Book II – Bandit, Chapter 38 – Triple Breakthrough! Chaotic Thundergod Physique

Eureka stared on as Jodye’s body was burned brutally by the 3 x 3 lesser heavenly tribulation. Initially, the baby god beast prepared to endure this tribulation for her master. However, she soon remembered that her master had a pretty healthy body, and this was only a lesser tribulation. She would have had to face one already if it wasn’t for the heavenly grimoire. So she decided to leave him to face it alone unless it became too much to bear. The [Cosmos Revolving Grimoire] allowed them to share the burden on Jodye’s soul, so the physical pain should be tolerable.

“AHHH!!” Jodye Trill suddenly woke up screaming, startling the Twilight Sphinx cub. His skin was bright red and blistered. Green snakes of electricity flew out of his seven orifices as his thunderbolt concept transformed his origin energy which had been burned with tribulation lightning into thunderbolt force. The Chaotic Thunder Annihilation rapidly circulated on its own, and Jodye instinctively transformed the chaotic thunderbolt force coursing through his body. The wild judgment thunderbolt qi was shattering him from the outside in and back out again, becoming a catalyst that activated his legacy spark, Vajra Cover. Thunderbolt qi infused, crystal-like scales covered both of his forearms, as the crossed to block the terrifying heavenly might.

Jodye Trill used his forearms to guard his face as the second terrifying judgment thunderbolt came crashing down on him.

“ARRRRHHHH!!!” Jodye Trill had never felt such pain in either of his lives. His shock turned into fury as his mind became consumed with wrathful thoughts. His entire body was charred black, but he desperately used his anger to circulate the Titanic Rage Law4Lawthe rules and principles that create, govern, and maintain the energies of the universe. When laws come into harmony they form different systems naturally, with as many functions as the laws in harmony. For laws to enter a state of harmony, they must be compatible and have a proper conduit such as a star, or anything with its own unique Origin source law. With a good enough conduit it is possible to make incompatible laws reach a state of harmony, but in such a scenario there is a high chance of the force turning cancerous. The condensation of law energy produces what is known as Force or Qi... It felt like he was being torn apart, but he had astral qi coursing through his body absorbing the foreign lesser tribulation judgment thunderbolt force, reinforcing and healing his body slowly. His astral points were greatly reinforced and widened, becoming more durable and capable of containing more astral power. The brutal thunderbolt force quickly burned away the impurities blocking his tenth spirit point, allowing the Titanic Rage Law to fill the spiritual passage with astral power, refining it into another astral point!


Jodye finally reached the tenth level of the Wimpy Man Realm of the Titanic Rage Law! Warm currents of astral qi healed Jodye’s tattered body at speed visible to the naked eye.

At the same time, he chanted the Cosmic Vision Scripture, allowing the soul-based tribulation qi to fuse with the divine source in his eyes, leaking into his soul. Once this happened, [Pharaoh’s Law] released a bright light, and the Vajra Scepter appeared in front of Jodye Trill.

As the third judgment thunderbolt came crashing down it fell directly on to the Vajra Scepter, passing through it and its wild and chaotic force was instantly calmed and tamed, directly tempering Jodye’s divine soul while causing him an absolutely maddening level of pain. After enduring this Jodye thought he was finally finished. However, who would have imagined he would experience the same three tribulation thunderbolts two more times each! Jodye officially felt like he was losing his mind, losing himself, Jodye honestly wanted to die at this moment. He just wanted it all to end! However, just as he approached the limit of what he could endure, the calamity laws present in the tribulation thunderbolt force were extracted and used to push the tempering of his left eye to another level.


After enduring the insanely painful process, Jodye Trill achieved the Perfected Murderous Sight Stage of the Cosmic Vision Scripture. He only needed one more step to reach the third stage! However, this state was reached at the risk of his very existence.

This was the pain of tempering the soul!

Such pain was far too terrible!

Jodye had never imagined it would be so excruciating. He knew at this moment that he would have to be satisfied with his current progress for a few years. This wasn’t a level of stress his soul could continuously endure.

Jodye bit the tip of his tongue to bring himself back to his senses before he started screaming again. His ear-piercing screams were so loud that tears already stained the face of the fleeing Lily Nile. As she suspected before fleeing, there were already many experts headed towards the source of the commotion. She bit the tip of her tongue, and a strange blood rune flew out of her mouth and shot into the air.

20 miles away, Winter Winds City, Silver Meadow Inn

“Why are we still wasting so much time worrying about your apprentice26apprenticeAn apprentice or student is someone who is learning something from a teacher. While the relation is sacred, and there are mutual obligations between the apprentice and the teacher, there is no commitment between them. A disciple40discipleone who accepts the knowledge of and assists in spreading the doctrines of another, taking them as a master., on the other hand, has committed himself to the master, and the art of his master. The disciple has committed to entering and mastering a secret branch of knowledge and has requested the master to accept him into the arcane path. The relationship is very sacred and the obligations are binding.? It’s just an apprentice, I’m sure we can find you another,” said young master Neofrost.

“Both Dessa and Aiken have returned twice, yet there is still no sign of young master Jupiter,” Cassan ignored Neofrost and reported to Sigma Octanis in their luxurious room, “It has indeed been too long. I believe it is highly unlikely that the young master would be gone with only five hours left before the auction. What could possibly keep him away?”

“That brat has a tough life, plus he has my portal. If he had used it, I would know instantly. Well so be it, we can also use the aura of the portal to locate him.” Sigma Octanis was wearing white brocade robes covered in strange symbols as he spoke unhurriedly.

“Must we spend so much time worrying over your junior? Could we not have gotten many things done before the auction? Now, what can we…” Young Master Neofrost stopped talking abruptly as a blood red rune started flashing in his pupils. “I’ve found my mother! Please, help me, we must go now!”

Sigma Octanis reacted first as he rose from his seat ready for a battle, “Lead the way, partner.”

Meanwhile, across the street at the Silver Brooks Inn, the Vice Sect Masters of White Serpent Cove were still observing Sigma Octanis and the Neofrost Master, when Roger Flankz received an urgent report on the serene sound stone on his hip, “There’s a heavenly tribulation in the Forest of Woe’s territory!”

“That’s near our 83rd base. Why haven’t they reported in yet?” asked Garuda in annoyance.

“This is indeed strange. Should we investi…hm?! Ah!” Roger Flankz suddenly exclaimed, “Where did they go! The room is empty, when did they leave?!”


Two hours after the tribulation landed, Jodye Trill’s Vajra Scepter had long melted back into his body, as he laid there in a puddle of his own blood. The surroundings were covered in an incredibly thick serenity mist. His flesh was charred black, his body was ruined, and everything around was burned and barren. However, his motionless body still possessed an incredibly strong blood vitality. His wounds were even healing at an impressive pace. Under his black chunks seared flesh, there was already tender-looking and beautiful caramel chocolate skin. Eureka walked over to Jodye and nuzzled her little face on his, looking concerned. Her illusory ice mist had hidden there presence temporarily, but this wouldn’t be able to stop everyone.

If a mighty foe came, Eureka didn’t know how to handle the situation.

“Yiyayiyayiyayiyayiyayiyayiya!” Eureka tried to communicate via telepathy but failed to communicate at all. However, she did wake up the sleeping Jodye, who smiled wryly. He was able to vaguely understand Eureka’s baby dribble when he was sober. However, he was incredibly high at this time. He had fallen asleep to a lucky chance and awoke to an assault from the heavens. What a day this had been.


“S***, the auction!” Jodye Trill didn’t know how much time had passed since all of this started, but he knew he had reached the tenth level of the Wimpy Man Realm, among other changes! Due to this, his body had healed for the most part. He had also grown slightly. Jodye stood up and shook fiercely while releasing titanic rage force momentum. His charred pieces of skin fell off revealing smooth and supple skin that possessed high strength and flexibility. Jodye’s height had improved once more, and his muscles were thicker. He looked like a 16-year-old martial arts prodigy.

Jodye quickly jumped in the stream to clean the filthy impurities, ruined flesh, and blood off of his body. Following that then changed into a set of stylish white raiments. He had bought this outfit in Black Heart City, intending to wear it one day as a teenager. Who knew he would need it ten years early?

With Eureka on his shoulder, Jodye walked casually out of the forest as if he was just a visitor. When the exploring warriors saw the young noble casually strolling out of the mist with a sphinx cub on his shoulders, they were dumbstruck. However, no one paid much attention to him due to his age. They figured he was some hidden experts disciple. No one would court death with such an outstanding looking brat for no reason.


With a thought, Jodye Trill summoned the [Cosmos Revolving Grimoire] for a status report. The heavenly book appeared in his face with a flash of purple light, flipping open to the first page.

[Name: Joseph Goldwolf]
[Age: 6 years, 11 months.]
[Status: 67% Health, 6:13 am]

‘Immortal Sage Path: Earth Science Realm, Initial Junior Spirit rank, 75 BP.’

Only allowed on

‘Titanic Rage Path: Wimpy Man Realm, Level 10, 160 BP (dormant).’

‘Heavenly Saint Path: Fledgling Saint Realm, Four-Star Revolving Force rank, 26 BP.’

‘Chaotic Thunder God Physique: Skin penetrated at 180 BP, Max Speed at 190 BP (dormant).’

[Guardian 1: Cosmos Devouring Sky Wolf47Cosmos Devouring Sky WolfCombat soul of Jodye Trill. True soul of Sylvester Sylknarius Tricko, heir to the great Sephiroth of Anubis Great World. Consciousness and true form unlocked.]‘Compatibility rating: 15%.’

[Guardian 2: Mighty God Sky Jackal]
‘Compatibility rating: 17%.’

“My physique has finally reached the first level of the Chaotic Thunder God Physique in tandem with me reaching the Great Perfection stage of the First Layer of Chaotic Thunder Annihilation. Now I can try to break through and practice the second layer of Chaotic Thunder Annihilation. Bwahahaha, who knew I would have such a harvest?” Jodye Trill laughed boisterously. He couldn’t help but become a bit eccentric after being struck by three heavenly judgment thunderbolts.

“It’s 6:13 am, Eureka,” said Jodye Trill as he dashed through the misty forest. Eureka purred and nuzzled him in response, “Where I’m from that means I’ve got about four hours left until the start of the auction. If only I knew a spell or technique that improved travel speed…ah!”

It just so happened that he indeed had such a spell.

The draconic core of the Vajra Scepter had transferred the magic formula for two spells directly into Jodye’s soul. He didn’t have to spend time learning them, he already knew them!

Jodye stopped running forward, and he operated his magic qi to recite the pneumatic chant. His words formed white life runes that exited his mouth and lingered in the air as they gathered lightning elements from the air. After charging up for a full three breaths, the life runes started falling and fusing into his legs.

Jodye frowned when he discovered how long this was taking, but he didn’t stop the spell.

After another breath, the spell was completed. Jodye’s body suddenly felt weightless and supercharged. He felt like one movement by his surroundings would happen in the time he completed a hundred.

This was Jodye’s knew thunderbolt magic spell, Energizing Steps!

Although it took quite a while to activate, Jodye could feel that his speed had increased by at least ten times! He took a step forward and instantly traversed 50 meters like it was 5 feet. This was without using any of his origin energy! Activating this spell used about 18% of his total magic qi, so being able to maintain it without origin energy made this spell incredibly useful.

Jodye’s mother had taught him that spells are divided into five ranks; Bronze, Silver, Gold, Prism, and Legend with five stars for each rank. Each rank was more dangerous than the last, with legendary spells being the most terrifying by a large margin. Legendary spells such as the calamity spell Supernova were capable of destroying entire stars. Spells like that were the stuff of legends. The most potent spell his mother possessed was merely a 3-star gold rank.

According to Isis, this was already one of the best spells in all of the motherlands! However, according to Trippy, the spells Jodye had just learned were Pharaoh rank spells. A pharaoh rank spell was unique, in that it’s strength improved based on the caster. Pharaoh rank spells couldn’t be stolen, they could only be gifted or created.

“Ah, magic sure is amazing…” Jodye Trill marveled. This was his first time casting a magic spell! He couldn’t help but be excited, “Now it shouldn’t be too hard to get back after all.”

Thinking up to here, Jodye dashed off once more. However, this time it was like a green bolt of lightning was streaking through the forest. At his current power level, Energizing Steps supercharged Jodye’s legs with 314 BP of power. If Jodye were to kick someone right now, it would definitely not be light. He was nearly unassailable under the mage realm. The duration of this spell was only an hour. So Jodye had one hour to travel like the light! After Jodye ran for about 500 meters, he heard a familiar scream in the distance.

“Let me go, let me go, let go of my mommy! Mother!!” said the sobbing voice of a little girl.

Jodye Trill kicked up his speed by a notch and instantly arrived at a high tree branch overlooking the scene below. River and Lily Nile were surrounded by about sixteen goons in white snake coats. One of the goons was holding Nile captive by the neck while holding her mouth to prevent her from screaming. He spoke to the fuming Lily Nile in his weak and despondent voice, “Drop your defenses and surrender yourself, or the brat gets it first.”

As the ugly man in a white snake coat spoke, he was about to lick River’s face with his vile and stinky green tongue. River’s little eyes looked utterly aghast before she shut them as tight as she could. Once she closed her eyes, she seemed to see the shadow of a handsome and heroic young boy. Perhaps she would never see that young man again. River was just about to give in to her fate. However, she suddenly felt a slight impact, her weight shifted, and the arm around her neck and mouth vanished.




“Intruder! Kill him, Kill him!”


“Stop, no run!”

“Escape, escape!”

“Death God! It’s a reaper death god!”

River Nile opened her eyes, but a hand swiftly covered them again, as she smelled her mother’s unique fragrance and allowed herself to be lifted into her embrace.

Meanwhile, standing directly in front Lily Nile was none other than Jodye Trill. Lily was absolutely shocked because this boy moved way faster then his realm should allow. One moment the sick bastard in front of her tried to violate her daughter in front of her, almost forcing Lily to risk her life in battle.

However, in the very next moment, Lily saw Jodye Trill running down a tree at a speed that only she had the realm to see, before jumping to land directly in front of herself. He stretched out his hand just in time to grab that vile man’s tongue, and he unceremoniously ripped it out!

The man’s scream was gruesome as blood splattered.

Lily Nile immediately grabbed her daughter from Jodye, in fear she saw this gruesome scene. After all, River was merely a six-year-old scholar child, she could do without seeing such a nasty thing.

Jodye drew his three-foot-long scarlet flame sword started slashing the surrounding goons into pieces. One had to know that while most of these goons had strengths equivalent to perfected first rank True Saints, the weakest was still at the peak of the Fledging Saint realm.

Yet Jodye Trill cut through them like a hot knife through butter. He danced gracefully with the sword as he slaughtered these men one after another. There were blue and purple sword lights in the form of crescents occurring every few slashes. When Lily observed the severed limbs and body parts of these men, she saw that some of the cuts were thick with frost, while others looked corroded and black, like it had already started rotting. Lily concluded that this boy was clearly practicing superb sword arts.

In fact, he was.

Jodye had stolen the combat art called Dance of the Evil Blood Moon from Oulan Mercy and had been practicing it ever since. The combat art had five styles, and he had already mastered the first style Evil Crescent Slash to the Great Perfection level, and the second style First Quarter Death Stroke to the basic level.

Now, he could use the Evil Crescent Slash effortlessly in battle. However, gathering the voodoo or serenity force required to execute the technique still took him some time, and he couldn’t do so perfectly yet.

If Lily Nile knew that Jodye himself was only a six-year-old child, not even ghosts knew what she would think.

“White Serpent Cove, preying on defenseless women and children as usual,” sneered Jodye Trill in disdain, holding his blade against the neck of the last goon standing, “How mature. Tell me, where are we? How far are we from Winter Winds City?”

“D..d…dododon’t kill me, man, I’ll talk okay I’ll talk,” said the goon, a middle-aged man, a Saint class combat artist at the six-star Essence Formation rank. Jodye was pleased to hear this, but he stared into the goon’s eyes menacingly. The refined thunderbolt, calamity, and serenity forces in combination with the divine source in his eyes made them look as deep and bright as stars, it was very intimidating.

Jodye also locked on to this man’s soul, to send fear into the deepest parts of his mind. He lightly pressed his blade into this man’s neck drawing a line of blood. The goon panicked and sputtered, “Okay, O…Okay, listen. Winter Winds City is ten kilometers to the north. But half of the city is already heading this way to see the treasure!”

“Treasure, eh? Do tell,” Jodye Trill’s interest was suddenly piqued. Leaving one of them alive seemed tedious, but it turned out to be a good thing.

“WHAT?” The goon was dumbstruck, “Have you been hiding in a cave or something, kid? Didn’t you see the lightning penalty? A treasure that represents a threat to heavens themselves has appeared! Hell, even if it’s some heaven-defying beast that underwent an evolution, it’s still worth a look!”

Hearing this, the goon was shocked to find that Jodye Trill had already walked away from him, looting the corpses of the goon’s companions unceremoniously. All those stolen goods and fortune in their magic pouches disappeared into Jodye’s space ring.

The goon felt relief for being alive, but also unassailable rage and jealousy from being brutally taken advantage of. However, he could only fault himself for encountering this death god who needed directions and women.

Currently, the goon from White Serpent Cove was completely pale and petrified. They were a squad of sixteen sent to secure the area, and now he was the only one alive. Suddenly, the goon realized why he was still alive. He was obviously a hostage! This kid was probably worried about the repercussions, so he wanted to trade a life for his own. Thinking this, the dumb goon changed his stance, “Hmph, you should know that we all have soul lamps back at the base. My superiors will know that these men died in this forest! They will investigate the lamps with their soul arts, and they will know the image of the man who murdered our disciples. White Serpent Cove won’t forgive you for this, punk!”

“Oh yeah?” Jodye Trill was walking back to Lily Nile, but he suddenly and stopped. Then he turned around, walking back while staring the middle-aged goon in his eyes. This caused the goon to tremble involuntarily and retreat, but he stumbled and fell backward.

“Soul lamps, huh? This should be a device used to track the life and death of a warrior by holding on to wisp of the soul? Is it required for thugs of your level? How wasteful is that… is White Serpent Cove so rich?” Jodye Trill approached one meter away from him and then spoke calmly as a pale blue light shot out from his right eye, freezing the soul of the middle-aged goon. The goon’s body stiffened, and he slumped down to the ground. The brat was one hundred percent correct, not a single one of them actually had soul lamp. Only the elders would have one. Jodye’s voice was ice cold as the Scarlet Flame Magic Sword impaled the goons throat, “You could have lived to retreat, but you died for a lie.”

Jodye Trill stood up from over the corpse of the last goon and approached the horrified Lily Nile, who was thinking rapidly, “Who the hell is this little madman? How the hell did he survive the lightning penalty? Not only that but now he’s stronger than ever? This can’t be real…”

However, before Jodye had a chance to speak, he heard an angry bellow and felt an acute sense of crisis.

“You dirty slime, DIE NOW!!”

Jodye Trill spun around to see a terrifying violet-green and black fire hammer crashing down aimed at his skull! Jodye paled immediately as he knew he didn’t even have the time to prepare a defense and his divine energy had already swept out to tell him the opponent’s strength behind this attack reached.

It was more than 2,000 BP!

Jodye’s face turned grim as he didn’t believe for a second he would survive this attack, but the young sage quickly remembered that he wasn’t alone.

“Mew!” Jodye Trill heard Eureka’s screech echo through the forest, before a serenity ice dome condensed around them right before the flaming energy hammer hit in full momentum. Violet-green and black flames scattered everywhere and the serene ice dome actually started to crack under pressure!

Bam! Bam! Bam!

“Die, die, die!” Jodye Trill was finally able to see his attacker, he was a brown-skinned young man in a silver brocade robe with devilishly good looks. He was tall and looked vicious and aggressive. Surprisingly, this was the young Neofrost Master that Jodye had yet to meet! His eyes were nearly slitted like the eyes of the venomous serpent, and he was aggressively slamming this outrageously mighty qi hammer!

What shocked Jodye to his core was that this youth was only at the silver mage rank, but his original aura wasn’t super deep violet, like Uncle Sigma. Instead, it was a far lighter shade. From this, Jodye figured out that his opponent must be a Void Door Realm Sage at the early stages of the silver mage rank.

Merely, Jodye Trill didn’t know how to differentiate levels of strength in the Void Door Realm, he just knew that the color of one’s original aura would change as the density of their refined origin energy increased.

However, Jodye Trill did not currently have the luxury of analyzing his opponent thoroughly, he was facing a lot of pressure from this heavily impacting qi hammer. At the side, Lily Nile embraced her daughter River and hurriedly retreated. She didn’t want to get caught up in the aftershocks as she had yet to recover her origin power entirely.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

As the serene ice shell cracked, Jodye could feel a terrifying dark qi wave penetrating through. Just enduring this force wave made Jodye cough out blood!

“Yiyayiyayiyayiyayiyayi!” there was obvious concern in Eureka’s infant voice as it sounded in Jodye’s mind through their telepathic link. After coming into possession of soul consciousness, Jodye’s ability to understand Eureka telepathically had vastly improved. Even if he didn’t actually understand her, he could pretty much interpret it through her soul. This also made him realize the language of the ancient fey better.

For instance, Jodye had just become aware that although Eureka referred to him as “Big Brother,” she actually considered him her father. Previously, Jodye hadn’t really understood this, but it made sense when Jodye remembered that his face was the first thing Eureka had ever seen in this world. It was obviously a mischievous sky wolf who told her to call Jodye big brother instead.

“Wait a second. Telepathy? That’s it!” thought Jodye Trill, finally finding a solution, “Source energy8Source energyone of the 9 original formless energy masses that existed within primal chaos before the universe was formed. Also known as the 9 layered skies or the Heavenly Ennead Divine power can be viewed as a universe without a will of its own, and thus, no laws, only pure divine soul power. Third Layer. Divine essence is invisible, strange, and mysterious because it is the same power that souls absorb and produce. Soul cultivation requires divine power. Without the presence of divine power, souls may not exist. Source energy seperated in tiers: Tier 1 = Spirit, Tier 2 = Divine, Tier 3 = Immortal, Tier 4 = Celestial! He’s only at the silver mage rank, I can defeat him with soul attacks!”

“Shura’s Gavel: Hellfire Judgement, burn!” the Neofrost Master placed two hands on the shaft of his qi hammer and poured more concept energy into it, before sending it crashing down in blazing black hellfire. The hammer pressed down on the serene ice shield and cracks spread everywhere like a spider web. Eureka let of a grunt of pain as she desperately struggled to endure.

Jodye Trill wore a stern face, refining the divine source of his right eye into yin qi. He knew he would only have one opportunity. Just as Jodye was preparing, he noticed something shocking. His perception felt like it had just been locked on too, and then when he looked up he found that his opponent was staring at him directly in the eyes with fingers pointed like a gun.

This gave Jodye pause. He was under the impression that this world didn’t have anything like guns or firearms! Why would this opponent know how to make such a posture, and what was the purpose?

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However, this was also perfect for Jodye’s plan.

The serene ice shield finally shattered apart. The very moment there was an unimpeded line of sight between the two, a lightning quick, blue, but a nearly invisible light beam traveled over 100 meters and penetrated the opposing youth’s left eye. The Neofrost Master’s body trembled for a moment as he suddenly looked pensive for the first time.

Yin Source, Serenity Beam!

As his opponent was only an Earth Science Realm Sage at the Junior Spirit rank, the Neofrost Master hadn’t taken him seriously at all. Neofrost was quite shocked when what he considered a desolate beast blocked his attacks with relative ease. Now, just as his force momentum was building, he suddenly felt a chill from the depths of his soul! This was because Jodye had sneakily attacked him with his serenity law attributed divine source beam, the Serenity Beam!

Now, Neofrost’s willpower and soul were slowing to a pause. They were basically freezing!

How was this possible?

The hovering Neofrost Master suddenly found it excessively difficult to remain afloat and was forced to rapidly descend into a crash landing. He ended up ten meters away from Jodye, who approached him calmly. The serene ice shell dissipated into tendrils of remnant yin energy and ice shards. Jodye knew that his Serenity Beam couldn’t kill someone at the mage rank so quickly, but it would weaken him enough for Jodye to do it himself.

The Scarlet Flame Magic Sword in Jodye’s hand suddenly blazed with scarlet yang flames made of calamity origin qi. The calamity qi genesis crystal in Jodye’s origin pool vibrated intensely as Jodye’s [Relentless Frenzy] calamity concept converted his origin power into an explosive yang force!

“MISTER JUPITER, NO!!” River Nile ran over with all her might before her mother could react. Jodye was shocked and stopped his raging energy before River came too close. After all, he wasn’t strong enough to kill a mage, at most he could torture him before allowing Eureka to freeze him for later.

However, River Nile had just run over and collapsed on top of the trembling Neofrost Master, as she called out in longing and despair, tears streaming down her face, “Big Brother~~.”

“Big… brother?” Jodye Trill instantly looked back at Lily Nile to find her already rushing over. Apparently, not even she had immediately realized that this new opponent was, in fact, her own son that she had searched for day and night. She had previously sent him a distress rune to let him know she had escaped. This was a spell that would find him no matter where he was since Neofrost shared her bloodline. However, Jodye arrived and saved them first, thus allowing Neofrost to completely misunderstand their situation.

Lily Nile walked over to Jodye with pleading eyes, before saying words that turned him absolutely vigilant, “Please spare him, Mr. Goldwolf. This is my son, Joovee Nile. I will not tell anyone of your secret. I promise to also serve you as your maid if you would just please spare him!”

“Big brother I’m so glad you’re okay. How could you attack Mr. Jupiter like that brother, that was so mean! If it wasn’t for little Reka, you could have killed my savior! Then I would have to kill myself to remove your sin,” River Nile was talking without taking a breath as she spoke to her big brother in whispers.

Although this animal had almost murdered Jodye in cold blood, Jodye started to calm down. In spite of the hatred he currently felt for this Joovee Nile, this reunion still touched him a little. Jodye and Joovee happen to cross eyes, and Jodye took that opportunity to discreetly remove the divine source from within Joovee’s soul. This didn’t go unnoticed by the Neofrost Master.

“You… you saved… them?” Joovee Nile looked like he had just swelled a fly.

However, before Jodye could react, he heard some familiar voices at last.

“Young Master Jupiter!”

“Little punk, so you were actually here.”

From the sky, two pleasantly surprised voices sounded as Sigma Octanis and Cassan descended on two magic circles, landing before Jodye.

“Apprentice greets teacher and gramps!” called out Jodye Trill in a calm manner, without showing any sort of humility. However, he was actually quite excited. Now no matter how this batty youth reacted once Jodye removed his source energy from the other’s soul, he wouldn’t be murdered thanks to Sigma’s presence, “Teacher, could it be that you wanted this student to die?”

“I beg your pardon?” Sigma Octanis was flabbergasted. When had he ever done anything but dote on this brat heavily? They had been worried sick for hours over him.

“Did you not witness this madman attacking me, hoping to murder me in cold blood? I could have lost my little life if my destiny wasn’t so great,” Jodye Trill felt indignant as he grumbled.

“What?!” both Sigma and Cassan exclaimed in shock. These two had tussled just now? The fog and mist were so thick that it was almost impossible to see for more than a dozen feet ahead. They could sense Neofrost’s battle power fluctuation, but they didn’t believe it was anything serious.

Boy were they wrong.

“Neofrost, what is the meaning of this?” barked Sigma angrily after obtaining the facts.

However, the Neofrost Master himself had a lost and distraught expression on his face. Once he recovered from the feeling of his soul functionality ceasing and starting again, Joovee Nile immediately bowed deeply towards Jodye and spoke in deep tones, “I, Joovee Nile, swore to never bow to any man in this life. However you, young Jupiter, are worthy of this bow. I can not serve you, for the weight on my shoulders is far too heavy. None the less, I vow to the heavens today to never purposely go against you, your wishes, or your well-being. Instead, these are things I will protect if, and when, I am able.”

After speaking Joovoo pinched a drop of blood essence from his finger which flew up in the sky, followed by nine booming claps of thunder, that seemed to strangely resonate with Jodye’s bloodline. This caught Jodye off guard, but made him curious and temporarily distracted him from realizing the weight of this heavenly oath!

“Weird… is it somehow because of the heavenly judgment?” Jodye Trill pondered to himself, “have I assimilated some tribulation qi by surviving it?”

“Ahem…” Sigma Octanis cleared his throat because Jodye was pondering in a daze for several breaths, while everyone awaited his reaction to Joovee.

“Ah!” Jodye suddenly snapped out of it. He waved it off casually, “Less of this, now. What’s done is done, I am alive after all. So you swore an oath to protect me? That’s a sincere apology. I guess I can consider you as my big brother now too, right?”

River Nile blushed unconsciously when she heard this. At this point, not even ghosts knew what this child was thinking.

“Big brother? Kid, you’re already close to being a man. Do you want a big brother so bad? Besides, don’t let my looks fool you. I know I’ve been told I look 18-years-old, but I’m actually only 15-years-old. Does that sound like a big bro to you? ” asked Joovee Nile a little surprised. This big dummy actually called him a big brother…

“Actually, Master Neofrost…” Cassan then explained in detail that Jodye Trill was the very apprentice they had been looking for. Thus, illustrating the fact that this was also that freaky little six-year-old genius that they talked about so frequently when they first met up.

Joovee had been so impressed with the description of this kid that he considered him a potential match for his sister one day. However, how was this boy in front of him a six-year-old child? He looked like a young man, not a little boy!

Those carved muscles.

That handsome and cold face.

Those peerlessly deep sapphire eyes that looked like the ocean on a bright day!

Jodye’s current height was even above 177 cm!

What part of this was a little kid his sister’s age?

Knowing he had just sold his protection to a brat, Joovee suddenly felt a tinge of regret. A man would not require much assistance as he had his own pride. A child, on the other hand, would never mind asking for help from his ‘big brother.’ However, Joovee swiftly accepted his fate. After all, this brat survived being hit by his most vigorous attack head-on and even managed to render Joovee immobile through some unknown method. Thinking about it clearly, for this youth Jupiter to have located and saved his family only meant that he was lucky or capable on a level that Joovee was not.

After all, Joovee had made no progress in doing so even with his various connections and Sigma Octanis’ help. Instead, White Serpent Cove was using his family to continually threaten and manipulate them.

“Well, I don’t mind being the big brother to freak like you,” Joovee Nile wore a cold countenance, but his earlier intimidating aura had somehow vanished.

“Big bro, are you called the Neofrost Master?” Jodye Trill replied, shamelessly referring to Joovee as big bro as if he had done it hundreds of times. As he spoke, Jodye deactivated [Pharaoh’s Law] because he was low on qi. He continued speaking after his crown had evaporated into thin air like a specter, “Let me guess, you are… a Master Gear Refiner, a Blacksmith!”

Joovee Nile was still looking at Jodye’s headwear [Pharaoh’s Law] as it vanished. He seemed to have never seen such a source artifact? Had the boy not deactivated it Joovee wouldn’t have even realized what it was. When he realized his identity had been exposed, he was startled and reacted late, “Out of every profession you could have said, you know with certainty I’m a Blacksmith. How is that?”

“Well at first I thought alchemy… you smell faintly of medicinal herbs and explosions. However, from the sweet and hypnotizing smell, it’s likely poisonous herbs rather than medicinal herbs. However, even if you’re a poison master, you can’t be one of very high rank. Therefore, the only conclusion left was Gear Refiner,” explained Jodye Trill matter-of-factly.

“Why is that?” asked Joovee Nile truly curious. He was sitting with his legs crossed one meter in front of Jodye who did the same, as Lily Nile tended to the minor injury he received after crashing.

“Well, if I had the spiritual qi and a combat soul called Shura’s Gavel that worked as a huge hammer, I would definitely become a Gear Refiner,” replied Jodye Trill like it was simple to deduce.

In fact, it was.

“Ah!” Joovee slapped his palm on his forehead, “Of course, you’ve already seen Shura’s Gavel. In that case, it’s truly reasonable for you to figure it out. Merely, how can you possibly know so much about masters? Unless…”

Joovee’s eyes flashed with the light of understanding. No wonder he had been brought to his knees before! Before Joovee Nile could finish his sentence, Jodye reached out with his divine awareness and tapped Joovee’s shoulder, making him whip his head around and send out his spirit qi. However, right after sending out his spirit power, Joovee’s body shook slightly, “You… you… you have spiritual power as well? Not only that, but I can’t even detect it at all? So strong?”

Spirit power was the ability to make one’s spiritual qi move independently.

Even though Jodye’s divine power could never be detected by spirit level power, Jodye had allowed himself to be discovered.

Jodye Trill simply nodded in response. This was his plan the entire time, to gauge the reaction of this Young Master who was meeting a younger master. This would tell Jodye the risks of showing off this talent.

Sigma had strongly advised Jodye against doing what he did when they first met, as it was considered incredibly rude to scan someone stronger than yourself with spiritual force. Not only that, but Sigma felt Jodye was underestimating the greed and evil in the hearts of man. Jodye Trill was totally ignorant of certain etiquette so Sigma couldn’t be comfortable with him yet.

“Master, if we do not return soon we will not make it to the start of the auction. Should we continue to pursue the treasure?” asked Cassan.

Upon hearing the word treasure, Lily and River Nile exchanged strange looks, before turning to stare at Jodye, whose eyebrow was raised in curiosity, “Old man Cassan, what treasure? Your treasure is right here!”

“Indeed, my good apprentice. I came partly for the treasure, but mainly to support Neofrost in his quest. Meeting you was truly an unexpected boon,” replied Sigma Octanis.

“Wait, so if you two weren’t being attacked by Jupiter… then what caused you to send the two distress runes?” asked Joovee Nile suddenly.

“Well…” Lily Nile instinctively glanced at Jodye before speaking, only to see him paying rapt attention to her as if it was story time. She sighed and continued, “We ran to escape the judgment of the ninth heaven, a three by three lesser lightning penalty. After that, we were ambushed by some disciples of White Serpent Cove.”

“Oh yeah?! So it really was the judgment of the ninth heaven… what heaven-defying creature angered the skies? You must have seen this right?” asked Sigma Octanis excited. His act before was obviously just to appease Jodye, he was far too excited right now.

“Well…” Lily Nile looked at Jodye again. River Nile was also staring at Jodye like her remote was broken and she was stuck on the channel. The first person to notice the significance of this was Joovee Nile.

“Wait, wait… Mom are you saying… that the one who angered the will of heaven… was him?!” Joovee Nile simply couldn’t believe this. Sigma and Cassan were wide-eyed and speechless as they finally turned to Jodye Trill, who wore a detached expression like none of this even affected him at all.

It was as if they were all talking about someone he didn’t know.

Lily Nile sighed once more and sat down close to this handsome child Jodye. A trace of appreciation and apprehension could be seen in her deep eyes, but only by the Jodye Trill who gazed into her eyes when she approached. Jodye was very curious about this woman who knew a name that had been kept secret his entire life. Lily parted her lips and whispered to the group, “River and I were right next to him when it first started. I fled to protect my daughter. To think he would survive such a thing…”


All three men were speechless as they subconsciously turned their heads to look at Jodye. They all had only one word in mind to describe this kid.


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