Chapter 226: First Stage of the Star Road

The Star Road was extremely long and very lonesome.

When walking on the Star Road, Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist could feel how negligible he was all this time.

Compared to this vast starry sky, it seemed like this East Unicorn Continent was just a speck of dust!

A splendid radiance was glittering.

In the starry sky, there was an explosion within a large group of meteors and one of them scrapped by the Star Road. For an instant, Li Fuchen clearly felt the the scorching heat of the meteor, like it was a giant burning ball of fire.

‘Is this actually real or just an illusion?’ As of now, Li Fuchen wasn’t certain about it.

As he continued to walk, Li Fuchen finally saw a person.

It was a 27 year old young man. His was also at the 3rd stage of the Earth Realm just like Li Fuchen.

He struggled with every step and his clothes were drenched in sweat.

‘It sure looks taxing.’

Li Fuchen wasn’t taking joy in others misfortune. He didn’t have any reference, which was why he didn’t know about the strength of the Star Road qi field.

When he saw how exhausting it was for this person, compared to his own leisure steps. Li Fuchen was certain that the Star Road was something one could walk further down if they had a stronger innate potential.


After taking a few more steps, the young man couldn’t hold on anymore and fell the to ground head first. There was a bright illumination on the Star Road which teleported the young man out of the Star Road Hidden Domain.

After a short moment, Li Fuchen saw another person. He didn’t think much of it and immediately overtook him.

Not far ahead of the Star Road was a group of young people walking together.

The one who took the lead had flawless facial features like a jade crown, broad shoulders, and long legs. Everytime his eyes blinked, there was a sharp and dominant flash of light.

“Han shixiong1shixiongsenior brother (disciple). You are indeed formidable. After walking for such a long distance, you still seem to be fine.” One of the young man by the side spoke with flattery.

“Han shixiong is one of the Celestial Seven of the Celestial Star Sect, how can he be an ordinary individual. Don’t even mention such a short distance, it would be effortless for him to pass the first stage.”

“That’s right. Han shixiong’s only disadvantage is his age. If he cultivated for another one or two years, he would the youth generation’s top elite.”

All of them were flattering.

The entire East Unicorn Continent was filled with martial experts. They might not be anyone important now, but in the coming future, they would become experts too. But this Han shixiong that they were talking about would definitely become an expert at the apex. If they were to strike up a good relationship now, they would still retain some ties in the future.

This Han shixiong that they were flattering was called Han Feng and was one of the Celestial Star Sect’s Celestial Seven. He was 23 years old this year and was at the 5th level of the Earth Realm. Those that were part of the Celestial Seven were all well-known to have an innate potential. He smiled lightly, “This Star Road Hidden Domain is indeed mystical. I have been in seclusion in the sect. If I have known that it was this mystical, I would have come earlier.”

If he were to have come earlier, he might have already advanced to the 6th level of the Earth Realm.

“This won’t do, I cannot hold on anymore. Han shixiong, my name is Lan Guanglong. We shall meet in the future if chance permits and I shall treat Han shixiong to a meal.” The youth named Lan Guanglong lied on the ground and vanished into a lump of blue light.

Seeing that scene, everyone felt some distress. There was still quite a distance before the first stage of the Star Road and it seemed like it would be of a huge difficulty for them to reach there.

“Eh? Who is that? Such a fast speed and it looks like that person is about to catch up.”

All of a sudden, one of them pointed to the back and exclaimed.

Hearing the exclamation, everyone turned around to look.

A few thousand meters away was a shadow that skimmed over at a high speed. With drifting robes and an extraordinary aura, who was it if it wasn’t Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen’s speed was tremendously fast. If everyone was having a slow run, then his would be a swift run.

If he was able to do a swift run, it meant that the qi field from the Star Road didn’t have much pressure on him. It was not at a level that was beyond his limit.

The Star Road qi field wasn’t something that remained constant. As the distance extended, the Star Road qi field would progressively increase. It might be increasing slowly and one may not be able to feel it within a short period of time. But if one were to do a swift run, the increase in pressure would be relatively huge for a majority of the people. It was hard to say when one would suddenly collapse.

Li Fuchen who was doing a swift run truly didn’t feel any pressure.

Now that he was already used to the Star Road qi field, he might truly feel uneasy if he were to suddenly leave the Star Road.

1000 meters. 800 meters. 500 meters.

Li Fuchen was getting closer and closer to Han Feng and his group.

Han Feng knitted his brows. As one of the Celestial Seven, he considered himself to be the second string of youth generation prodigies in the East Unicorn Continent. As for those first string individuals, there would either be 5 star bone frames or those heaven defying 6 star bone frames.

As for the first string, there were only just a few individuals. How many 6 star bone frame martial artists were there in the East Unicorn Continent?

As for those heaven defying 6 star bone frames, they were even lesser in quantity than those 5 star bone frames.

Those heaven defying 6 star bone frames were all martial artists that had insanely horrific perception. In some aspects, they might even be more terrifying that 5 star bone frames.

Han Feng had all the information about those 5 star bone frames and those heaven defying 6 star bone frames. But he was certain that Li Fuchen was definitely not within the list of those individuals

Moreover, Li Fuchen’s cultivation was much too low, which was only at the 3rd level of the Earth Realm.

The speed of a 3rd level Earth Realm was already so fast.

“Everyone, we need to raise our speed too.” As he spoke, Han Feng increased his speed.

“Follow Han shixiong.” Everyone gritted their teeth and increased their speed accordingly.

Just like this, the both parties maintained a gap of 500 meters and carried on with their swift run.

Li Fuchen realized that the group at the front had suddenly increased their speed. But he didn’t mind it and continued to maintain his own pace.

His purpose for coming to the Star Road Hidden Domain wasn’t to be competitive, it was to test his own limits.

He wanted to see how far he could actually go.

“Not good, I can’t hold on anymore.”

There was a surge of blue light and another person vanished from the Star Road.

One hour later, another person vanished.

Right head, an isolated island appeared. It was where the first stage was.

Ultimately, only four individuals arrived at the first stage. They were Han Feng, his two other followers, and Li Fuchen.

The two others beside Han Feng had already ventured to this Star Road before and had already passed the first stage. Their cultivation level wasn’t low, it was at least at the 7th if not the 8th level of Earth Realm. Passing the first stage wasn’t a huge deal to them.

Of course, due to the fast pace of running, the two of them were gasping for their breath and looked rather pale.

“The first stage is the Roar of Thunder. It targets one’s spirit will. Those that have a weak spirit will instantly faint. Han shixiong, even if this person can pass the first stage, he would be just barely make it through. Once he is at the second segment of the Star Road, his speed would be decreased by at least ten folds.” On the young man with a stalwart figure spoke.

Han Feng didn’t say anything and began to traverse across the isolated island.


The entire island was just like a massive demonic beast, bursting out with a terrifying enraged roar.

Under this enraged roar, the two individuals beside Han Feng were both trembling and had extremely pale expressions.

The Roar of Thunder targeted one;s spirit will. Because of their high cultivation level, their spirit would have received plenty of enhancements. Moreover, they had already visited before and they assumed that they were mentally prepared.

But right now at this moment, they still felt like they were unable to tolerate it, just like when they first visited.

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On the contrary, Han Feng had an indifferent expression. It was obvious that the Roar of Thunder could do anything to him.

At the back, Li Fuchen was looking around with curiosity, trying to observe where was the enraged roar coming from.

Finally, he came out with a verdict. The enraged roar was coming from the void above the isolated island. It seemed like the entire patch of sky was roaring with rage.

“This is indeed mystical.” Li Fuchen continued to travel and soon went across the island.

“He is just fine…” The youth with the stalwart figure had on looks of disbelief.

“He does have some tricks up his sleeve.” Han Feng laughed lightly. He wanted to see how far this person could go.

The instant he went across the island, formless waves rose up. This wave splitted into two, entering Han Feng and Li Fuchen’s body respectively.

Once the wave entered their bodies, Li Fuchen’s subconscious mind informed him that his cultivation skill had increased by quite a bit. It felt just like the time when his bone frame was upgraded.

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