Chapter 222: Sword Pattern

Following the path that they took here, the five of them finally walked out of the tomb.

When they turned to look back at the massive metallic gate, their hearts still had some lingering fear.

The path of the martial dao was too dangerous. Who would have expected their bodies to be nearly possessed.

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Although they were out of the tomb, all five of them knew that the tomb was just a small section of the Land of Fog. They would only be truly safe after they walked out of the Land of Fog.

On the way back, the five of them met another Giant Bat Beast.

The Giant Bat Beast was an elite demonic beasts among class 3 high-tier demonic beasts. Before this, it took eleven of them to eliminate one of this Giant Bat Beast. And, they were mainly relying on Su Muyu.

But now, just Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist and Su Muyu were sufficient in suppressing the Giant Bat Beast.

This was because Li Fuchen didn’t go all out.

In terms of attack strength, Li Fuchen was far inferior to Su Muyu. But in terms of combat ability, he had undoubtedly surpassed Su Muyu.

“His ability?”

Su Muyu wasn’t a fool and could see the changes in Li Fuchen’s ability.

Li Fuchen speed and strength didn’t have any changes, but his combat skills were exceptionally brilliant. Wielding a longsword and maneuvering leisurely but with confidence, he drew streaks of gashes on the body of the Giant Bat Beast. It was as though every wound was measured with a ruler, all of them were of the same length, not an inch longer or shorter.

“If I were fight against him, I would probably lose to him.”

She might not want to admit it, but Su Muyu didn’t want to cheat herself. In terms of combat skills, she was one level inferior to Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen’s every move had a purpose and it wasn’t just bodily reflexes, it wasn’t impromptu either.

From the start to finish, it was like a performance and everything was under his control.

“Such a terrifying consciousness?” Su Muyu couldn’t help but frown.

After eliminating the Giant Bat Beast, five of them continued onwards.

Soon, they arrived at the boundaries of the thick fog.

With just a slight hesitation, the five of them entered the thick fog.

Within the fog, they couldn’t even see their fingers and could only rely on their senses.

Apart from Li Fuchen, the rest of them only had a sensory radius of a few tens of meters.

Li Fuchen was different. After releasing his consciousness, his sensory radius extended to a few hundreds of meters. As long as any human or demonic beast entered this radius, they would be immediately sensed by Li Fuchen.

This walk took then over ten days, it was only now that the fog began to thin out. Their naked eyes could see a few tens of meters, which was the same as their sensory radius.

“We are almost out of the Land of Fog.” Wei Shanhe was delighted.

“It is fortunate that we are able to walk out. I shall always remember this trip to the tomb.” Fan Qiansong lamented.

After half a day, the place that everyone was at didn’t have any more traces of fog.

This was also the time for them to go their separate ways.

Before separating, Su Muyu sent a secret message to Li Fuchen, “I owe you a favor for the incident at the tomb. I will repay you in the future.”

She was certain that it was Li Fuchen who saved everyone.

Li Fuchen smiled and didn’t say anything.

After Wei Shanhe and Su Muyu left, Fan Qiansong spoke to Li Fuchen, “Let’s find a city to settle down!”

“Sure.” Li Fuchen nodded.

He was indeed in need of some time to digest everything that he obtained in the tomb.

A few days later, the trio arrived at the nearby Autumn Rain City.

This was a lordless city and was governed by three major clans.

After settling down in the one of the inns in Autumn Rain City, the trio went into a cultivation seclusion.

The Incomplete Sword Essence Chapter was great in power, just the Black Iron Sword Essence was enough to drastically increase Li Fuchen’s ability.

This trip to the tomb made Li Fuchen realize that he was far too weak. If he didn’t do his best to increase his ability faster, he might not be as fortunate on the next adventure.

He somehow knew that the Tomb Master’s true spirit was vanquished by the golden amulet.

And only the golden amulet had this capability.

This massive inn had hundreds of courtyards. Li Fuchen and his group each picked their own courtyard.

In one of the courtyards, Li Fuchen was seated in a cross-legged position, trying to comprehend the Black Iron Sword Essence.

The Sword Essence. Using one’s bone marrow as the sword to form sword patterns.

This sword pattern was a kind of tool pattern.

In order to form a sword pattern, one must first understand the sword patterns.

In the chapter of the Black Iron Sword Essence, there was a huge amount of sword pattern knowledge. Li Fuchen felt that if he could comprehend the chapter of Black Iron Sword Essence, he might be able to embed sword patterns on artifact swords and become a Sword Pattern Master.

Sword Pattern Masters were closely related to Smith Masters, but not entirely similar.

Sword Pattern Masters might be able to embed sword patterns, but might not know how to forge swords.

But Smith Masters were able to forge swords and were able to embed sword patterns.

Of course, pure Sword Pattern Masters were a minority group.

When some of the swordsman who were unable to advance in sword dao, they chose to learn sword patterns and see if they could advance further.

“Such complexity.”

Within the chapter of the Black Iron Swordd Essence, there were over 800 yellow class, low-tier sword patterns.

In order to comprehend the Black Iron Sword Essence, he would first had to get a complete grasp of the 800 plus yellow class, low-tier sword patterns.

After gaining knowledge of these 800 yellow class, low-tier sword patterns, he had to combine them into 200 plus yellow class mid-tier sword patterns, then into 48 yellow class high-tier sword patterns, then 9 yellow class peak-tier sword patterns, and finally 1 mystic class low-tier sword pattern.

This 1 mystic class low-tier sword pattern was the Black Iron Sword Pattern.

Li Fuchen had a powerful consciousness, exceptional deducing ability, and an astounding perception. It took him one week to get a complete understanding of the 800 plus yellow class low-tier sword patterns.

If he wished for it, he could embed a sword pattern on any sword right now.

“Let me try out the the process of forming a sword pattern.”

Li Fuchen broke off a branch from a tree in the yard. He held onto the branch and poured his qi into it.

On the branch that was two fingers wide, a pattern route began to extend. It was glowing with a subtle light and made this branch look outstanding as compared to the rest. It was as though this tree branch became a piece of art.

In the blink of the eye, the pattern had covered the branch.


Holding onto the branch, Li Fuchen thrusted towards the void.

At one moment, Li Fuchen could feel that the branch contained a certain sharpness to it.

The kind of sharpness was only something an artifact sword could have.

There was this mysterious smell of decadence.


The branch burst apart by itself and turned into a pile of wood dust.

Li Fuchen didn’t bother about it and thought to himself, “The tool pattern is extremely dominant. The material must be strong to be embedded with a tool pattern. Similarly for a sword pattern.”

He broke off another branch, but Li Fuchen used another kind of yellow class low-tier sword pattern.

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The forming of sword pattern had completed.

The branch in his hand had the same sharpness. But the sharpness wasn’t as important as the toughness of the branch. This branch was obviously much tougher than the previous branch, and it was as thick and firm as a metal rod.


It might be firm, but it still couldn’t last long. The branch still burst apart and disintegrated.

“If you were to sort out all these 800 over yellow class low-tier sword patterns, they would only have a few types of effects. The difference is only in those detailed area. I wonder how the yellow class mid-tier sword patterns will be like?”

Li Fuchen was now much more interested in sword patterns, as though he found a new paradise.

After a week, Li Fuchen had a complete understanding of the 200 plus yellow class mid-tier sword patterns.

The yellow class mid-tier sword pattern was combined from several yellow class low-tier sword patterns.

It had lesser flaws than a yellow class low-tier sword pattern and was much stronger.

And was more overbearing too.

The branches had no way to be embedded with a yellow class mid-tier sword pattern. Before the formation was completed, the branch would break apart, sometimes even exploding.

This time, he had to use an even stronger wood or metallic material to form the sword patterns.

Suddenly, Li Fuchen thought of an issue. If he had complete knowledge of a mystic class low-tier sword pattern. Would his bone marrow be able to withstand it if it was embedded onto the bone marrow? Wouldn’t it just burst apart?

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