Chapter 791 – Chicken Blood

“Little Yan, why go through all the trouble. You can just kill me directly; I have offended you today, it is my fault. Kill me, I, Bai Cheng Feng, will never fight back.” Bai Cheng Feng stared at her.

Huan Qing Yan also relented as she had run out of methods to deal with this shameless person, “Will do, I will kill you immediately after you bring me to find the Corpse King Flower so I can harvest it! I will give you a swift death.”

Bai Cheng Feng smiled like the radiant sun while emitting a domineering aura.

He lightly replied, “Okay.”

The two people continued their search.

The terrain got more and more complex.

Along the way they also encountered two more waves of relatively powerful demons, they stopped and immediately killed the demons.

It was unknown if Bai Cheng Feng had injected himself with chicken blood, the power within him seemed to be out of control as he was able to kill any demons of considerable strength that they encounter!

If the demons were too powerful, they would circle around them.

The underground tomb was extremely deep and was built like a typical maze. This caused the two of them to lose their way multiple times.

Only after much difficulties, did they finally manage to reach the deepest area, it was also the largest palace.

After entering, they heard a series of killing loudly.

Two groups were fighting with each other to the death, one side was humans while the other side were demons.

Both parties did not have many people and were equal in numbers.

There were five to six people on each side, all of them were covered in various levels of injuries, but there was no casualty yet.

The demons were quite powerful, there was a Demon Great General amongst them…

The humans also have a Mystic Spirit Master who was clashing with the Demon Great General. The human was slightly stronger, at Mid-Stage while the Demon Great General was an Early-Stage, relatively big sized bird demon!

Demons were generally stronger than humans of the same level, but being a bird demon, their strength lies in aerial combat. The palace might be the largest within the underground tomb, but the demon still lacks enough space for it to make effective use of its flying advantage.

This caused it to be placed in a slightly disadvantageous position when fighting against the human Mystic Spirit Master.

When the human cultivators saw Huan Qing Yan and Bai Cheng Feng entering, they happily shouted, “More humans! That’s great! A Late-Stage and Mid-Stage True Spirit Master…”

“Come help us kill these demons.”


Huan Qing Yan and Bai Cheng Feng naturally did not ignore their requests, they charged towards the battle together.

The demons started to fluster when they saw them coming, the Demon Great General was already feeling the difficulty and was unable to display its full power. Its moment of distraction created an opening for the Mystic Spirit Master to land a painful strike on it.

The balance of the situation was thus broken due to that.

The other demons have also lost their will to fight, “I have used the signal call, all demons within one mile should have come to aid us, but why the support still did not arrive?”

“Maybe they did not hear the call? Why not try calling again?”

Huan Qing Yan’s sharp ears picked up their conversation, “You can stop dreaming, the Demon Generals we encountered along our way here have all been killed by us.”

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Hearing that, the human cultivators got even more spirited and fought even more wildly.

Within a battle, morale was essential.

It was also about drawing morale from the opponent to boost your own, with the rise of the human morale, the demon’s morale also fell.

“Let’s go, we need to stop wasting time with these humans. We came to the hidden realm to search for treasures and opportunities. Let us go elsewhere and give them the Corpse King’s tomb.”

The large size bird Demon Great General also agreed, “Okay, let’s go!’

With a flap of its wings, it was the first to retreat.

The weaker demons all chased after him frantically as they all ran away.

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