Chapter 127 – Solidifying real love (3)

Liu Zhongtian was bored. He thought of the Great Han battlefield, where he spent the days fighting alongside Wei Qiqi. The Great Han army rushed forth in the midst of the yellow desert. The Xiongnu calvary suffered a huge defeat.


They led the troops to burn down the Xiongnu base camp, traveling over 2000 miles and killing nearly over 70,000 people. King Youxian’s main force was nearly completely eradicated.


The Great Han empire won a pyrrhic victory, entering the annals of history. They celebrated the glorious victory. Since then “Xiongu will be far away, the south desert has no royal family.”


At this moment, Liu Zhongtian wished that the war in the desert was not over, for Qiqi and himself would not be back in Chang-an. Maybe in the desert, they would still be living their happy and peaceful lives. This kind of love that was born through adversity was hard to discard for the rest of their lives. Even if Wei Qiqi belonged to other people, she was still his woman, forever buried deep within his heart.


Liu Zhongtian was ruminating when the door opened slightly. Ning Yun-er wore a green dress, carried snacks and walked in small steps.


She put the snacks on the desk and silently walked to Liu Zhongtian’s back, dutifully massaging his back.


“Duke, what were you thinking of just now?” Yun-er asked in a soft voice.


“It’s late, this Duke wants to rest!” Liu Zhongtian really felt tired, hence he stretched his bones.


“Yun-er will help to prepare the bed for Duke!”


Ning Yun-er walked to the front of the bed and prepared the bed. She was virtuous like a housewife. The promise the Duke made to her in the garden had calmed her heart.


Liu Zhongtian smiled bitterly. Actually, he was fond of women who are virtuous, follow the rules and know how to serve men. A pity, in Liu Zhongtian’s heart, there was only a rude and stubborn girl. Maybe this was a love prepared for him by fate and the heavens.


Ning Yun-er knew the Three Rules and Four Virtues much better than Wei Qiqi, however he just had to be in love with Wei Qiqi who knew nothing about the rules and virtues.


Liu Zhongtian walked to the bed and was just about to undress when he was shocked. On the bed, Ning Yun-er was already lying naked. A lithe figure that was fresh white, the lightly trembling soft breasts, the flushed cheeks and watery eyes…


“Duke, Yun-er will accompany you tonight and be your woman. I won’t let you be lonely on bed…” After speaking, she knelt on the bed, extended her thin hands and placed it into Liu Zhongtian’s clothes, “Yun-er will help the Duke to undress!”


“Wait… Yun-er…” Liu Zhongtian’s gaze quickly avoided her. He grabbed the clothes by the side of the bed and threw it on her, “Quickly wear it, you are making a fool out of yourself!”


“Duke…” Yun-er’s naked body held onto Liu Zhongtian, “Now that the Royal Concubine is gone, Yun-er is scared that the Duke will be lonely, hence I came here to accompany you. Duke will take in Yun-er sooner or later, so just let me accompany you tonight!”


Ning Yun-er’s hand hooked onto Liu Zhongtian’s neck, and the other hand held onto Liu Zhongtian’s palm and placed it on her own breasts. That softness and heartbeat were transmitted to the palm.


“Duke…” Yun-er’s lips quickly came forward.


Liu Zhongtian sighed. He helplessly evaded Yun-er’s kiss. Those lips fell on his cheeks and slid down. His hand also moved away from her breasts. He was not interested at all. He furiously closed his eyes, grabbed the blanket and covered Yun-er’s body with it. He then opened his eyes and use the blanket to confine her tightly.

Ning Yun-er’s hands and legs were tied up. She was unable to move and could only sit there depressingly. Her eyes had tears as she looked at Liu Zhongtian, “Duke? Yun-er doesn’t understand, am I so irritating in your eyes?”


“I’m very sorry, now that it has come to this, I can only go back on my words. I have already promised the Royal Concubine that as long as she remains my wife, I will never take in another woman!” Liu Zhongtian’s face had guilt written all over it. This was secondary, the main point was that he went back on his words for true love.


“Wei Qiqi had already left, could she still bother with the Duke’s affairs?” Ning Yun-er spoke furiously.


Liu Zhongtian sighed, “It’s not that Qiqi wants to bother me, it’s that my heart only has her and can’t have other women.”


“Duke…” Ning Yun-er sobbed in sadness, “Yun-er doesn’t care for a title, I only hope to serve you as a woman. Duke can possess me, I’ll never mention about marrying again. The Royal Concubine also won’t know about us being together!”


“Nonsense, what do you treat me for? If I really want, even if you don’t give, I can obtain it. But now I don’t wish for it, so wear your clothes properly, don’t force me to call for people to carry you out.”


Liu Zhongtian released his hands and turned around, walking towards the exit. Before leaving, he threw out one sentence.


“Leave within one hour.”


Ning Yun-er stared blankly at the Duke leaving. Her fists waved and she started crying out loudly. What kind of magic potion did Wei Qiqi feed the Duke? She really was a demoness who had seduced the Duke’s heart and mind, causing the Duke to not even take in a concubine. Wasn’t this the awesome Duke of the Great Han? Now, in the Duke’s eyes, apart from that woman, he couldn’t see anything else. Ning Yun-er’s love for the Duke all these years was wasted.


Ning Yun-er had much unwillingness. Her heart felt lonely, she had no refuge now. She sobbed while wearing her clothes, leaving the Duke’s room in a dejected manner. She seemed to have lost her soul as she returned to her own room. Her inner self felt desolateness. She held onto the sharp scissors and closed her eyes. She was just about to pierce her own throat when she suddenly stopped. Yun-er opened her eyes and threw the scissors on the floor.


Why must she die? The Royal Concubine had already left and the Emperor was going to shower his favor on her soon. As long as the Emperor got what he wanted, Wei Qiqi’s body would be unclean. Would she still be so noble? Would the Third Duke want a woman who had served other men before? Men were extremely particular about these things, especially a chauvinist like the Duke.


Once Wei Qiqi receives the favor, Third Duke would have no way to go against the heavens. He would marry other women sooner or later. As long as he had new women in his embrace, he wouldn’t remember about the flirtatious Wei Qiqi.


Ning Yun-er smiled. She would lose out if she died just like that. She must wait patiently for an opportunity to let the Third Duke want her. At that time, the Duke would know that a clean and pure Ning Yun-er was much better than a dirtied Wei Qiqi.


During the past few days, the Great Han Emperor had difficulty eating and sleeping. He also didn’t show favor to other consorts. Everyday after dealing with governmental affairs, he would sit and do nothing in the hall. The Emperor wasn’t a free man. He couldn’t go anywhere he wanted, especially going out.


The thought of the General’s Mansion in Chang-an caused the Emperor’s heart to itch. No matter what, the Emperor had to find a chance to leave the palace and look for Wei Qiqi.


Today, after going through the petitions, the Great Han Emperor finally couldn’t contain it. He put down the brush in his hands and changed his clothing into a casual one. He brought a few experts and left without the Dowager knowing.


Upon reaching the mansion, the Emperor was extremely anxious. Who knew what Wei Qiqi was busy with at this moment? Was she anxious just like him? The Emperor just entered the mansion when Xiaoyuzi came rushing forward with a bitter face full of mud.


“Your Majesty, you’ve finally come. I plead with you to let me go back and serve you. General Qi is going to torture me to death!” Seeing Xiaoyuzi’s haggard look, one would know that he must have been teased by Wei Qiqi until he couldn’t take it.


The Emperor was not in the mood to bother about him, more so when it came to him suffering humiliation. He only anxiously asked, “Where is Wei Qiqi?”


“Your Majesty, you must be careful. This General’s Mansion had been modified by Wei Qiqi till there are dangers everywhere. This servant’s face was due to that!”


“Haha…” The Emperor laughed loudly, “Looks like my beauty is cunning and cute.”


Xiaoyuzi made a bitter expression. Cunning and cute? Anyway the one who was suffering was not the Emperor, of course he found it cute. However in Xiaoyuzi’s eyes, she was a demon.


The courtyard of the mansion entered his eyes, in the middle was a huge training ground. Wei Qiqi was dressed in a man’s black clothing, sitting on the chair by the side. She looked relaxed, with one leg over the other. Both her pretty eyes were squinted. Her thin hands were lightly raised, pointing at a guard that was lying flat on the floor.


“Continue, continue. Why can’t you support yourself anymore, quickly get up!”

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A soldier on the training ground was supporting himself, “General Qi, I have already done 100 pushups, I can’t do anymore! Please spare my life!”


“Continue, you aren’t allowed to stop!” Wei Qiqi furiously stood up and walked over. She grabbed the guard’s collar, “Get up and do 150. One look and I know that you were skiving in the palace and eating free rice. Your dumb Emperor is probably like you.”


“Aiya, General Qi, you will be beheaded for speaking nonsense!” The soldier reminded her.


“If I’m beheaded, you guys will be happy because there’s no need to guard me anymore!”


“No, no, I don’t mean that!”


“If that’s not what you meant then continue doing!” Wei Qiqi did an “ok” sign. She wanted them to tire to death.


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That soldier continued doing the difficult pushups. Qiqi turned around, looked at the soldiers who were enjoying the scene and smiled.


“What are you all looking at, go and do, everyone must do 150. Let’s see if you all still have the energy to keep frolicking about at my room entrance. I’ll make you all so tired that you can’t even open you eyes.”


Wei Qiqi finished her words and returned to her seat. Both of her legs extended and she laid slanted on the chair. She lazily called out for the servants at the side, “Massage my shoulders and serve me well, if not I’ll get you all to do pushups as well!”


“Yes, General!” Two servants quickly went forward and started without delay to serve her at both sides.


Xiaoyuzi from afar was sobbing and spoke to the Emperor softly, “Your Majesty, did you see that, she really is a… master that is difficult to serve. I can’t serve her.”


The Emperor gave Xiaoyuzi a cold glare. Xiaoyuzi immediately shut his mouth. The Emperor had no intention to let him go back. Looks like he still had to serve Wei Qiqi. When he thought about General Qi, Xiaoyuzi could only sigh and had no positive feelings. “His Majesty arrives!” Xiaoyuzi shouted loudly.

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