Chapter 223: Heaven Fiend Sect Patriarch

To be exact, Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist was just learning sword patterns and not comprehending them.

Of all the 800 yellow class low-tier sword patterns, every pattern had its own core theory that he couldn’t really understand. Under multiple combinations it was possible to form countless of yellow class mid-tier sword patterns. But Li Fuchen only learned 200 plus yellow class mid-tier sword patterns stated in the chapter of the Black Iron Sword Essence.

Anyway, he didn’t have any intention in becoming a Sword Pattern Master or Grandmaster within a short period of time. He merely needed to be able to form the Black Iron Sword Pattern.

In order to completely comprehend it, it required much more time than what he had now. Li Fuchen didn’t have the luxury of time to use on comprehending sword patterns.

In the courtyard were countless pieces of yellow class metals, from yellow class low-tier to yellow class peak-tier.

Li Fuchen bought these metals when he was in Autumn Rain City for the sake of learning and forming sword patterns.

Standing in front of a yellow class low-tier metal, Li Fuchen used his palm to pull over the metal into his hands.

Executing the Iron Smelting Hand, this small piece of yellow class low-tier metal quickly turned red and soft. In just over ten breaths, an unfinished sword appeared in Li Fuchen’s hand.

In a stretch, Li Fuchen used the Iron Smelting Hand to create more than a dozen swords.

The reason why it was an unfinished product was due to its crude appearance and the lack of any sword pattern within it.

“Alright, I can try forming yellow class mid-tier sword patterns.”

Although there wasn’t a need to fully comprehend the sword pattern, a practitioner had to know of the special traits of the sword pattern. Take for example when you obtained a new object, you had to know what it was used for and what the benefits of it were; but you didn’t have to know about the structural theory of it in order to use it.

Holding onto the unfinished sword, Li Fuchen began to form a sword pattern.

Visible to the naked eyes, the unfinished sword was glowing subtly with straight pattern lines. These pattern lines were either going vertically or horizontally and everyone of them were firm.

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The patterns faded off and the unfinished sword in Li Fuchen’s hand suddenly doubled in weight. The crude sword even had a razor edge that it didn’t have before.

Every sword pattern had a special trait and that was the razor edge.

If a sword pattern didn’t have this razor edge trait, then it wasn’t a true sword pattern.

Li Fuchen had some slight comprehensions.

There wasn’t a need to go through trial with all the yellow class mid-tier sword patterns. After trying out seven or eight of them, Li Fuchen began learning how to form yellow class high-tier sword patterns.

Yellow class high-tier sword patterns contained multiple yellow class mid-tier sword patterns and over a dozen yellow class low-tier sword patterns. Its pattern lines were much more complicated and weren’t just vertical or horizontal lines, there were now slanted lines too.

But when Li Fuchen tried to form the yellow class high-tier sword patterns on the unfinished yellow class low-tier swords, they all burst apart immediately.

‘It seems like the limit of yellow class low-tier metals are yellow class mid-tier patterns. Anything beyond yellow class mid-tier is impossible.’ Li Fuchen thought to himself.

Using an unfinished yellow class mid-tier sword, Li Fuchen began to form yellow class high-tier sword patterns.


When the sword pattern was formed, a chilling light flashed across the unfinished sword.

This unfinished sword started to give off an aura of a sword and wasn’t just a piece of scrap metal.

“If a yellow class high-tier sword pattern is already this mystical, I wonder what a yellow class peak-tier or mystic class low-tier sword pattern will be like?”

Li Fuchen’s interest was increasing day by day, which made him forget about time.

The pale blue soul spirit made Li Fuchen’s perception formidably strong, giving him the ability to perceive and comprehend everything swiftly.

Along with his exceptional consciousness, it made Li Fuchen’s thoughts and deducing ability outstanding. He could find innumerable probabilities from the countless sword patterns that he learned previously.

In just less than a month, Li Fuchen had a complete grasp of nine different yellow class peak-tier sword patterns.

As of now, he just required the final mystic class low-tier sword pattern, which was the black iron sword pattern.

Once he learned the black iron sword pattern, he would be able to try forming the sword pattern on his bone marrow to form the Black Iron Sword Essence.

Once the Black Iron Sword Essence was formed, he could release sword qi whenever he desired.

What Li Fuchen didn’t know was that while he was comprehending the Incomplete Sword Essence Chapter in the Autumn Rain City, the Heaven Fiend Sect Patriarch was going crazy.

The Heaven Fiend Sect Patriarch embedded a secret technique in Li Wuxue’s body. This secret technique was a type of blood ties secret technique, which was linked to the Heaven Fiend Sect Patriarch.

Two months ago when Li Wuxue perished, the Heaven Fiend Sect Patriarch had already sensed it and had personally came over to the Hundred Battle region.

He was now looking for all related information in the Hundred Battle region.

A pity that the Hundred Battle region was overly massive, even more so than the Heaven Fiend region.

Without a choice, the Heaven Fiend Sect Patriarch dispatched a large amount of Heaven Realm and Earth Realm experts to go search for information.

He had to know exactly as to how Li Wuxue died. It didn’t matter who killed Li Wuxue, he wanted the enemy to pay blood for the debt of blood.


Finally, a few days ago, he found out that Li Wuxue had visited Blood Color City

Blood Color City… Ma Clan…

In the grand hall of Ma Clan, Ma Tianba and Ma Tianyang were both trembling in fear, they didn’t even dare to look at the Heaven Fiend Sect Patriarch who was seated in the patriarch’s seat.

What kind of existence was a Reincarnation Realm expert? Not to mention a single Ma Clan, even ten or a hundred Ma Clans weren’t sufficient to go against him. Without another Reincarnation Realm expert, everyone was just an ant in front of a Reincarnation Realm expert, an ant that was meant to be stomped on.

“Young Master Li did come to Blood Color City, but he left quickly afterwards. We do not know who killed him…” Ma Tianba was speaking with his head lowered.

The Heaven Fiend Sect Patriarch had on an indifferent expression, “Do you know who had a feud with him?”

Ma Tianba replied, “He once asked our Ma Clan to put out an arrest warrant for an individual named Li Fuchen. This person is a direct disciple from the Azure Water Sect. And because of this incident, an inner sect elder from the Azure Water Sect came to out to the Ma Clan and gave us a warning.”

“Azure Water Sect.”

The eyes of the Heaven Fiend Sect Patriarch had this flash of horrific chilling light.

“Do you know where did this Li Fuchen went?” He wasn’t concerned if Li Fuchen was the murderer, he would rather wrongly kill a thousand men than let any suspects escape.

To him, a suspicion was more than enough.

“I do not know. He should have already left before Young Master Li left Blood Color City.” Ma Tianba spoke honestly.

He didn’t dare to cover up any hint of truth.

Be it the Azure Water Sect or the Heaven Fiend Sect, any one of them was a levithan for the Ma Clan. He couldn’t possibly offend the Heaven Fiend Sect because of the Azure Water Sect and vice versa.

He could only speak of the truth and he believed that the Azure Water Sect wouldn’t come finding trouble with his Ma Clan because he spoke of the truth.

“I hope all of you are telling the truth. Or else, don’t blame me for being merciless.” Waving his hand, the Heaven Fiend Sect Patriarch spoke indifferently, “You may step down!”


Ma Tianba and Ma Tianyang left with a respectful bow. Right now, they weren’t even conscious of the fact that this was their Ma Clan, and that the Heaven Fiend Sect Patriarch treated this place as his own grounds.

Of course, even if they realized it, they didn’t have any choice either.

Their only thought was to hope that the Heaven Fiend Sect Patriarch quickly left and save them from feeling apprehensive.

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Once Ma Tianba and Ma Tianyang left, a Heaven Realm expert from the Heaven Fiend Sect came in.

“Sect Patriarch, I have the latest updates. Our Heaven Fiend Sect’s direct disciple Xu Heishan had come looking for the Young Sect Patriarch. It was because of Xu Heishan that the Young Sect Patriarch left Blood Color City.” The Heaven Realm expert reported.

The Heaven Fiend Sect Patriarch nodded and spoke in a grave expression, “Give out orders to put out arrest warrants in the entire Hundred Battle region for the Azure Water Sect’s direct disciple, Li Fuchen. Anyone who gives out accurate information shall be rewarded with millions of gold coins.

“Wouldn’t we incur backlash from the Azure Water Sect?” The Heaven Realm expert asked.

The Heaven Fiend Sect Patriarch spoke with disdain, “We will decide after they come looking for us.”

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