Chapter 188: Crisis

With his soul spirit now pale blue in color, it caused Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist’s perception to be unbelievably overwhelming.

A few months ago, his True Inferno Technique had just broken through to the 14th rank. Now it was already showing signs of breaking through to the 15th rank.

As a mystic class, peak-tier technique, it would normally take a very long time to breakthrough each rank of the True Inferno Technique. To be able to breakthrough 1 rank every few years would already be considered very fast. To breakthrough in just a few months wasn’t fast but against the laws of nature.

Under the blazing sun, Li Fuchen was seated basking in the sunlight.

In his body, the True Inferno Technique revolved quickly as it absorbed the traces of blazing heat qi from the heaven and earth.

Cultivation techniques needed to absorb energy qi too. But just that it required a lesser amount of it to advance. It was more stringent on the quality instead of quantity.

With the five hearts facing the sky, Li Fuchen felt like there was a sun on his navel qi point. There was also another sun in the sky. The two suns echoed in unison, developing a mysterious relationship.

(TL note 1: Five hearts is referring to the heart in both palms, feet, and the top of the head)

(TL note 2: Navel qi point = Dantian, it is 2 inches below the navel where qi resides)

Every type of martial arts, including cultivation techniques. All contain the mysteries of the heaven and earth. Some contained a lesser amount, while others contained more. The higher the tier the martial arts was at, the more mysteries of the heaven and earth were contained within.

Legend has it that when one cultivates a heaven class martial arts to the peak, the intent it produces can interfere with how the heaven and earth revolves.

But no one has ever seen the things mentioned in legends.

But when an earth class martial arts is cultivated to its limits, the intent would break away from the martial arts and become a solitary existence. One could even use just the intent to kill.

In the graves of absolute martial artists were remnants of their intent. Whenever there was an intruder, they would suffer attacks from the intent. Most of the time, 9 out of 10 intruders would die from the attacks of the intent.

What’s more, different intents had different effects.

Some intents had a more offensive nature, while some were defensive.

Take for example, if the entrance to a tomb was armed with a defensive type intent, those who had just some competent ability would never be able to enter.

Even though the True Inferno Technique wasn’t an earth class technique, it was very close, and the technique intent seemed to be related to the sun in the sky.

As the small sun in the navel qi point gradually revolved, a flame began to grow.

Li Fuchen’s True Inferno Technique intent was gradually getting stronger.

The True Inferno Technique intent now was just a simple form of intent and wasn’t the completed intent. When martial artists studied a technique, they had to study the intent and gradually strengthen it to advance the technique rank.

One day when Li Fuchen’s True Inferno Technique broke through to the 21st rank, the True Inferno Technique intent would definitely be horrifying. Perhaps, he may be able to use just the technique intent to kill.

As the sun set, Li Fuchen slowly withdrew his True Inferno Technique, as a blazing hot qi presence was expelled from his mouth.

The next day, Li Fuchen continued his cultivation when the sun rose.

On the third afternoon…

The sun today was extremely vicious, it seemed as though ready to burn up the entire world into nothing but ashes.

The small sun in Li Fuchen’s navel qi point revolved with an extreme speed as the flame has now grown much more than two days ago.

Unknown of how much time had passed, Li Fuchen could only feel that his navel qi point and meridians had some burning pains. In the next moment, the True Inferno Technique erupted, a surging heat wave spread outwards from the core of Li Fuchen’s dantian. It spreaded to his surroundings, charring the ground until it cracked.

“I finally broke through?” Li Fuchen was overwhelmed with delight.

The 15th rank of True Inferno Technique was abnormally strong. Using his consciousness to sense the small sun in his navel qi point, he saw that it was now much brighter than before, like a pure ball of magma.

When he merely used his consciousness to sense, he could feel a heat sensation.

“I felt my navel qi point and meridians burning up earlier. Seems like my cultivation level is too low.”

To forcefully advance the True Inferno Technique, would mean that one’s meridians may be scorched. Only those with a strong physical body or high cultivation level can smoothly advance in ranks.

Li Fuchen’s physical body’s toughness was already considered top tier in the Azure Water Sect. After all, the Azure Water Sect’s best body refinement technique was of a mystic class high-tier.

But Li Fuchen’s cultivation level was much too low. Though had it been any other 1st level Earth Realm martial artist, they would have been immolated when they forcefully advanced to the 15th rank of the True Inferno Technique.

Of course, there weren’t a lot of such individuals. How many were there with Li Fuchen’s level of perception?

‘Hopefully the Ice Fire Flower can be reserved for when I breakthrough to the 17th rank. When I breakthrough to the 16th rank, I will have to tolerate for the moment.’

Li Fuchen obtained a stalk of Ice Fire Flower during his trip to the Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain. This flower could help practitioners that cultivated blazing heat or chilling frost techniques. It allowed the practitioner to successfully advance in a technique rank without harming their meridians.

Li Fuchen felt that it shouldn’t be a problem to rely on his physical body when breaking through to the 16th rank. After all, it was just some slight burning pain.

When the True Inferno Technique broke through to the 15th rank, Li Fuchen’s True Inferno Technique intent had a huge improvement. With his technique intent advancing, Li Fuchen’s cultivation bottleneck became loose. This meant that Li Fuchen could now breakthrough to the 2nd level of the Earth Realm.

‘This sure is a chain reaction!’

Li Fuchen wasn’t in a hurry to breakthrough, as he intended to stabilize the 15th rank of the True Inferno Technique.


Two days later…

Li Fuchen inhaled a breath of air and prepared to breakthrough to the 2nd level of the Earth Realm.

With the True Inferno Technique revolving, a large quantity of energy qi was congealed from the heaven and earth.

It was trying to develop a spirit qi tornado.

‘I need to use the pills now.’

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This place wasn’t the Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain. The energy qi from the heaven and earth was scarce and it was unable to create a spirit qi tornado.

Li Fuchen would never be able to breakthrough to the 2nd level of the Earth Realm by just absorbing the energy qi. He could only breakthrough if he consumed and utilize the medicinal effects from pills.

Consuming a yellow class, peak-tier pill, Li Fuchen revolved his technique to absorb the medicinal effects.

After a short moment, Li Fuchen consumed another yellow class, peak-tier pill.

In just two hours, Li Fuchen has already consumed 5 yellow class, peak-tier pills. If converted into contribution points, it would be worth 50,000 points.

Luckily, Li Fuchen’s wealth was massive enough.


Several thousands of meters up in the sky, a class 2 spirit beast, the Cloud Soaring Hawk was gliding.

On the back of the Cloud Soaring Hawk, stood an Earth Realm martial artist. From the appearance of his robes, he was obviously from the Azure Water Sect.

This was a scout from the seventh branch. They specialized in scouting the surrounding situation.

The reason why the Devil’s Hand Guild branch was able to be eliminated was because they didn’t have any aerial type spirit beasts. The skills of taming spirit beasts were only available to the sects, it was also the foundation powers of the sects. By relying on horse riding or traversing by foot, information wouldn’t be relayed until the enemy came knocking.

This scout was leisurely eating some fruit while randomly taking a look below.


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From the height of a few thousand meters, the scout spotted a black wave rushing towards the seventh branch’s direction.

“This is… The enemy!”

The scout was shocked, he controlled the Cloud Soaring Hawk as he prepared to turn back to relay the message.


Right at this moment, a black robed man appeared from the sky above and struck his palm at the scout.

It was a Heaven Realm martial artist.


The scout, along with the Cloud Soaring Hawk burst apart in unison.

Shooo! Boom!

A red coloured firework rose into the sky and exploded. It was blindingly prominent.

The black robed man frowned. His execution was already very fast, but who knew that the target was still able to send out a message flare.

“Doesn’t matter, there is still another half a day’s ride before we reach the seventh branch. There is nothing they can do even if they know we are coming.” Another black robed man appeared and said in a malicious tone.


Seventh branch…

“Branch commander, someone let out a red signal flare.” A scout rushed into the conference hall.

“Red signal flare…”

Wang Gan’s face ashened. If a red signal flare was released, it meant that the enemy was invading.

“Send down my orders. Everyone is to head towards the sixth branch immediately.” This matter involved the life and death of all the seventh branch members. Wang Gan wasn’t so egoistic enough to stay here and wait for the enemies to surround them.

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