Chapter 276: World-class sniper

There was only one factor that could not be controlled, and that was … luck! That was the only thing that a sniper could never control!

What is luck exactly? Luck is something that is built upon your usual training and upon your shooting skill level!

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That was why, in Principal Chen’s words, ‘don’t blame it on luck if you fail, it just means that your abilities aren’t good enough; luck is just an excuse.’

The dynamic shooting training in the following two weeks was much harder than it was previously. Principal Chen stopped giving advice to Ye Jian while standing beside her and helping her face it. Instead, he personally joined in and acted as the enemy sniper, and had sniping standoffs with Ye Jian.

Afterward, whenever Ye Jian reminisced about her training activities of this year, she felt that this period of time was the hardest and toughest training that she had ever experienced.

It was because she was currently facing against a world-class sniper, instead of a normal sniper!

On the first day, Ye Jian couldn’t even find where Principal Chen was camouflaged! They were less than 100 meters apart from each other, yet she only realized where Principal Chen was after being hit by a blank.

“You must perfectly blend natural camouflage with man-made camouflage, spring as trees, summer as shrubs, fall as dead leaves, winter as snow piles; these are natural camouflages that are near perfection.” Principal Chen, who was in his camouflage suit, sat cross-legged, the hot sun overhead causing his lips to chap. There was no water to drink and no wind. He just sat there lecturing Ye Jian. “Your sense of smell is very sensitive, so that was why I purposely rolled around in the mud to cover my scent with the mud … That’s also a method of camouflage.”

“Lass, remember! Infiltration is a basic skill that all snipers must grasp. The excellence of a sniper’s infiltration skills would determine whether they can complete a mission successfully or fail miserably!”

This was based on Principal Chen’s own experience. He was so strict that he trained Ye Jian harshly.

Ye Jian started entering the actual hellish training and slowly inched closer towards the standard of a world-class sniper!

She had great comprehension skills, but she was sometimes eliminated by Principal Chen. Still, only a little more than a year had passed since the first time she had touched a gun, unlike Principal Chen who was extremely experienced, having several decades of experience as a world-class sniper.

A month after the summer break, Principal Chen left Shuikou village and brought Ye Jian along. No one knew where they had gone, and even Uncle Gen didn’t know where.

The schools had started sending out their acceptance letters. By the time the acceptance letters of Ye Jian, Ye Ying, Zhang Wenli and a few other middle school graduates arrived in the village, there were only 15 days left until summer break was over.

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The village head Zhang Defu received those six notices from the mailman’s hands. He counted them, then said in a doubting tone, “There were eleven kids who just graduated from middle school … these six notices … did you take all of them?”

“Village head, only those who have been accepted into high school will have a notice letter. Even if there are 20 kids in Shuikou village who have just graduated middle school, if only 6 made it, then there will only be 6 notice letters.” The mailman laughed. Whenever the season where he had to post high school and university acceptance letters came, the villagers would always ask him this question.

Zhang Defu sighed while nodding, “Yes, yes, yes, sigh, there’s only six of them who got into high school, this year… no one managed to enter university. Sigh, thanks for your hard work, have something to drink before you leave.”

“Village head, has the notice letter arrived for my Ying Ying? I just saw the mailman arrive.” Sun Dongqing’s energetic voice floated in from outside, coming from the courtyard beside them as if she was afraid others wouldn’t know that the mailman had arrived.

The mailman, who was about to say something, started riding his green bicycle as soon as he heard her voice. He waved his hand towards Zhang Defu and smiled, “I’m good without a drink, I still have to send out the notices for the other villages. You should do your job and entertain the Mayoress instead.”

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