Chapter 48 – Excise

“He managed to run away.”

Yang Tian said with some regret.

Dark Crimson Fire Wolf and Charmander had both been injured by the Skeleton Soldiers, Yang Tian could sense the evil energy of the Abyss from their wounds.

The only one not hurt was the Crazy Vine Matrix, the Crazy Vine Matrix had immediately discarded any vines which got injured to prevent itself from being affected.

By relying on its crazy reproductive speed, the Crazy Vine was able to quickly recover. There was a thick layer of vines on the ground, all discarded by the Crazy Vine Matrix, and to be discarded also meant death for them. However, there was still a dense layer of vines covering the walls of the Manor.

If an opponent could not manage to find its Matrix when fighting the Crazy Vine, it would mean that the battle will continue forever until you expended all your energy and turn into their fertilizer.

The most urgent task at hand was to heal everyone’s injuries. The areas tainted by the Abyss energy must be excised, the consequences can be dire if the energy went too deep. If the individual’s willpower was not strong enough, they might turn into a puppet of the Abyss.

Fortunately, everyone’s physique was high enough so the energy was unable to dive deep into their bodies.

Yang Tian first returned to the small house to check, Xiao Xiao was currently asleep thanks to Wang Yu placating her.

“Boss…” when Wang Yu saw Yang Tian entered, she was at a loss for words.

“You have done well.”

It had been an undoubtedly big commotion outside and Xiao Xiao would certainly have been startled awake, Yang Tian felt at ease that Wang Yu had managed to calm Xiao Xiao down.

“Boss, what happened to Dafu?”

“It is not a big issue, but it’s good if you can come out and assist them.”

Xu Dafu, Brain-Eating Terror Hog, Dark Crimson Fire Wolf and Charmander were currently on the ground. As for the Shepherd Dog, Yang Tian does not dislike it for being useless but got it to hide. It had only just appeared after the Necromancer escape.

“But Boss, what can I do?”

“Use this knife and cut out their injured areas.”

Yang Tian passed a small knife to Wang Yu and told her to use Xu Dafu as her practice target.

“Little Yu, take it easy.”

Xu Dafu had obviously noticed that this was Wang Yu’s first time, but he was also embarrassed to say that he was afraid.

Yang Tian started with Charmander, cutting away the wounds with his Soft Bone Blade without encountering any incidents.

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Charmander painfully grabbed at those wounds but after eating a Mutated Carrot, its injuries started to heal quickly.

Next up was Dark Crimson Fire Wolf, followed by Brain-Eating Terror Hog.

After Yang Tian cut away all the tainted flesh, all they needed to do was to wait for their injuries to heal.

“Little Yu, used more strength.”

As a Carnivore, Xu Dafu’s physique was already very tough. The small knife that Yang Tian gave Wang Yu was a conventional surgical blade, just one area would cause her to use up a lot of time, let alone the many injuries Xu Dafu currently sported.

“It is so hard to cut your flesh!” Wang Yu softly grumbled and that caused Xu Dafu to feel embarrassment.

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“Heh heh.”

“I will do it!”

The main reason why Yang Tian got Wang Yu to excise Xu Dafu was to check Xu Dafu’s reaction. However, Xu Dafu seems to be treating her nicely and did not display any agitation.

Carnivores are usually very violent; Xu Dafu has been with Yang Tian for many days so far and the only time Yang Tian saw Xu Dafu exploded with when he was with Hu Jun and his gang. Other than that, Yang Tian has rarely seen Xu Dafu displaying any violent behavior.

Maybe, it was because Xu Dafu treats Charmander and the rest as his friends.

Yang Tian was also not sure about this; he had heard that Carnivores were extremely helpful to their friends, but also famous for being very cruel to their enemies as well.

As it was still not an urgent matter, Yang Tian would just continue to monitor Xu Dafu’s condition.

“Boss’s blade is still the best.”

Yang Tian used his Soft Bone Blade and quickly removed all the tainted flesh on Xu Dafu.

Xu Dafu has no need to eat anything, as his injuries were already recovering twice as fast as Charmander and the rest.

“F***, you traitor!”

Xu Dafu saw the Shepherd Dog that had suddenly appeared and went to give it a slap. In fact, Yang Tian was the one who instructed the Shepherd Dog to hide, but Xu Dafu just wanted to find a target to vent some frustrations on and the Shepherd Dog just happened to be a good one.


The Shepherd Dog barked with a grievance.

However Xu Dafu had not used much strength as well, he only gave the Shepherd Dog an appropriate slap.

“We only accept a glorious death in battle and not a hide like a coward!”

Xu Dafu pointed at Brain-Eating Terror Hog beside it; the latter being very cooperative, lifted its head proudly in reaction.

“Look at these injuries? This is the glory.”

After speaking, he did not forget to show off all the injuries on his body. Brain-Eating Terror Hog and Charmander also found that Xu Dafu’s words made sense and copied Xu Dafu, both of them showed off their wounds in front of the Shepherd Dog as well. Only Dark Crimson Fire Wolf found it disgraceful and silently walked away.

Yang Tian ignored Xu Dafu and his group, he looked at the blood-colored moon in the sky.

“Two more days.”

In another two days, a massive epidemic would erupt on Earth. This epidemic would cause a portion of all humans and mutated beasts to turn zombies.

To put it more specifically, after the epidemic the race of Zombies would also successfully occupy a place on Earth.

It was not limited to ordinary humans, even Elite Mutated Beasts might turn into a zombie as well.

The epidemic was also a type of tonic for zombies, allowing them to develop higher strength and intelligence. Also, a Zombie King might even be born from it.

Yang Tian could not help but remember the Bronze Armored Zombie he met in F City, it would likely evolve into a Silver Armored Zombie during the epidemic. There will also be countless unknown zombies who will experience significant changes with this epidemic.

“Boss, I found these on top of the pile of bones.”

Xu Dafu excitedly approached to Yang Tian, in his hands were two bundles of light.

Inheritance Light

The Ghost Spider and Jaw Bug were considered Abyss Creatures already and were also Rank 3 Creatures. Therefore it was natural that they would produce an Inheritance Light after they died.

However, they were not humans when they were alive so Wang Yu might not be able to absorb their Inheritance Light. It was a pity that the Lizard Warrior has been used for Sacrifice; if not Wang Yu will be able to a hundred percent absorb its Inheritance Light and become a new Lizard Warrior.

“Absorbing it will allow a person to obtain an ability, but doing so is also dangerous.”

“Dangerous? What are the dangers?”

“You might become a pile of bones without a conscious.”

Regarding the two Inheritance Light, Yang Tian did not hide any information and explained all the pros and cons to Xu Dafu. Yang Tian knew that Xu Dafu was hoping to give them to Wang Yu to absorb.

Wang Yu was able to take proper care of Xiao Xiao, Yang Tian did not wish for Wang Yu to encounter any mishaps as well. However, he will let Wang Yu make the decision herself, if the latter chooses to absorb, he will not stop her as well.

“You better ask what her thoughts are about this.”


Xu Dafu hesitated for a moment before walking towards Wang Yu. Wang Yu first displayed surprise and joy before her expression turned solemn, shortly after Xu Dafu brought her to Yang Tian.

“Boss, I wish to absorb, but I also want to find out if there are any prominent benefits if I successfully absorbed one.”

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