Returning to the Royal Capital

“So…this is the royal capital of Sable Radiance…how majestic…awe-inspiring”

The moment we stepped into the royal capital, No.6 was the very definition of disbelief. I could only imagine how much this sight shocked him. After all, he was a devil who just crawled out of the Blood Sea, through blood, claw and luck, just like what I had gone through. But just like me, there weren’t that many structures in our path here.

Even though No.6 claimed to know have some architectural experience, I was still on the fence about believing that. It was true that there were differences between each devil’s inherited memories, but for the difference to be this great…one was an ordinary grunt and the other was a natural born architect…quite unbelievable.

Something had to be said here however. Though I was implying that he was lying to me, that in of itself was amazing. Devils who spawned from the Blood Sea… well, this was the first time I saw a devil like No.6 who could lie like a professional. Truth be told, the impression Blood Sea born devils gave me was that of a potato, like No.3…

Perhaps it was precisely because he could tell how much more intelligent he was that No.6 looked down on No.3. It was like how ancient scholars used to look down on soldiers…hmm, but in Purgatory, it was martial strength that was respected.

“Master, please do not give your servant that look.” Perhaps the stare I was giving him was a little too telling, No.6 suddenly interrupted my contemplations. “Your servant really does possess architectural knowledge, there is no question there at all. If Master does not believe your servant…”

“As of right now, I’m willing to believe you, because if you don’t satisfy me…” I grinned at No.6. “Well you know what will happen.”

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“…”No.6 immediately broke out in cold sweat. “Your servant does in fact possess that skill set. Your servant will do his best…no, your servant will definitely satisfy Master’s wishes…”

“Mhm, very good, work hard then, shounen.”


“Ah, I order you to forget those words, thank you very much.” Having just let slip a little bit of useless quipping, I lightly bit down on my teeth. “Don’t make me help you forget them, thank you very much.”


No.6 shrunk inwards, not daring to speak at all. ‘I bet he must thinking what a scary master I am right now…’

“Master, you’re finally back!” Just as we arrived at the entrance of the royal capital, Big 4 came out to welcome us with a bunch of Abyssal Golems. The moment he neared us, he knelt down. “Master, you sure took your time…Big 4 really missed you, don’t you know…”

“Alright, alright, don’t just kneel like that all of a sudden, get up.”

“Okay.” Big 4 stood up, swept his eyes over our group before revealing an uneasy look. “Master, what about No.3?”

“Oh, No.3? That fellow is still at the lava lake. I have some construction planned for that area and I’m lacking manpower right now.”

“Construction plans?” Big 4 was clearly stumped by those words as he blinked at me.

‘Really…that stupid act isn’t cute when used by an Infant Flame Devil…’

“All you need to know is that he stayed behind to complete some work for me.” I always felt that his brain was a little inadequate, so even if I laid it out for him, he most likely won’t understand anyway. With that in mind, I diverted the topic. “And Mother Black Ant?”

Big 4 paused for a second before promptly replying, “She’s busy laying eggs in a dug up hole. She mentioned that the first batch will be out soon, should I bring Master to have a look?”

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“It’s alright, we still have other matters. Go look after her first, once the eggs are ready, come find me in the palace.”

“Understood Master…” Just as those words left his mouth, he realized that I wasn’t planning to bring him along at all. “Master…so I have to stay with Mother Black Ant? But aren’t I your bodyguard…without No.3 to accompany you, I have to be your side…”

“Not for now. There’s no danger within the vicinity of the royal capital. Even if there was, the Abyssal Golems can take care of it.” Looking at that dejected expression on his face, I was a little lost as to how to react. “Alright, alright, I still have a lot of plans to enact, I’ll be sure to bring you along then.”

Having just received that assurance, Big 4 broke into a beaming smile. As for me, I beckoned for No.6 now that the kid that was Big 4 had just been placated.

“Master, is this your castle?” No.6 had no intention of interacting with Big 4 either, just like what happened with No.3. Realizing that I was about to walk off, he promptly kept pace with me while maintaining a certain distance like a loyal dog would. His eyes almost swivelled out of their sockets as he took in the sights around him. Then, he asked of me probingly, “Master, how many of such Abyssal Golems are there? These structures have all been damaged, do you require your servant to fix them? Master…”

At that point, I had just picked up my two little babies, Mo Na and Cinderel, concerned that they were puffed out from all that walking. The two little scamps were extremely comfortable in my arms and that showed immediately in how they started horsing around adorably. Ever since I evolved into a Fallen Angel, my body had strengthened substantially so carrying these two scamps up the capital’s sloped road wasn’t as difficult as before. Still, No.6’s questions were starting to grate on me, plus the questions themselves were a little questionable.

I stopped and blandly asked him, “I honestly thought that you would ask about Mother Black Ant first.”

Unable to contain his curiosity, No.6 answered with a smile. “Ah, your servant is in fact intrigued by that creature known as Mother Black Ant.”

“You’re a clever devil, the kind I’m currently lacking. Because you handed over your soul fragment to me, I’m not afraid of you turning rogue either.” I began warning him as we travelled up the capital’s mountainous road. “But you’re not the one and only either. Truth be told, I used to have over tens of  thousands subordinates before coming here. Had it not been for a certain accident, I would have been in Abaddon instead… Even though intelligent devils like you are rare, but as long as I set out to do so, it’s still possible to find some, so you’re not that special. There are a mountain of such devils who could replace you. My plans won’t stop just because you’re gone, it’s just a matter of expanding some more effort.”

Having said that, I stopped a while and turned around to look him straight in the eyes.

No.6 fell to the ground kneeling with a thump. Lips quivering, he pledged as such, “Your servants understands completely. Whatever Master wishes of your servant, he will do his utmost to accomplish them. Your servant will refrain from being too nosy, he knows his own worth and will endeavor to be more productive and less talkative…”

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