Chapter 109: The Emperor’s Decision

“Anything?  It isn’t as simple as ‘anything’.  Han Clan and Mo Clan are sworn enemies.  He killed my father.  Nothing is worse than having one’s parents killed.  I will give it back to him, one day.”

Bai Jiu stares at him, shocked, “Impossible!  Didn’t Great General Han die in the battlefield?  What does that has anything to do with Duke Zhen?”

Han Yi Xiao resentfully replies her, “Back then, my father and Mo Chang Xiao went to the border together to lead the army.  One time, the enemy surrounded them.  They agreed to fight the enemy together.  My father decided to lead the first half of the army as decoy, to draw the enemy to a valley between two mountains.  Mo Chang Xiao was to ambush the enemy later.  Mo Chang Xiao went back on his words and didn’t come.  My father and all 3000 soldiers under him died for nothing.  My father’s corpse was full of arrows.  He died a hero.  Later, Mo Chang Xiao used that very same tactic, one that my father came up with, and successfully defeated the enemy.  He took all the credit for it.  My father’s corpse was brought from the border later.  I would never forget the way his body looked like.  I was only 10.  It was then that I swore to myself to enter the army.  I would find the way to get rid of Mo Chang Xiao myself.”

“Impossible,” mumbles Bai Jiu.  She could never believe her father would do something like that.  “Are you alright, Great General?” she looks at Han Yi Xiao.

Han Yi Xiao calmly replies her, “I’m fine.  Just, remembering all those memories makes me even more determined to avenge my father’s death.”

“Perhaps there is some misunderstanding,” says Bai Jiu.  She refuses to believe her father is that kind of a person.

“Misunderstanding?  My father’s own confidante escaped death and told us all these, do you think it could be fake?  Mo Chang Xiao is a greedy and corrupted official,” says Han Yi Xiao.

Bai Jiu does not know how to defend her father; she can only sigh.

Han Yi Xiao looks at her and sighs self-deprecatingly, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have told you all these.  After all, this is my family affair.”

Bai Jiu shakes her head, “No, no.   Actually, I really respect the late Great General Han.  I’ve always thought that he died in the battlefield, I’ve never expected anything more sinister behind his death.”

“He will not die in vain,” states Han Yi Xiao resolutely.

Bai Jiu nods.  Not wanting to speak further of the heavy topic, she steers the conversation to something relatively lighter.  She points at the moon, “Look at the moon, Great General.  How pretty.  Even though it’s not a full-moon, it is still beautiful in it’s own imperfect way.”

Han Yi Xiao laughs, “You sure are different from the crowd.  Other people likes full moon, you’re the only person I know who likes half-moon.”

“If there are too many perfect things, it will become an imperfection,” Bai Jiu raises an eyebrow while smiling.

Han Yi Xiao nods in agreement, “Who would have thought that someone so young would be so deep, how admirable.  It is late, rest early.  There are many things we need to do tomorrow.”

Bai Jiu nods.  She gets up and returns to the camp with Han Yi Xiao.

A couple of days passed and the Foreign King and Queen begin their journey home.  Jun Qian Che personally sends them off.

Mo Qi Qi has not seen Jun Qian Che for these past couple of days.  He used to visit Feng Yang Palace even when there was nothing pressing, but now, that has changed.  Mo Qi Qi knows that he is trying to avoid the pregnancy, and so, decides to visit Yu Jing Palace herself.  She wants to know what he is planning to do about the child.

After lunch, Mo Qi Qi sends Ban Xiang to make sure that Jun Qian Che is at Yu Jing Palace first, before secretly making her way there.

Just as she is about to slip in, she spots Imperial Physician Wang huffily making his way over.  Is Jun Qian Che sick?  Probably not, no one has make a fuss yet.  So, does that means…. Oh no!  Don’t tell her Physician Wang is here because Jun Qian Che wants to discuss with him about how to get rid of her!  No, she must hear what they are about to say!  If Jun Qian Che wants to kill her, she will send a message to Duke Zhen!  Let him siege the palace to save her if need to be, as long as she lives!  She hides near a window, hidden from view, perfect for eavesdropping.

Jun Qian Che is sitting on a dragon-carved throne when the physician walks in. 

“This official greets Your Majesty!”

“You may stand,” Jun Qian Yu puts away the book in his hand as he turns to Imperial Physician Wang, “How is the Empress lately, Imperial Physician Wang?”

Mo Qi Qi who is standing near the window mumbles to herself, “Even you know how to worry about this grandma?  Hmph, heartless bas*ard!”

Imperial Physician Wang replies her, “Her Ladyship is fine, Your Majesty.  Her pregnancy is going on smoothly too.”

Jun Qian Che nods lightly, “Good.  Zhen wants to know something; will it be bad for a pregnant mother to suffer miscarriage two months into her pregnancy?”

Imperial Physician Wang is shocked when he hears that, “Your Majesty, this——-“

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“No need to ask questions.  Just answer zhen,” Jun Qian Che’s voice is calm as usual.

Mo Qi Qi is delighted when she hears that:  Jun Qian Che is finally going to act!  Hurry and answer him, Imperial Physician Wang!

Imperial Physician Wang does not dare to ask questions and simply says, “Answering Your Majesty, a miscarriage is bound to affect the mother.  However, a foetus that is less than 2 months old is really small.  This is the point of time in which a miscarriage hurts the mother’s body the least.”

Jun Qian Che is quiet for a moment before he says, “Prepare a bowl of abortion tonic.  Send it to zhen tonight.”

Imperial Physician Wang is shocked, but does not dare to ask much upon remembering earlier threat.  He simply says, “Yes.”

“Alright, you can go,” Jun Qian Che picks up his book again and continues reading it.

Imperial Physician Wang respectfully takes his leave.

The pressure that has been weighing down Mo Qi Qi’s heart is relieved when she hears their conversation.  She pats her own stomach, “I’m sorry.”  She turns around and leaves now that she has gotten what she came here for.

A light flashes in Jun Qian Che’s eyes as he slowly walks towards that particular window.  A dark look fills his eyes as he looks at Mo Qi Qi’s retreating back.  No one can tell what he is feeling at that moment.

Mo Qi Qi returns to her palace in a good mood, humming a tune.

Ban Xiang welcomes her.  When she sees how light-hearted Mo Qi Qi seems, she cannot stop herself from asking, “What happened, Your Ladyship?  You seem to be in such a good mood.”  The Empress had been pretty depressed after she found out about her pregnancy.  She is finally smiling again today.

Mo Qi Qi struggles to keep her smile in check, “Something good happened.  I will finally be relieved of my burden today.  Hahahaha.”

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Although Ban Xiang cannot understand what she is saying, she is happy seeing Mo Qi Qi so happy, “You are carrying a child, Your Ladyship.  You should rest more.  I think you should take an afternoon nap.”

The now-carefree Mo Qi Qi does feel sleepy.  She yawns, “Now that you say it, I am feeling a little sleepy.  Alright, I should take a nap.”  She heads towards her chamber.

She falls asleep really quickly.  Unfortunately, the sleep is not a good one.  It is plagued by a dream. 

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