Chapter 124 – Wrecking havoc in the palace (3)

Liu Zhongtian viciously hammered the pillar. He looked at the fresh blood on the floor. Could his end really be near? Wei Qiqi had already caused him to be lost and be in despair. He was even suffering endless pain. However she was a flirtatious woman, born with a perfect face and figure. Thinking back about when she laid on the bed seductively and receiving his love, now she was similarly on the dragon bed, receiving the love of the Emperor’s and getting entangled…
“Wei Qiqi…”
Liu Zhongtian raised his head and howled. It was sorrowful and with anguish. He stumbled upon the desk, picking it up and forcefully threw it out. The desk smashed onto the wall and became smithereens.
Liu Zhongtian felt insane. He was just like a caged beast. He forced himself to hate Wei Qiqi, but he couldn’t do it. When he thought of Qiqi, there was only jealousy and pain. He was being torn apart. He had helplessly fallen in love with a tempting woman, and that woman had mercilessly betrayed him at this moment.
Originally, Liu Zhongtian practiced his sword with fury, accumulating negative energy in his body and it hadn’t recovered. Now with his anguish, the negative energy became a disease. He fell head first onto the floor.
The royal guards saw that the situation was not right and ran in to help Liu Zhongtian up. They shouted loudly, “Duke…Duke… quick call the imperial doctor!”
The royal guards quickly lifted Liu Zhongtian up onto the bed. The Third Duke, who was able to block the rivers and mountains, unafraid of difficulties and was well versed in warfare, had finally been defeated. Anybody would find it unjustified.
The Great Han Emperor couldn’t wait to finish the governmental affairs on his hands and quickly went towards his residence. Unable to endure the feeling in his heart, he couldn’t wait to enter the residence in one step, hug the beauty and show his love for her.
His beauty was waiting for him.
“Your Majesty…” The eunuch outside the residence’s door bent his waist and dutifully called out for him. The Emperor was extremely anxious, without waiting for the eunuch to open the door, he went in by himself.
A woman was obediently lying down on the bed. She was so powerful in the day, yet why was she so obedient now? She really was a woman who didn’t match her words. Maybe she was as anxious as him at this moment.
“Qiqi… I have been dreaming about this day, you’ve made me wait in suffering.” The Emperor walked up and pulled the blanket over. His hand landed on the woman on the bed and started to touch her lightly .
The woman on the bed moaned. The Emperor’s heart shook. Looks like she was anxious, “Qiqi, don’t be anxious, I’ll immediately love you, let me take a look at you first!”
The Great Han Emperor turned the woman’s face towards himself. He steadied his vision and was shocked instantly. He retreated a few steps and was extremely furious. How was this Wei Qiqi, wasn’t she the residence’s palace maid?
“How dare you!” The Emperor furiously shouted.
The servant on the bed seemed to have woken up. She touched her neck and sat up. She looked at the Emperor in shock, then at herself before quickly jumping down from the bed and knelt down on the floor.
“Your Majesty, spare my life, this servant doesn’t know anything, how I got onto the bed… I remembered, it was that woman who hit me. I plead with Your Majesty to spare me! Your Majesty!” The servant kept kowtowing, she was scared till her face lost colour.
“Scram, get lost!” The Emperor furiously walked to the door and hollered, “You bunch of dog servants. How did you all look after her, quicky catch Qiqi back for me!”
The eunuchs and the guards at the doorway moved instantly. Xiaoyuzi happened to come over at this moment. He didn’t know what happened, hence he looked at the Emperor strangely.
“Your Majesty, what happened?”
“Dog servant!” The Emperor viciously slapped Xiaoyuzi, “You want me to shower love to a servant? Where is Wei Qiqi? Bring her back for me!”
“Yes, yes, this dog servant will look for her immediately!” Xiaoyuzi’s forehead kept perspiring in cold sweat. What was with Wei Qiqi, didn’t she say that she would be obedient? Now that the Emperor was so angry, if he didn’t find her back, then Xiaoyuzi would be in bad luck.
Wei Qiqi hadn’t even escaped from the palace when she saw that there were royal guards chasing after servants and palace maids. No matter how Wei Qiqi tried to hide, she was eventually discovered by those soldiers.
“General Qi is there! Quickly catch her!” The royal guards and a group of eunuchs surrounded her. Qiqi pushed her leg hard and the bicycle rushed towards the imperial garden.
The place where Qiqi passed through ended up in devastation. The imperial garden’s landscape couldn’t withstand a second round of torture. Everything was destroyed on the ground. There were fallen leaves and petals everywhere. Passing through the imperial garden and heading straight for the Dowager’s residence, the poles were broken and the flower vases were smashed on the floor. The bicycle quickly jumped over the flower mat. Hehe, the old granny’s precious flowers.
Where was Yiyue Tower? Qiqi quickly left the Dowager’ residence, circling throughout the whole palace. The palace maids that came running over were unable to stop her. Wei Qiqi’s bicycle was extremely fast, with the soldiers chasing from behind. It was an extremely lively scene.
Wei Qiqi whistled and the bicycle rushed into Weiyang Palace. Suddenly there was a black figure flashing past her. Qiqi knew that an expert was here. She immediately quickened the speed underneath her feet. A hand grabbed onto Qiqi’s bicycle handle. The bicycle’s back wheel lifted off the ground and stopped. Qiqi steadied her eyes and saw that it was an old eunuch with white hair.
“Lass, you have made enough of a din!”
“Who are you?” Qiqi widened her eyes and asked in a defiant tone.
“This old servant is Lian Shihua, everybody calls me Eunuch Lian.”
“I don’t care what flower are you, quickly release your hand, I want to go to Yiyue Tower.” (TL: Flower cause Shihua has ‘flower’ in it)
“Yiyue Tower?”
“Yes, I want to look for the Third Duke!”
“Haha… The Emperor has ordered me to catch you! How could I allow you to continue running rampant!” Eunuch Lian flipped his wrist and went for Wei Qiqi.
Wei Qiqi suddenly took out a small pole from her clothes. Eunuch Lian arrogantly extended his hands. His palms touched the pole and  blue sparks shot everywhere. Eunuch Lian couldn’t retract his hands in time. His body constricted and he fell down.
“What… hidden weapon…”
“Hidden weapon against lechers!” Qiqi smiled and she stepped on the pedal. The bicycle rode over Eunuch Lian and continue rushing forward.
The entire palace was chaotic for the entire night. Xiaoyuzi saw that everybody really had no more solutions. In the end he screamed, “Use the nets to stall her! Don’t hurt her.”
Xiaoyuzi just spoke finished when Wei Qiqi appeared out of nowhere and rushed towards him. The front wheel swept and knocked Xiaoyuzi till he was on all fours. He smashed onto the ground. Rotten eunuch! How could Wei Qiqi let go of him. If it wasn’t for him, how would things become so complicated? The bicycle quickly turned around and aimed for Xiaoyuzi again.
Oh god. Xiaoyuzi felt that his head was swimming in giddiness. He was just about to stand up when he was knocked down again. He didn’t know that the fluid on his face was blood or mud. Tears kept streaming down his face. If she wanted revenge, she should look for the Emperor. He was only a small eunuch, if he was knocked to death nobody would care. The Emperor liked her so much, how could he punish her? Xiaoyuzi wanted to climb up and run away!
Wei Qiqi had enough of knocking down that eunuch. Without wasting time she continued rushing forth. Even if she were to die in the palace, Qiqi would never submit to the Emperor. If she was forced to a corner, she would castrate that grandson of a turtle. (TL: a chinese derogatory term)
The palace was too big. No matter what Wei Qiqi couldn’t find Yiyue Tower. She was perspiring profusely. Dawn had already broken through the sky. Qiqi was tired and sleepy. Suddenly, a big net was thrown over her, locking her in. The bicycle was also caught in the end and could no longer move. Everybody heaved a sigh of relief. They finally caught that scary Wei Qiqi.
Nobody dared to move forward. Wei Qiqi’s hidden weapon was extremely powerful. Even an expert like Eunuch Lian fell for it. They couldn’t underestimate this General Qi.
Xiaoyuzi carried a swollen face as he led the way, leading the Great Han Emperor to walk to Qiqi’s front. The Emperor coldly looked at the tired woman in the net. Her face was pale white and she was sweating profusely. A pair of big eyes were moving feebly.
“What is so bad about me? You’ll obtain what other women could never obtain, which is my heart…”
With her wrecking such havoc, the Emperor didn’t know what to do with her. If it was other consorts making a din like this, they would be thrown into the cold palace. (TL: a place for the rejected women)
“I don’t want, neither do I care about it. Quickly release me.” Qiqi pulled the net, her thin fingers wrapping around the strings. Her eyes were spouting fury.
“I will not let you go. You are a woman that I want. I admire you and adore you. If you insist on going against me, I have many methods to deal with you!”
“You don’t know what shame is, you shameless! You are not a man!” Wei Qiqi looked at the Emperor condescendingly.
The Emperor frowned, “What did you say, to look down on me like this, this is preposterous!”
Wei Qiqi clung onto the strings of the net tightly. She snorted, “Look carefully, this is me, Wei Qiqi. I’m not suited to be your woman, let me see Liu Zhongtian!”
“You want to see him? Just to see him, you created so much havoc in the palace?” The Emperor was speechless.
“That’s right!” Wei Qiqi lifted her face up, “Qiqi’s heart belongs to the Third Duke. I request you to give up this thought and shower your love on your consorts, that group of lonely and bored women.”
“You… who else in the Great Han can give you such material wealth!” The Emperor was so angry that he was trembling.
“What else can you give me apart from material wealth?” Wei Qiqi’s question stumped the Emperor.
At this time, Xiaoyuzi came running over.
“The Dowager is here. General Qi has gotten into real trouble this time.”
He just spoke finished when ten over palace maids accompanied the Dowager to appear in front of the Emperor. The Dowager’s expression was ugly, her body trembling. Without guessing one would know that the Dowager must be alarmed by the chaos Qiqi created. She must be here to question Qiqi.
Wei Qiqi acted like she didn’t care. Anyway it only took them a word to determine her fate. In the Great Han, the Emperor was the supreme law. There wasn’t grievances or a wrongly determined case. It only depended on this fella’s mood.
“Wei Qiqi is wild and unruly. She destroyed the imperial garden and flattened the Fine Heart Flower that I have groomed painstakingly for many years. I should immediately grant her death. If the Emperor still wish to keep her life, then chase her out of the palace. Don’t let me see her ever again!”
“Mother…” The Emperor’s face had an ugly expression.

“If the Emperor insists on his ways, I will immediately call for her to be beaten to death by poles. She is obviously a demon with charms. She caused the palace to be in chaos. If I keep her now, the back palace will lose all rules in the future.”

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