Chapter 43 – Xiao Xiao

Yang Tian was only a Rank 1 Beast Tamer, but he already possessed two Rank 2 Elite Tamed Beasts.

This was also the advantage of a Beast Tamer, if he were a Rank 1 Summoner that could summon two Rank 2 Summoned Beasts, he would also be unable to sustain both summonses on Earth due to the strength of his mental power.

Charmander belongs to the category of a Summoned Beast, which does not require Yang Tian to use his Mental Power to sustain it when they are within the Manor. However, if it were to leave the Manor and went beyond ten miles, Charmander would need Yang Tian’s Mental Power to continue staying on Earth.

A Rank 2 Summon will be a hefty burden for Yang Tian and unless really necessary, Yang Tian would not want to bring Charmander outside the Manor.

Otherwise, it has to happen after the Second Blood Rain…

Not only will his beasts be strengthened, but he will also receive an increase in power.

Mental-Type Energy Crystals were also not easy to find. As Nightwalker Bats had appeared near the Manor before, it meant that they have a nest not far from the Manor.

Raid the nest? That can be impossible as well but using his Rank 2 Elite Beasts, he might be able to launch small skirmishes on the Nightwalker Bats.

Tonight they just have to wait and see, if their luck was good and they are able to encounter a small scale Nightwalker Bat swarm, he will take action.



“Boss, I want to use some of the energy crystals on Little Yu so that she will have some ability to protect herself.”

“You can take charge of this matter, there is no need to seek permission from me.”

Yang Tian had by now completely treated Xu Dafu as his subordinate and Yang Tian trusts him to make decisions over this small matter.

There is a limit to how the number of energy crystals an ordinary person could absorb, after absorbing ten they would no longer be able to absorb and improve themselves. At that time, they would at most be slightly stronger than ordinary people but still unable to go against Metahumans.

“Thank you, Boss!”

Xu Dafu passed the energy crystals he extracted from the Mutated Wolves to Wang Yu.

The food that they had brought back were all stored within the warehouse. The food within the warehouse should last them for more than a month at least.

“Boss, the energy crystals seem to not work.”

“An ordinary person can only absorb ten energy crystals at most.”

“No wonder there was no changes even when I gave her more than twenty pieces.”

Xu Dafu scratched his head.

“No worries, I still have you to protect me.”

It was not difficult to notice the disappointment on Wang Yu.

“Boss, is there any other way?”

“Yes, but it will only be available twenty days later.”

After twenty days, low-rank creatures from the Abyss World would arrive on Earth. These batch of monsters could be considered as gifts that the Abyss World gave to humans.

The low-rank creatures were virtually all skeleton soldiers or ghosts. They do not possess much fighting power and were easily destroyed.

After they die, they produce Inheritance Lights. Anyone who absorbed an Inheritance Light would obtain the ability of the creature from the time it was alive. However, the abilities from these low-rank Abyssal Creatures would also not be very powerful as they were generally ordinary abilities and were very restrictive.

Yang Tian absorbed an Inheritance Light of a Rank 3 Beast Tamer in his previous life. Initially, Yang Tian’s limit as a Beast Tamer would have been Rank 3, that was why Yang Tian had no choice but to sell his soul to the Devil in exchange for power. That was also how Yang Tian managed to quickly develop and become a Legendary Beast Tamer.

“You will know twenty days later, there is no need to ask me now.”

Yang Tian’s heart seethed with rage when he recalled how he was forced to make a deal with the Devil to obtain the power for revenge.

The vengeance of my past life, I will collect it in this life.

Murderous energy suddenly erupted from Yang Tian’s body, causing everyone within the Manor to step away from him. The terrifying cold aura caused everyone to feel as though they were trapped in an ice cave.


Xu Dafu thought he had angered Yang Tian somehow but when Xu Dafu saw Yang Tian’s current state, he dared not ask further.

The night descended.

Yang Tian got the Brain-Eating Terror Hog and Dark Crimson Fire Wolf to be on standby; once they discover a small scale Nightwalker Bat swarm, Yang Tian would not hesitate to attack.

“They have yet to appear.”

Yang Tian frowned, if the Nightwalker Bats does not appear near the Manor, then he would need to bring his Tamed Beasts out to search for them.

With two Rank 2 Elite Beasts, Yang Tian no longer feared the night as before.

Wait a minute.

Yang Tian heard fluttering sounds in the air which signified that Nightwalker Bats were in the air.




A total of fifty Nightwalker Bats, it exceeded the number that would guarantee their safety if they were to take action.

“Dafu, you will follow me.”

Yang Tian jumped onto the back of the Dark Crimson Fire Wolf.

“Let’s go.”

The Dark Crimson Fire Wolf’s speed was very fast, easily allowing it to chase after the Nightwalker Bats. However, taking in consideration for the Brain-Eating Terror Hog and Xu Dafu, Yang Tian could not help but slow down the Dark Crimson Fire Wolf’s speed.

“This direction… they are heading towards the small village up front.”

In Yang Tian’s memories, there was a small village near the Manor and it looked like that village will be the destination of the Nightwalker Bats.

As guessed, the Nightwalker Bats did remain within the small village.

On top of the screeching sounds made by the Nightwalker Bats, Yang Tian also heard… dog barks.

“Woof Woof”

An ordinary dog?

Yang Tian got the Dark Crimson Fire Wolf to increase its speed.

That voice… sounds rather familiar.

There were several corpses who used to be the villagers scattered around the village and none of the bodies were intact.

The Nightwalker Bats do not eat dead flesh. Therefore, there must still be living humans within the village.

The Brain-Eating Terror Hog and Xu Dafu were still chasing after Yang Tian but Yang Tian was feeling slightly uneasy. Therefore he did not wait for them and immediately charged in on top of the Dark Crimson Fire Wolf.

Why… was he feeling this way.

Ever since he became a Legendary Beast Tamer, Yang Tian would only feel a sense a small trace of elation when he was having his revenge, the rest of his emotions have all become as still as dead water.

“Woof Woof Woof”

A Shepherd Dog over a meter tall was barking at the Nightwalker Bats in the sky in its attempt to scare them away. However, it was obviously not working.

And behind the Shepherd Dog was a young girl around the age of seven. Currently, behind the dog, she was trembling while she tightly held onto a hoe in her hands, as though she was hoping to obtain some trace of security from that hoe.


The Dark Crimson Fire Wolf suddenly joined the battle, while Yang Tian was staring at the girl hiding behind the Shepherd Dog.

“Xiao… Xiao Xiao”

It was Xiao Xiao, so Xiao Xiao was in this village.

Yang Tian’s entire body started to tremble, feeling somewhat unbelievable.

Yang Tian quickly jumped off the back of the Dark Crimson Fire Wolf and reached for Xiao Xiao, wanting to carry her away.

“Woof Woof”

The Shepherd Dog was displaying hostility towards Yang Tiang, not allowing Yang Tian to approach Xiao Xiao. However, the Dark Crimson Fire Wolf walked beside Yang Tian, causing the Shepherd Dog to uncontrollably retreat back.

“Who… are you, I am scared.”

Xiao Xiao said nervously. Having seen Yang Tian who had suddenly appeared, Xiao Xiao took several steps back.

“Xiao Xiao, I am Big Brother Yang Tian. I am here to protect you, you do not need to be afraid.”

Yang Tian looked at this familiar little face. For the first time, his eyes started to turn red.

“Why are you crying?”

“I am not crying, I am just delighted to be able to see you.”

This salty taste. Yang Tian had nearly forgotten what the thing called tears was.

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