Book II – Bandit, Chapter 36 – Lightning Purgatory Array and the Mystic Wand

“Holy… vision…” Jodye Trill stood in a daze after [Pharaoh’s Law4Lawthe rules and principles that create, govern, and maintain the energies of the universe. When laws come into harmony they form different systems naturally, with as many functions as the laws in harmony. For laws to enter a state of harmony, they must be compatible and have a proper conduit such as a star, or anything with its own unique Origin source law. With a good enough conduit it is possible to make incompatible laws reach a state of harmony, but in such a scenario there is a high chance of the force turning cancerous. The condensation of law energy produces what is known as Force or Qi..] appeared on his head. The fourth level of soul sea cultivation was called the Consciousness Stream. With his divine level consciousness stream, Jodye felt a brand new level of confidence. This was a strong feeling indeed! At this moment, Jodye was aware that he could form attacks with his mind as easy as with his fists. Jodye traced his space ring and withdrew his scarlet flame magic sword, making it float in front of him.

Actually, he was already capable of doing this with his divine awareness, but only superficially. It used up far too much soul power to do so. He could move items through space using his divine powers, but they would be easily knocked down as he couldn’t put any strength behind them. However, with a divine consciousness stream, he was able to fuse his original power into the Scarlet Flame Sword remotely. Of course, this currently consumed a vast amount of divine spirit source. It wasn’t easy at all, and thus totally unpractical for battle at Jodye’s current level. At most, he could use it to fly on his sword for a little while.

However, it may come in handy if he could refine a flying knife set… or as an emergency sneak attack.

Overall this was another trump card. It also helped him understand how important it was to improve his soul sea’s overall capacity.

Currently, Jodye was not only able to see nearly 1,000 meters around himself, but he was also able to break his consciousness apart into 10 independent streams of consciousness! Each consciousness stream was able to travel up to one kilometer away from his location and was also able to expand 100 meters or split into three strands of divine awareness.

This was indeed like an entirely different world compared to before. For the first time in Jodye’s life, he recognized how terrifying [Pharaoh’s Law] really was. It should be dozens to hundreds of years before he was capable of having a spirit that was powerful to this extent! Were other source artifacts able to give their hosts cheat codes like this? If so, weren’t Sage class martial artists too monstrous?

Due to his increased perception, Jodye was able to thoroughly investigate their surroundings. In a few breathes time, he had a decent understanding of the current circumstances. They should be in a hidden underground lair. On the other side of the path leading to this cavern, there was an excessively long tunnel. This eighth level vicious beast should have been some sort of trump card they kept at this end of the tunnel, or maybe a guard in case someone discovered their base. Either way, Jodye knew that whatever was on the other side of the path should be rather valuable!

Right at this moment, the [Cosmos Revolving Grimoire] opened up and released millions and millions of mysterious crimson blood runes. A third of these runes flew directly into little River’s glabella with thousands of fate runes in tow, while the other two-thirds of the crimson runes were falling completely into Jodye’s own glabella. Jodye felt like lava was pouring into his brain as his entire body swelled a size.

He felt his physique improving rapidly, and his origin veins becoming denser and thicker. His vague cognition of the Endless Carnage qi concept took on a more robust form! There was now another primary qi concept bubble in his consciousness, although the image inside was blurry. All Jodye needed now was some time to reflect on his recent experiences, and he was confident that he would develop the basic primary level slaughter qi!

Of course, Jodye wouldn’t be satisfied with any concept that only contained one law, so he wasn’t in a rush to improve his slaughter concept. He needed to gain more experience and create new comprehensions, only then would he be willing to solidify his new concept! His latest theory had to be superior to his previous four, or he wouldn’t be able to rest easy.

Jodye’s body continued to experience severe changes. He felt his blood boil and then chill before repeating again. He was in excruciating pain, but due to his mental fortitude and divine consciousness streams, he was able to persist. He just circulated his original immortal conception as the energies within him got refined and directed to different parts of his body by Trippy. He observed this process strictly with his divine power and slowly understood how to condense blood essence. After doing so, he tore a strand of his consciousness to send a soul thought too little River.

He simply told her to cultivate like her little life depended on it. He could see her condition was only slightly better than his own, but he was still worried about her. Green lightning snaked across the outer layer of Jodye’s skin as he cultivated in silence.

Time passed, and before Jodye realized it, they had spent another two hours refining this eighth level Vicious Red-scaled Fire Lizard.

“I’ll support you host! Lol,” came the childish and robotic voice of Trippy. “Harvesting. . . . Harvesting complete! Assimilating… Assimilation complete! Guess what host? Volos divine bloodline can be boosted to 18%! Congrats!”

Upon hearing this Jodye smiled wryly. He knew that if he hadn’t split the spoils with little River, he would have maybe reached 20% purity of his primal dragon bloodline. Then he would have more potential power once he discovered how to use it. However, he didn’t regret his decision in the slightest. Jodye wasn’t a selfish individual, “How many drops of primal dragon essence can I condense now?”

“I’m not certain host, lol! It is estimated to be over 15 drops of primal dragon essence. Currently, the host has condensed four drops of primal dragon essence!” said Trippy.

“Two drops more than before, really? Why so little?” asked Jodye Trill.

“I’ll answer you, host! The host originally had enough refined flesh and blood energy to produce 15 drops of primal dragon essence blood! Trippy burned 15 drops of primal dragon essence blood to increase overall bloodline purity. The host then condensed four more drops of primal dragon essence. Good job host! LOL” said Trippy.

Jodye opened his eyes released his origin energy. His origin atmosphere went from milky white to gold, and then to golden-orange. The primary force phenomenon formed 28 marble sized white light spheres in the void above him, “28 BP, that’s definitely more powerful than any Peak Scholar realm rookie I’ve met. The orange atmosphere is the symbol of the Junior Spirit rank of the Earth Science realm. I’m currently half a step into the Earth Science realm. If I can raise my natural BP to 30 before breaking through, my realm will likely advance on its own.”

With a thought, Jodye released his newest basic primary force concept, The Advent of Creation! 60 shining white lights spiraled into existence, resembling a coiling dragon. This was a fused comprehension of the magic and dragon concepts. Jodye’s idea of magic was born from his image of the dragon might. Jodye had seen the visions of myriad dragons destroying and creating worlds as they saw fit, shaping whole galaxies and also wiping some out. Using incredible powers of creation and destruction. Jodye felt there were even deeper levels hidden in this concept, he could sense he had only touched a fraction of the truth behind these laws.

A dragon roar was heard from within Jodye’s body, and his base BP, as well as his magic concept, doubled in strength! He currently possessed 176 BP of what he dubbed the original dragon force, with initial force momentum slowly rising around his body. Jodye even felt like he could push his battle power up a little more if he burned some dragon essence. Eureka, who was sleeping in Jodye’s lap, awoke with a fright. However, noticing this power was her master, she continued yawning cutely while climbing up on his shoulder to sleep once more.

This was Jodye’s strength without using his thunderbolt concept.

River watched on in a daze… to think this boy had been cultivating for less than a day and he seemed to have already improved quite a bit. River herself could refine any energy exceptionally quickly, but she was more privy to the unique nature of her own situation than anyone. So then, what was the deal with this guy? Was he somehow special, like herself? River found herself growing ever more interested in this Mr. Jupiter.

“Once I reach the mage ranks, will I be able to fuse several energies at once?” wondered Jodye Trill as he stood up and extended his hand out towards Little River, who had woken up long ago and was staring at him without blinking at all. Seeing the fingers moving in front of her face, she silently grabbed his hand and got up. Jodye looked at River and spoke gently, “Well, this next part should be less dangerous. I don’t sense any overpowered atmospheres in the area. It does seem strange but… there are only a few apprentice26apprenticeAn apprentice or student is someone who is learning something from a teacher. While the relation is sacred, and there are mutual obligations between the apprentice and the teacher, there is no commitment between them. A disciple40discipleone who accepts the knowledge of and assists in spreading the doctrines of another, taking them as a master., on the other hand, has committed himself to the master, and the art of his master. The disciple has committed to entering and mastering a secret branch of knowledge and has requested the master to accept him into the arcane path. The relationship is very sacred and the obligations are binding. level warriors like myself here. We do not need to save any attention for them. Come let’s find your mother.”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Just hearing the words ‘save your mother’ held too much power over this little girl. She said yes three times and decided in her little heart that if this boy really managed to save her mother, then she was determined to make him bow to her one day!

Jodye strode forward oblivious to being targeted by a little girl and lead River into the tunnel that leads out of this cavern. He took one last glance at this underground lair that almost claimed their lives, before snickering as he swaggered away.

Down on the other side of the tunnel, there was a hidden laboratory with a large metal platform in the center of the room. On top of this platform, various warriors were enjoying carnal pleasures with some beautiful females in dirty rags. Strange wires and cords were attached to the girls. Every time they climaxed, some type of energy was ruthlessly sucked out of their bodies and into the machines under the platform.

“These results are inferior to last time. Just one time with this sexy witch is equal to a full day of production from these other dregs. Sigh… a pity the boss won’t budge on this…” said a bulky middle-aged man with a thick mustache. He then caressed the face of a naked woman who was bound securely by her arms on the wall next to him. He admired her countenance while speaking gently, “Do not worry, my love. Once they recover your brat, I’ll have my fill of you both, hahaha.”

The man laughed like a maniac and then looked at the peerless body in front of his face and his breathing quickened by a lot. The heat went straight to his lower head, and he exclaimed and dropped his pants, “Aw f*** it, baby! One time for the road, right?”

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“N…NO!” the bound woman struggled to move and use her voice. She was obviously under the influence of drugs but managed to retain some willpower.

“Aw sit tight, let me loosen you…”


“Gugulp!…” the naked woman’s eyes went wide as saucers when she saw a flaming blade pierce through her captor’s throat like it was hot butter. She barely even winced when the man’s blood splashed crimson freckles on her cheeks.

“Disgusting,” came a young and daring voice. The charisma in this voice seemed to be one that came from a much more mature man than the one that appeared in her line of sight right after the body in front of her lost its head and collapsed. This brown-skinned young man was wearing elegant black raiments as he swung his steaming magic sword through the air to clear the blood from its blade.

“Boss Turo’s Life Crystal just shattered! Someone check the situation on the floor right now!”

“Target sighted! Unknown apprentice in section B7. Preparing to engage!

“Intruder! Surround him, contact the captains and tell them to return now!”

“Get him!”


Innate Spark: Vajra Cover!

Dozens of attacks and spells were manifested and launched at Jodye. However, Jodye simply didn’t move. Beautiful crystal-jewel like scales jutted out from the surface of his body as he took all these attacked head-on. This was Jodye’s first time using this innate spark he inherited from his Vajra Dragon combat soul. Turns out, the defense it provided him was related to his dragon qi. He bodily protection had instantly doubled to reach 204 BP. The surrounding goons were ready to join in on beating the intruder. However, before anyone could celebrate, people start getting tossed out of the cloud of dust with massive injuries from palm strikes.

The sounds of broken bones and wails of pain ring out all over the hidden laboratory. None of these warriors exceeded the third rank of any path. Thus, they were not a match for Jodye even if he didn’t use his innate spark. Jodye continued thrashing them by using Fist of Might on his palm strikes. Each attack was brutal, crushing the bones and organs of his victims.

Fist of Might: Mighty Palm!

Mighty Palm!

Mighty Palm!

“He’s too strong! The captains sent word to keep him here no matter what. We have to use the mystic wand immediately!”

“We actually got permission? Okay guys, no time to waste! Activate the array, quickly!”

“We’ve got this dumbass now!”

The surrounding warriors were all panicking and nervous. Who expected this kid to be so fierce? A secret compartment slid open in the center the platform, drawing everyone’s attention from the fight. Seven apprentice level warriors appeared and landed on the platform. The men who were already on the platform savagely sacrificed the slave girls they were just with, causing the platform to fill up with crimson blood light. Some strange diagram and runic lines and symbols kept appearing on every inch of the platform.

From the new hole rose a mystical looking scepter with the rod that looked like a golden dragon’s body and an orb shining with destructive light at the top, or rather in the golden dragon’s maw. As soon as this scepter appeared, Jodye felt his bloodline resonate with it on an unprecedented level.

Behind the scepter stood a fat man with dreadlocks, and eyes that lacked any sense of emotional empathy. He spoke in an aggressive tone, “You chose the wrong base to invade, brat. No one’s saving that bitch under our watch! Lightning Purgatory Array, activate!”


The room was suddenly filled with the whistling and crackling sounds of electricity, as the platform glowed with electric arcs and light. The fat man placed his big hand on the orb of the scepter, and muttered an obscure incantation, as incantation runes manifested from his lips and flew into the orb.

“It’s Lieutenant Max!” said one of the warriors Jodye had previously struck. “He’ll deal the killing blow for us. Come on guys pour your energy into the array core!”


“Do it!”

“Let’s go!”

“Is that thing a… mystic wand?” Jodye Trill was actually terrified! His father had long since explained to him the terror of wands. Wand-wielders were the rarest of the rare, and there were three main types of a wand.

There were the basic level origin staffs, these were wands produced by capable Master Weaponsmiths. They only supported voodoo curses or magic spells, but could not do both.

Then there were the more advanced mystic wands. Mystic wands were formed directly from powerful laws or crafted from the bodies of powerful god beast descendants. They even possess an elementary level of awareness.

Finally, there were the incomparably rare and overwhelmingly over-powerful World Wands. These wands were mysterious and ethereal. They seemed to possess a world of their own and powerful domains as well as a will power. No one knew how World Wands came to be other than the most ancient of existences because world wands were also the most ancient of existences.

Jodye concluded that this magnificent looking scepter was a mystic wand because it seemed to have minor awareness. It had to be a mystic wand or better!

“Aaah!” The orb burst out with destructive green light as if it was enraged, and Lieutenant Max’s hand suffered fourth-degree burns! Even worse, he was paralyzed by the electric might snaking on the scepter, he couldn’t even remove his hand! Blood leaked from the man’s eyes, and he could no longer use his mouth and energy to form any more incantation runes. Electric zaps shot out in every direction at the speed of light. Lieutenant Max struggled desperately to speak imperiously while coughing out black blood.

Clearly, he was suffering from terrible internal injuries.

Lieutenant Max couldn’t handle this array properly at his level, “Cough, cough, cough. Observe, you little punk… This mystic wand our White Serpent Cove’s legacy weapon. The array inside of it can easily decimate a small village with my strength, let alone just you! Die, die, die!”

Green electricity wildly spread out, completely aggressing various warriors.


Dozens of the surrounding warriors begin to vomit blood as electric lights pierced through their bodies.

In the void above the scepter space distorted ever so slightly as black and silver runes coalesced into a line of green electricity.

“This is…” Jodye Trill was totally shocked! Those were heretic origin and lightning runes. The array diagram on the platform light up in bright silver shine, forming a design that resembled 1,000 lightning bolts. As the lines of electricity continued to develop in the void, Jodye’s original immortal conception, Chaotic Thunder Annihilation, started circulating automatically.

The heretical origin and lightning runes being produced in his body condensed and imprinted onto to his flesh and in his blood at three times the previous speed, leaving Jodye speechless. He almost wanted to sit down and cultivate right here and now. He felt that if he did so, he would ascend to the Earth Science Realm within the hour. Jodye’s eyes flashed with brilliant light while he watched the Lightning Purgatory Array in a daze. He was suddenly glad he left River behind with Eureka. This would be very dangerous for her. Jodye had already been hit by electric zaps more than ten times! Of course, the lightning runes in his blood negated all the damage from the electric qi, turning it instead into a tonic that slowly tempered his physique.

The lightning power of this array simply couldn’t harm Jodye, and Lieutenant Max’s magnified origin power was still insufficient if he wanted to breakthrough Jodye’s Vajra Cover.

Jodye felt like he was in heaven. His comprehension of lightning had taken a step forward. Electric light was very destructive. However, surprisingly enough, it also provided a lot of benefits. It could create. Jodye stood protectively in front of the lovely woman as he broke her loose from her restraints. The woman collapsed into Jodye’s small arms, her lithe frame was magically soft to the touch, and her towering chest smothered his face. Jodye felt impressed.

“Little River is safe, and so will we be. Don’t worry, this array is of no threat to me,” said Jodye Trill to the shocked young lady, who had yet to regain strength in her legs. She looked to be only a little over 21 years old. “So young but forced to deal with motherhood, being kidnapped, and likely played to no end.”

Jodye felt genuinely sorry for the pretty woman. However, he didn’t offer her any pity. This was a cruel world before he was born into it, and it would take more than his own opinion to create a change. Now was the time for action!

“You…? What are you doing! Quickly leave, leaving is our only hope!” The woman’s wide-opened eyes turned misty when she heard this boy mention little River. That lass actually ran away to look for help and found this young negus warrior. Now this young negus boy who should be no more than 12 years old was throwing his life away by trying to rescue her. He even went as far as to show her a false display of confidence to keep her spirits up. Although the lady felt warm inside, she knew they were surely about to die.

Still, she couldn’t even find any flaws in the boys play, it almost felt like real confidence to her. Of course, what she didn’t realize was that Jodye was absolutely confident in breaking this array. This wasn’t merely because he had inherited an ancient Titan clan member’s extensive knowledge base on formation lines and runic marks, it was mainly because this formation was obviously using a technique based on an ability he was all too familiar with. This unique formation was also swimming in Jodye’s bloodstream.

This so-called Lightning Purgatory was, in fact, a weakened thunderbolt purgatory spell backed by the green lightning of the first layer of Chaotic Thunder Annihilation. “This array formation… that scepter… Trippy!”

“Yes, host?” answered Trippy immediately.

“Do you recognize this artifact? Is there any info on it in your database?” asked Jodye Trill. He could recognize Janair Mazi’s aura on this scepter, although it was terribly faint. He believed that even though Janair Mazi’s soul flame had evolved into this artifact spirit, his memories were in fact still intact. There should be some knowledge available since this scepter carried such an aura.

“Searching… searching… wow what a hard search, lol! Oh, wait, here it is! I can answer you, host!” exclaimed Trippy, his childish and robotic voice tinged in what Jodye assumed was excitement. It was still a little difficult to tell what emotions Trippy was attempting to convey, “This Mystic Wand is called the Vajra Scepter. It was the legendary weapon of Jabari Mazi, 38th son of Janair Mazi, said to be refined by Janair Mazi right before his first death 20,000 years ago, using part of his tail bone and Draconic Core as the foundation for this mystic wand. How strange for it to show up in the lower realms. If the host can fully refine this mystic wand, the benefits are estimated to be immense! Volos bloodline purity may increase by up to 12%!”

“Holy… divine dragon blood purity up by 12%?! That’s amazing!” Jodye Trill suddenly grew incredibly excited. “Quickly tell me how to break this array!”

“I’ll answer you, host! The host is too weak to break this array! LOL.” responded Trippy ruthlessly, pouring such ice-cold water over Jodye’s head. “However, if the host were to use his thunderbolt purgatory divine spark on the scepter, then the host would probably be accepted as the new master by this mystic wand!”

“…” Jodye Trill was temporarily speechless with a blank face. He seemed to have realized only just now that if he was anyone but himself he would certainly die here without a doubt, countless times over. In fact, everyone in this room would die, all due to this mystic wand going haywire. This revelation scared him into numbness for a moment. However, he soon recovered his excitement, “So launch a full powered Thunderbolt Purgatory and hope for the best. Got it. Here goes nothing.”

A bronze atmosphere erupted from Jodye as he immediately summoned his most powerful state, and drew a three-feet-long vertical line of arcing green lightning with two fingers. At the same time, bright light formed in the seven vertical lines drawn by the lightning purgatory array. The array had almost completed drawing in energy to fire a round of lightning purgatory! However, Jodye didn’t need to wait at all as he took aim at the draconic core at the top of the Vajra Sceptor.

Thunderbolt Purgatory!




Three consecutive three-feet-wide and two-meter-long silvery green thunderbolts launched at the speed of light to directly impact the Vajra Scepters draconic core! However, to Jodye’s shock, they all melted inside like drops of water into a pool. At the same time, the seven vertical lines of electricity in the void above the platform released a radiant glow.

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“Uhm… Trippy?” Jodye Trill was maintaining his own Thunderbolt Purgatory spell since he still had one more thunderbolt left. Trippy suggested to him not to fire it until the last moment. At this moment the draconic core released more dazzling silver runes that flew toward the seven spell lines. Jodye felt panicked, “Is it the last moment yet?

“Now is the time host!” responded Trippy.



Just as a terrifying rain of lightning strikes was getting ready to launch, the fourth purgatory thunderbolt sunk into the Vajra Scepter, and all the released runes suddenly disintegrated as if they lost their source of power. The seven spell lines fizzled out of existence as well. The Vajra Scepter sent out wild waves of electric light, and all the runes swarmed into Jodye’s body chaotically. For the warriors on the platform, as well as every warrior in the facility, they were all accurately struck and heavily injured in an instant. Some were crippled, and some were even charred straight to hell. The scepter shook violently, causing the entire platform as well as the underground facility to shake vigorously as well.

“Why did we have to wait again?” asked Jodye curiously.

“I’ll answer you, host! We needed time for the mystic wand to awaken more,” responded Trippy. “Without being in its awakened state, this artifact spirit detected an 80% probability of the host being slaughtered.”

These horrible words gave him pause, but Jodye Trill was ecstatic at the change in events as hopped onto the platform fearlessly. The Vajra Scepter shook even more violently in its constraints as he approached, and a high pitched sound of whistling electricity was heard. It was almost as if the scepter was excited to see him.

“What should I do now?” wondered Jodye Trill.

“Host must claim the mystic wand as his own, and then refine it as a treasure,” said Trippy.

Jodye followed Trippy’s instructions and performed a blood ownership claim on the vajra scepter by pinching a drop of his blood onto the draconic core. There was a blinding flash of light, and when Jodye managed to refocus his eyes, he felt extremely dizzy. The Vajra Scepter had vanished! However, Jodye’s body definitely felt weird.


Jodye heard Eureka’s little voice heading toward his direction. While taking some soft dresses out of his space ring, Jodye looked off the platform and winked at River’s mother, just as his consciousness slipped away.

River’s mother felt her heart flutter at that moment, as she flashed and landed on the platform to catch Jodye in her naked bosom. The room was filled with sobbing sounds and groans of pain. The stench of charred flesh and death permeated the area. There wasn’t even a single person other than River’s mother on their feet. River’s mother was totally shocked. This boy had actually done it, he defeated them all! They were safe as long as they could escape before the reinforcements arrived. She felt very warm in her heart. From the beautiful woman’s point of view, this boy had used every last ounce of his strength to somehow magically disrupt the array with a method she’d never seen before. He did this while simultaneously subduing the mystic wand. He pushed himself to the point of collapse all for her to reunite with her daughter?

Could this brat know who they are?

Was there another motive in his dedication?

Maybe he fell for River? Was he a pervert? Were perverts so young nowadays?

As she gazed at the handsome but immature face of this savior of hers, she heard a voice that made her heart soar into the skies above in joy.


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