Chapter 53 – Starts

Yang Tian had decided not to spend too much effort as a Martialist, but Purple Divine Sun Art’s ability to adjust and recover the body was not bad. By cultivating Purple Sun Divine Art, it would allow Yang Tian to feel more energetic the next day, the effects were much better than merely sleeping.

“That secret art that you are cultivating requires a strong body, or it would not display any noticeable effects. At most, it can only function as a method to recharge yourself.”

“I have a secret art that can enhance your physique, do you want it?”

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Yang Tian ignored everything the Violent Corpse Worm Mother said. Yang Tian was able to guess what it was planning, which was to enter Yang Tian’s heart.

Once it enters the heart, it will be a permanent symbiosis. Yang Tian might have used Soul Taming on the Violent Corpse Worm Mother, but a permanent symbiosis meant that their lives were wholly bounded together. Yang Tian would never allow his life to be tied together with a bug.

Being ignored by Yang Tian, the Violent Corpse Worm Mother also went quiet.

Icy cold energy pierced Yang Tian’s skin and awakened him from the cultivating.

“It’s here.”

This night would be a night full of howling, numerous lifeforms will turn into a member of the zombies.

Yang Tian quickly returned to the small house and placed a thick blanket on Xiao Xiao’s body. Seeing that Xiao Xiao was still peacefully sleeping, Yang Tian also felt assured.

“Boss, why did it suddenly turn so cold?”

Xu Dafu was hugging Wang Yu outside the door and spoke while trembling. He was only wearing a short sleeve shirt and tonight’s temperature has reached -3 degrees, Wang Yu was likely finding it the hardest to endure the situation.

Char Char

Charmander grabbed its tail and approached Wang Yu, the flame on its tail helping Wang Yu to feel better.

“Endure it, do not fall asleep.”

The temperature will continue to drop. A piercing pain was felt when the cold wind blew on Yang Tian’s face.

“Everyone head to the warehouse first.”

Yang Tian pondered for a moment before he told them to seek shelter from the cold inside the warehouse. If the temperature continues to drop further, just a few blankets would not be enough to resist the cold.

After everyone entered the warehouse, Yang Tian went back to the house and wrapped Xiao Xiao inside a blanket before bringing her to the warehouse as well.

“Start a fire.”

On the edge of the warehouse was more than a dozen pieces of charcoal, excellent to start a fire.

“This feels much better.”

“Boss, why did the weather suddenly turned so cold?”

Wang Yu could not help but ask since she was the least likely to endure this situation safely after all.

“This is the start of an Epidemic. When the sun rises, a large number of zombies would appear globally.”

“Boss, where will those… zombies come from?”

“Any lifeform failing to survive tonight will turn into a zombie.”

Therefore, the more densely populated a place was, the more zombies would appear at that location. When an ordinary person experiences such a sudden drop in temperature, it was tough for their bodies to endure.

The number of zombies in large cities were absolutely terrifying. Especially B City, the number of zombie attacks it experienced was said to be the most serious globally.

Scientist in the late period of the Post-Apocalyptic Era had once theorized: The number of zombies that appeared on B City on that day was equivalent to the combined number that appeared in all the capitals in the world.

“Won’t many people in F City turn into zombies?”

“When morning arrives, just in our immediate vicinity, there would be many zombies. At that time, you guys will be able to image how dangerous F City will become.”

F City would certainly be a terrifying place to be due to the zombie attacks, but there will also be a group of people who will stand out and become leaders. Sky Hegemon Blade Sage will be one of them, just that Sky Hegemon Blade Sage was only one individual, he did not successfully bring Fortune Boat University out of that crisis.

“Little Yu, did you have any family in F City?” Xu Dafu asked.

“My family is in H City.”

Wang Yu was slightly depressed. They were currently in this terrifying Post-Apocalyptic Era and she was not even able to properly take care of herself, let alone her family who were far away in H City. She did not have the courage to image what hardships her family was currently facing.

“Bang Bang”

A series of banging noise came from the door of the Manor.


“Dafu, follow me to take a look. Little Yu, take care of Xiao Xiao.”

Yang Tian passed Xiao Xiao in his arms to Wang Yu before leaving with Xu Dafu to check the situation.


Yang Tian saw hundreds of zombies outside the Manor. These zombies were previously villagers from the nearby village.

“Boss. These are all not our…”

“We need to clean them up, we must not let Xiao Xiao see this.”

These villagers have lived with Xiao Xiao for quite a period, if Xiao Xiao sees their current state, it will be inevitable for her to lose control of her emotions.

Several hundred Crazy Vines attacked the zombies at the same time. Fortunately, the zombies were only Rank 1 and won’t be much of a threat.

“Boss, something’s wrong. How come they are retreating?”

The zombies were retreating in a neat line.

Their actions today seemed more like a probe; regular zombies only know how to attack and they do not know how to retreat.

It looks like a Zombie King have been born, only a Zombie King possesses the ability to control regular zombies. A Zombie King is at Commander Tier and possesses intelligence not lower than humans’.  

Each Zombie King would also have powerful abilities as well, Yang Tian develop a strong curiosity towards the Zombie King that was hiding in the shadows.

“Nevermind, let them go.”

“Boss, this is my first time seeing such strange zombies.”

“They are not here to seek a fight, do not underestimate them.”

Yang Tian turned around and went back into the warehouse.

“Boss, is everything alright?”

“Hard to say.”

The Zombie King was probing the Manor, this was not a good thing. A Zombie King possesses intelligence and would not do things that don’t benefit itself, something must have attracted its attention inside the Manor.

“Let’s rest first!”

F City

Large amounts of civilians were unable to withstand the cold air and have turned into zombies roaming the streets. The initially densely populated roads have turned into a zombie horde. Humans who were able to endure the phenomenon have all hidden, their hearts were filled with terror as they looked at the roaming zombies on the streets. Some even envy the ones that died peacefully in their sleep.

At that moment, the insects and mutated beasts within F City have nearly all become food for the zombies. Those smarter one have already gone hiding. If they continue to treat zombies as humans, then it was inevitable that they will have to pay the price.

Zombies do not fear pain, they would shred apart any creature in front of them.

Insects and mutated beasts that believed they were infallible will all become food. In the past, they see humans as food; now, they have turned into food for others.

Wretched howls and screams could be heard coming from the streets and alleys of F City but this time those sounds were not from humans.

Fortune Boat University

“Why did so many students turn into zombies?”

“No matter, we need to quickly kill them. If a normal student is scratched by a zombie, they will turn into one as well.”

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The battle situation within Fortune Boat University could be said to be extremely anxious. The students were initially all gathered together, but a small group of them suddenly turned into zombies, causing the other students near them to suffer a calamity.

“Hu Jun, go and protect my Grandpa. I will take care of their injuries.”

“Teacher Guan, please be careful.”

Putting aside the Metahumans that Yang Tian had killed earlier on, there were still several Metahumans in Fortune Boat University; it was a pity that the zombies have higher numbers.

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