Chapter 793 – Corpse Pearl

Le Guo’er became a True Spirit Master when she was in the Water Layer and was currently at Early-Stage so the weight of her words was not substantial. Seeing her defend Huan Qing Yan, Huan Qing Yan herself felt very touched.

Therefore, Bai Cheng Feng and Huan Qing Yan exchanged a gaze and communicated with their minds.

“What now? Little Yan? I feel that this Senior Brother Bai Li is overly cautious. The demons have always been frank in their ways and since they say that they would give up this place, then the chances of them coming back again will be very small, there is no need for us to close the palace doors.” It felt weird that they were asked to close the doors for no reason.

Bai Cheng Feng had already refined the Lion Emperor’s Blood, his sensitivity towards danger was much higher than ordinary people.

“Is the Corpse King Flower really here?” this was the only thing that Huan Qing Yan was concerned about.

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“Yes. From my past memories… it is inside one of the coffins here.”

“Then let’s not go. They can close the door as they want, we will just have to maintain a higher level of vigilance.”

Bai Cheng Feng agreed and also secretly swore that no matter what happens, he would do everything he can to protect Little Yan. Even if it meant that he needs to reveal his secret of being a Demon Man and will no longer be able to live as a human.

The majority wins, and the situation ended like that.

The palace door was extremely heavy, it was made using Dark Green Stone. Just one or two people was not enough to push it.

They initially had six people, now that Huan Qing Yan and Bai Cheng Feng joined them, the number increased to eight.

With the combined strength of eight people, they manage to barely close the doors of the massive palace.


After the stone door was closed, a loud sound appeared, it felt as though a contraption has been triggered.

Clear sounds of gears moving could be heard, it seemed like the door has a trigger and was locked?

Now if they want to open the door, it looks like brute strength would no longer be able to help them.

Everyone started to feel anxious, especially when the entire palace was lined with coffins, it could not help but cause the hearts of everyone to feel cold and frightened.

“Little Yan, each coffin holds a corpse, and each corpse possessed a Corpse Pearl. We will need to act fast later.” Bai Cheng Feng sent a secret message to Huan Qing Yan.

Huan Qing Yan looked at the coffins and replied, “Corpse Pearl?”

“Correct, a Corpse Pearl is something contained within the mouths of the corpses and it is an item that sustains the freshness of the corpses and is also a rare treasure. However, each corpse possessed a different attribute, that was why the Corpse Pearl’s used would also be varied. Some would contain lethal poison, some nether ice, some extreme fire and some will cause dizziness, etc.…” Bai Cheng Feng patiently explained.

“Eh, good stuff like that exist?”

“Correct, however many people have visited this place in the past. Thus most of the corpses would no longer hold a Corpse Pearl, only extremely few remained. Also, after the Corpse Pearl is taken, there is a probability that the corpse will develop a corpse mutation. It will become very dangerous, so you must take caution.”

As the two of them were communicating, a person with more guts had started knocking on the coffins.

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This was because the coffins were the most common within the palace; if there were to be any treasures, the first place they should guess would be inside the coffin.

However, the coffin was made of thick Green Stones and seemingly seamless, without any gaps being noticeable.

It gave off the feeling that it will not be easy to break open.

However, this bit of difficulty would not be able to stop them. To play safe, they surrounded the coffin before they tried to open it.

If something were to happen, it would be easier for them to react when required.

Bai Cheng Feng and Huan Qing Yan did not act, choosing to observe the situation first.

Later, when they noted that there was no anomaly, did they join and help the rest. Under the combined efforts of everyone, the first coffin was finally opened after 5 minutes.

Within it, was a shriveled humanoid corpse, the magic equipment that it wore had already decayed from the sands of time.

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