Chapter 225: Azure Water Sect’s Response

Once the Black Iron Sword Essence was completed, the unique characteristics of the black iron sword pattern were activated.

At this moment, Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist could feel that his body was much lighter and felt like his body was indestructible.

Of course, Li Fuchen’s bone essence didn’t weigh heavier by five folds. The human body was fundamentally different from an inanimate object, which shouldn’t be compared together.

With the circulation of qi, over a hundred black iron sword qi lined up in the air and the qi presence was utterly terrifying. From Li Fuchen’s estimation, even if one could attain the sub-completion rank of the Sect Origin Swords, it would also be similar to this. Of course, the Sect Origin Swords had a higher quantity of sword qi and it was rather inappropriate to compare the two of these secret techniques too.

‘The Black Iron Sword Essence contained sharpness, weight, toughness, and the ability to congeal and release qi. The three former properties were based on the bone essence, while the two latter properties were based on qi. This was considered the tempering of both the interior and exterior, which was something the Sect Origin Swords cannot compare with.’

The Sect Origin Swords was a pure offensive type secret technique, with the sole purpose of killing enemies.

While the Black Iron Sword Essence was obviously not just for killing enemies.

Even after cultivating the Black Iron Sword Essence, Li Fuchen didn’t give up any of the other formidable martial arts.

Be it the Mystical Dragon Secret Technique, Primary Clear Hand, or the Sword Essence Secret Technique, they were all made for enhancement.

Enhancements might also be part of one’s ability, but it couldn’t help the martial artist gain any achievements in the martial dao.

Only by improving one’s cultivation level and martial arts level could one gain true ability power and allow for one to have accomplishments in the martial dao.

“It is time to go experience the Star Road Hidden Domain.” Li Fuchen retrieved the star stone and crushed it.

A clear blue light blossomed and enveloped Li Fuchen. The light then suddenly caved in and shrank, until it became to tiny spot before vanishing.

This place was the boundless starry sky and there were countless stars above and underneath. In this starry sky, was a black crystal path that was twinkling with splendor which extended into the depths of the starry sky.

The starting point was this black crystal path was a floating isolated island. A clear blue light appeared and a figure fell from it.

“This is the Star Road Hidden Domain?”

Looking into the distance, Li Fuchen couldn’t help but take in a deep cold breath.

It was no wonder why the Star Road Hidden Domain was the most mystical place of the East Unicorn Continent.

Just the scenery of the starry sky was enough to stupefy anyone, there wasn’t even a need to mention the black crystal path that was displayed in the starry sky.

“Perhaps is it just an illusion!”

The countless stars were visible, but Li Fuchen didn’t think that this was really in the middle of the starry sky, it might just be an illusion.

Without a doubt, even if it was an illusion, this Star Road Hidden Domain was still worthy of the title as the most mystical place in the East Unicorn Continent.

After all, this illusion was much too lifelike and brought about a significant impact.

Taking a deep breath, Li Fuchen walked on the black crystal path.

The instant he stepped on it, he felt a heavy pressure that descended.

This pressure didn’t merely affect the body, but also the spirit.

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‘Is this the qi field of the Star Road?’

The Star Road qi field was similar to qi presence. It contained the pressure from both the spirit and qi presence.

Only those that had potential could walk further on Star Road.

Because, the stronger the potential, the stronger the spirit will and the stronger the spirit will, the easier it was to resist the qi field from the Star Road.

Take for example when Li Fuchen was at the 7th level of the Origin Realm, he was able to resist against the Liao Clan’s martial artist who was at the 2nd level of the Heaven Realm and the inner sect elder, Liang Tianyun’s qi presence. Had it been any other martial artist at the 7th level of the Origin Realm, they would have already suffered grievous injuries from the qi presence alone. Of course, back then, Liao Tianyun didn’t think of killing Li Fuchen, and merely wanted to cripple him. If Liao Tianyun had burst out with his true qi presence, it was uncertainty whether as to whether Li Fuchen could have resisted against it or not

But apart from t spirit will, qi presence was of equal importance as well.

Qi presence was closely related to one’s cultivation level.

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Someone with a weaker innate talent might have a higher cultivation level than another and might be able to walk further down this Star Road.

In addition to that, secret techniques similar to the Mystical Dragon Secret Technique that was able to enhance the qi, could also increase one’s qi presence. Right now, Li Fuchen was only at the 3rd level of Earth Realm, but after he activated the Mystical Dragon Secret Technique, he would be the same as a 4th of 5th level Earth Realm martial artist.

With an extremely strong spirit will, the Star Road qi field was akin to enjoying a cool breeze for Li Fuchen. Li Fuchen was now walking on the Star Road effortlessly.


Azure Water Sect.

Azure Water Grand Hall.

“Sect Patriarch. The Heaven Fiend Sect is brazenly putting out wanted posters in the Hundred Battle Region, of our gold class direct disciple, Li Fuchen. They even announced that if anyone was to provide them with accurate information on Li Fuchen, there would be a reward of 10 million gold coins.” Inner sect elder Yue Hua said with concern in the grand hall.

On the grand hall’s patriarch seat, a middle aged man with white robes was sitting there.

He was Ouyang Wentian. The Azure Water Sect’s top major clan, the Ouyang Clan’s current clan Patriarch and also the Azure Water Sect’s Patriarch.

When selecting the Sect Patriarch for the Azure Water Sect, one’s innate potential was the first criteria. Secondly, was whether the candidate had any great skill and intelligence. Thirdly, whether more than half the Supreme Elders approved of the candidate.

As the Sect Patriarch, the innate potential that Ouyang Wentian displayed when he was young wasn’t any inferior when compared to Emotionless Sword Xue Feng. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be sitting in this position.

Yue Hua was on the side, while Zhao Wujin spoke, “The Heaven Fiend Sect is overbearing and totally not putting our Azure Water Sect in their eyes. If Li Fuchen is captured by them, the consequences would be unimaginable. Our Azure Water Sect’s reputation would suffer a loss too.”

No matter if it was officially or personally, he didn’t wish for Li Fuchen to be captured by the Heaven Fiend Sect.

“Sect Patriarch. From what I know, the Heaven Fiend Sect’s young sect leader, Li Wuxue is dead. This incident is likely related to Li Fuchen. Shall we investigate clearly first before dealing with the Heaven Fiend Sect? We might trigger a mad craze from Heaven Fiend Sect.” One of the inner sect elders raised an objection.

This person was precisely the founder of Liao Clan, Liao Haiwang.

Zhao Wujin was glowering at him, “Liao Haiwang, if the sect cannot even protect its gold class direct disciples. Is there any meaning for our existence?”

Back when the Liao Clan sent men to pursue Li Fuchen, Zhao Wujin had asked Yue Hua to help out. He had warned the Liao Clan that if there was a second time, he would not let matters rest with the Liao Clan. This was what made Liao Clan astringed.

Liao Haiwang spoked without a change in expression, “The sect is a whole entity. We cannot simply provoke the enemy for a single individual. If the sect is to carry the burden of every direct disciple who went looking for trouble; the sect would collapse sooner or later. There are plenty of sects in the East Unicorn Continent, are you going to go wrestle with every single sect?”

Zhao Wujin sneered, “Liao Haiwang, don’t forget the fact that Li Fuchen is our Azure Water Sect’s gold class direct disciple. He isn’t just a regular silver class direct disciple. Every single gold class direct disciple is a supporting pillar for our Azure Water Sect’s future. Every loss would be a huge loss.”

Liao Haiwang replied, “He is a gold class direct disciple that has a good deal of doubtful factors. He is just temporary given the status of a gold class direct disciple. It wouldn’t be late to discuss him after he progresses to the Heaven Realm.”

For a 1 star bone frame, every cultivation realm was a huge obstacle. If they couldn’t step past the obstacle, there would be no hope in their life.

As for 5 star bone frames, as long as there were no mishaps, progressing to the Heaven Realm was like having a casual meal. There wasn’t any suspense at all.

“Hmph. The current display of his innate potential has already surpassed Sword Maniac. If we don’t even take such a small risk, wouldn’t we be too conservative? What’s more, with his current improvement pace, there is certainly a great possibility that he would progress to the Heaven Realm.” Zhao Wujin was arguing for what was right.

Ouyang Wentian gestured with a wave for everyone to keep quiet. He cleared his throat and spoke slowly, “Notify the Heaven Fiend Sect to take down all the wanted posters of our gold class direct disciple, Li Fuchen. Otherwise, my Azure Water Sect will use our full force to hunt down one of the elite gold class direct disciples from the Heaven Fiend Sect.”

“Forget it, I will make this trip personally.”

After thinking about it, Ouyang Wentian decided to go to the Hundred Battle Region personally. Only a Reincarnation Realm martial artist could negotiate with another Reincarnation Realm martial artist. Those that were below the Reincarnation Realm didn’t even have the qualification to speak out.

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