Chapter 274: The War Song of Life

He spoke in a hushed tone, and only a few sensitive words that belonged to classified military information such as satellite, communication, etc. could barely be heard.

Without a doubt, the news he had brought was motivating for the members of the elite platoon who had stayed here for at least four months. From that point onwards, if anything happened in the future, they could get in contact with the military anytime.

“Next spring, the engineering corps will come to set up the facilities. We’ll be able to descend the mountain when July comes around.” As Han Zheng was also involved in the missions a few months back, he still had some knowledge of the missions that the elite platoon was executing now.

This news was definitely a godsend for the soldiers guarding the checkpoint at such a high altitude.

G3 stored the map and slapped Han Zheng’s shoulder, “When you arrive at the checkpoint tomorrow, tell them this news and tell them that they should arrange the reception for the engineering corps while we stand guard from the shadows.”

“We’ll leave at 0600, once you have eaten, go get some rest and save some energy. Z7, there’s still some oxygen cylinders around, call out to us if you’re uncomfortable. We’ll take turns standing watch, and we’ll wake you up in between.

Han Zheng coincidentally arrived when there was a huge snowfall and had stayed at the military depot with an altitude of 3000 meters for around 2 months, but now he was at an area with an altitude of 5000 meters, so G3 was worried that he would have altitude sickness and would just sleep forever after closing his eyes, so that was why he was told that they’ll wake him up in the middle of the night.

That was definitely not an exaggeration to scare people, but it was really something that existed and has happened.

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Dinner was prepared by Han Zheng. It consisted of cold stale bread, a slice of ham sausage, and a packet of mustard each; as for fresh vegetables, steamed fragrant rice, and hot noodles … don’t even think about it at this place.

At least the five of them still had something to eat, while the three comrades that they had lost contact with were currently huddled somewhere in the snowy landscape, but they weren’t too worried about it as this type of thing happened frequently. Losing contact for one day was considered short while the longest one lasted for three days.

It was under such hard and gruesome conditions that when spring came the next year, a letter filled with confidential information that was interpreted by Han Zheng was sent out from the snowy highlands to the military, and at the same time, they also sent a military layout.

That was only possible because the 8 members from their elite platoon had managed to gather this information. They had put their lives on the line by traversing a path that had not been explored by humans and filled with snow leopards. They had also climbed up the steep mountain and traversed across bottomless cliffs all with the help of their arms and legs just to accomplish the mission that was given to them.

By the time the information had returned, the northern part of the country was blessed by the arrival of spring, while the cherry blossoms in the south had just started to wither away.

The days flew by really fast, and it felt like before anyone had managed to recover from spring daze, the sounds of cicadas could already be heard.

Ye Jian who had finished her exams did not wait around at home like the other students for the arrival of the notice letters. Instead, she immediately went back to the village and tagged along with the troops’ regiment the following day.

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Principal Chen and Old Uncle Gen had never asked for Ye Jian’s result or if she did well in the exam. When she mentioned that she wanted to go to the training grounds, the two elders took her there without saying a word.

Results, marks … were not what they wanted to focus on.

One and a half years had already passed in their four-year plan, and Ye Jian’s training was getting harder and harder. She was withstanding the bright and hot sun alone, wearing twigs and leaves on her head as camouflage, and a Barrett 82A1 anti-materiel (ED: Yes, that’s not a typo. Please search the same in Wikipedia for more details.) sniper rifle was mounted in front of her. Currently undergoing her long-distance sniping training, Ye Jian hadn’t moved an inch for a full six hours!

Long distance sniping missions constantly required snipers to do long-distance raids under conditions of no food, no water, and no sleep; good sight and hearing were the minimum requirements. Moreover, the person ought to be extremely patient.

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