Chapter 50 – Planes Merchant

“Dafu… seemed to have turned into a completely different person today.”

The usual Xu Dafu would give Wang Yu a feeling that he was an extremely gentle person but Wang Yu had discovered that she was wrong just in the day, outrageously wrong.

Xu Dafu had caused Wang Yu to feel a terror that struck deep into her soul.

“Xiao Xiao has slept. Let us go out.”

Xiao Xiao had already fallen asleep thanks to Wang Yu’s care so Yang Tian got the latter to come out and tell him everything that has happened today.

“He went to Cloud Secondary School and… killed everyone there.”

Wang Yu’s lips were trembling when she said that sentence. However, she was still able to tell the whole story to Yang Tian:

Xu Dafu was initially brought Wang Yu around to kill hunt some weak Mutated Beasts and Insects. However, as they hunted, they eventually arrived somewhere close to Cloud Town. Xu Dafu even saw some of his “ex-classmates”.

“So it is you, the damn fatty. What are you riding that pig for?”

“I must say, this pig does look awe-inspiring, too bad you are not worthy of it.”

The moment they met, mockery and sneers rained down on Xu Dafu; unfortunately, the current Xu Dafu was no longer the Xu Dafu of the past.

“It looks like all of you are asking to die!”

Xu Dafu slashed his claws on their chests, creating huge injuries, but they were not instantly killed. Instead, the acid was slowly corroded and ate away their bodies, causing all of them to die in utter pain.

Seeing their pleading gazes that were filled with helplessness, a madness appeared from deep within Xu Dafu’s eyes.

Weren’t you guys very powerful before? Why have you become bugs that I can step and kill whenever I want now?

Xu Dafu then headed towards Cloud Secondary alone; Wang Yu had noticed something was wrong and quickly followed after him, leaving behind the Brain-Eating Terror Hog at its original spot.

When Wang Yu arrived at Cloud Secondary, she saw Xu Dafu massacring everyone. Under the power of his icicles, human life became very cheap.

The strongest person of Cloud Secondary, the Rank 2 Qigong Master Zheng Yong, was unable to handle Xu Dafu’s fighting method of exchanging injury for injury. In the end, Xu Dafu smashed Zheng Yong’s head into pieces which instantly killed him.

What remained were just some small fries, but Xu Dafu did not have any intention of letting them go. Especially those individuals who mocked Xu Dafu when he first arrived, Xu Dafu made sure to give them some special treatment.

By the time Wang Yu woke up from the situation, Xu Dafu was standing in front of her and not a single place on his entire body was not covered in blood.

Wang Yu could not endure what she had witnessed and vomited.

“Let’s go!”

Xu Dafu’s voice seemed to possess a magical charm, causing Wang Yu to very obediently follow behind him.


Even now, when Wang Yu recalled what she had seen, she still felt a lingering fear.

“Then what about that fruit? Did you picked it up on the road during the return journey?”

“Dafu found it on the roadside.”

“Okay, I understand.”

Massacre? It is impossible for Carnivores to develop without killing, but a powerful Carnivore must learn self-control.

Yang Tian would not place too many restrictions on Xu Dafu, but he wants the latter to learn to exercise restraint.

“Boss, will Dafu…”

“He will not have any accidents even if you have an accident.”

Yang Tian’s words did not reassure Wang Yu. Spiders are very sensitive to danger and since she could sense danger from Xu Dafu, she would not dare to be near Xu Dafu for some time.

Yang Tian arrived at a secluded spot within the Manor so that no one would discover him. Also, Yang Tian brought along the skeletons of both Ghost Spider and Jaw Bug with him.

“I need to perform a trade.”

Yang Tian cut his palm, allowing blood to flow out. After that, Yang Tian used the blood dripped on the ground to draw a strange rune.

“Merchants wandering the universe, I want to make a deal with you.”

A faint figure appeared from the strange rune.

“Hello, Human! Feel free to tell me anything you need, but remember, you will have to pay the corresponding price.”

“Shop Owner Lotsa Money, I want to use two Rank 3 Creature skeletons to exchange for something that can increase my abilities. The premise is that the item must be a hundred percent safe.”

“I did not expect that this blue planet has someone who knows me, Lotsa Money. The skeleton of Rank 3 Creatures, no! They are Abyss Creatures, their value is halved.”

It the eyes of the Planes Merchant, the value of Abyss Creature Skeletons have been reduced by half; something that Yang Tian had expected. This was not his first time trading with a Planes Merchant.

Amongst the Planes Merchants, Lotsa Money was one who possessed a relatively good temper.


“I like your straightforwardness, Young Man.”

After Lotsa Money spoke, he disappeared. The strange rune on the ground was also gone, replacing it was a blue color book.

Purple Sun Divine Art! Rank 2 Cultivation Technique!

Yang Tian was startled for a moment, he did not expect to obtain the Purple Sun Divine Art from the <The Smiling, Proud Wanderer> World from the deal with Lotsa Money.

Purple Sun Divine Art is a gentle type of cultivation technique, learning it will not be dangerous! However, he wanted to use the item he got from the trade for Xiao Xiao and Xiao Xiao was still too young to understand and cultivate this in time.

It looks like he needs to learn this first and transfer the energy to Xiao Xiao.

However, Yang Tian needs to rest now, his Rank 2 Mental Power was nearly drained completely after summoning a Planes Merchant. He is unable to recover his Mental Power by eating Mutated Carrots or Red Fruits, Mental Power can only recover through resting.

Yang Tian slept till the sun rose, this had been the only time that Yang Tian had slept so deeply. Fortunately, nothing happened when he was asleep.

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Cultivating the Purple Sun Divine Art can allow an ordinary person to develop into a Rank 2 Martialist, but they will not be able to reach Rank 3 unless they cultivate another stronger cultivation technique.

“Worth a try.”

With Rank 2 Mental Power, Yang Tian’s cultivation efficiency would undoubtedly be higher than an ordinary person.

After cultivating for an hour, Inner Energy appeared within Yang Tian. Now, Yang Tian could be considered as a Rank 1 Martialist as well.

Become a Rank 1 Martialist has strengthened Yang Tian’s physique, but Yang Tian did not plan to put too much effort into developing as a Martialist. Yang Tian was familiar with becoming a Beast Tamer and has been developing himself towards that path of a Beast Tamer as well.

Yang Tian only became a Martialist because he wanted to strengthen Xiao Xiao’s physique! Even if Yang Tian wished to develop a second profession, he would also start from the Devil Fruit and will not consider being a Martialist.

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For a Martialist to grow, they would require talent and resources, these were things he could not afford to consume.

When Yang Tian memorize the Purple Sun Divine Art, the book containing the technique dissipated into the air. This was an individual transaction, the transaction was fulfilled the moment Yang Tian had memorized the Purple Sun Divine Art. Moreover, if others were to check the book, they would also be unable to see the contents within.

“The Epidemic will descend tomorrow, I must increase Xiao Xiao’s physique to the greatest possible level today.”

Yang Tian returned to the small house and transferred Purple Sun Divine Art’s Inner Energy that he had cultivated this morning into Xiao Xiao’s body.

“Big Brother, your palm is so warm.”

Xiao Xiao was enjoying this situation. As the Inner Energy entered Xiao Xiao’s body, it also passively strengthened her physique.

Next, Yang Tian spent another hour to cultivate Purple Sun Divine Art and used another ten minutes to transfer it into Xiao Xiao’s body.

After a day’s effort, Xiao Xiao was unaware that she nearly became a Rank 2 Martialist.

A Metahuman would learn automatically learn skills as their ranks increased. However, it was not as easy for Martialists to learn skills.

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