Chapter 601: Sneaking in

In the isolation barrier, Long Yi’s group of five talked while waiting for any movement occurring by that rock. Compared to the Yamei siblings, Karl, this prince of the Miluo Clan, clearly knew much more about the current circumstances of the Sea Race because among the numerous clans of the Sea Race, the Miluo Clan could be considered as one of the stronger clans. Moreover, not only was Miluo Clan one of the three biggest weapon suppliers of the Sea Race, it also had a powerful army that even the Sea Emperor himself feared to some extent. Thus, in the power struggle between the Shark-Whale Clan Alliance and the Sea Emperor, both sides spared no efforts to draw Miluo Clan to their sides.

According to Karl, his clan was hesitant about which side to lean toward. Karl’s father, the patriarch of the Miluo Clan, preferred to remain neutral. Merely, there were some elders in the clan who endlessly bickered. They believed that this was a rare opportunity and that their clan should participate in this whirlpool of a power struggle and strive for the greatest profits for the clan. In addition, there were even more ambitious elders who argued that in the battle between the Sea Emperor and the Shark Clan & Whale Clan, both sides would suffer losses. At that time, they could take that opportunity to become the old fisherman and reap the benefits. Then, their Miluo Clan would be the big winner who got to laugh last.

Regarding this power struggle of the Sea Race, Long Yi was not interested. Merely, he only wanted to clearly know the truth about the banishment of the Mermaid Clan’s Imperial Family five hundred years ago. Secondly, he wanted to unite the entire Sea Race and prepare for the upcoming catastrophe. Although this catastrophe was still an unfounded matter, he believed that it was unlikely for that Dragon God to deceive him.

Therefore, Long Yi felt that it was necessary to participate in the internal strifes of the Sea Race. Moreover, he felt that these matters weren’t as simple as they looked.

While he was lost in thought, Long Yi suddenly sensed someone approaching. Looking over, he actually saw a person walking around by himself. He was dressed exactly the same as the previous squad, but the logo on his armored was somewhat different. At this moment, Long Yi knew that their chance had come.

“You all, stay here. I will go and deal with him.” After speaking, he disappeared. In the next second, he had already appeared behind that person wearing heavy armor. Then, he hit the back of this person’s neck, and this person fell to the ground and fainted with a groan.

Long Yi brought this tall fellow inside the isolated barrier and found a triangular command plate on him. This should be the key to enter that unknown place.

Merely, when Long Yi wanted to take off the heavy armor of this fellow and disguise himself, everyone discovered that the heavy armor of this fellow couldn’t be taken off.

“F**k, is this armor grown on his body?” Sijiate punched the helmet of this fellow and angrily said. As for this curse word, he had naturally learned it from a certain someone.

“Cut it off. This Young Master doesn’t believe that there’s nothing we can do to this fellow.” Long Yi was also somewhat impatient. He condensed internal force in his palm and cut towards the arm of this fellow. He thought that if he couldn’t take off this fellow’s armor, he would first cut off this fellow’s arm. In any case, lacking one arm and having broken legs wouldn’t threaten his life.

The powerful energy he condensed distorted the air around them. Then, along with a metal colliding sound and sparks flying in all directions, an arm separated from the body.

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“Squeak!” A sharp and miserable screaming sound resounded as green blood splashed onto the ground. At this moment, this unconscious person wearing heavy armor woke up in pain, and his body acutely trembled.

Long Yi picked up the cut-off arm from the ground and looked inside. He then casually threw this cut-off arm toward Karl with an amazed look.

“Young Master, the aura of this blood is very similar to the Heaven Slaying Squid. Merely, there is no powerful momentum of the Heaven Slaying Squid,” Liuli said thoughtfully.

“This cut-off arm seems to be a tentacle of the squid. Merely, some kind of method was used to fuse it with the armor, allowing it to become one entity.” Karl carefully examined this arm and was very surprised.

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“Yet, the Sea Race doesn’t have such a race!” Sijiate ferociously kicked that heavily armored person, and a scream resounded.

“Perhaps, this is just a sea monster, a sea monster controlled by someone,” Yamei said.

Long Yi felt that Yamei’s viewpoint was likely correct. Just a moment ago, he had used his spirit power to scan this armored person, and he had indeed had a squid-like structure. Moreover, there was a kind of very strange energy fluctuation within his body, and this energy fluctuation made Long Yi feel cold and bloody. If someone were truly controlling everything from behind, that absolutely wasn’t a small matter. It was common knowledge that some sea monsters could be tamed and used for different purposes, but there were some sea monsters that were difficult to tame. Squids were one of them. But now, not only had someone successfully tamed them, but he had also made the squids wear armor and given them weapons to make an army. If this kind of powerful sea monster army that only thoughtlessly obeyed orders walked onto a battlefield, they truly would become invincible existences.

“A great scheme! Someone is definitely scheming,” Karl shouted.

Long Yi narrowed his eyes, and then looking at the triangular command plate in his hand, he said, “You all will wait here I will go and take a look inside.”

“Let’s go together,” Everybody said in unison looking at Long Yi.

“No, I don’t know the circumstances inside. It is better for me to go alone,” Long Yi waved his hand and said with a decisive tone.

He then walked out of the isolation barrier, and standing in front of that rock, he placed the triangular command plate into the groove. Suddenly, he felt a powerful magical fluctuation inside the rock. Then a white light sucked him in.

When Long Yi was able to clearly see the situation around him again, he was shocked. He discovered that he was standing in an open and spacious hall. A huge magic lamp dangled down from the roof of this hall. However, what surprised Long Yi was that the hall was filled with guards each wearing heavy armor and holding a spear.

Nevertheless, Long Yi quickly calmed down. These heavily armored guards stood straight and still as if they were sculptures without any life. It could be assumed that just like that heavily-armored guard Long Yi had captured, all of them were sea monsters under the control of someone, and they wouldn’t move without orders.

Long Yi spread out his spirit power, and like a wisp of smoke, his figure disappeared from this hall and appeared in front of a room. Rather than saying this was a room, it was better to say that it was an isolated space. Other than the passage leading inside, this space was surrounded by blue seawater.

An unusually burly Patriarch of the Shark Clan was standing with his hands clasped behind his back. His head was very different from the other clansmen of his Shark Clan. His head was more like a human head rather than a shark’s head. Other than a cyan scale on the top of his head and those sharp steel teeth, his facial features were the same as a human being’s. He was the patriarch of the Shark Clan, one of the most powerful clans in the Sea Race.

“Reporting to Patriarch, we captured that girl of the Sea Emperor!” A general of the Shark Clan wearing golden armor entered from the passage and said with excitement.

“Oh? Captured? Take me there.” A hint of excitement flashed through the eyes of the Shark Patriarch, but he quickly suppressed it.

The two people walked out of this space, and following this passage that meandered left and right, they arrived at the seashore. This so-called seashore seemed to be underground, and there were numerous guards patrolling back and forth.

That shark general led the Shark Patriarch through layer upon layer of defenses and entered a room that was decorated with more than a hundred fist-sized best quality pearls that illuminated the room. In the room, there was a bed made of sea essence, and on that bed, there was bedding weaved with very precious Sea Spirit Grass. At this moment, a young girl who was roughly 17-18 years old lay on that bed. Her face was exquisite, her skin fine and smooth, and there were two short horns on her head that paralleled to dragon horns. Compared to the Shark Clan, it was simply the difference between an angel and a devil. Even though both were actually from the Sea Race, their looks were very different.

The eyes of this young girl were closed. She seemed to be sleeping.

“Not bad, it’s really true this time. Last time, that bastard Sea Emperor made a fool out of us. It seems that new hatred piled on old will be vented on this girl.” Sark Patriarch complacently laughed, but his dead fish eyes emitted a cold light.

“Patriarch, we lost many elites in order to capture this girl. How about letting our other close friends torment her?” The shark general looked at this sleeping girl and said these words with his eyes flashing with a lewd light.

“We absolutely cannot make a move on her now. Wait until we capture another one; then you can do whatever you please. If you dare to not heed this Patriarch, you know the consequences, right?” Shark Patriarch saw through the lewd thoughts of his subordinate and coldly warned. This subordinate was good in all aspects, but he had a small flaw: he was too lecherous. One should know that this young girl was the beloved daughter of the Sea Emperor. He didn’t want to chase after small gains only to lose big.

“Yes, Patriarch. This subordinate absolutely doesn’t dare to make a move on her.” Hearing that cold tone of his patriarch, this shark general was frightened because he knew the terrifying means of the patriarch.

“For this period of time, let this girl have delicious food and good wine. Let her have good days. Oh, that’s right, how is the inspection of those two women of the Mermaid Clan going?” Shark Patriarch suddenly asked.

“Reporting to patriarch, those two women are stubborn. They insist on saying that the Purple Gold Soul Stone is in the hands of the Clam Clan,” The shark general replied.

“Humph, refusing to toast only to drink a forfeit. I reward those two mermaids to you,” Shark Patriarch sneered and said.

“Thank you, Patriarch! Under this subordinate’s means, they will have lives worse than death, kaka!” This shark general laughed lewdly. He was already very impatient. Since he couldn’t make a move on the treasured daughter of the Sea Emperor, he would taste those mermaids. Mermaids were innately charming. Once anyone tasted them, they would never forget.

At this time, a shadow flickered for a moment outside this room. Long Yi shrunk to one corner and thought, “Purple Gold Soul Stone? Mermaids? Could it be that they are talking about Bifei and Xiaomi?”

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