Chapter 45 – The Past

“Boss, will I be able to grow wings?”

“It is still too early to say, there is only a pair of meat lumps there now.”

“Woof Woof”

The Shepherd Dog suddenly barked, which caused Yang Tian to look at it.

While the Crazy Vine was reproducing, the Shepherd Dog went to pull the vines out of curiosity. In the end, the Shepherd Dog was treated as an enemy and wrapped itself on the beast.

“Release it.”

The Crazy Vine released its hold on the Shepherd Dog on Yang Tian’s order. If the Shepherd Dog was to be trapped over the night, the Crazy Vine would start to secrete digestive juices and turn the Shepherd Dog into nutrients.

“Remain there and do not touch things.”

Yang Tian ordered the Shepherd Dog to stay at its spot.

The night went by as Yang Tian spent it beside the bed, guarding over Xiao Xiao the entire night.

“Are you the big brother from last night?”

Xiao Xiao opened her eyes and saw Yang Tian who was beside, the latter was also looking at her.

“Xiao Xiao, did you sleep well, is it comfortable?”

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“Yes! This is also the first time I slept on a bed.”

Xiao Xiao quickly climbed off the bed, worried that she might dirty Yang Tian’s bed.

“This bed will be yours from now on.”

“But my body is filthy…”

“It is not dirty, Xiao Xiao is the cleanest.”

Yang Tian had prepared a basin of water and towel beside the bed beforehand. He wet the cloth and gently wiped away the filth on Xiao Xiao’s face.

As for the more intimate regions of her body, Yang Tian got Wang Yu to help clean her up before he got Xiao Xiao a new set of clean clothes to wear.

“Big Brother, why are you so good to me! And how come you know my name is Xiao Xiao?”

Xiao Xiao’s face was showing signs of nervousness and especially when she asked that question, she used a very cautious tone.

Yang Tian recalled the first time he met Xiao Xiao:

In his previous life, the first time Yang Tian met Xiao Xiao, the latter also looked like a small beggar. At that time, Yang Tian had just become a Beast Tamer and did not have any Tamed Beasts yet. Moreover, it was still during the early days of the Post-Apocalyptic Era where Yang Tian had yet to become the Number One Wanted Man of the Celestial Empire. On the contrary, he was a young man filled with a sense of justice at that time.

Xiao Xiao was nervously begging for food from Yang Tian, but Yang Tian did not have food on him as well. However, Yang Tian had been unable to watch a young girl beg for food on the streets and so decided to bring Xiao Xiao with him.

Coincidentally Yang Tian had encountered a heavily injured Red Carapace Beetle which allowed Yang Tian to obtain his first Tamed Beast.

With one Tamed Beast, Yang Tian could be considered possessing some fighting power and immediately registered himself with the local army forces. Due to that, Yang Tian was able to obtain a tiny amount of food daily as income, so he and Xiao Xiao could continue surviving.

Shortly after that, Yang Tian managed to capture his second Tamed Beast. With two Rank 1 Tamed Beasts, Yang Tian had then earned twice the amount of food.

As Yang Tian joyfully returned to the place he lived with Xiao Xiao, Yang Tian saw the latter being beaten up by a group of adult men.

In a moment of anger, Yang Tian forgot about his identity as a Beast Tamer and went to clash with the men directly. However there was a Rank 3 Metahuman amongst that group of men, how could Yang Tian be their match?

The instant Yang Tian charged towards the group, he was sent to the ground with a kick.

Yang Tian then tried to use both his Rank 1 Tamed Beasts, but they were instantly killed by the Rank 3 Metahuman. As their Beast Master, Yang Tian received the backlash from the deaths of his Tamed Beasts; his brain received a shock that caused blood to bleed out from his ears.

“Please, let go of Big Brother Yang Tian.”

“Sure! A life in exchange for a life, he can live if you die.”

Yang Tian’s mind went silent that instance he watched Xiao Xiao lying within a pool of blood.

Yang Tian wanted to pick up Xiao Xiao’s body but they kicked him into the ground again.

“Even if she dies, you also do not have the right to touch it.”

The group of men took Xiao Xiao’s body away; Yang Tian could not even protect what remained of Xiao Xiao.

After becoming a Legendary Beast Tamer, Yang Tian went in search for that group of men but discovered they have all died in a rebellion and so Yang Tian was not even given the chance to exact revenge.

In the moment of anger, Yang Tian started a massacre within F City. Be it humans, Otherworld Creatures or Mutated Beasts; Yang Tian butchered everything.

Yang Tian’s mad killings born from anger attracted the attention of the Void Sword Sage, a well-known figure for being righteous and also a Legendary Martialist.

“You are a human as well, so why are you attacking your own people.”

“Yes, I am human, then why did they attack me? Ah…… ah!!!”

Yang Tian shouted towards the sky, anger, madness, all sorts of negative emotions erupted from within his body.

One Void Sword Sage was no longer enough to stop Yang Tian’s slaughter.

The Sky Hegemon Blade Saint, Strange Skillmaster, Thunderclap Mage… plus the Void Sword Sage, a total of eight Legendary Rank individuals barely managed to force Yang Tian into retreating.

Xiao Xiao had always been a knot within Yang Tian’s heart and he did not expect to meet Xiao Xiao so early in this life. In fact, Yang Tian had already made preparations to find and meet Xiao Xiao again.

Xiao Xiao was an orphan; before the arrival of Apocalypse, Xiao Xiao relied on the village’s Hundred House Meals to survive. However, ever since the Apocalypse, Xiao Xiao never had a decent meal as she fought to survive those days. Until she met Yang Tian.

(Cuppa: The Hundred House Meals has a few meanings, one of it is the begging of food from different households. As the beggar got food from multiple families, it was given a cultured term ‘Hundred House Meals’) (On a side note: Kindly support the translation at our original site: Creativenovels)

“Xiao Xiao, are you hungry?”

“I am hungry.”

“Okay, I will bring you to eat some good food.”

Yang Tian carried Xiao Xiao and brought her to the warehouse, Yang Tian lets her chose whatever she wanted to eat so that she could enjoy a good meal.

“Big Brother, can Xiao Xiao eat all of these?”

“Xiao Xiao can eat anything she wants to eat.”

“Big Brother, why are you so nice to Xiao Xiao? Other than Uncle Bai in the village, you are the person who treats Xiao Xiao the best!”

The Uncle Bai that Xiao Xiao mentioned was a lonely old man who lived in the village she was in; he would often give food to Xiao Xiao and had even allowed her to stay in his house, treating the latter as though she was his own granddaughter. But unfortunately, he died under the beaks of the Mutated Chickens that he reared.

Xiao Xiao did not take much, only a box of biscuits.

“A box of biscuits is not filling enough.”

Yang Tian gave her some chocolates and a bottle of coke as well as he was worried that Xiao Xiao does not have enough to eat.

This was the first time that Xu Dafu had seen this side of Yang Tian, he even suspected if this person was really his Boss.

“What a cute dragon.”

Xiao Xiao’s gaze was attracted by Charmander and she immediately ran up to it, completely ignoring the Shepherd Dog standing beside it.


The Shepherd Dog could not help but barked to remind Xiao Xiao of its existence.

“Doggy, you are also here!”

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The Shepherd Dog has been Xiao Xiao’s companion since before the Apocalypse. After the Apocalypse, the Shepherd Dog experienced a mutation as well yet it did not attack Xiao Xiao but chose to remain by her side and protect her. That was also why Xiao Xiao managed to survive until now.

“Doggy, eat some as well.”

Xiao Xiao passed a biscuit to the Shepherd Dog.

“Doggy eats meat, that big brother has given doggy some meat to eat just now.”

In the morning while getting food for Wang Yu, Xu Dafu had also grabbed some Bug Jerkies from the warehouse and fed it to the Shepherd Dog.

Within the Manor, the only ones who require regular food were Yang Tian, Wang Yu and now, Xiao Xiao. Occasionally, Charmander would be given some small treats as well.

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