Chapter 794 – Wandering Cultivator

There was nothing beside the corpse, only an unremarkable looking storage ring.

The group happily retrieved it and checked, only to find the contents within to be rotten or beyond repair.

Someone said disappointingly, “After spending so much effort to defeat those demons and to come here to raid a tomb, the things are all rotten. How many ten thousand years must have gone by to cause the items within the storage ring to be in this state? What bad luck!”

“Indeed! Let’s check some more… our luck won’t be that bad!”

At that moment, Senior Brother Bai Li suddenly said, “Hold on, there seems to be something in its mouth.”

Everyone’s eyes shined due to his words and Huan Qing Yan silently pulled Le Guo’er to the back.

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An impatient person within the team could not endure the desire went to check on the corpse’s mouth and with a finger hook…

A dark green pearl came out from the mouth.

Along with it, was a terrible green stench that spread to the surroundings, causing everyone to instantly hold their breaths and cover their mouths.

Suddenly, the person who extracted the pearl screamed terribly, “Ahhh, my hand! My body…”

When the others looked at him, they saw the pearl in his hand was emitting a dark green tendril that spread to his wrist and continued spreading further. Very soon, it reached his arm, neck, and face…

Senior Brother Bai Li instantly said, “It’s corpse poison! That Corpse Pearl is poisonous, quickly get rid of it!”

The person who extracted the pearl was a wandering cultivator called Ma Tian Yin. The rest of the people in the group were from families of status or renown and were not as poor as him. That was why he ignored the potential danger and could not help himself when there was something good to be collected…

Even now, a trace of reluctance flashed through Ma Tian Yin’s eyes, this is a Corpse Pearl! Something of great value!

However, for the sake of his life, he could not help but discard the longan-size Corpse Pearl.

Then he wailed like a ghost and said, “Save me! Please save me!”

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Le Guo’er was the first to take out antidotes and passed it to him.

However, it turned out to be ineffective after consuming them.

Someone from Pinnacle Academia said, “To neutralize Corpse Poison, an extreme Yang item must be used, I am very sorry, but I do not have anything like that. Does anyone of you possess an Extreme Yang Item?”

The rest of the people all shook their heads and Ma Tian Yin looked at Senior Brother Bai Li with pleading eyes, his last hope.

In the end, Senior Brother Bai Li said, “I do not have any as well, but there is still a method to save yourself, you must hack off your hand and drain out the poisonous blood… Only then, will there be a chance for you to survive. Once you leave the hidden realm, you can find someone to re-attach your arm…”

Ma Tian Yin cried, “I can’t! If I lose my arm, I will lose the chance to continue finding opportunities in the hidden realm. Also, there are so many demons in the Earth Layer, I might not even be able to survive until the hidden realm closes. Even if I manage to survive and leave, the cost of re-attaching an arm is extremely expensive. I am only a wandering cultivator and had never earned much Spirit Stones in my life. Fellow big brother and big sisters, please, please save me. I, Ma Tian Yin, am willing to call you my master, and serve you as your servant as repayment.”

An adult man was crying with snot and tears all over his face, causing the other disciples with status to look at him in disdain.

All of them were from established families, they have no lack of servants as they have too many servants within their family. Also, these people did not have any extreme Yang item as well to save him.

Huan Qing Yan also did not know what Ma Tian Yin’s real character was like. Thus she remained standing and did not act as well.

Then she saw Le Guo’er sighed, “Big Brother Ma, you are too impatient, but your heart is kind. Guo’er is still unable to repay you the debt for lending me a helping hand. How about this, after you hack off your arm, I will pay for the expenses to re-attach it. Please act quickly, or else you might really lose your life.”

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