Chapter 224: Black Iron Sword Essence

Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist naturally didn’t know about the arrest warrant that was put out by the Heaven Fiend Sect.

In fact, the death of Li Wuxue didn’t have any relation to him. He might have wanted to kill Li Wuxue, but he ultimately died in the hands of a demon spirit.

After spending two weeks, Li Fuchen finally used the nine different yellow class peak-tier sword patterns to form the black iron sword pattern.

The black iron sword pattern was extremely complicated and contained the traces of the mystics from the heaven and earth.

Taking out a piece of unfinished sword that was at the yellow class peak-tier, Li Fuchen began to create the black iron sword pattern on it.

Visible to the eye, black brilliant pattern lines began to slowly crawl throughout the unfinished sword. There were straight pattern lines like swords, curvature pattern lines like sabers, and also places where it was littered with a group of tadpoles.

At the same time, there was a strange wave like ripple too.

This time, Li Fuchen took a full ten hours just to complete the formation.

The instant when the sword pattern was completed, the sword was flourishing with sword qi, the weight of the unfinished sword was immediately heavier by five fold and wasn’t as easy to hold onto any longer.

“This is the black iron sword pattern, huh?”

The sword pattern vanished. This unfinished sword had huge changes as compared to before. The edges that didn’t have that cutting edge was now much sharper than before. There would be this occasional flash of chilling light. It didn’t look like an unfinished sword anymore, and had the aura of an artifact sword.

“It might not be as good as the sword pattern on the black gold sword, but it is much more all-rounded than the black gold sword.”

The black gold sword pattern contained sharpness, weight, and toughness properties.

This black iron sword pattern not only contained sharpness, weight, and toughness, it also contained the ability to congeal and release qi.

With a shake of his wrist, Li Fuchen thrusted the sword into the air.

Before the sword could reach, the qi had reached first. Sword qi flashed and vanished in the air.

“Black iron sword pattern. It is easier to congeal sword qi and allows for a smoother release of sword qi too. Worthy of the title.” Li Fuchen nodded in approval.

Since he had grasped the black iron sword pattern, next was to form the black iron sword pattern on his bone essence.

(TL note: I changed bone marrow to bone essence, to match the sword essence part)

Li Fuchen didn’t know if his bone essence could withstand the black iron sword pattern, but he had to try either way.

Sitting cross-legged, Li Fuchen closed his eyes.

Li Fuchen’s qi was flowing out from his dantian and meridians, surging towards his bone essence.

After a few breaths, Li Fuchen couldn’t help but take in a deep cold breath.

The forming of the black iron sword pattern on his bone essence was much worse than he could have imagined. It wasn’t just pain, but also extremely sore and itchy, like countless man-eating ants feasting on his bone essence. It gave Li Fuchen a jolt that was coming manifested from the inside out.

Enduring the pain and itch, Li Fuchen continued congealing the sword pattern.

Right now, if anyone could actually look through skin and flesh, they would notice that Li Fuchen’s bones were giving out a black brilliance as the pattern lines extended out.

“I should be able to withstand it!” Seeing that the bone essence didn’t have any problems, Li Fuchen let out a breath of relief.

He was truly afraid that before the black iron sword pattern was completed, his bone essence would collapse and disintegrate first.

If his bone essence had any problems, it would be a major issue.

What Li Fuchen didn’t know was that a martial artist’s bone essence might not be as tough as those high grade metals, but due to the constant nourishment from qi, it was much more suitable to form a tool pattern. The only problem was not every tool pattern was suitable for forming on the bone essence.

If Li Fuchen were to randomly pick a mystic class low-tier sword pattern and embed it on his bone essence, there would be a major problem ten out of ten times.

But the black iron sword pattern was different, it was studied by predecessors for a long time and made suitable for a human’s bone essence. As long as it was utilized as per the manual, there wouldn’t be any huge problems.

The forming of the black iron sword pattern on one’s bone essence wasn’t something that could be done overnight. After spending an entire day, Li Fuchen’s bone essence only had 10% of the black iron sword pattern.

The bone essence stated in the chapter of the Black Iron Sword Essence actually meant bone too. Be it the bones that did have or didn’t have bone essence within, it was the same to the Black Iron Sword Essence. Due to the intricacy of the bone essence, finer details were required when forming the black iron sword pattern and there couldn’t be any careless mistakes.

After all, this wasn’t like forming a sword pattern on a metallic object. Metals had simple structures and wouldn’t really be affected. But the bone essence had a huge impact on the human body and any mishaps would cause the bone essence to be ruined and turn the practitioner into a cripple.

“10% of the black iron sword pattern. I feel as though my bone essence is much heavier now, it doesn’t feel clumsy and has a stronger burst strength too.”

As the qi was gradually withdrawn from his bone essence, Li Fuchen could feel the changes in it.

Chi, chi…

Lifting his palm and extending a finger, a wisp of sword qi sprouted from the tip of his finger and was intimidatingly sharp.

With the intention in his mind, the sword qi was shot out.


On the surface of the ground around ten meters out, a deep hole about the size of a finger was created.

“The power doesn’t seem to be weak.”

Li Fuchen took a deep breath and circulated the True Inferno Technique. Wisps of sword qi permeated from within his body and in the blink of the eye, ten wisps of sword qi was revolving around his body.


Using his mind to control, ten wisps of sword qi shot outwards and turned the ground that was ten meters away into a hornet’s nest.

“Indeed worthy of the name as Black Iron Sword Essence. It can actually replicate the same effect as the Sect Origin Swords.”

There was a flash of horrifying light in Li Fuchen’s eyes.

The Sect Origin Swords was an extremely formidable technique. Once cultivated to the Grand Elder, Zhang Wujin’s stage, thousands of sword qi would cover the sky when it was being circulated. It didn’t allow the enemy to have anywhere to hide or evade. Be it a frontal attack or mass area attack, it was just as shocking.

And this Black Iron Sword Essence seemed to have the same effect as well.

Right now, Li Fuchen had only formed 10% of the black iron sword pattern. Once he completed the black iron sword pattern, if he couldn’t produce thousands of sword qi, he would definitely be able to release hundreds of sword qi to attack his enemies without any problem.

As days past, the black iron sword pattern was gradually getting completed on Li Fuchen’s bone essence.

Two weeks later, Li Fuchen had formed about 90% of the black iron sword pattern.


After circulating the True Inferno qi and pouring it into the bone essence, several tens of sword qi covered the surrounding air around Li Fuchen.

These sword qi had an indistinct black iron color, which made them seemed like real iron swords.

Clang, clang, clang, clang, clang…

Facing a piece of yellow class peak-tier metal that was two meters in height. Sparks flew in all directions and after the sword qi was exhausted, the metal had already turned into a hornet’s nest, filled with pits and sword scars.

“Interesting!” Li Fuchen’s eyes was extremely bright.

The black iron sword qi was extremely powerful, but it was a pity that it didn’t contain any sword intent. If it contained sword intent, it would be even more formidable.

But it didn’t matter, it was possible to match it with the black gold sword and could be used with sword arts.

Acting just when he thought about it, Li Fuchen drew the black gold sword and poured his black sword qi within it.


The black gold sword was vibrating and emitting a razor sharp sword qi.


Using the Rotating Flow Sword Style to blast at the hole-riddled yellow class peak-tier metal, it was instantly turned into a lump of metal liquid. This power, wasn’t just greater by two folds.

“From now on, this Black Iron Sword Essence can totally be my lethal tactic. It is better not to reveal it until the most crucial moment.”

The Black Iron Sword Essence was too formidable. As it wasn’t like the Mystical Dragon Secret Technique that had to be activated, it could even be used alongside with the Mystical Dragon Secret Technique. He merely had to pour  mystical dragon qi into the Black Iron Sword Essence and he would be able to force out an even stronger sword qi.

One week later, Li Fuchen finally formed the complete black iron sword pattern on his bone essence. At this moment, Li Fuchen’s entire body was like a sword, an absolute artifact sword. It was effortless to wield and give off an horrifyingly oppression.

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