Book II – Bandit, Chapter 37 – The Little Deity of Thunder

“Where am I now?” Jodye Trill awakened to discover that his consciousness was again floating in another space. He felt like a hollow body of gas among endless darkness and more clouds of colorless gases. Jodye wasn’t sure if he was some of the gas or all of the gas. However, he had experienced his consciousness being abducted enough times to recognize it by now.

He felt that he was definitely in the artifact spirit space of the Vajra Scepter!

Jodye was correct.

“Not the grandmaster, then? So are you the one he has acknowledged? Strange,” an ethereal voice echoed through the nothingness. “You are unworthy of my great power. However, this means that you have not possibly harmed the grandmaster. All of these feeble mortals are utterly unworthy of my strength, and could never harm the grandmaster!”

“Dude, you’re an artifact spirit,” replied Jodye Trill unenthused. After meeting Autumn Saver and Uncle Sigma, such things no longer surprised him, “No disrespect, but is it really so bad to be used by me? I’m definitely more awesome than your previous owner.”

“Insolence!” the voice became furious and thundered across space. Jodye felt as an incredible will power came crashing down on him, wanting to erode and consume his will! However, in spite of being abducted into this spiritual space, Jodye was able to summon [Pharaoh’s Law4Lawthe rules and principles that create, govern, and maintain the energies of the universe. When laws come into harmony they form different systems naturally, with as many functions as the laws in harmony. For laws to enter a state of harmony, they must be compatible and have a proper conduit such as a star, or anything with its own unique Origin source law. With a good enough conduit it is possible to make incompatible laws reach a state of harmony, but in such a scenario there is a high chance of the force turning cancerous. The condensation of law energy produces what is known as Force or Qi..]. Even though his consciousness was currently within the Vajra Scepter, [Pharaoh’s Law] had long fused with his consciousness.

What Jodye didn’t realize was that Janair Mazi’s soul was also fused with [Pharaoh’s Law], thus when he summoned his source artifact something stunning happened. A bright light suddenly shined from the colorless gas, and the artifact spirit of the Vajra Scepter let out a sharp scream, “Ahhh! What is this? Who are you?! No. No~~~~!”

In less than a breath, the light took the form of an ethereal Joseph Goldwolf equipped with [Pharaoh’s Law]. This time, he wasn’t in the form of his lost soul, he had already accepted himself as this young man with an old soul.

“What’s going on Trippy?” Jodye Trill noticed that as soon as he summoned his source artifact the pressure boring down on him was savagely repelled! Jodye felt a magical feeling as if he had become one with this space, and he felt an enormous fountain of thunderbolt force hidden deep within the darkness. The destructive qi hiding here was terrifying to the max.

“I have some things to report, young host Joseph. First, I would like to say congratulations on unlocking one of the special functions of your legacy! This has also unlocked two normal seals on the primary function – Soul Cleanse. The first through the fourth seals have now been released. Activating [Pharaoh’s Law] will result in spiritual force augmentation. Current limit: Two levels. Source consumption doubles with each level. Meditating within Host Space will grant you 50% of the first seal’s augmentation, without summoning [Pharaoh’s Law]. The first seal has been upgraded, you now possess 25% of the Soul Cleanse’s augmentation without summoning [Pharaoh’s Law].”

To Jodye’s absolute elation, Trippy no longer spoke like a child. The artifact spirit’s voice was cold and uncaring but not wholly devoid of human emotions.

“Special function – Divine Rule – unlocked. Trippy’s voice was fluent and clear, “This source spirit can now use [Pharaoh’s Law] to operate the Vajra Scepter and assist you. Unfortunately, the young host is currently far too weak to facilitate such a function. You will need to reach the elite realm as a minimum first.”

“Ho. Ly. Crap! But wait, how did all of this happen?” Jodye Trill was excited to the max, but this soon turned into confusion. What was going on?

“The answer is simple,” replied Trippy, “As I’ve told you before, this source artifact spirit’s original soul was known as the Vajra Dragon during his third life on this star. In his first life, he refined this wand and passed it to his son. The artifact spirit of this wand was merely a wisp of Trippy’s original soul. Once I arrived, I simply absorbed him. Now I am the Vajra Scepter, and the Vajra Scepter is me.”

“Give me a minute…”

“Take your time and digest this information, young host.”

Jodye Trill had to calm himself down to process this new information. He suddenly realized that what made sage bodies so formidable was indeed the source artifacts! Source artifacts could have so many different and unique functions. This also made him more vigilant. If there could be a Sigma Octanis on this star then surely they were others from outside of this world. There was no telling how dangerous random sages could be. He would need to be more cautious in the future.

Of course, source artifacts needed sky qi to operate. Jodye already discovered from his experiences that it didn’t necessarily have to be origin qi! Unlike most people, Jodye had three different heavenly energies refining his body daily. This was why even though his cultivation a little slow, he still had some strength! Jodye had a premonition that if he put more focus into cultivating his divine energy than his source artifacts would be able to show their true potential!

At that point, he could use the grimoire’s summoner function to tame and summon a myriad of powerful beasts, while allowing Trippy to operate the Vajra Scepter and cast spells! Meanwhile, he could attack the enemy directly on his own!

Not only that, but since the Vajra Scepter had fused with Trippy, this meant that it was a part of his divine soul. All the thunderbolt force available in the scepter could be used to directly temper his soul. Of course, he wasn’t entirely confident in his ability to do most of these things yet. However, how old was he? There was plenty of time. Jodye Trill finally saw the path for his future road of martial arts. If it wasn’t clear before, he definitely had a clear goal now.

Refine more divine energy!

Comprehend new forces!

He basically didn’t even need to comprehend thunderbolt force, he was a little deity of thunder. His comprehension of deadly qi was also born from his knowledge of thunderbolt force, so he might as well walk the path of a voodoo practitioner like his father and Sansa46Sansamysterious witch responsible for banishing the souls of Jodye, Sylvester, and Xavier. Her origins are unknown, her whereabouts are unknown, and her motives are unknown. She was once the parential guardian of Jodye.. Jodye Trill still remembered that in the face of that gun that obliterated him in his last life, Sansa was absolutely fine. Thus, he felt that he could definitely reach the peak of power through voodoo, just as well as magic. At any rate, to unlock his chaotic qi, Jodye would need to reach a certain plateau in both magic and voodoo. He decided at this moment to prioritize voodoo for now.

“May I interject on your thoughts, young host?” asked Trippy.

“Hm?” Jodye was startled out of his thoughts by Trippy’s voice, but he wasn’t upset since the source artifact spirit was so polite, “Well, go ahead.”

“It is important that host learn both magic and voodoo at an equal pace. This is the quickest way for you to master chaos qi. Remember, your concepts are all based on the power of chaos,” reminded Trippy sagely.


Jodye was enlightened! He seemed to hear his Twilight Sphinx’s cry in the distance. Jodye made a mental note to investigate what this meant. However, he didn’t currently have time to think of this.

“That’s right, Chaos Force!” shouted Jodye, “ my main concepts were inspired by and can be said to have originated with chaos, so they naturally lead to chaos.”

Jodye was almost more eager to study now than he was to try out pushing his divine sea up another level.


“Unfortunately, young host Joseph, your level is too low for this wand. You will have to study its wonders slowly. I will teach you how you use dragon will. Use your divine energy to activate your dragon force. Then, fuse your draconic willpower with the central formation of the Vajra Scepter,” as Trippy’s echoed in his head a bright golden formation light up like a platform of light. Due to the state Jodye was in, he could only use divine energy amongst the energies he possessed, since it accompanied and maintained his soul form. He never once considered converting divine energy it into a force like he did when he cast serenity beam. This time he would use his divine consciousness to form dragon qi.

After doing as instructed Jodye’s perception suddenly felt twice as strong, and it possessed a magical quality! “This is…”

“Dragon Will. It can also be a source of mana. There are many ways to refine mana, but for the Volos, it is as simple as a thought. As your Volos bloodline becomes increasingly pure you will start to see the advantages of this.” said Trippy sagely.

“Mana? Is this different from magic force?” asked Jodye Trill inquisitively.

“This is difficult to answer, young host Joseph. Mana and Force are two separate byproducts of heavenly power. Force comes from the origin of laws. Mana comes from the quintessence of laws,” responded Trippy.

“Ah, I get it.” Jodye Trill quickly understood where he had been wrong. He had inherited Jupiter’s memories and experience, so he knew a lot about the heavenly ennead. Quintessence10Quintessenceone of the 9 original formless energy masses that existed within primal chaos before the universe was formed. Also known as the 9 layered skies or the Heavenly Ennead. 5th layer. Quintessence has its own will and unique sentience, taking on the form of an alternative dimension existing in parallel to the other energies and the universe. Quintessence separates the non-volatile and ever-present energies from the untamed, wild, and exotic later layers of energy. The sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth layer exist within the alternative space dimension. was the fifth sky or Heavenly Layer, and the most durable and mysterious of them all. It was the layer that separated the peaceful and ever-present early layers, from the volatile, untamed, and chaotic layers in the back. From a certain point of view, all of the subsequent layers existed within the fifth layer. The Fifth Sky was technically the final sky, “So mana can be used similarly as force, but it is far more powerful and compressed.”

“You are very wise, young host,” acknowledged Trippy. Secretly, Trippy was actually impressed by the foresight of this host. He had quickly understood a complicated concept. “The way dragons use magic is by producing mana from their abundant vitality. Of course, being able to produce mana goes against the current will of the heavens. Thus, dragon’s must surpass the laws of this universe from a young age, or stay hidden until they do.”

“Magic Life Laws…” Jodye Trill suddenly had a new understanding of magic qi and its application. It was the creative aspect of the laws of life! His magic life force comprehension was born from his dragon force comprehension because of the link between the two. This was because of the vision where he witnessed ancient divine dragons from the beginning of the universe creating thousands if not millions of stars and lives! Their imposing and unique aura, their magical and tyrannical might, it gave the world life!

With a flash of their eyes, their sizes and strengths increased by thousands of times!

With a mere breath, they would create millions of lives or destroy myriad existences.

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They were so magical and tyrannical indeed.

Jodye Trill suddenly felt a very magical feeling in the belly of his real body, startling him from his thoughts.

“Your strength is about to breakthrough. Quickly, fuse with the formation, or you will lose the chance for now,” reminded Trippy.

“Got it,” Jodye sent a wisp of his divine dragon will into the center formation and allowed the composition to proactively fuse with his divine consciousness. Next, there was a blinding light and searing pain as his consciousness was lost completely.


Meanwhile, River Nile and her mother, Lily Nile, were seated on a tree stump at a small clearing in the woods. After Jodye passed out, Lily Nile carried his surprisingly heavy body out of the secret hideout underneath the mountain and through the path discovered by River and Eureka. With the protection of Eureka along the way, no fierce or vicious beasts attempted to come anywhere near them. Lily Nile was impressed, as the protection of this little guy was quite intense, yet this boy in her arms had left the creature with her daughter while he came to rescue her alone.

After hearing of this little Jupiter’s deeds from her daughter, she admired the valor of this young man from the bottom of her heart. He reminded her of how her own son used to be. He wouldn’t be a bad match for her daughter, after all.

“Mother, will Mr. Jupiter be okay? It’s already been like… seven hours,” asked River Nile impatiently, her little face full of worry as she looked at the unconscious Jodye laying next to them.

“Mother can’t be sure, baby,” responded Lily Nile, she was also apprehensive. She didn’t conceal it from this child who had been through a lot and told her straight, “He seems to have refined that awful weapon. I hope it doesn’t kill him.”

“Mew!” Eureka cried out in indignation.

“Yeah Mother, don’t say that! He won’t even die, how could he even die?! He’s one of the true heroes,” River was irrationally distraught, and her mother just sighed. It seemed to her the little lass was already developing a crush. There was nothing Lily could do to prevent this, as she too was very grateful to this brat. It was not unusual for a woman to fall in love with her savior. After all, wasn’t Lily Nile the same?

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Suddenly, Jodye’s body burst forth with light and a terrifying thunderbolt momentum that towered into the skies briefly, before the clouds became thick and the rumbling of thunder was heard. There was an ancient air in the atmosphere that made Lily Nile furrow her brows. She had once seen something like this on a trip in the company of his majesty the Pharaoh. That was the heavenly tribulation of a divine beast!

How could such a thing possibly be appearing here?

Lily Nile unconsciously glanced at the unconscious boy and was dumbfounded to see him floating above ground shrouded in a halo of golden light. She grabbed her daughter and rapidly retreated backward.

“Mom? Ah!” River Nile was dizzy and confused before she realized what was happening, “What’s going on with Mr. Jupiter!”

“Heaven’s judgment, it’s really the heaven’s judgment!” Lily Nile was terrified. What was this now? The changing aura of Jodye’s body told her that he was about to advance to the next realm. However, it seemed as if the heavens themselves were unwilling to let him develop. How could a child of the scholar realm be a threat to the sky? Lily couldn’t understand.

What Lily Nile could never imagine was that Jodye’s dragon will triggered the Vajra Scepter which activated his bloodline, purifying his blood further. This subsequently angered the divine law of the sky for reasons Jodye was currently unaware of!

Lily may not know how this came about, but she knew that this kid was toast once that heavenly tribulation hit him! Even a peak expert would be injured or killed by a bolt of judgment lightning. She had to hurry and put distance between them, or she might invite a calamity on to herself. If one was too close once judgment started they would attract their own judgment tribulation.

“Mew!!” a small voice echoed throughout the forest. Eureka stood on top of the floating Casino, a stern look on its little girl-like face. It looked like an angry baby, it was difficult to take seriously.

“No!” Lily Nile thought it was surely over now that this foolish Contract Beast had tried to protect its master. No matter how powerful it was could it really block two tribulations at once? This was far worse than before. “We have to go, baby, we have to leave far away right now.”

“Mom, we can’t leave him!” screamed River Nile, “I won’t, he saved us, we have to save him! Mom we ah…”

River Nile received a blow to the back of the neck and was rendered unconscious.

“He has brought this upon himself. We can not waste the chance he has given us, this commotion is the last thing we need,” Lily Nile reassured herself as she grabbed her daughter and ran off. She had only managed to restore 30% of her strength, as she still had drugs in her system, but it would be enough to sneak into the city and find help.

Of course, Lily didn’t know that Eureka was spirit bound to Jodye, they shared his life. The sky judgment couldn’t distinguish them from each other. Eureka suddenly had a thoughtful expression on her face, as if she had remembered something. She jumped down just as the first purple hued silver bolt of lightning crashed down onto to Jodye, bathing his body in terrifying thunderbolt force and damaging everything within 10 meters of him.

Eureka watched the destruction with her little eyes glued to Jodye the entire time.

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