Chapter 49 – Black Widow

“If this is the Inheritance Light of a Lizard Warrior, you will have a hundred percent chance of absorbing it, but the highest you can reach is only a Rank 2 Lizard Warrior and will never have the chance to break through to higher ranks. However, for the Inheritance Light of the Ghost Spider or Jaw Bug, you will not have such limitations, but the absorption process will also relatively be much more dangerous.”

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“Boss, I want to absorb.”

“Then choose one!”

Yang Tian handed both Inheritance Lights to Wang Yu, leaving it to her to decide which one she wants to absorb.

Ghost Spider

Wang Yu chose the Inheritance Light of Ghost Spider in the end and it was within Yang Tian’s expectation. The Ghost Spider was much stronger than the Jaw Bug, easily surpassing the latter in both strength and speed.

“Boss, I choose this one.”

Wang Yu returned the Inheritance Light of the Jaw Bug to Yang Tian.

“The rest is up to you.”

Wang Yu solemnly nodded.

Wang Yu was once injured thoroughly by the human nature of the Post-Apocalyptic Era, only after g that experience did she understand the meaning of having power in the Post-Apocalyptic World. She clearly knew that Yang Tian was a dangerous character, yet she still chose to follow Yang Tian, wasn’t that all for this day?

Wang Yu might have Xu Dafu to protect her, but that was ultimately not her own power.

Wang Yu slowly placed the Inheritance Light inside her mouth. There was no change at the beginning; but shortly after, Wang Yu’s body started bloating up.

It was undoubtedly a painful process.

Yang Tian took out the Devil Fruit he had obtained from before; even with his current Rank 2 Mental Power and the Examine skill, he was still unable to determine the what type of Devil Fruit it was.

During the change of the Earth’s magnetic field during the descend of Apocalypse, some “items” from other planes would flow into Earth. The Devil Fruits were one of those.

What’s more, the Devil Fruits that flowed into Earth also held a restriction, each life form could only consume one. Yang Tian would not casually absorb a Devil Fruit until he is clear what type it is.

While Yang Tian was checking the Devil Fruit in his hand, the bloated Wang Yu started to shrink. She quickly returned to her usual size.


Xu Dafu could not help but call out to him! Wang Yu was after all his first woman, he was very concerned for her.

It was a success.

Yang Tian was able to determine Wang Yu’s current state just by looking; the inheritance was a success, and Wang Yu has become a Metahuman now.

Black Widow? That is pretty interesting.

Yang Tian was able to observe Wang Yu’s ability, a Black Widow Metahuman.

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It was considered a rarer type of Metahuman. Like Beast Warriors, Black Widows also can beastify but they were able to control their powers and prevent the transformation from becoming permanent.

Seeing that Wang Yu’s abdomen was slightly bulged, Wang Yu has likely inherited the spider’s ability to spin silk.

“You still need to adapt to your new powers. When morning arrives, you can go out with them to practice your skills.”

Wang Yu had only just awakened her abilities and was indeed lacking control of her powers. Only by fighting will she be able to practice and refine her control; a Black Widow’s control had effects that will be quite useful in fights.

“Understand, Boss.”

Wang Yu had just obtained power and could not help wanting to test it. Xu Dafu just happened to be present to accompany her for some practice.

However, what worried Yang Tian the most was the Epidemic that will be coming in two days. Yang Tian was confident that the physiques of his group would have no problem facing the Epidemic, all except Xiao Xiao; which was the source of his worries.

The uncertainties caused by Yang Tian’s early reunion with Xiao Xiao had caused him to feel unsure of Xiao Xiao’s ability to survive the Epidemic this time.

Yang Tian was considering whether he should let Xiao Xiao consume the Devil Fruit. However, Yang Tian was also worried that this Devil Fruit has a trashy ability. After absorbing the Devil Fruit, Xiao Xiao’s physique would undoubtedly increase, significantly increasing her safety.

The Devil Fruit was a gamble, one that Yang Tian did not want to use unless he was absolutely out of options. As for the Jaw Bug’s Inheritance Light, Yang Tian had immediately discarded it from his list of choices.

Morning came, Xiao Xiao woke up.

“Big Brother, where is Sister Little Rain?”

“Sister Little Yu has something to do, Big Brother will accompany you today.”

The moment dawn arrived, Xu Dafu and Brain-Eating Terror Hog brought Wang Yu with them to experience real fights.

“Big Brother, I have something to ask you.”

“Sure Xiao Xiao! Big Brother will answer any of your questions!”

“Big Brother, will we see any of those terrifying bugs here? Xiao Xiao is afraid of those bugs that eat people, they have eaten Xiao Xiao’s uncles and aunties.”

“Don’t worry about it Xiao Xiao, Big Brother will protect you when you are here.”

Yang Tian accompanied Xiao Xiao and played with her in the Manor for the rest of the day; the Crazy Vine was turned into a playmate, turning into a swing, see-saw…

During dusk, both Xu Dafu and Wang Yu rode Brain-Eating Terror Hog and returned to the Manor.

“Boss, we are back!”

“Have you got the things I wanted?”

“It’s here.”

On Xu Dafu’s back was a bag stuffed with children’s toys. This was something that Yang Tian specifically requested before the group left the Manor.

“There are so many toys.”

Yang Tian placed some of the toys in Xiao Xiao’s hands, this was also the first time that Xiao Xiao has seen so many exciting toys, and she was extremely happy.

Wang Yu was also covered in traces of blood, it seemed like she had accumulated several injuries during the fights.

“Clean yourself up and accompany Xiao Xiao later.” Yang Tian instructed Wang Yu.

Yang Tian looked at the thing in Xu Dafu’s hand with a strange expression.

After Wang Yu washed up and carried Xiao Xiao into the small house, Xu Dafu took out the thing from earlier.

“Where did you get this from?”

“I saw this on the roadside when we are heading to a small supermart in Cloud Town.”

Xu Dafu was holding a Devil Fruit in his hand.

Back then, Yang Tian had instructed them to bring back any strange looking fruits if they encounter one. Yang Tian did not expect Xu Dafu to really find one today.

This was already the second Devil Fruit.

The Post-Apocalyptic Era had just started not too long ago, and Yang Tian had obtained two Devil Fruits. In his previous life, even after an entire year, Yang Tian had never seen a shadow of a Devil Fruit.

When did Devil Fruits become so common?

“Boss, what effects does this have?”

“The effect? I currently do not know as well.”

Yang Tian also failed to use Examine to find out the type of Devil Fruit that Xu Dafu brought back.

“What did you do in Cloud Town today?”

“I… also nothing much.”

When Xu Dafu replied, his face was slightly ugly. However, the scent of blood on his body has betrayed him and the gaze that Wang Yu left on Xu Dafu earlier on obviously contained fear.

“You should learn to properly control yourself.”

Yang Tian patted Xu Dafu’s shoulders.

Yang Tian used his Rank 2 Mental Power to suppress the murderous energy that was about to erupt within Xu Dafu’s body at any time.

Xu Dafu hid at a corner of the Manor, at that moment what he needed was a quiet environment so that he could control his negative emotions.

Yang Tian also instructed Charmander and the rest to not disturb Xu Dafu.

The eyes of Brain-Eating Terror Hog remained calm, it did not seem to notice anything wrong with Xu Dafu today.

Yang Tian turned and entered the small house, he wanted to understand what had happened earlier in the day from Wang Yu.

“B… Boss”

“Tell me. What happened today?”

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