Book II – Bandit, Chapter 39 – The Purple-Sky Secret Fair Begins!

Winter Winds City, Auction Square

In the center of the magnificent Winter Winds City, there was a huge purple and silver tower that possessed a majestic air. The tower had sixteen stories was the tallest structure in the entire city. Statues of Purple-Sky Golden Eagles surrounded the building, and experts covered every inch of the square around it. This was none other than the Purple-Sky Tower! The Secret Fair was already underway, and the auction was being held on the fifteenth and sixteenth floors of the tower. The stories had been fused together to make a grand floor! There was enough space to fit around 9,000 people comfortably.

Those who were attending this secret fair were definitely not ordinary characters. Only those Southern Ward tycoons with a particular position and level of financial success would be invited to be a player in this game. For anyone else who wanted to attend, they would have to pay a highly inflated attendance fee. For commoners, it indeed wasn’t worth it.

Of course, entry was also permitted to those who found a secret auctioneer and submitted items to be auctioned. Currently, the auction house was rather quiet as an item had just finished receiving bids, and was being packed away. The previous host had also stepped down after having concluded their portion of the event.

All the guests were behaving extremely courteously once they entered the auction house, even the factions who were at the brink of war before walking in. This spoke wonders on the intimidation and respect level of the Purple-Sky Clan! The guests entered and calmly took their own seats, with only small conflicts erupting here and there.

Of course, above the regular seats of the auction house, there were the V.I.P. boxed rooms, and only some the most respected people in Pangaea or the super high profile foreign customers were permitted to sit in this area. This area possessed a rather serious atmosphere, as it was densely filled with elites in the form of both mages and heavenly saints.

These elites, even when they converged their breath, naturally released a spiritual pressure from their bodies, making those without the strength to resist highly uncomfortable.

Recently, Jodye had undergone his first heavenly tribulation thunderbolt penalty, the 3 x 3 lesser lightning judgment. Once Sigma learned of what happened, he explained these tribulations very clearly to this Jodye, who had decided to never trust books again. There were three known forms of thunderbolt penalties. The 3×3 lesser lightning judgment, the 6×6 savage lightning judgment, and the 9×9 chaotic lightning judgment. During the 3×3 lesser lightning judgment, Jodye had to endure three judgment thunderbolts falling from the heavens. Each bolt was twice as strong as the previous. After the first round, Jodye was horrified to discover that he was forced to endure two more rounds of the same trial.

“If just a 3×3 lesser lightning judgment is already so scary, how terrifying must the 6×6 savage lightning judgment be?” Jodye grimaced as a chill ran down his spine, “Are there six rounds of six tribulation bolts?”

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Jodye felt that if he didn’t have the Vajra Scepter, he would have surely died during the first round alone. He could understand why everyone was so shocked to find out he was not only the one who angered the heavens but that he managed to endure the punishment and even increase his rank.

After surviving the assault of the heavens, Jodye met up with Lily and River Nile. However, he was soon attacked by Lily’s son, Joovee Nile the Neofrost Master. Once everything was settled, Joovee became Jodye’s big bro, and everyone left to attend the auction. While departing from the Star Reaching Forest near the Twilight Mountain Range, Jodye played with River as he marveled over the changes yesterday’s adventure had brought. Once he returned to the city, the group dropped off Lily and River Nile, before heading over to the Purple-Sky Tower. Jodye Trill, Sigma Octanis, and Joovee Nile were currently inside one of the boxed rooms. They had arrived here mere moments ago as the previous host was bidding farewell. Jodye Trill was wearing a mask he received from Joovee Nile and had converged his breath.

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Sigma and Cassan were worried that one of the goons in the underground base below the Twilight Mountain Range would have gotten a chance to record Jodye’s face on a magic image stone. With the magic image stone, it would be easy to identify him. Thus they exhorted the Neofrost Master to help his new little brother.

Jodye was impressed with this neofrost mask he was gifted, as it could block out perceptions below the Prism Mage rank. This mask was indeed a treasure to the current Jodye, he would be able to pull off all sorts of mischief with this in his inventory!

He intended to thoroughly study its composition at the first opportunity.

From time to time, a spiritual sense would sweep over them, which was beginning to infuriate Sigma and Joovee, and even Jodye was irritated, “Must we be of such a low profile? Aren’t you two total big shots around here? This is so lame.”

“It’s best to always move with a bit of discretion, Jupiter. Being too reckless will not serve you against your enemies,” said Uncle Sigma in response to his apprentice26apprenticeAn apprentice or student is someone who is learning something from a teacher. While the relation is sacred, and there are mutual obligations between the apprentice and the teacher, there is no commitment between them. A disciple40discipleone who accepts the knowledge of and assists in spreading the doctrines of another, taking them as a master., on the other hand, has committed himself to the master, and the art of his master. The disciple has committed to entering and mastering a secret branch of knowledge and has requested the master to accept him into the arcane path. The relationship is very sacred and the obligations are binding.. Joovee Nile crossed his arms and nodded as if he had given Sigma’s word’s his stamp of approval.

Jodye Trill rolled his eyes. Once he started buying treasures, would they not be targeted anyway? Would it really matter if they wore masks at that point? The room was full of masters, they would be able to recognize the signature of their atmosphere!

Joovee Nile seemed to see through Jodye’s thoughts as he sneered, “Don’t dare look down of the magnificence of my creations! Typically, I would never offer up one of these neofrost masks, because their most unique function is the ability to lock in your aura. As long as you don’t use excessive strength, no one will be able to lock-on to your aura. You, brat, simply don’t possess the strength required to worry about this.”

Not qualified?

Jodye Trill frowned as he felt he was being disdained. Merely, it was a fact that his strength was currently frail in the face of this powerful madman. Not to mention that the ancient titan in his memories was several thousand times more powerful than Jodye’s current form. He knew the most how wimpy he was when compared to true peak warriors. After all, he was still in the Wimpy Man Realm of the Titanic Rage Law4Lawthe rules and principles that create, govern, and maintain the energies of the universe. When laws come into harmony they form different systems naturally, with as many functions as the laws in harmony. For laws to enter a state of harmony, they must be compatible and have a proper conduit such as a star, or anything with its own unique Origin source law. With a good enough conduit it is possible to make incompatible laws reach a state of harmony, but in such a scenario there is a high chance of the force turning cancerous. The condensation of law energy produces what is known as Force or Qi... The next plateau was the Puny Mortal Realm followed by the Demi-God Realm.

Even though he had finally reached the tenth level of the Wimpy Man Realm, Jodye still had a very long way to go before he reached the peak. Being a Level 10 Wimpy Man was utterly unprecedented, and Jodye was already traveling a completely untrodden path. After reaching level 11, he intended to finally open his first gate of power, located right behind his origin pool at the what was known as the root.

This would result in a complete transformation of his life form. At that point, he would no longer be purely hero, but a cosmic creature tempered by astral forces.

This was why Jodye got incomparably excited about this auction. Hopefully, he would be able to locate something similar to Frozen Heart Star Grass and the Epoch Flower. If he did manage to purchase those medicinal herbs or even a suitable substitute, then he would be able to refine the Big Wimp Pellet.

“The Big Wimp Pellet is a mere D-grade qi pill, but its astral qi potency is incredible! The Big Wimp Pellet is at the absolute limit for its grade. I don’t have my own origin flame yet, so refining a D-grade qi pill will actually be quite the challenge, hmm.”

With this Big Wimp Pellet, Jodye would be able to transform his body further and push his Titanic cultivation to the next level! Now that he had already achieved the tenth level due to the 3×3 lesser lightning judgment, the remaining pure astral essence should even be enough to help him open the gate of power!

If that happened, then Jodye would genuinely become a mighty elite level powerhouse.

“A word, host,” Came Trippy’s emotionless voice. Jodye didn’t respond, but he shifted his attention inward, prompting the artifact spirit to continue, “With the Vajra Scepter, it is more than possible to subdue any magical fire with sentience. It is even possible to subdue a sky flame. This servant would suggest using Vajra Scepter’s thunderbolt force to form a fire with your true essence.”

“I’m sorry, what now? This is possible?” Jodye Trill was dumbfounded by what he just heard, he found himself unable to understand it. To become an alchemist, the young Jupiter had been gifted with the gallbladder, viscera, and second heart of an actual true dragon. Refining this allowed him to develop his own true dragon flames in the process.

Jodye didn’t have such excellent conditions or preferential treatment. He would have to depend on himself.

As Jodye Trill looked down at the auction field in excitement, he immediately noticed the beautiful Bilan Moon who had come with her two guardians. This was due in large part to the wisp of divine sense he had placed on her dress a day or so back. Jodye turned to Sigma and beckoned him with his hand, “Unc, hurry, come check this out! That’s her, the girl who I told you should be your half-disciple!”

“Hmm?” Uncle Sigma allowed his perception to be guided by this brat Jodye, and it landed on a porcelain doll-like little girl in a green dress who indeed looked similar to his disciple. Sigma’s attention then shifted to the old lady in green robes next to Bilan Moon, who coincidently tilted her head up to look in their direction. Jodye was shocked when this happened, but Sigma was far less so. He had already pegged this woman as rather formidable. At least, he was not confident in defeating her without violating the curse’s restriction on his cultivation base.

Such a thing was quite expensive in cost.

“It seems our little friend from before has arrived,” said the old lady in green indifferently. However, Bilan shot her a puzzled look, as if she simply couldn’t understand why this lady was speaking to herself. The older woman felt exasperated, “The negus boy, my child. Your new friend from the one from the other day, the one you won’t shut up about.

“Ah! You mean young noble Trill!” Bilan Moon’s eyes sparkled, “Where is he martial-aunt? Can we meet with him?”

“Oh, of course, it’s the exact same brat you keep mentioning lately, do not pretend,” scolded Aunt Miran, “We simply have no need to meet with someone of such low birth.”

“Lady Miran, while it’s true that House Moon has an excellent status in Rodinia, you are not a direct descendant of that lineage like your niece here,” the old lady’s words were soft yet stern, and they came in the company of a certain spiritual pressure. This woman was obviously no pushover! “Besides, we are not in Rodinia currently. Do you truly think the origins of that extraordinary youth are as humble as you claim? Do you not remember the status of the negus clans back home? The weakest of them is still a third rank clan. Do you think it would be very different here?”

Aunt Miran thought back to the youth’s terrifying speed, and his infuriating parting words. Indeed, her rage had almost made her rash once again. There was no way in hell that boy was someone simple, “You are correct, Master Grey Willow. I apologize.”

“Mn.” Master Grey Willow turned back to Bilan and spoke gently while motioning towards the window and Sigma’s private box, “The boy is above us in a V.I.P. box, so we will not likely meet him.”

Bilan Moon looked up at the indicated window but just saw two masked faces staring down at her, causing her to be a bit startled. She turned to Master Grey Willow and whined, “Martial-aunty, how do you even know it’s him?”

“Although his features are magnificently hidden, I don’t know of any other young man who would search for you and even inform his senior, whose perception I detected,” replied Master Grey Willow, seemingly amused. Her disciple was beautiful for sure, and this was a voodoo state. Nonetheless, Master Grey Willow felt her own presence was a suitable deterrent against any foreign foes probing them. Moreover, she recognized this negus boy’s senior. The only thing that surprised her was the fact that this boy seemed to have ascended to the same realm as her niece. This was a terrifying improvement speed. It had been less than a day, right? However, right at that moment, Master Grey Willow stiffened. Luckily, seconds later her face relaxed into a slight smile, “It seems you will get your wish after all. We have been invited up by the boy’s patron.”

“Uncle Sigma before they come up, there’s something you both should know,” Sigma and Joovee both raised a brow at Jodye’s words. Jodye Trill felt rather fearless around Joovee Nile the Neofrost Master because the mage was bound by the divine law to assist Jodye should he face adversity. Plus, Jodye trusted this half-teacher Sigma with his life at any place. Jodye continued speaking while demonstrating his international spy pose, “Actually, my real name isn’t Jupiter. It’s Trill. Jodye Trill.”


Jodye was stunned to see his companions rolling around on the floor laughing at him. He felt embarrassed and annoyed, as he shouted out, “What exactly is so funny?!”

“Kid, did you really believe we didn’t know that Jupiter was a fake name? What are you the ancient heavenly king of the Titans? Get real, twerp,” spat Uncle Sigma in disdain. Jodye felt funny when he heard the bit about the Titans, but he was also fuming at the moment. So it turns out T’Zhane was more popular in the upper realms then Jodye had initially considered. Sigma simply never took his name seriously from the beginning.

These jerks…

“Seriously kid, who would really believe you were named Jupiter,” asked Joovee Nile nonchalantly from the side. So it turned out his name was a source of amusement to those who heard it. Jodye was now strongly considering changing his alias.

The auction started again, and the new host was surprisingly Vanessa Purple-Sky, the secret auctioneer who had helped Jodye previously. Only she wasn’t introduced as Vanessa Veto, but as Vanessa Purple-Sky instead. Apparently, she had received some benefits from bringing Jodye to the manager. First, she courteously greeted and welcomed everyone, as some servants rolled the third auction item onto the stage.

After revealing what was in the box, it turned out to by Jodye’s D-grade Phantom Sabers. He had almost forgotten he had put them up to be auctioned.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the first item I’ll introduce to you tonight are these two dual D-grade combat gear, the Phantom Sabers!” Vanessa Purple-Sky looked very elegant in her purple robes. “These special D-grade weapons actually give an astounding 20% boost in strength! No, I’m not joking, we have verified them ourselves. I’m not going to be too long-winded, the price starts at three million silver crystal notes. Let the bidding begin!”

Three million silver? That was basically three thousand gold or three single amethyst notes. In Jodye’s eyes, this price wasn’t much at all, it was rather small. However, this was only the starting price, and it would increase with every bid. Jodye felt that he had been too flustered in regards to his own resources, thanks to being a bandit he was already filthy rich.

Joovee Nile had spent some time re-educating Jodye on certain financial matters once he heard the latter casually mention his wealth of origin stones. Now, Jodye knew that he had been underestimating his wealth by a large margin. Money in this world was totally more primitive then what he was accustomed too! Merely a low-grade origin stone cost about 100,000 silver crystal notes or 100 gold crystal notes. Previously, Jodye had valued these origin stones at no less than 5 million silver crystal notes.

However, he was very incorrect in this. Jodye had a total of 536 low-grade origin stones, as well as an excessive amount of wealth.

“The crystal notes are actually carved out of and refined from different grades of origin crystals. An unrefined origin ore has a bronzed color, whereas low-grade origin crystals release a silver color. Thus, the color of the notes could only follow suit. Mid-grade origin crystals are gold in color, and high-grade origin crystals are a beautiful violet-purple, just like spirit amethyst,” Jodye Trill tabulated the new information in his head.

“Even for a small origin crystal, the value is worth 100 origin gems, just like the one Grandpa Geb had given me that year.“

Due to Sigma placing a retired international criminal like Jodye Trill in charge of his Shooting Star Heavenly House’s security team, Jodye had easily finessed a fortune by manipulating the various game machines with his divine energy. He had secretly earned around 10,000 amethyst crystal notes.

After realizing precisely what this wealth represented, Jodye was speechless. He had gone a bit overboard. With Jodye’s 21st-century earth mentality, he subconsciously assumed that notes alone wouldn’t amount to much. Jodye thought that he needed millions of the highest tier note, or he was nothing. However, now he knew that just the amount he possessed now gave him significant capital. “From what my father told me before, there’s nothing in this land that can be compared paper bills. The closest thing should be this crystal notes. In fact, many people trade origin stones, gems, and crystals directly. However, who knew that crystal notes were also so valuable.”

During the auction, crystal notes were predominantly what was used to bid. However, during the payment process buyers could pay using other items of value. Things such as origin stones or medical force pills. Generally speaking, most people used origin stones or tablets, as notes were usually only kept by faithful consumers, as opposed to martial artists.

For these reasons, Jodye felt his current wealth could only be defeated by Sigma, this cunning and wealthy tycoon.

Nonetheless, a D-grade combat gear that provided at 20% boost in strength was rather uncommon in the lawless deep south. Most D-grade combat gears gave a boost right around 15-17%. To mercenary groups especially, this type of weapon would be highly sought after. Let alone a set of two.

“3.2 million silver crystal notes!” a familiar voice entered Jodye’s ears from behind, but he didn’t have to turn around to know that it was that insufferable Aunt Miran. As Jodye had kept his divine awareness extended out to cover most of the tower, the entire V.I.P. box with his well within perception.

The three females had just been escorted into the private box, sitting across from Jodye and company. However, Jodye and Sigma were both still looking out the window at the ongoing auction.

Sigma and Neofrost noticed the dull look in Jodye’s eyes when this lady spoke, and immediately recognized that the boy didn’t like her for some reason.

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