Chapter 795 – Master!

Le Guo’er has a good character, this person should be a decent person if he has obtained her recognition.

After Huan Qing Yan pondered for a moment, she decided to do some charity.

She took out a bottle containing the Cleansing Water from the well and passed it to Ma Tian Yin, “Big Brother Ma, if you really do not want to hack off your arm, I have water that can cure poisons here, but I do not know if it could help you or not. Please try.”

The water was able to neutralize the Spirit Plant poison when Nan Gong Bei Cheng had wrongly consumed it but it was not confirmed whether it could neutralize Corpse Poison or not. She was just trying this due to the desperate situation.

Ma Tian Yin honestly did not want to hack off his arm, even when Le Guo’er offered to pay for the expenses to reattach it. He does not want to owe someone a big favor out of nothing. Also, it was also unknown if he will be able to survive and leave the hidden realm after losing an arm.

Therefore, he took Huan Qing Yan’s bottle of water and drank it without a thought.

After drinking, the Corpse Poison stopped spreading and started to turn faint…

It was effective!

“This Young Sister Huan, no, Master! You are now my master! It is effective, very effective. Do you still have more? I would like to drink another bottle to completely neutralize the Corpse Poison…”

Just as Huan Qing Yan was about to give him another bottle, Bai Cheng Feng suddenly spoke, “You can call Master all you want but if you are true to your words, it is better if you make a Blood Pact now. In these times, talk is starting to become cheap, many people turn their backs on their promises nowadays.”

Ma Tian Yin did not hesitate and immediately gave a drop of his blood to Huan Qing Yan.

“No need!” Huan Qing Yan was stunned like a young student.

She only acted for the sake of Le Guo’er, giving him the well water was to test if it might work, she had no intention of recruiting a servant.

Moreover, she did not know how to perform a Blood Pact as well.

“I can help the both of you to form the Blood Pact, give me a drop of your blood.” Bai Cheng Feng knew that Huan Qing Yan did not know how to do it, so he pricked her hand and got a drop of her blood.

With a wave of his hand, the two drops of blood stopped in mid-air. At the same time, he started chanting, and the blood turned into a blood-colored light and entered Huan Qing Yan’s forehead.

After some more chanting, a smaller blood light came out from her head and entered Ma Tian Yin’s forehead.

The Blood Pact was completed very quickly.

Huan Qing Yan was feeling strange, “Just like that?”

“Yes, if this Brother Ma over here ever becomes disloyal or dishonest, you can just use your will, and he would receive a backlash. Vomit blood and die.”

“My beautiful Master, I, Ma Tian Yin, feel honored to be able to become your servant. Beautiful Master, can I get another bottle of antidote from you…?”

Huan Qing Yan gave him a big bottle, he quickly drained the entire container in one gulp.

The Corpse Poison on his body started to fade away and was finally cured.

“Huan Qing Yan, you are such a good person.” Le Guo’er praised.

She was thinking of that but the others were all displaying different expressions, it was unknown what they were thinking when they looked at Huan Qing Yan…

Everyone turned their attention back to the Corpse Pearl, someone asked, “Where is that poisonous Corpse Pearl?”

“I think it is thrown to that corner over there.”

It was a poisonous Corpse Pearl, but it was still held great value and was very beneficial for certain types of special magic equipment.

The coffin was opened with through everyone’s combined effort. Therefore, the item within was to be shared amongst all of them.

They could either sell it for money or do something with it.

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The person from Pinnacle Academia searched the area, “I did not see anything!”

“It is too dim here, let us all look for it…”

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In the end, everyone took part in the search, including Senior Brother Bai Li. He even used his divine sense but was unable to locate the pearl.

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