Chapter 110: The Father Has Sentenced the Child to Death

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In her dream, a child is calling out to her, “Save me, Imperial Mother!  Save me!  Imperial Father wants to kill me!  My parents don’t want me, what should I do?  Wuwuwu, I don’t want to go, I want to be your child!  Please don’t throw me away!  Please save me!”

Although she cannot see how that child looks like, she can feel the pain that overpowers her heart when she hears the child sobbing.

The child chases after her and tugs at her dress from behind, “Please save me, Imperial Mother.  Imperial Father wants to kill me.  I don’t want to die.”

Her heart seems to have been teared into pieces.  She turns around to face the child and crouches before him, taking his hand lovingly, “Don’t be scared, Imperial Mother is here.  I will not let anyone hurt you.  I will protect you.  Don’t be afraid.”  She hugs the child comfortingly and her heart is immediately filled with happiness.  A voice inside her firmly tells her to protect the child.

The child suddenly disappears.  Panic conquers her heart as she hastily search for him, “Sweetheart, where are you?  Come to me!”

“Save me, Imperial Mother!  Help!” she can hear the child screaming from afar.

She follows the voice and finds the child being dragged away by two guards.  Jun Qian Che is overseeing everything from the sideline.  She runs up to him and tugs him in the arm anxiously, “Your Majesty, someone is trying to hurt our child!  Do something!”

Jun Qian Che does not move and simply smiles icily.

Mo Qi Qi shakes her head fearfully when she sees the meaning behind the smile, “No.  He is so young.  He is so pitiful!”

Jun Qian Che walks closer to her before pushing her to the ground harshly.

“Ah!” screams Mo Qi Qi as she hits the ground.  Her stomach hurts.  She pats her stomach with her hand and her hand is immediately covered in blood.  “My child!  My child!”

“Argh, no!” screams Mo Qi Qi as she wakes up from that nightmare.  She touches her stomach while looking around.  She finally calms down when she figured out it is just a dream.  Although that dream has been messy and unrealistic, the pain that she felt in her heart was not.  Her entire body is covered in sweat.

Ban Xiang rushes in when she hears Mo Qi Qi screaming, “What happened, Your Ladyship?”

She sits on the bedside and looks at Mo Qi Qi.  She wipes the sweat on Mo Qi Qi’s face with a handkerchief while repeating her question, “What happened?”

Mo Qi Qi shakes her head, “Nothing, just had a nighmare.”

Ban Xiang laughs when she hears that, “So you had a nightmare.  Don’t worry, Your Ladyship.  It is just a dream.  It’s not real.”

“Ban Xiang, do you think I will be able to protect the child that I am carrying?” asks Mo Qi Qi.

Ban Xiang nods confidently, “Of course!  This is your and His Majesty’s first child!  Both of you love him so much, of course he will be just fine.  You worry too much, Your Ladyship.”

“Really?”  But his father is already determined to get rid of him, will he even has the chance to be born?  She has always wanted to get rid of the child, but now that Jun Qian Che is going to do just that, why is she suddenly so unwilling to let him finish it?

“He will be fine!  A child will grow up happily so long as he receives the love of his parents,” replies Ban Xiang optimistically.

Mo Qi Qi forces herself to smile.

She has always been set on getting rid of the foetus, but after that dream, she finds her resolve weakened.  Although the pregnancy is only at it’s early stage, the foetus already has a life.  Wouldn’t it be cruel to abort it like that?  People say that children have pre-destined affinity with their parents.  Since it has already been set, why can’t she just keep the child?  Some people could only dream to be given a child, since she already has been given one, will it really be okay to kill it with her own hands?

Even a tiger will not eat it’s own cub.  She keeps on calling Jun Qian Che cruel, but is she actually any different?  She had always looked forward to having this child aborted; is that something a mother should feel?

How could you be so heartless, Mo Qi Qi?  No matter how much you hate Jun Qian Che, the child is innocent!  He only wants to be by your side, to feel your love, is that too much to ask?

Other people would be excited upon receiving the news of their pregnancy.  She, on the other hand?  The first thing she thought of was that the child needs to go! 

The child in her body has been there for two months.  They have been sharing the same blood, eating the same food.  She cannot bear to lose this child-ah!  What should she do!

Mo Qi Qi pats her stomach gently: Good child.  Please do not hate me.

When Ban Xiang sees Mo Qi Qi adrift in her thoughts, she secretly walks out before returning while carrying something, “Look at this, Your Ladyship.”

“What is it?” Mo Qi Qi opens the clothes that Ban Xiang brought and quickly realizes that they are children’s clothes.  She smiles, “How cute!”

“The little prince or princess can wear this once they are born!” replies Ban Xiang excitedly.

The smile on Mo Qi Qi’s face turns rigid as she puts the clothes back down, “Put them away.”

Ban Xiang can sense her downturning mood, “You don’t like them, Your Ladyship?  His Majesty sent people to send us these.”

“What did you say?  Jun Qian Che sent all these clothes?” asks Mo Qi Qi in shock.

Ban Xiang nods as she continues smiling, “Yes!  Didn’t think His Majesty would love the little prince so much!  He already asked people to tailor the little prince’s clothes!”

Doubts begin to bloom inside Mo Qi Qi’s heart as she eyes the clothes.  What on earth is Jun Qian Che playing at?  He clearly already asked Imperial Physician Wang to brew the abortion tonic, why did he suddenly send her these clothes?  Oh, he must be trying to put on a play in front of everyone else!  He is trying to put on the doting father front, while secretly tries to kill the child in the dark.  If anything happens to the child, he can just say that it is an accident and then play the part of the grieving father.  No one will be able to point the blame on him.

Sweetheart, your father is cold-hearted and calculative, will mommy be able to protect you?

The sun slowly sets in the horizon.  It shouldn’t be long now.  Jun Qian Che will walk in with the abortion tonic anytime soon.  The thread of destiny between her and the child is slowly thinning.  Although she had always wished to get an abortion, now that the time is running close, she finds that she cannot bear to part from her baby after all.

She secretly prays for a miracle.  She secretly prays for the child’s safety.  Deep down inside, she knows that it is impossible.  The foetus’ own father is dead set on killing it.

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