Chapter 44 – Crazy Vine

The current Yang Tian was like an ordinary neighborhood big brother, and it allowed the terrified Xiao Xiao to feel a sense of security.

“Will you protect me?”

“Yes, I will. I definitely will.”

After replying these six simple words, it nearly caused Yang Tian to collapse onto the ground from his emotions.

Yang Tian was a useless person in his previous life, it was Xiao Xiao who saved him from the gates of hell, by exchanging with her own life. Yang Tian had never forgotten it since the moment he opened his eyes.

Even when Yang Tian became a Legendary Beast Tamer, his heart always had a young girl called Xiao Xiao.

Yang Tian carried Xiao Xiao and gently use his Mental Power to console Xiao Xiao’s nervous mind, allowing her to slowly fall asleep in Yang Tian’s arms.

“In this life, I want you to continue living.”

When the Shepherd Dog saw that Yang Tian did not harm Xiao Xiao, it also displayed relief. However, the Nightwalker Bats flying above it cause that relief to quickly disappear.

“Aiyo… Why did you run so quickly Boss, I nearly lost you.”

The Brain-Eating Terror Hog and Xu Dafu arrived at the battlefield as well.

There were fifty Nightwalker Bats, against two Rank 2 Elite Beasts, a Rank 2 Carnivore and a… Rank 1 Mutated Beast.

Yang Tian hugged Xiao Xiao and hid at a safe place before the fighting starts.

The Shepherd Dog might have had difficulties dealing with the Nightwalker Bats, but Xu Dafu and the rest were handling their opponents with much more ease.

Every time the Dark Crimson Fire Wolf used Flamethrower, five to six NightWalker Bats were quickly killed. Xu Dafu was also able to kill the Nightwalker Bats using Icicle, sometimes even killing two with one icicle.

The Fifty Nightwalker Bats were quickly wiped out.

The Brain-Eating Terror Hog has some injuries on its back but those soon recovered thanks to its healing abilities. As for Xu Dafu the Carnivore, every time he was scratched, the next second he would be healed; virtually receiving no injuries from these Rank 1 Creatures. The Dark Crimson Fire Wolf did not even allow the Nightwalker Bats to obtain a chance to touch it.

The only one in rather poor shape was the Shepherd Dog and it was currently covered in injuries.

“Dafu, give it some energy crystals.”

Xu Dafu passed the leftover energy crystals that Wang Yu had not absorbed to the Shepherd Dog. These energy crystals should be enough to heal the injuries of the Shepherd Dog.

“Boss, if I eat all of these, will I grow wings?”

“You can try.”

Yang Tian was also not really sure about it, but he had seen Carnivores with wings, just that the wings were all oddly shaped.

“However, you must first extract the energy crystals for me. I have a use for them.”

“No problem, Boss.”

Xu Dafu readily agreed.

Next, Xu Dafu… ate one Nightwalker Bat in one gulp, giving the rest the feeling that they were watching him eat live mice.

Even the Dark Crimson Fire Wolf and the Brain-Eating Terror Hog were throwing him gazes of contempt but their gazes did not possess any bad intentions, more like a disdainful look that companions would give to each other.

These made Xu Dafu fill embarrassed but at the same time, warmth in his heart.

“Boss, I have fifty energy crystals.”

Xu Dafu passed all the energy crystals he collected to Yang Tian.

“You… you guys.”

The gazes of the Dark Crimson Fire Wolf and the Brain-Eating Terror Hog were no longer that of “disdain” but impress instead. They were unable to get themselves to eat such disgusting creatures like the Nightwalker Bats, yet Xu Dafu was able to swallow them raw and consumed all fifty of them in one sitting. They really felt a small sense of respect towards Xu Dafu.

“Get lost!”

Yang Tian rode the Dark Crimson Fire Wolf and prepared to return to the Manor.

“You should follow us as well!”

In his previous life, Yang Tian remembered Xiao Xiao mentioning that a Shepherd Dog had died to protect her, it was likely she was referring to this dog.

This Shepherd Dog might be very weak, but solely for the fact that it had protected Xiao Xiao, Yang Tian will not allow it to be poorly treated.

Xiao Xiao was still sleeping in Yang Tian’s arms; under Yang Tian’s control, the speed of the Dark Crimson Fire Wolf was not fast but very stable instead.

After returning to the Manor, Yang Tian placed Xiao Xiao on his bed inside the small house.

Looking at the sleeping Xiao Xiao, Yang Tian’s heart was appeased.

Xu Dafu and the Brain-Eating Terror Hog brought the Shepherd Dog with them and returned to the Manor. It was still dark and there was still some time before daybreaks.

Yang Tian planned to use this period to absorb all the Mental-Type Energy Crystals, allowing him to promote to a Rank 2 Beast Tamer.





Yang Tian did not absorb them one at a time but in batches of five, allowing him to quickly absorb all the energy crystals.

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His Mental Power obtained a considerable increase but Yang Tian’s promotion was not as showy as the rest. On the contrary, it was relatively quiet.

Rank 2 Beast Tamer

On top of the strengthening of Mental Disruption, Yang Tian also learned a new skill; Examine.

Examine: Allow any image within twenty meters of the caster to be reflected inside the caster’s mind. Can check anything within fifty meters of the caster.

It belonged to a Support-Type Skill of the Mental Category and was considered quite a useful skill.

Yang Tian’s Mental Power had also reached Rank 2 when he became a Rank 2 Beast Tamer, allowing him to tamed more creatures to strengthen his fighting power.

However, what Yang Tian wanted to do now was to perform another summoning.

As for the sacrifice for the summoning? The large number of Mutated Wolf carcasses gathered would be the best sacrifices. They may lack quality, but it could be overcome with quantity.

The rune of summoning appeared within the Manor again.

Crazy Vine

The Crazy Vine is a Rank 1 Creature and is even weaker than a Mutated Wolf. However, it possesses a terrifying trait.

Reproduction, a crazy rate of reproduction.

The Crazy Vine climbed the walls of the Manor and within several minutes, the Crazy Vine has covered the entire wall that surrounded the Manor.

“You better not cause me trouble.”

The Crazy Vine did bother replying to Yang Tian.

“Looks like I have to give you a lesson.”

Yang Tian used his Taming methods on the Crazy Vine, condensing his Mental Power into a whip and whipped the soul of the Crazy Vine. The might of Rank 2 Mental Power was not something a Rank 1 Creature could endure.

The Crazy Vine quickly pleaded for mercy.

“Humph! I also feel that you will not want a second time!”

After experiencing Yang Tian’s methods, the Crazy Vine no longer dared to play punk. After it surrounded the walls of the Manor, it no longer dared to reproduce any further.

With the Crazy Vine, the defenses of the Manor had also improved by a tier. Unless the Matrix of the Crazy Vine is destroyed, it will keep reproducing and replacing the areas damaged by other creatures.

One Crazy Vine might be weak, but when thousands of them come together, it would not be easy. The walls surrounding the Manor was also long enough to hold several thousand Crazy Vines easily.

The title Crazy tagged onto the name of the Crazy Vine was to reflect their reproductive ability.

“Boss, what is that?”

Xu Dafu was shocked by the sudden appearance of the vines. Moreover, the vines were continually increasing and were covering the entire wall that was surrounding the Manor.

“Just a new helper.”

“It looks very powerful.”

Such startling reproductive ability was indeed shocking.

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While Xu Dafu was shocked at the Crazy Vine’s fast rate of reproduction, he also occasionally scratched his back.

Is he growing wings?

Yang Tian looked at Xu Dafu strangely, growing wings was a form of body mutation, but even as a Carnivore, it should not happen so quickly!

“Let me take a look.”

Yang Tian flipped Xu Dafu’s shirt, revealing his back.

There were no wings, only a pair of small bumps.

It can be considered a minor success; Xu Dafu will need to continue eating more flying creatures from now on and he will undoubtedly grow wings.

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