Chapter 275: Success, Originates from Hard Work

Some examples include, not feeling thirsty due to the hot sun, not fidgeting at all even if she felt like urinating, and not exposing herself even though ants and other insects were crawling under her clothes.

Success originates from hard work; theoretical studies along with shooting training, skills training, and camouflage training, were simultaneously instilled into Ye Jian who had completed her frontal shooting of stationary targets in different poses from different ranges.

Currently, she was undergoing dynamic shooting training.

The so-called dynamic shooting training was the training with the highest difficulty. It was a shooting training that had set a specific rule to hit a target that only appeared once in a while, in a limited amount of time from a fixed distance, and the requirements for passing was to shoot 400 meters away from the target and within 4 seconds from when the target appeared.

After 6 hours of lying prone in the bushes, Ye Jian was waiting … for the appearance of a single mouse.

Finally, when the wind started blowing, a mouse suddenly appeared in between the crosshair, and in that second, Ye Jian’s breathing stopped and with a ‘bang’, she fired her first shot.

That was her first shot in her dynamic shooting training, hearing by the mouse’s squeak as it ran into the woods, Ye Jian realized that she had failed her first shot.

Her willow-leaf like brows creased together for a moment, her increasingly feminine and pretty features filled with a coldness that seldom appeared among girls. As she held the sniper rifle that could destroy a car’s engine and also penetrate through brick and mortar walls with just one bullet, she stood at where she was and received criticism for her shot.

“You did not fully relax your body. You were too nervous before you prepared to fire your shot. Moreover, six hours of staying still has made you feel tired, causing your line of sight and vision to have a deviation. Therefore, you made a mistake when you were determining the trajectory of your bullet.”

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Principal Chen’s voice was as cold and hard as a bullet, and it had lost all warmth, and the gaze in his eyes no longer had his usual kindness, “The gun isn’t your original one, but Ye Jian, you have to make sure that you are familiar with each and every sniper rifle! Make each and every one of them your old partner, so that each and every bullet in those guns can be close to your breathing!”

He snatched the sniper rifle from Ye Jian’s hands, targeted, aimed, checked the wind speed, calculated, and pulled the trigger. After a ‘bang’, not even a minute has passed before Ye Jian had managed to catch a whiff of the scent of blood permeating in the air.

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The mouse that had clearly escaped was hit by the shot.

That was the standard of a world-class sniper. They did not need long hours of preparation, all they needed was a target and they could accomplish their mission!

That’s also one of Ye Jian’s goals, to surpass this big mountain named Principal Chen and stand at a greater height.

Ye Jian gently drew in a breath of cold air … That was Principal Chen’s first time, first time shooting a gun in front of her! It was so sudden that before she had managed to react, the world-class sniper’s shooting demonstration had already ended.

It was really … impressive!

Her face was filled with admiration, and Principal Chen, who originally had a serious expression, had to hit her head gently with the butt of the gun, “Little lass, practice seriously! After two weeks of dynamic shooting training, we’ll bring you to somewhere else. From now on, we will change where we train each summer, highlands, mountains, deserts … Little lass Jian, you’ll have to start preparing, for the hardest of days have only just begun.”

Every place had a different environment, therefore each piece of training had different requirements, and their shooting conditions were also different.

The natural conditions such as external environmental temperature, altitude, wind speed, atmospheric visibility, lighting conditions, etc., could all affect the shooter’s aim and the bullet’s trajectory.

Principal Chen’s demand from Ye Jian was simple, no matter the environment, as long as she could pick up a gun, she would have to strike her target! Although the environment could affect her hit rate, if she could use her excellent skills to counteract or take advantage of the external factors, then she would be able to accomplish her missions outstandingly.

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