Chapter 18: The Hidden Marriage Of The Scum Film Emperor 3

Yu Xinyan’s silent cry did not attract much attention. After all, the group of young girls, who just surrounded the LCD TV in the shopping mall, was crying a lot worse than her. As silent as her tears, she did not attract much attention at all.

“Yan Chu, he…”

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Long Moqi, as Yu Xinyan’s friend, did not know what to say at this time.

She married Yan Chu for 12 years. Long Moqi, as Yu Xinyan’s best friend, saw Yan Chu only a handful of times. He always came and went in a hurry. She knew more about the big star on TV and in the news reports, even Yu Xinyan only mentioned him a handful of times.

Because Yan Chu had been reluctant publicly to admit his marriage to Yu Xinyan these years, he occasionally needed to work with some popular actresses to hype about his romantic love. Entertainment circles were too complicated. Long Moqi was not very good at him, but she had heard live broadcasting on the TV screen just recently, she could not help doubting. Did she have too much prejudice against Yan Chu? Perhaps, he was not as irresponsible as she had imagined.

“Xinyan…” Long Moqi was somewhat tangled. To persuade Yu Xinyan to forgive Yan Chu was impossible, after all, the twelve years of grievances were already accepted. Besides, who knew why Yan Chu came out like this today? He was the Film Emperor, and acting was a common occurrence for him. Perhaps this seemingly moving statement was fake.

But when it came to having Yu Xinyan not be deceived by Yan Chu’s elegant but insincere words, what if by any chance all of this was true? After all, Xinyan was such a good girl, that scum Film Emperor could find that he could not leave her until he left her.

She could see that Xinyan was dead set on him, which she did not know why she proposed resolutely divorce so this time. In fact, without the contradiction of hidden marriage, they could reconcile.

Long Moqi quickly took hold of herself, watching her friend’s love was problematic, strengthening her idea of ​​unmarried.

“Let’s go.”

Yu Xinyan’s nose was slightly red, her eyelids were drooping, and her thick eyelashes cast a shadow on her lower eyelids, flickering occasionally and wet from glittering tears, like the wings of a butterfly.

“Ah, go?”

Long Moqi watched Yu Xinyan recover to her general condition so quickly. She did not know why, but she looked more nervous.

“A miss is a miss. Moqi, I’m honestly tired.”

She was afraid and did not want to hurt herself anymore. Now she just wanted to huddle herself in the thick shell of the tortoise. But she did not realize it, that confession from Yan Chu just now had pricked a crack in the armor she had used to protect herself.

The live TV program was almost over. In fact, the question post by a fan was the last one. Such live programs were often strictly controlled. Even if the host wanted to ask again, Yan Chu’s already angry manager would not allow them to do so.

So it was not long before the episode of Yan Chu’s self-exploding secret marriage and divorce aired. Long Moqi watched scumbag Yan disappear on the TV and stamp her feet, then followed Yu Xinyan to leave.

【Three Golden Film Emperor’s secret marriage lasted twelve years, 81882818famous gossip group/account the mysterious lovable wife of the Film Emperor】

【Hidden marriage and divorce, what made the Film Emperor self-exploding】

【Hidden marriage scandal, Yan Chu’s fan said no longer a fan】

【Yu Nana, the mysterious spouse of the Film Emperor】



Liu Jiangtao threw several newest magazines on the table in front of Yan Chu. He was so angry that he grabbed his head, and his originally neatly combed swept-back hairstyle almost became a straw nest at this moment.

“My great ancestor, hey, you surely want to piss me off!”

Liu Jiangtao would have scolded long ago if they changed to a smaller cafe, but the Great Film Emperor before his eyes would not do it. No scolding, no beating. Even if the other party did a shocking event in the entertainment circle, he did not dare to say harsh words to him.

“Talking about you, if you want to announce your hidden marriage, can’t you inform me in advance? In this way, I can also get in touch with the media and prepare some water army78water armya group of hired network writers who post specific information about specific content on the network. At least we can’t make negative comments overwhelmingly on one side in public opinion.”

Liu Jiangtao knew about Yan Chu’s hidden marriage. To prevent his wife from unconsciously inviting trouble to the source of easy money on his hand, he had a lot of contacts with her in private. After confirming that the other was harmless, he did not make follow-up preparations.

Unexpectedly, Yu Xinyan already prevented, but his source of easy money started playing the self-exploding himself.

“Jiangtao, I’m already 35 years old.”

Yan Chu did not react much to the other’s words. He arranged the stacks of magazines and newspapers, then looked directly into Liu Jiangtao’s eyes.

“The current reaction isn’t uncontrollable, right?”

Since Yan Chu did this, he had his preparation. At that time, after the original self’s hidden marriage scandal broke out, he was taken away by the police on the charges of drug abuse and drug storage. Moreover, the hidden marriage was also the source of the enemy’s breaking news. It added oil and vinegar, added a lot of unnecessary details.

But now it was different, his hidden marriage matter mentioned in his initiative. Besides those scandals that were obviously hype for the new film, he avoided immorality. He was never known to have any intimacy with the actresses, rich women, or the nightclubs in all these years. Even if it was hype, at most, two people, together with their brokers or assistants, had a meal. When taking pictures, choose the angle that only two people enter the frame. When clarification was needed, he released the whole group photos.

So seriously, those rumors did not exist.

In this way, the 35-year-old Film Emperor, who avoided immorality, had accomplishments and being topics, had established his position in the entertainment circle with three Film Emperor awards, declared to the public that he cheated everyone since the beginning. In fact, he had already been married, which seemed not to be so unacceptable, especially his sincere confession on TV. In the eyes of some fans or passers-by, he had a reputation for daring to act.

Twelve years ago, that was when Yan Chu first entered the entertainment circle. He was only a newcomer at that time. He chose to hide it because of the requirements of the agency company or to protect his wife.

For fans who genuinely liked him, these were entirely ready-made excuses. As for those girlfriend fans, they might not accept it. But to Yan Chu, only a few of them were too young to do things impulsively. With the exposure of his self-exploding, maybe it would not be able to take off fans on a large scale, and they might make him more popular.

Liu Jiangtao was also a veteran of the entertainment circle. He was also aware of this, so he did not truly get angry.

“Anyway, you should inform me in advance.”

Liu Jiangtao’s imposing manner weakened, he grabbed his hair and collapsed into a leather chair beside him. At the beginning of the incident, several of his mobile phones never stopped ringing. Apart from explaining the matter to the endorsement that Yan Chu endorsed, he also had to explain it clearly with the directors of the variety show. His upper body had an excess of internal heat and talked too much.

“It’s not that I don’t want to, but I can’t hide my hidden marriage. Someone wants to use it to deal with me.”

Yan Chu did not intend to hide it from Liu Jiangtao. Combined with the original self’s memory, this manager was pretty reliable. At least, when he was spitted on and cursed by others, he insisted on helping him to move on. Unfortunately, at that time, the original self had no fighting spirit. He chose to follow Yu Xinyan abroad and did not know how he finally got along.

“In this whole company, only me and the big boss know. Did you and Yu Xinyan inadvertently let people take pictures?” Liu Jiangtao’s face changed. He said that because it was impossible for Yan Chu, such a steady man, could do such an unreasonable thing. As it turned out, he could not hide it.

“It’s Yu Xintong. She is Xinyan’s half-sister.”

Yan Chu turned and stood by the glass window of the room, looking down. The outside of the company was already jam-packed with signs and his no-longer-fans. It looked like a black area, and the sound of people talking was louder than he thought.

“Previously, because of her relationship with Xinyan, I took care of her for a bit. It’s just that she doesn’t seem content, and wants to borrow my identity to make some trouble. More importantly, Yu Xintong’s secret boyfriend is Chu Tianhe.”

Yan Chu rotated the ring of his ring finger. Now Chu Tianhe had just come into the public’s attention because of the same role setting as the original self’s first idol drama. Coupled with the three-part of his appearance that looked like him, he had already under the company’s hand and given the title of Little Yan Chu.

It took Liu Jiangtao a long time to realize that there was such a person in the company. He understood Yan Chu’s meaning in a short time.

From old times till now, if the young generations in the entertainment circle wanted to remove the small characters above them, they would either be awesome enough to leave a deep impression or would thoroughly stink the older generations above them. Otherwise, they would only be an unpopular substitute for the older generation in one day.

Chu Tianhe was just a small newcomer. Liu Jiangtao never took this newcomer in his eyes before. Now he listened to Yan Chu’s statements, and combined them with his relationship with Yu Xintong, what else did he not understand? Obviously, this newcomer was ambitious.


Liu Jiangtao looked at Yan Chu’s back with complicated eyes. Because the other side’s back was facing him, he could not see his current expression.

Previously, he thought Yan Chu was conscious of Yu Xintong. He knew the married identity of the other party, but the entertainment circle was a big dye vat. As long as Yan Chu did not act promiscuously and took drugs, Liu Jiangtao’s tolerance for him could be infinitely high. However, he did not expect that Yan Chu treated her very differently because she was Yu Xinyan’s younger sister.

Yu Xintong, Yu Xinyan, such an obvious problem that his manager did not even notice. They also misunderstood the infatuation of their Great Film Emperor.

Liu Jiangtao felt embarrassed as he touched his nose. His fierce desire to condemn his sin already reduced two levels.

“This matter is under temporary control. Those who want to take advantage of the situation and profit from your prestige, I’ll deal with it.”

Liu Jiangtao referred to Yu Nana, the actress of the idol drama that was once popular. That drama was praised and famous for the male lead and the second male lead. The actress of Mary Su’s heroine, Yu Nana, was abused by many people for failing to live up to the good man that Yan Chu played. These few years, her star career was not smooth, and she spent time in some 18-lines unregistered and illegal movies.

Yan Chu’s self-exploding secret marriage, combined with his wedding day, was during his first film shooting. Yu Nana’s side made use of askew thoughts and sent some ambiguous announcements, which made people think that she was the spouse of the Film Emperor’s hidden marriage. Also, she had not made too many movies these years. To outsiders, this implicated the best evidence of ready to give up the more excellent living conditions for the Film Emperor.

Liu Jiangtao was remarkably astute. Of course, he would not allow Yu Nana to ruin Yan Chu’s reputation. To increase her exposure, she had released a lot of sexy photos. The public sense was not good. Now public opinion was very well controlled. As long as it was manipulated appropriately, it could create an image of a devoted good man for Yan Chu. But if he was fascinated with a person like Yu Nana, it was hard the reverse of public opinion.

Yan Chu’s self explosion of an enormous material was easy to deal with. It was different for Yu Xintong. She clearly realized Yan Chu’s good feelings for her. Why did everything change overnight?

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What made her angrier was that she and her manager had bought the announcement and the water army in advance before she joined the Star Live Studio, and planned to stir-fry the sex scandal between Yan Chu and her after the broadcasting with the deposit also given. When the news of Film Emperor Yan’s hidden marriage came out, he said directly in the live show that she was not his favorite type. The previous good foreshadowing was already like a joke, a firm slap on Yu Xintong’s face.

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