Chapter 602: Rescuing Bifei

While Long Yi was thinking this inwardly, the Shark Patriarch and that shark general walked out together, but one went left, and the other went towards the right.

Long Yi hesitated. He might gain more following this Shark Patriarch, but he feared that the mermaids they spoke about were Bifei and Xiaomi like he suspected. They were the close relatives of Liuli; he absolutely couldn’t let them fall into this devil’s talons right in front of his eyes.

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He thought for a bit and followed behind that shark general. Fortunately, this strange underground space didn’t seem to have many people except for the many heavily armored sea monsters who were not alert. Practically all the rooms along the way were filled with these kinds of sea monsters. This place should be a very important secret stronghold of Shark Clan.

Long Yi followed this shark general through many winding paths without alerting him. It could be assumed that his mind was filled with the jade bodies of mermaids at this moment.

They walked past a few sections like this when heavily armored guards appeared in front of them. Unlike those puppet-like guards in the previous rooms, these guards patrolled everywhere with vigilance. Clearly, their controller was especially focusing on them to keep a close watch on their surroundings. These kinds of guards were also present at the one section of the passage where that daughter of the Sea Emperor was placed, but even then, there had not as many as this.

Long Yi was well aware of the perceptivity of these heavily armored guards. If he didn’t use spirit power to isolate his aura, then within a certain range, even if he successfully hid his figure, he would be discovered. Nevertheless, Long Yi wondered what was actually inside since there were so many guards stationed here. Long Yi was increasingly looking forward to seeing it. He carefully retracted his aura and used earth magic, the Earth Concealing Magic, to quietly follow that shark general underground.

Suddenly, the dim yellow radiance covering his body flickered, and Long Yi cursed inwardly. Layer upon layer of magic restrictions were laid out, even underground; moreover, their strength was truly startling. Now, if Long Yi wanted to quietly sneak in past these magic restrictions using the melting magic elements property of AoTianJue, he would have to work for no less than ten days without rest to accomplish it. By then, who knew what the shark general would do to the two mermaids? However, forcibly charging in was also unwise because he had as of yet only seen the tip of the iceberg regarding the true colors of the Shark Race. In addition, this Shark Clan controlled countless of those heavily armored sea monsters. From this, he could infer that they were very formidable. Of course, with Long Yi’s current strength, he was confident that he could defend himself without any problems, but the problem was that he still didn’t know the consequences of stepping into these muddy waters of the Sea Race.

Fortunately, that Shark General didn’t enter those magic restrictions. Instead, he turned into a secret room next to it. This made Long Yi breathe a sigh of relief. After all, he could always examine those restrictions later.

This ugly shark-headed general walked into the secret room and sat on a chair located at the center of this room. Glaring at a few guards, he ordered, “You all, withdraw! Let this general personally interrogate them.”

After all the guards withdrew, this shark general lewdly smiled and sized up those two tied-up mermaids in front of him. These two mermaids were listlessly hanging their heads low, their beautiful light blue hair also hung down loosely, and their hands were tied above them. Their fishtails below the waistline were tied up with tough seaweed. As for the upper parts of their bodies, they were covered with just a thin layer of fine gauze. Large portions of their spotlessly white jade-skin were completely exposed.

This shark general greedily stared at the charming bodies of these mermaids and stood up. Thinking about it, it had already been more than one hundred years since he had last enjoyed a mermaid’s body. At that time, he had married a mermaid as a concubine. At that time he had discovered that to his surprise, although the flavor of mermaids was quite good, they couldn’t endure severe lashings. She had unexpectedly died under his tormenting. And since this incident had spread out, no mermaid that had been willing to marry him. Even the girls of other clans became so scared that they would turn ghastly pale upon hearing his name. They would rather die than marry him.

Originally, it had been no problem for him to capture a few girls of the Mermaid Clan with his means, but after the imperial family of the Mermaid Clan had been banished from Undersea City five hundred years ago, this clan unexpectedly hadn’t become like a sheet of loose sand. Instead, it had only grown more united. In addition, since even Sea Emperor directly placed obstacles in his way, he couldn’t do anything even if he had the will too And now, an opportunity had finally come for him to unleash his list. Moreover, these were two of the best quality of girls from the Mermaid Clan. How could he not be excited?

Perhaps, they sensed the unscrupulous greedy gaze of this shark general, and the two mermaids rose their heads with some difficulty, revealing their stunning faces. One was mature and charming, and the other was pure and cute. Who else could they be other than Bifei and Xiaomi?

“My mermaid darlings, tell this general the whereabouts of the Purple Gold Soul Stone now while this general’s mood is good. Then, this general will treat you two gently later. Otherwise, after this general is done, this general will bestow you two to my subordinates as a reward. I think my 2,000 elite shark guards will serve you two nicely, kaka…” The shark general laughed complacently. If he could find the whereabouts of the Purple Gold Soul Stone, that would be great merit, and the patriarch would definitely treat him favorably, not to mention that when it came down to it, the prisoners were powerless in preventing him from just gifting them to his subordinates anyway.

Bifei was still able to remain calm, but Xiaomi was so scared that her complexion turned pale. She just bit her lower lip and held back her inner panic as she continuously cried in her heart, “Young Master, Young Master, quickly come and save Aunt Bifei and Xiaomi!”

When people were desperate, they would always think of the person who they trusted the most to come and save them. Xiaomi was no exception; Bifei was also so. She found that Long Yi’s handsome face wearing his signature bad smile had unconsciously appeared in her mind. Although that bad fellow was not decent, and he frequently stared at her chest, compared with this ugly fellow in front of her who made her feel like vomiting, Long Yi was undoubtedly very pleasing to the eye. More than that, he also had unfathomable strength.

“Why am I foolishly wishing for such a fantasy? He and Liuli are far away! How could he come to save us? It seems that I and Xiaomi are doomed this time.” Bifei tossed out that unrealistic fantasy from her heart, and a bitter smile appeared on her face.

“It seems you two are very stubborn. Since that is the case, don’t blame this general for being rude!” The shark general laughed and began to take off his golden armor.

Bifei and Xiaomi trembled, and Xiaomi shrieked in terror, “Young Master, Princess, quickly come and save Xiaomi!”

“Shouting, shouting, your shouting is going to make this Young Master deaf.” A voice suddenly resounded throughout this secret room.

Bifei and Xiaomi were shocked at the same time because this familiar voice sounded like it belonged to Long Yi. Were they having auditory hallucinations in despair? When they opened their blue eyes and saw a familiar figure casually leaning against the opposite wall with a bad smile, they didn’t dare to believe what they were seeing for a moment. After confirming that they were not seeing an illusion by glancing at each other, they instantly felt at ease. At that moment, tears flowed down their cheeks even though they hadn’t shed tears before even when under the threats of the shark general.

As for the shark general, he was not an ordinary person; otherwise, the Shark Patriarch wouldn’t have regarded him so highly. Immediately after noticing Long Yi behind him, he thought to rush out and alert everyone, but he discovered that a powerful barrier had already surrounded this secret room.

“Human?” The shark general didn’t rashly launch an attack. This fellow who had appeared all of a sudden was too strange, and especially that casual smile without any worries made his heart very restless. Only after sizing Long YI up carefully, did he ask his question with some doubt. After all, the sea and land were two completely different worlds. The human race, that kind of extremely intelligent land race with frightening creativity, only existed in the legends and ancient books and records of the Sea Race.

“It seems you are not too stupid. I hope you will not try to be smart, but if you are unwilling, I can make my brother accompany you to play,” Long Yi looked at this shark general’s left hand and said with a smile. Then, Long Two with a dense dark aura condensed around him and holding a blood-red scythe appeared in front of Long Yi.

The aura of the current Long Two was amazing. The bone armor, purple veins, six purple bone spurs on his back, red light flickering in his bottomless eye-sockets, and blood red scythe with its bloody aura made him look like a devil that had come from hell. It was unknown how many lives had been reaped by that blood red scythe.

“Long Two, play with this kid. Don’t kill him,” Long Yi instructed with a smile.

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“Yes, big brother,” Long Yi answered with mechanically. Then turning into a wisp of shadow, he rushed toward the shark general.

As for Long Yi, he no longer looked at them, and with a flick of his finger, he undid the bindings restricting Bifei and Xiaomi. Since they had been tied up for a long time along with having their power restricted, not to mention that their fishtails ached and were limp without any power, how could they support their weights? After their bindings were undone, they weakly fell forward. Fortunately, Long Yi was there. He opened his arms in time and caught them in his arms. No one knew if this was intentional or not.

“Young Master, Xiaomi misses you to death!” Nestled in the bosom of Long Yi, the panic Xiaomi had been forcibly holding in for a long time came out. She sobbed and cried with tears flowing down her cheeks.

Even Bifei who had always been incomparably firm became very weak at this moment. If not for Long Yi’s timely appearance, then the fates of her and Xiaomi would have been very miserable.

Long Yi used Spirit Protect Magic on these two women, and their emotions finally came under control. Immediately after that, Bifei pushed Long Yi away with a red face, but Xiaomi kept on nestling in Long Yi’s bosom with her mind at rest and conscience clear. She knew that the bosom of her Young Master would not belong to her after this moment.

“Young Master, how come you’re here? What about the princess?” Xiaomi looked up, and she happened to see Long Yi’s serious look. Her heart stopped, so she asked this in a timid manner.

“Now, you think of this Young Master and Princess? When you left without a word, do you know how worried your Princess was?” Long Yi glared at Xiaomi before his gaze moved to Bifei.

Xiamo stuck out her tongue and looked pitiful. Of course, she knew that Long Yi was not truly angry.

Bifei didn’t avoid the gaze of Long Yi. She sighed softly and said, “Some matters had to be resolved. Liuli is the only one with the bloodline of the mermaid imperial family. Nothing can happen to her.”

Long Yi thought about those restless days of Liuli where she neither ate nor sleep well and wanted to speak more about her condition. However, at this moment, along with a sudden burst of wind, a golden light flashed. Then, that shark general fell heavily on the ground as if he were a dead fish. He struggled for a bit but was unable to stand up.

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