Chapter 789 – Feeding A Pig

Dammit, she would treat it as though she was feeding a pig.

Bai Cheng Feng was extremely excited and was in the height of the illusion craze. Due to being in a moment of excitement, he viciously bit down on Huan Qing Yan’s finger, and causing Huan Qing Yan to curse!

However, she still had not pushed Bai Cheng Feng away,  and instead said in a flirtatious tone “Naughty boy, don’t bite, be gentle…”

At that time, Piggy and Leafy had already disappeared.

Not long after Bai Cheng Feng started to suck on Huan Qing Yan’s finger, a screamed came from the darkness not far behind her!

“Who is it? Ahhhh! Damn pig, you dare to bite this madam again! Ah…”

Leafy dragged a pink fox out of the darkness.

The pink foxtail was currently tightly bitten by the Pig Spirit Treasure.

Not only that, the claws of Piggy were in flames as it was used to burn the fur of the pink fox and had turned those beautiful furs to become patches of charred fur.

“Damn pig! Ahhhh! My fur!!!”

Terrible screams kept ensuing.

It rolled on the ground, painfully, and eventually turned into the image of a scantily dressed woman. The bloody injuries caused by the Pig Spirit Treasure was extremely disturbing to look at.

As she had transformed into her human form, Piggy somehow found it embarrassed to hold it any further, so it released her.

On the other side, Bai Cheng Feng who has been excitedly sucking on Huan Qing Yan’s finger were slowly turning stiff.

He looked at his own bare top and the intimate posture of pressing down on Little Yan with her finger in his mouth… his face instantly turned red.

As though he was struck by lightning, he quickly released her finger.

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Huan Qing Yan took a long sigh of relief and hit Bai Cheng Feng’s head with her fist, “Bai Cheng Feng, you were caught in an illusion, did you know that? For someone with such high cultivation, your resistance is literally non-existent, what is the use, for it to be so high when your entire brain is filled with dirty thoughts! Why are you still not standing up, do you want to die?”

Bai Cheng Feng was dumbstruck by the admonishments and with a flushed face, he unwillingly moved away from Huan Qing Yan.

While feeling embarrassed, he even displayed a face of savoring the aftertaste. What the hell was he thinking about?

Huan Qing Yan really wanted to give him two more slaps.

Bai Cheng Feng looked at his torn clothes on the floor and silently kept them away before he changed into a fresh set of clothes from his storage ring.

“Little Yan, sorry.”

Huan Qing Yan only had one thought; beat him, beat him, beat him to death!

“What is the use of saying sorry! You have injured this elder sister’s finger.”

Bai Cheng Feng was secretly feeling refreshed, if not for the illusion, he might never have the chance to get so close to Little Yan again.

The feeling of sucking on her finger lingered in his mouth, just recalling it had caused his heart to beat madly with hot blood.

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A sweet-salty taste that lingered in his mouth, and he secretly stored that trace of her blood inside a container without Huan Qing Yan noticing.

Huan Qing Yan had already angrily run towards the clone of Madam Fox Charm.

She removed her shoe and used its sole to slap it!

Slapping immediately on her face, not caring for that beautiful young woman image currently on display. That image might be useful against men and spirit treasure with morals, but it was useless against her.

“This tiger did not reveal its might and you took me for a sick cat! I might have let you off earlier on, yet at only an Early-Stage Demon General you still continued to seek your own death. Even using such a despicable method, see how this lady slaps you to death!”

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