Chapter 796 – Another Bottle

The poisonous Corpse Pearl had disappeared mysteriously.

With no other way, “So be it, let us open the next coffin.”

There were over a hundred coffins within the palace; that was only their first one, and they believed that there would be more to come so they just have to act quickly.

“There are so many coffins, why not we spread out and open one individually! This will increase the efficiency. We just need to be careful of the poison on the Corpse Pearl, this could be resolved if we use a tool to extract it. What do you guys think about that?” someone suggested.

Senior Brother Bai Li nodded.

Inside here, he was the leader of everyone and the only Mystic Spirit Master.

When Senior Brother Bai Li nodded, everyone started to get excited.

Huan Qing Yan and Bai Cheng Feng have been waiting for this moment for a long time as well so they were also excited like the rest.

Suddenly, someone asked, “What if we got poisoned? Lady Huan, do you still have the Antidote Water? Can you give some to us?”

Before Huan Qing Yan could reply, Bai Cheng Feng spoke.

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“The Antidote Water was something I gave her, I can take out some to share if you like, provided you can pay the price. You can either follow Brother Ma’s example and become her servant, or you can use spirit stones to purchase it. It will not be expensive, one million spirit stones for each life-saving bottle of water, you are free to make a choice…”

Huan Qing Yan nearly spurted out the water she was drinking.

Getting these scions of notable clans to be her servant? This was absolutely impossible, as for the price tag, one million spirit stones for a small bottle of water was just too bloody expensive.

It was likely that Bai Cheng Feng was trying to stop people who wanted to benefit at the expenses of others, worried that she might be bullied due to her kindness.

Who knew that the others went silent for a moment before the person from Nine State Academia approached and took out a spirit stone card containing one million in value, “Give me a bottle.”

With someone taking the lead, the person from Frost Ice Academia also gritted and said, “Give me a bottle as well.”

The one from Pinnacle Academia who wanted to take advantage of Huan Qing Yan was also out of ideas; he was afraid of death as well, so he gritted his teeth and bought a bottle.

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When Le Guo’er wanted to buy as well, Huan Qing Yan magnanimously gave her a bottle as a gift.

“Considering our relationship, we should not be talking about money. Be careful later.” After that, she sent a mental message and added, “Beware of the corpses mutating when you retrieve the Corpse Pearls.”

Le Guo’er solemnly nodded, “Thank you.”

Only Senior Brother Bai Li did not buy the Antidote Water from Huan Qing Yan. The gaze he used on her got darker and darker.

When everyone got the Antidote Water which settled their hearts, they started to choosing the coffins to open.

Bai Cheng Feng swept his gaze and sent a mental message to Huan Qing Yan, “Open the one in the third row, fourth column. It should possess a Corpse Pearl.”

Huan Qing Yan followed his instructions, she started acting along the way, knocking and pushing the coffins before giving up. Finally, when she reached the one indicated by Bai Cheng Feng, she started putting in the effort.

The lid of the coffin was very thick and no seams could be found, it seemed like it was made of a particular stone material that prevents spirit energy from controlling it. One could only use their body strength to open.

Using nearly half a day of effort, she only managed to open a small gap while someone has already fully opened theirs.

It was Senior Brother Bai Li!

His cultivation was the highest and he also opened the fastest, everyone walked over to observe.

They wanted to see if he obtained anything good…

In the end, the coffin was empty, there was no corpse nor storage ring. Nothing was inside.

Everyone felt disappointed, “So there were also empty coffins!”

“Maybe a senior has come here in the past and took it?”

“Then why is a corpse not found inside the coffin when it has been opened before?”

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