Chapter 273: Open Honesty, Hidden Elegance

Once winter arrived, the food that was consumed the most by members of the elite platoon in their base was bread. Occasionally, they would start a fire, dump in dry vegetables and leaves in the never boiling water, and use it for replenishing their vitamins.

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The training regimen of the elite platoon was harder than any of the other units, but the ability that each of them possessed was incomparable to any of the soldiers in the other units.

Han Zheng was capable of enduring hardships; he received his share of bread and ham sausages that were barely able to fill his belly without batting an eyelid.

“Yes, she’s a little girl with strong vigilance. That’s why I’m very curious, what did you do that, whenever she smiles at you, it’s like her face was blessed by sunlight.” Han Zheng’s impression of Ye Jian was quite good. People of their status were used to seeing people from different walks of life, whatever that was real or fake, could be spotted by them from a mile away.

In Ye Jian’s case, Han Zheng’s first impression was: open and honest!

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That’s right, she was open and honest; what he saw wasn’t the exquisite beauty of her features, instead, it was her temperament in her every action and move – gentle yet graceful, without the delicateness of a girl; she gave off the feelings of open honesty and hidden elegance.

“However, she doesn’t want to have anything to do with you. Even after I said that you went out of your way to go there and not see her in the end, the only thing it did was to elicit a guilty response from her … There really wasn’t anything else.”

“Also, you should have some gratitude for me. If it weren’t for me dropping hints and using her guilt to write you a letter, brother, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t even receive a letter even though it was written on a menu.”

While he spoke, Xia Jinyuan listened silently, the smile hanging on his lips were akin to the sunlight glimmering off the snowy mountain peaks, bright and burning, “It’s good enough to make her feel some guilt. Now, take out whatever it is that you haven’t taken out, yet. She mentioned in the letter that you took some photos of her.”

“Really, she even told you that?”

“Naturally, that’s the way we get along, you wouldn’t understand.”

After snorting twice, Han Zheng spoke with a dejected tone, “I’ve gone through the trouble to be the bridge between Altair and Vega but in the end, I didn’t manage to scoop up any benefits! And here I thought I could make some deals with you in exchange for the photos! But who knew she would’ve sold me out in just one letter! How do you two get along? Can you spell it out for me?”

How do they get along? From meeting each other to knowing each other, then to fight alongside each other, they’re friends and also comrades. If there was a day where they can become lovers that fight alongside each other, then that would be perfect.

Against snowlight, a few silhouettes ran towards them, carrying a body of chilled wind while walking into the wooden board room. The duo who were still conversing a moment ago immediately stood at attention and welcomed their comrades who just returned from a mission.

This time on the snowy mountaintops, they weren’t just training, they also had to execute a mission of high importance!

“The situation isn’t good, tomorrow we’ll carry dry rations and detour towards this side.” G3 spread open the map, his slender fingers gently glided across the map. He turned towards Xia Jinyuan, “Q King, your perception is strong, tomorrow you’ll be going along with J5. As for Z7, you just arrived and are not familiar with the terrain, so stay here and stand guard. There’s small activity happening on that side, the company commander on the checkpoint contacted me today, hoping that we could back them up if anything untoward.”

“You stay here and back up the checkpoint, I, Q King, and J5 will be searching for our three brothers that we had lost contact with.”

Han Zheng didn’t expect that immediately after his arrival, they had already lost contact with their comrades. He listened to the freezing wind that hurt his eardrums whenever they blew past and bellowed, “Yes, I have no problems with it. I’ll stand guard at the back, and I’ll leave the frontlines to the four of you! Moreover, the military department has ordered me to deliver some messages…”

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