Chapter 126 – Solidifying real love (2)

Facing Liu Zhongtian’s smitten eyes, Wei Qiqi was moved. However that feeling lasted only for a moment. Maybe the Third Duke was afraid of the Emperor’s lust and had decided to divorce her. He might even be preparing to marry Ning Yun-er!



“This Duke is jealous. Qiqi, save me please… I can’t live without you.”

“Jealous?” Qiqi didn’t believe. Liu Zhongtian actually said he was jealous. Does it not hurt his pride? Didn’t this proud Duke say that she was just a woman? He could always just pick one to replace her?

“Stay here, don’t go to the General’s Mansion…” Liu Zhongtian softly sighed.

“Duke’s actions, whether it was because you love Qiqi or that your pride was hurt, no matter which was it, Qiqi knows. The Duke won’t become enemies with the Emperor because the Great Han empire is the most important. In the beginning the Duke wanted to kill me, isn’t it because you are afraid of such a day?”

Liu Zhongtian was stunned. Yes, he was indeed afraid of such a day. He had nearly used a sword to kill Wei Qiqi. However the him now had a different attitude. Having experienced the pain of losing her, he was afraid from the bottom of his heart that he wouldn’t see her again. He hoped that Qiqi could continue to live well. Even if she was to live next to the Emperor, as long as Wei Qiqi felt happiness, Liu Zhongtian would feel a trace of comfort. In the Great Han, there was actually such a woman that he admired and loved, it would become a source of spiritual dependance for him.

“Forgive this Duke…”

Qiqi pushed Liu Zhongtian aside. She arranged her hair and sat down, “Qiqi is not a present, nor am I an accessory. The Duke can no longer oppose the heavens, now you are only worrying for nothing.”

“You are still my Royal Concubine!” Liu Zhongtian was really hurt by Qiqi’s passive tone.

“Third Duke will divorce Wei Qiqi sooner or later, furthemore… isn’t the Duke taking in Ning Yun-er, you might as well confer her as a Royal Concubine.” Wei Qiqi jumped onto the floor and began packing her clothes, “I don’t want anyone. I don’t want the Duke, nor the Emperor.”

“Qiqi…” Liu Zhongtian pulled Wei Qiqi’s hands, “Why must you fuss over Yun-er, I only want to give her a place of refuge.”

“It is up to the Duke to decide whatever you want. The women in all of Chang-an are waiting for you to give them a refuge. Who knows if the Duke’s manor is big enough, whether the Duke is fearsome enough!”

“Why must you anger me at this moment!” Liu Zhongtian felt helpless, yet his inner heart felt a kind of guilt that was hard to express.

Qiqi coldly walked to Liu Zhongtian’s front, “Why? The Duke is angry, Qiqi is so scared, so I must leave…” After speaking finished, she quickly ran towards the room door.

“Damnit!” Liu Zhongtian chased after her and caught her. He pushed her with force directly onto the bed.

Qiqi had no chance to climb up. The Duke was already pressing both of her arms, tyrannically kissing her. That domineering action was pitiful. Qiqi looked at Liu Zhongtian with hate, yet she accidentally saw the pain in his eyes. She was stunned, her heart softened as well.


When Liu Zhongtian was faced with a woman like Wei Qiqi who refused to bow down, his inner heart had made some compromises. As long as Wei Qiqi could stay by his side, he could give up anyone, not taking anyone in, only wanting Qiqi this woman and grow old with her.

Passion filled the inside of the room. Outside, Xiaoyuzi was extremely anxious. He didn’t dare to go in, for fear that the Third Duke would really kill him with one sword. Small characters like him wouldn’t make a difference even if he died. Who would indict the Third Duke, who had accumulated numerous war merits, for an eunuch? He might as well forget about it.

However the matter today definitely couldn’t be known to the Emperor, if not he would be killed. Xiaoyuzi looked at the servants and soldiers and waved his hands irritatedly.

“Go, go, wait at the front yard. When General Qi has packed up she’ll come out!”

The servants and soldiers responded and left. Xiaoyuzi couldn’t control it and climbed to the side of the door and looked in through the slits. His eyes blinked and he mumbled in a low voice.

“Even an eunuch who isn’t a man is moved. What more man like the Emperor and Third Duke…” He gulped down saliva which was going to come out, coldly guarding by the door. He hoped that the Third Duke could quickly clear away his yearnings and let Xiaoyuzi bring Wei Qiqi away.

Xiaoyuzi kept standing guard outside the room and waited for a very long time. He stared boredly at the stars in the sky and snored repeatedly.

Wei Qiqi pushed Liu Zhongtian away. How could he understand what was her version of love?

This Third Duke was awesome on the battlefield, however what was the kind of love that Qiqi wanted? Maybe he would never understand this his whole life.

Qiqi wore her clothes embarrassedly. Her cheeks were flushed red due to the love-making just now, her heart was still palpitating.

“This Duke has thought it through. Since I can’t kill you for my pride, then I’ll let you go. Maybe your happiness is not with me.” Liu Zhongtian sighed in a long voice, “As long as you are still my Royal Concubine for one day, I promise you that I’ll not take in another concubine.”

“Duke… you really wish for my happiness?” Wei Qiqi looked at Liu Zhongtian weirdly. To hear these words from the ancient era Duke, it caused Qiqi to be extremely surprised. Would he change for her?


“You are willing to not marry or take in a concubine for Qiqi?”

“This Duke’s heart only has you!”

“If Qiqi falls in love with other men, you won’t kill Qiqi again?”

“I can’t do it, because I can’t bear to.”

“Duke…” Wei Qiqi was so agitated that her eyes had tears. She suddenly jumped into Liu Zhongtian’s embrace and held on tightly onto him. Qiqi’s abnormal reaction scared Liu Zhongtian. He lightly touched her shoulders.


Qiqi lifted her head and looked at Liu Zhongtian’s eyes, “Duke, Qiqi’s heart has you only. I will only love the Third Duke Liu Zhongtian only for my whole life. Hence the Duke’s heart can only have me, to love Wei Qiqi forever!”

“This Duke promises you, forever.” Liu Zhongtian no longer hesitated anymore. Hearing those words from Qiqi’s mouth caused him to feel happiness and comfort. The doubts he always had about Qiqi had vanished into thin air. However at this time Liu Zhongtian felt even more irritated. Looks like he couldn’t possibly write those divorce papers, even if it cost him his life.

“Duke, Qiqi is really happy today, but I have to go now!” Wei Qiqi rubbed her tears away and looked at Liu Zhongtian with reluctance.

“I’ll think of ways to let you return to my side. If I am forced, I will…”

“No!” Qiqi covered his mouth, “Qiqi wants Duke to be safe. You can’t kill nor rebel. You have said it yourself, the Great Han is the Emperor’s, Qiqi is still looking forward to spending the rest of my life with the Duke, hence you must definitely take care of yourself for Qiqi.”

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“Qiqi, the words you just spoke and the manner of yours now caused me to feel extremely reluctant to part with you.” Liu Zhongtian grabbed Qiqi’s tiny hands and placed it on his lips and he slowly kissed it.

“Forever is a long time, it doesn’t matter that we are apart for a short while. Qiqi still wants to bear many kids for the Duke!”

“Your words are really bold, however I feel very justified with that.”

Liu Zhongtian had always felt that Qiqi’s expressions and actions were extremely unique and mesmerizing. It caused people to dwell on it and be bold. Her love was without cover, written all over her face and spoken through her mouth.

“I can be bold about many things. Duke can slowly enjoy it in the future.” Wei Qiqi stuck out her finger and smiled brilliantly. That smile caused Third Duke to be mesmerized. Wei Qiqi picked up the clothes that she packed and kissed the Duke on his lips before quickly running out of the room.


Xiaoyuzi waited until he couldn’t wait any longer. He kept pacing about to and fro. This Third Duke really knew how to pester Qiqi. He still wasn’t done after so long. He had to look through the slit. His face just went near when the door was violently pushed open. The door knocked onto his nose, causing him to retreat in pain. He felt there was something wet and sticky coming out of his nose. Damnit, it’s blood.

“General Qi, can’t you be gentler? This servant’s nose…” Xiaoyuzi touched his nose and looked at Wei Qiqi who was smiling brightly. He was in so much pain that tears started to fall.

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“Oh? Who asked you to crouch at the door! You dare to peep? You damned dog, what did you see?” Wei Qiqi grabbed Xiaoyuzi’s ears. Xiaoyuzi started begging.

“Aiyo! My General Qiqi, lady boss, this servant didn’t see anything just now!”

“If you’ve seen anything, then I’ll gouge your eyes out. The Emperor likes me so much, even if I want to gouge out your heart, he’ll probably allow it.”

Wei Qiqi purposely intimidated Xiaoyuzi. She was afraid that he would speak carelessly and bring unnecessary trouble for Liu Zhongtian.

“Aiya, General Qi, how dare I offend you? Even if I really saw anything, I won’t dare to say it. If I say it, I won’t have support from both sides. I’ll drop my head!”

“It’s good that you know!” Wei Qiqi threw the things she packed at Xiaoyuzi, “Lead the way, back to the General’s Mansion!” After speaking she imitated a man’s manners and put both of her hands at her back, walking in a swag manner towards the front.

Xiaoyuzi was happy this time around. As long as Wei Qiqi was willing to leave things would be alright. If she really wanted to stay with the Third Duke, he would be in trouble.

“General Qi is returning to the General’s Mansion!” Xiaoyuzi happily picked up the bag and led the way smiling.

Liu Zhongtian walked to the door and silently looked at Wei Qiqi bringing those soldiers, servants and Xiaoyuzi to leave. The room was quiet. His heart also instantly felt an empty feeling. Wei Qiqi’s bold words were still roaming in his brain. This cheerful woman had already rooted herself deep in his heart, unable to be extracted.

Liu Zhongtian returned to his own room. His heart no longer felt that heavy. No matter whether Qiqi follows the Emperor in the future or stays with him, Liu Zhongtian had already confirmed one thing, and that is Wei Qiqi’s heart had only him. His Qiqi was deeply in love with him, and that was enough for him. (TL: SOBS!)

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