Chapter 46 – Necromancer

Yang Tian spent the entire day with Xiao Xiao and the Manor did not experience any attacks as well.

Xiao Xiao slowly began to accept Yang Tian; when she was together with him, she was no longer as nervous as before.

After dinner, Xiao Xiao felt tired and so Yang Tian brought her to the bed to rest.

After leaving the small house, Yang Tian took out the Twin Dragon Ancient Mirror.

Yang Tian initially wanted Charmander to evolve to Charmeleon as he wanted to try unsealing the Twin Dragon Ancient Mirror by using the blood of Charmeleon. Charmeleon was a dual-type Pokemon; within its veins flows the blood of dragons but unfortunately, Charmander rejected the light of evolution and did not evolve into Charmeleon.

Yang Tian did not know if Charmander’s blood would be useful or not as well.

Holding an experimental attitude, Yang Tian drew a small bowl of blood from Charmander.


Charmander curiously looked at Yang Tian, the small wound created to draw the blood from was starting to heal and there were no signs of Charmander being affected.

“It is fine if you want to watch.”

Xu Dafu and the Brain-Eating Terror Hog had gone out hunting, Charmander was unable to travel to far from the Manor and was indeed slightly bored. Yang Tian did not mind letting Charmander watch what he was doing with the Twin Dragon Ancient Mirror.

Yang Tian placed the Twin Dragon Ancient Mirror on his right hand but the Twin Dragon Ancient Mirror in its sealed state was no different from an ordinary mirror, Charmander soon lost interest after watching it for a while.

“Be patient.”

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Yang Tian slowly poured Charmander’s blood onto the mirror, the small bowl of blood slowly disappeared into the mirror after being poured onto the mirror.

There’s a reaction?

Excitement flashed through Yang Tian’s eyes. He pressed on the Twin Dragon Ancient Mirror with both hands and injected his mental power into the mirror.

“Rumble Rumble”

The sound of boiling water could be heard coming from the Twin Dragon Ancient Mirror, but it soon went quiet.

Yang Tian eyes displayed traces of disappointment.

Charmander’s blood was only able to remove ten percent of the seal, and partially unlocked one of the Twin Dragon Ancient Mirror’s abilities: Mirror Reflect.

Mirror Reflect: Reflect any physical or magical attack back to the person who cast it.

Mirror Reflect could be considered a godly skill, one which caused Yang Tian to suffer countless times. However, the power of Mirror Reflect was incomplete as the seal was not completely removed.

The skill was currently only able to deflect attacks from a single direction, while the true Mirror Reflect could deflect attacks from all directions; no blind spots.

It was still better than nothing.


The door was pushed open and Yang Tian saw Xu Dafu covered in blood. The Brain-Eating Terror Hog was also covered in injuries, one of its tusks was even broken.

“What happened?”

Yang Tian frowned, to be able to heavily injure a Carnivore, it was likely the opponent has considerable strength. Moreover, Yang Tian was able to sense evil energy coming from the injuries on Xu Dafu.

“We… saw a person, he… has several… skeletons with him. We were… injured by him.”

Xu Dafu said before he collapsed onto the ground while clutching his chest.

When Wang Yu saw Xu Dafu’s state, she anxiously went to help the latter up.

“Let me get some carrots for you.”

“No need, the carrots will not be able to heal their injuries.”

Yang Tian stopped Wang Yu, the energy on their wounds was preventing the healing. Without removing those energies, their injuries would not close.

“Then what should we do!”

“Return to the small house first and make sure Xiao Xiao stays calm. Do not allow her to meet with any accidents.”


After Wang Yu went into the house, Xu Dafu said:

“Boss, we managed to throw him off before we returned.”

“It is impossible for both of you to throw him off. I am now just waiting for him to appear.”

Yang Tian immediately rejected Xu Dafu’s claim; from the energy on their injuries, Yang Tian had mostly guessed who was the one that injured them.


A pale youth entered through the door of the Manor. The youth had a weak looking body, as though a strong gust would blow him away.

“You have opened your doors widely, is that to welcome me?”

Rank 2 Necromancer

Necromancers are Metahumans who are connected to the Abyss World. Like the creatures of the Abyss, Necromancers are sinister and evil, some may not even be considered as humans anymore. In his previous life, Yang Tian was the Number One Human on the Wanted List while Number Two to Number Five were all taken up by Necromancers.

They were considered as traitors of Humanity and have become the slaves of the Abyss World from a very early time onwards.

However, there was also a portion of Necromancers who continued to fight for Humanity, they used the power that the Abyss had bestowed upon them to repel Earth’s invaders.

The person currently in front of Yang Tian is a Rank 2 Necromancer, Yang Tian does not know if this person had already become a slave of the Abyss, still working for Humanity or maybe just working for himself. However one thing for sure, the Abyss is connected to this person.

“Necromancer, what is your relationship with the Abyss?”

“That, seems to be none of your business?”

Facing Yang Tian’s question, the person calmly replied, not a hint of nervousness could be found.

“No prey that I have set my sights on has ever escaped from me before.”

The Necromancer looked at Xu Dafu; the former had noticed Xu Dafu’s uniqueness since the beginning and wanted to turn Xu Dafu into a Skeleton Soldier becoming his subordinate. This was a method unique to Necromancers.

The skill that all Necromancers will always learn first, Create Skeleton Soldiers. The Skeleton Soldiers that Xu Dafu saw earlier on were all created by the Necromancer by killing creatures.

“Let me tell you as well, you do not have the qualifications to stand in front of me.”

“That I really want to see!”

Three bundles of black smoke appeared behind the Necromancer. Three skeletal creatures appeared in front of Yang Tian, it was easy for Yang Tian to determine what these creatures were when they were alive.

Rank 2 Creature Ghost Spider, Rank 2 Creature Jaw Bug, Rank 2 Metahuman Lizard Warrior.

The skill Create Skeleton Soldier works by refining and maintaining the skeletal structure of dead creatures to ensure that the Skeleton Soldiers created would have similar fighting abilities as when they were alive.

The Spider Skeleton Soldier has obviously lost its ability to spin webs, but its eight spider legs were still a powerful force.

When the Necromancer appeared, the Dark Crimson Fire Wolf and Charmander had also entered battle mode.

“I also want to find out how powerful are your Skeleton Soldiers.”

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The weakest of the three Skeleton Soldiers will likely be the Lizard Warrior. The strongest trait of a Lizard Warrior was its poison but now that it was only a pile of bones, it obviously was not as threatening as it was before.

Three versus two? Yang Tian obviously does not want to give the Necromancer the chance to fight as the latter intended.

Yang Tian draws the Soft Bone Blade from his right arm and attacked the Necromancer. The Necromancer had no choice but to call the Lizard Warrior back to protect himself.

Looking at the current situation, the other Skeleton Soldiers did not possess the ability to suppress the Dark Crimson Fire Wolf and Charmander. However, for Xu Dafu and the Brain-Eating Terror Hog to be so heavily injured, it should not be only because it was a three versus two fight.

The only possibility would be due to the Necromancer himself.

A Rank 2 Necromancer will have at least two skills; the first skill was Create Skeleton Soldiers, he should have another ability in his hands.

“Then I will let you see what methods I have.”

Yang Tian commanded the Crazy Vine on the walls to attack.

Having received Yang Tian’s order, the main body of Crazy Vine controlled several dozen vines to wrap around the Lizard Warrior before attacking the Necromancer.

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