Chapter 604: Secrets inside the restrictions

The defense outside the magic restriction fell under Golden Shark’s responsibility. He could easily order around the heavily armored guards surrounding this passage.

According to Golden Shark, this place was used to process those heavily armored guards. Furthermore, there was also another secret passage inside, but he didn’t know where it led. Other than Shark Patriarch, no one had the right to enter. This was everything he knew due to the limits of his authority.

Long Yi first decided to let Golden Shark arrange a secret and safe place to make Bifei and Xiaomi temporarily take shelter in consideration for their safety. Like that, he had no fear of disturbances in the rear.

The surface of the place where layer upon layer of magic restrictions were located looked just like a thick stone wall. Clearly, a special method was employed to conceal the secrets it hid. Like this, the aura and radiance of the magic restrictions wouldn’t be perceived by outsiders. However, perhaps because they had never expected that someone would come here via an underground route, the aura of the magic restrictions could be sensed when underground.

Golden Shark took out a command plate and placed it on the stone wall. Then, a blue light flashed, and a stone door suddenly appeared on this stone wall.

“Give me the command plate. You don’t need to enter. Go and do what you should do.” Long Yi took the command plate of Golden Shark and entered. Then, the stone door embedded within the wall disappeared without a trace.

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Now, there was an open and spacious irregular passage in front of Long Yi. It was more than ten meters high and surrounded the yellowish brown cliffs. This passage appeared very old.

Long Yi was surprised. He looked around and walked to the edge of this passage with somewhat heavy footsteps. He then touched those deep marks on the wall. If his guess was not wrong, this passage should have existed for at least several ten thousands of years. These slanted marks on the walls were caused by edged tools and the ground created via magic. Moreover, the bloodstains splashed on the walls had already blended into the wall with the passage of the time. If it were not for Long Yi possessing a powerful spirit power, he basically wouldn’t have sensed the traces of battle. In other words, several tens of thousands of years ago, people had fought a fierce fight here.

Long Yi condensed his internal force on his palm and palmed this cliff.

Bang! his palm that was infused with internal force couldn’t break down this cliff, only leaving behind a deep mark. Nevertheless, compared to the deepest mark on this cliff, his mark was a bit shallower. This meant that that person who had left behind this mark several tens of thousands of years ago must have been a bit more powerful than him.

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Long Yi couldn’t help but have doubts. He didn’t know what made this cliff, but it was unexpectedly so hard. At the same time, he couldn’t help but wonder just how powerful the Sea Race of that time was. Just looking at the deep and shallow marks dotted all over the cliff, one could well imagine how powerful the people fighting here were. One could say that anyone who could leave behind a little mark on this cliff could become a well-known figure on Blue Waves Continent.

Long Yi didn’t think much about it. He concealed his aura and flew forward. According to Golden Shark, all the guards that patrolled inside the restrictions were strong shark guards, not heavily armored guards created through sea monsters. The reason why there were no shark guards patrolling this passage was that the cliffs on both sides emitted a kind of invisible weak energy, and staying here for a period of time would make their body spasm and their mind fall into chaos. This was also a matter Long Yi was unable to understand.

Long Yi flashed and disappeared like a wisp of smoke into this passage.

After taking a turn, there was an exit to this passage not far away. At the exit was a squad of fully armored shark guards. And every ten minutes, a squad of patrolling shark guards would pass by this exit. One could well imagine how tight the defenses inside were.

Long Yi stuck close to the roof of this passage like a gecko and melted into the shadows. Even if someone looked up, they would not necessarily discover him because Long Yi looked just like a piece of protruding rock by using his powerful disguising skills.

Long Yi didn’t immediately leave through the exit. He carefully used his spirit power to explore his surroundings first. He didn’t dare to be careless at all. If he rashly snuck in and triggered an alarm, then he would alert the entire enemy and that would be bad.

Only after familiarizing himself with everything around like it was the palm of his hand, did Long Yi use Great Cosmos Shift and to disappear from the spot. In the next second, he appeared in the middle of two squads of patrolling shark guards as they intersected. In the next instant, his figure disappeared again and appeared at one corner with no one around.

At that moment, a noise came from a passage not far away. Long Yi looked over and saw a squad of shark guards dragging over a hundred heavy armors. Clearly, these heavy armors were equipment for the sea monsters.

The eyes of Long Yi flashed as he thought of a way to muddle through by taking advantage of this distraction.

This squad of shark guards dragging heavy armors arrived at the tightly guarded exit. The leader of this squad then displayed a command plate. After that, the shark guard guarding the exit opened the magic door and let this squad pass. He didn’t notice that a person who shouldn’t be there was hiding in one of the heavy armors.

Long Yi blended into this squad without anybody knowing and entered inside. He then quietly hide in a dark corner and examined the scene in front of him. But, upon seeing the scene inside, he was dazed for a long time.

Golden Shark’s descriptions were basically insufficient to even convey the basic idea of this place. This was the reason why Long Yi lost control of himself. This was no longer some underground passage here, but rather a huge underground space. It was more than one kilometer deep and had spiral stairs around each floor. People of the Sea Race were busy bustling about on every floor. These people were from all kinds of Sea Race, yet all of them were just skin and bones.

In addition, each floor was separated by a hundred meter tall tower, and a ferocious shark guard stood on it, watching over his respective floor.

At the lowest part of this place, there was a magic array emitting a strange aura; moreover, it glimmered with a deep purple radiance. This magic array was unlike any magic array that Long Yi had ever seen before.

“This… f**k…” Long Yi was in a daze for a while before coming back to his senses. He then saw a shark guard ruthlessly cleaving a person in two, and that corpse was thrown into the magic array at the bottom.

A hint of killing intent flashed through Long Yi’s eyes, and a thirst for blood seethed in his heart. He finally understood why Golden Shark had such peculiar thoughts when he had asked about the creation method of the heavily armored guards. This was simply a magic version of a munitions factory. He clearly saw that those squids were just fist-sized in the beginning. They were then packed into a trunk filled with black water to nurture them and sent to the next floor. Long Yi couldn’t clearly see how many among them were processed, but he saw these trunks were next wrapped up with a strange kind of magic sludge. Then, the squid that emerged from those trunks were as big as a human. As for the other steps, Long Yi was unable to see.

Just when Long Yi was thinking to go and look for the magic passage that even Golden Shark had no right to enter, his hairs suddenly stood erect, and his heart became heavy because he felt as if someone were looking directly at him.

Almost like a conditional reflex, Long Yi took advantage of the time when the passage he had entered just a moment ago was wide open, and he suddenly released his spirit power. Those guards instantly froze, and Long Yi rushed out.

Then, after using Great Cosmos Shift several times, he returned to that unguarded passage. At this moment, his heart beat rapidly, and his forehead was covered with sweat. He was certain that someone had been peeping at him just a moment ago; moreover, that spirit power had not been in any was inferior to his; in fact, it might have even been stronger than his own.

Long Yi calmed down, but he looked serious. This Sea Race was truly a hornet’s nest. It seems the task of uniting the Sea Race would not be at all simple.

Long Yi took out the command tablet of Golden Shark and came out of this space surrounded by the magic restriction. He then went to the secret room to look for Golden Shark. Now, he wanted to take Bifei and Xiaomi and immediately leave this underground base that concealed a heaven-shaking secret. However, he suddenly remembered the captured beloved daughter of Sea Emperor. She was a genuine princess of the Sea Race; thus, her status was much higher than Liuli’s, Karl’s and the others’.

Perhaps, I can find out the secret of her body, Long Yi thought. Because this matter involved Liuli, Long Yi was somewhat concerned, so he wanted to know what Shark Patriarch wanted to refine using the Princess of the Sea Race and Liuli.

With Golden Shark acting as a guide, Long Yi effortlessly entered the stone room where the daughter of Sea Emperor had been imprisoned.

Under the dim and gentle radiance of a hundred or more best quality pearls, the eyes of the Princess of the Sea Race were still tightly closed, but her exposed skin shone like fine china.

Long Yi carefully sized her up and secretly gasped in admiration. Although he had many devastating beauties around him, the beauty of this Princess still stunned him. No need to speak about her extremely fine and exquisite facial features, the natural charm of her body alone was enough to make any man under heaven fall for her. With such a beauty, letting Golden Shark ruin her would be a tragedy beyond compare.

“I know you are awake,” Long Yi sensed the slight change in her breathing and said this with a smile.

This princess leisurely opened her eyes, and those pure sea blue pupils shone with brilliance. She then sat up and moved her legs out of the bed. Her movement was very natural and spontaneous. He couldn’t see the slightest bit of panic on her face. She just looked at Long Yi for a bit and suddenly became surprised.

“You don’t belong to our Sea Clan. Who exactly are you?” The princess said. Her voice was soft and melodious, but she had an unquestionable authority in her tone.

“Princess is so intelligent, are you truly unable to guess?” Long Yi stepped forward and sat down beside the princess. Teasing a beauty was one of Long Yi’s great hobbies. Every time he did so, regardless of whether he had previously been in a bad or heavy mood, his mood would relax.

The princess frowned and moved away. She could sense a peculiar aura that she had never sensed before around this man with her acute senses, but she didn’t seem to hate it; instead, it made her beautiful face hot. She was unable to comprehend this.

“Human?” The princess asked with uncertainty.

“Smart, I knew that princess would certainly guess it right,” Long Yi said with a smile and shamelessly moved closer. That cold feeling he felt when his arm touched this princess made him feel extremely comfortable.

“When did humans collude with the Shark Clan?” The princess directly stood up and demanded.

Long Yi stopped before going too far. He then fell backward on this big bed made of ten thousand year old sea essence. Smelling that lingering delicate fragrance of the princess hanging around that quilt weaved with sea soul grass, he felt tranquil and calm.

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