Chapter 47 – Sacrifice

“Do you think some weak vines poses a threat for me?”

“Death Flames”

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A bundle of white flames appeared beside the Necromancer.

When some of the vines came into contact with the white flames, they instantly started to freeze and spread out. The Matrix of the Crazy Vine decisively gave up those vines.

“So it is Death Flames.”

Yang Tian had tamed a Lich in his previous life, and one that had reached Epic Rank. Yang Tiang might not be very well versed in all the Undead Magic but he was quite familiar with this Rank 2 Undead Magic displayed in front of him.

Death Flames were born within the Abyss and possessed an extremely low temperature, any part of the body contaminated by the flames must be cut away.

The Death Flames wielded by a Rank 2 Necromancer was minus ten degrees, it was enough to instantly freeze most creatures. For the current Yang Tian, it was a troublesome issue.

“Have a taste of my Death Flames.”

Under the control of the Necromancer, the Death Flames shot towards Yang Tian.

It was a good time to test the might of the Twin Dragon Ancient Mirror.

The Twin Dragon Ancient Mirror suddenly appeared in Yang Tian’s hand. Facing the Death Flames shooting towards him, Yang Tian lifted the mirror and faced it towards the incoming Death Flames.


The Twin Dragon Ancient Mirror absorbed the Death Flames without leaving a trace.

“What happened?”

The Necromancer could still sense the existence of his Death Flames, but his control over it was lost.

“Return to you.”

Yang Tian pointed the Twin Dragon Ancient Mirror at the Necromancer and the Death Flames that was devoured flew out from the mirror. However this time, the Death Flames were targeted at the Necromancer.

The Necromancer’s face turned ugly, he had lost control of the Death Flames and could only watch as it flies towards him. The Necromancer knew how terrifying the Death Flames were, being struck by it would likely lead him to his death.

“Block it.”

The Lizard Warrior ran in front of the Necromancer and blocked the lethal attack for the latter.

However, the ice quickly spread through the entire body of the Lizard Warrior, it can no longer continue fighting.

When the Death Flames struck the Lizard Warrior, the Necromancer immediately regained control over the Death Flames. The Death Flames once again floated beside the Necromancer.

The Necromancer looked at the Twin Dragon Ancient Mirror in Yang Tian’s hands with fear.

“Boss, be careful, he did not use that on us earlier on.” Xu Dafu could not help but warned.

“You should be quite affected with the loss of one Skeleton Soldier! I really want to see what other tricks you have up your sleeves.”

When a Skeleton Soldier dies, the Necromancer would also experience a backlash.

As expected, Yang Tian saw a faint trace of blood flowing out of the corners of the Necromancer’s mouth.

“So what if that is true?”


A series of chants were heard, the Ghost Spider and Jaw Bug that was fighting with the Dark Crimson Fire Wolf and Charmander, suddenly begun to emit evil energy that increased their overall attributes.

Be it their power or speed, all of their abilities have nearly reached Rank 3. Especially that energy that was leaking out from them; once injured by their attacks, any injuries will become difficult to heal.

Xu Dafu and the Brain-Eating Terror Hog were hit by this skill, if not with the powerful recovery abilities of a Carnivore, the former would not have sustained such heavy injuries.

“It is not the end yet, Sacrifice.”

The frozen Lizard Warrior slowly disappeared, turning into thick white smoke and entered the bodies of the Ghost Spider and the Jaw Bug.

The Ghost Spider and Jaw Bug were originally just skeletons, but when the thick smoke entered their bodies, they started to turn into the form when they were alive.

Looking as though there were a living Ghost Spider and Jaw Bug in front of them.


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The Ghost Spider shot a bundle of poisonous silk towards Charmander, but Charmander’s current situation made it hard for it to evade the attack.


Dark Crimson Fire Wolf on the other side used Flamethrower and melted the poisonous silk. The silk of the Ghost Spider possessed neurotoxins that would cause paralysis. If caught, the target would basically lose the ability to engage in combat.

“Using Sacrifice so early, it looks like this Necromancer’s fighting experience is still very weak.”

Sacrifice was generally the final trump card of a Necromancer, one that was rarely used. However, the Necromancer in front of Yang Tian did not even consider the side effects of using Sacrifice, meaning that it was likely the Necromancer’s first time using Sacrifice as well.

“What are you mumbling about?”

“It is time to end this fight.”

Within the Manor, Yang Tian was indeed not afraid of the Necromancer using Sacrifice.

The King’s Spirit within Yang Tian’s brain allowed the latter to buff all the summoned creatures of the Manor, giving them a boost in their overall attributes. Moreover, there will not be any side effects.

King’s Faith

The attribute boost was the same, but Charmander was unable to reach the level of a Rank 3 while the Crazy Vine has attained Rank 2. At Rank 2, the Crazy Vine Matrix could now control over a thousand vines at one time, capable of dealing with a Rank 3 Creature.

“What is happening?”

The Necromancer’s tone was starting to panic.

The Crazy Vine controlled over a thousand vines to bind the Ghost Spider and the Jaw Bug. It might be easy to tear apart a few dozen vines, but what about was a few hundred? Even a Rank 3 Elite Monster would find it very difficult to break free.

“Screech Screech”

The Ghost Spider and Jaw Bug started to screech but there were just too many vines, and they were unable to break free.

“It looks like you no longer have any more soldiers to use.”

Yang Tian slowly walked towards the Necromancer, the Necromancer in front of him was still too green and do not pose much of any threat.

The Soft Bone Blade sliced over the shoulders of the Necromancer, taking away the left arm of the Necromancer.


The Necromancer screamed as he used his right hand to press on his wound, but blood continued to gush out of it. He wanted to call his Skeleton Soldiers to return and protect him, but they were trapped by the vines and were even attacked by Dark Crimson Fire Wolf and Charmander.

The Necromancer was now a piece of meat waiting to be butchered.


Yang Tian noticed a change on the Necromancer’s face and immediately knew that something was wrong, Yang Tian quickly slashed his Soft Bone Blade at the latter’s head.

“I promise you, I promise you. Quickly save me!” seeing Yang Tian’s actions, the Necromancer immediately shouted.


The Soft Bone Blade struck the ground, the Necromancer had disappeared.

This Necromancer has indeed still maintained his connection to the Abyss, he must have been communicating with one of the creatures of the Abyss earlier on.

The Necromancer has agreed to the condition of that Abyss Creature, that was why the creature saved his life. At the same time, the Necromancer has officially become a member of the Abyss, standing on the opposite side of humanity.

The next time Yang Tian meets this Necromancer, he is afraid the latter will likely become a troublesome character.

Having lost the Necromancer, the Rank 3 Ghost Spider and Jaw Bug have also lost their combat ability, turning into a pile of bones.

“Boss, what happened?”

Xu Dafu was dumbstruck at what had happened as a living person suddenly disappeared right in front of his eyes. While those skeleton creatures filled with power had suddenly turned into a pile of bones.

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