Chapter 125 – Solidifying real love (1)

The Dowager looked at Wei Qiqi coldly. No matter what she couldn’t stay in the palace. If she continued to stay, sooner or later there would be big trouble. Behind the finely crafted face was a wild character which was hard to tame.


The Emperor knew that Qiqi had gotten into big trouble. The reluctance in his heart was already written on his face, “I will handle this myself…”


“If Your Majesty really likes this woman, send her out of the palace first. She can always be conferred a title when she has become docile and aware of the rules.”


The Dowager said that in a matter of fact tone, not allowing any compromises. She then left furiously with the palace maids.


Xiaoyuzi looked at the Emperor blankly. How did a good thing become like this? He didn’t dare to speak at this moment and silently stood behind the Emperor. Judging from the Dowager’s adamant stance earlier on, there probably was no way to reverse the situation.


“Send General Qi back to the mansion!”


The Emperor looked furiously at Wei Qiqi. Looks like in order to make her stay in the palace, he had to think of other ways. The best way was to let Wei Qiqi know that becoming an imperial consort and being the Emperor’s favorite is a great honour.


The imperial doctor did a diagnosis on Liu Zhongtian and wished for him to calm his heart down and recuperate in peace. However, he was locked up here, so the chances of recovery were not big. The doctor looked at the royal guards, “You should report to the Dowager to release the Third Duke. If he gets locked up like this, his illness won’t recover. He has been sick for a very long time already.”


“The palace is wrecked by Qiqi. The Dowager probably isn’t in the mood to have the Third Duke locked up anymore!” One of the royal guards spoke softly.


“Qiqi?” Liu Zhongtian’s face was pale white. When he heard the guard mention Qiqi, he forced himself up. The blood flowed in reverse instantly, nearly causing him to collapse.


“Duke, you shouldn’t be caring about what is happening outside…”


“Tell this Duke, what happened to Qiqi…” Liu Zhongtian suddenly felt that he was playing a fool. Wei Qiqi must have received the Emperor’s favor and must be drunk in happiness. Maybe at this time she hadn’t woke up from bed. All along she liked to take naps and is unwilling to wake up.

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“Actually…” The royal guard sighed, “Last night, before the Emperor reached his residence, General Qi escaped!”


“Escaped?” Liu Zhongtian was shocked. He looked anxiously at the guard, “Didn’t she…”


“I don’t know the details, I only know that yesterday night, the soldiers spent a whole night chasing after Wei Qiqi. Even an expert like Eunuch Lian intervened. The imperial garden was destroyed, the Dowager’s flower mat also disappeared. I heard that the Dowager wanted to kill Wei Qiqi by using poles as punishment…”


“Using poles to beat her to death?” Liu Zhongtian furiously stood up. Since the Emperor wanted to have her, then he should treat her well. Qiqi was a little bit too playful, however since the Emperor liked her he should protect her. Why must she be beaten to death by poles?


“This Duke wants to see the Emperor now…”


“His Majesty arrives!” Xiaoyuzi’s voice rang out. The Great Han Emperor then appeared.


Liu Zhongtian furiously walked to the Emperor’s front and grabbed ahold of the Emperor’s collar. This was the first time that the Third Duke no longer treated him as the Emperor, but a heartless person. Xiaoyuzi was so scared that he went forward, “Duke, you dare to act in this manner!”


Liu Zhongtian didn’t bother about that eunuch. He looked at the Emperor, “Where is Qiqi? Don’t kill her, she’s only playful, her offence doesn’t warrant death. Didn’t you want to possess her? Why do you want to kill her?!”


The Emperor didn’t react violently. He pushed Xiaoyuzi aside and furiously grabbed onto Liu Zhongtian’s collar too. The two of them stared at each other.


“I can’t wait to love her, why would I kill her?”


“Then… Qiqi is okay.”


Liu Zhongtian released his hand, his expression relaxed a lot. The Emperor however didn’t let go of Liu Zhongtian. He furiously looked at the Third Duke, “I want to know how I can obtain her heart!”


“Not only does the Emperor want to know this answer, Zhongtian wishes to know as well. Zhongtian has obtained her body, yet I have no confidence to keep her heart!”


“Are you mocking this Emperor for not possessing her body?”


“Zhongtian doesn’t mean it that way!”

The Emperor released Liu Zhongtian. Xiaoyuzi quickly pulled over a chair, “I have already sent Wei Qiqi to the General’s Mansion. However, I will have to remind you to not go to the mansion to disturb her. Sooner or later she’ll be mine!”


Liu Zhongtian laughed out loud, “Your Majesty gifted this marriage. Wei Qiqi is Liu Zhongtian’s Royal Concubine. She is officially and legally married to me, and we went through the ceremony. Now that Your Majesty is saying such words, Zhongtian feels that had been a joke?”


“Yes, I admit that this shouldn’t be the case, but I really like Wei Qiqi. Now don’t treat me as an Emperor, but a man. Within the massive palace, the Empress was appointed by the Dowager. The consorts? All of them are engaged in battles with one another. Those women don’t attract my attention. I feel bored going to bed with all of them. I only want to follow my heart and like a woman. However, it’s unfortunate that this woman is Royal Concubine!”


The Emperor pinched his forehead, his expression serious. He fell into a state of irritation.


“If Qiqi follows Your Majesty wholeheartedly, Zhongtian has nothing to say.” Liu Zhongtian knew that kind of feeling. He was also the same. For this woman, he was drained of all his strength.


“She will be. If she doesn’t submit to me, I’ll kill her.”


The Emperor’s words caused Liu Zhongtian to be greatly shocked. These words were so familiar, didn’t Liu Zhongtian say those words to Wei Qiqi? If she followed other men, he would destroy her? When he heard these words, it caused Liu Zhongtian to have mix feelings.


Liu Zhongtian felt contradiction. Should he wish for Qiqi to resist the Emperor or submit to him? If she submitted to the Emperor, he would feel endless suffering. If she resisted the Emperor, she would disappear and he would never see her again in this life. Liu Zhongtian clenched his fist. No matter who Qiqi follows in the end, she had to stay alive and live happily.


“If Qiqi agrees with you, may Your Majesty treat her kindly!”


“I will. I really do like her and will give her what she wants.” The Emperor stood up and walked to Liu Zhongtian’s front, “I feel some remorse towards you. Hence you can request something from me. If it doesn’t go overboard, I’ll agree with you.”


“If you want to take Wei Qiqi from me, I only hope that you will treat Wei Qiqi fairly and not abandon her, showering her with endless love!”


“I know how to dote on my woman. You should focus on being a Duke!” He then turned around to give instructions to the soldiers, “The Third Duke’s body is not in good shape. Send the Third Duke back to his manor!” The Emperor walked out of the door.


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“Yes, Your Majesty!”


The Emperor was also very worried about Liu Zhongtian’s body. This brave Duke had accumulated a lot of war merits for his empire. As the Emperor, he couldn’t turn a blind eye to that. He admired Liu Zhongtian. However it was due to this that he couldn’t take it lying down. Apart from the throne, Liu Zhongtian seemed to have everything. He even had a cheerful and cute Wei Qiqi, who could cause countries and cities to fall, to be devoted to him.


Liu Zhongtian returned to his own manor. The manor at this time lost that spirituality. He walked slowly to the backyard and pushed open the door to Qiqi’s room. The setup was still the same, but someone was absent.


Liu Zhongtian walked to the dressing table and gently touched the shining mirror. He seemed to have seen Wei Qiqi jump to his front and call him ‘Uncle’ and ‘Duke’.


Suddenly there was a noise outside the door. Liu Zhongtian frantically stood up. He was stunned. Wei Qiqi barged in clumsily. Both of her hands were on her hips as she looked at the outside of the door. How could this be possible? Was he dreaming? Why did Qiqi come back?


“General Qi, slower. Why must you take these things!” Xiaoyuzi was standing outside the door. Now this eunuch was in charge of protecting Wei Qiqi. Looks like the Emperor had firmly decided in his heart.


Xiaoyuzi was just about to step into the room when Wei Qiqi blocked him, “I want to take items that are for women. You want to see?”


“General Qi, don’t treat me as a man. I’m only an eunuch, so…”


“No!” Qiqi raised her jade leg and blocked Xiaoyuzi. She purposely scared him, “I don’t allow outsiders into my room. Be careful that I send you flying with one kick!”


“Then I plead with you to be quick. Xiaoyuzi will wait outside the door!”


Xiaoyuzi accidentally looked into the room and saw Liu Zhongtian. He became nervous immediately. That was strange, wasn’t the Third Duke locked up in the palace? The Emperor was unwise to release him. Now that the two were meeting, the situation was out of control.


“That’s right!” Qiqi quickly kicked the room door shut, leaving the eunuch outside.


Wei Qiqi clapped her hands and turned around. She suddenly felt a tall figure flashing past. Without waiting for her to react, she was hugged tightly. She couldn’t move. Liu Zhongtian didn’t want to say anything, nor did he wish to ask. His lips quickly touched Qiqi’s red lips. His thoughts and sufferings were spoken through the passionate kiss.


Liu Zhongtian felt that he would never see Wei Qiqi again. That cute, charming and rebellious woman who caused him to be deeply in love and touched his heart strings, He felt surprised and sad at the same time, the feelings that were suppressed within him were released instantly.


Wei Qiqi felt that her whole body was lifted up. Her heart became confused. She looked in shock at Liu Zhongtian. Seeing that he was alright, she felt at ease. However at this time, Xiaoyuzi was still outside. Was he crazy?


Liu Zhongtian placed Qiqi on the snow white bed without hesitation. He tightly embraced her, his eyes were filled with gentleness as he looked at her with infatuation… who knew what his Royal Concubine did in the palace? To let the Dowager kick her out furiously. Why did she always have so many ideas?


“Wait, Duke, Xiaoyuzi is around…”


“That dog servant, he dares to block me? I’ll send him to death.” When Xiaoyuzi was mentioned, Liu Zhongtian’s eyes were filled with fury. When his gaze shifted to Wei Qiqi, there was an additional gentleness.


“You caused me to almost break down…”


Liu Zhongtian’s lips fell intensely on Qiqi’s cheeks. Qiqi frantically pushed him. What about the servants and guards outside? And there was Xiaoyuzi… how could the Duke lose control like that…

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