.

“I absolutely cannot die here.”

At this moment, Li Fuchen no longer believed in coincidences.

His young age meant that he would definitely become the most outstanding target.

Revolving the Wind Shadow Steps and activating the Mystical Dragon Secret Technique, Li Fuchen sped off from the class 2 demonic blood horse. His speed when compared to Xue Feng, was about the same if not faster.

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