Chapter 227: Surpassing Han Feng

‘With the enhancement from the Star Road’s power, one’s cultivation talent will receive a drastic increase. It doesn’t seem just like this. That wave of energy has cleansed the impurities from my body and loosen the bottleneck of my cultivation levels.’

Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist’s consciousness was unbelievably formidable. Right now, he could effortlessly feel the cultivation bottleneck of the 4th, 5th, and 6th level Earth Realm. In the past, he was only able to sense the bottleneck of the next two levels.

Among the four, only Han Feng and Li Fuchen received the enhancement from the Star Road’s energy. Because the other two had already passed the first stage previously, hence, they would not be receiving anymore enhancements from the Star Road’s power, unless they could pass the second stage.

On the second segment of the Star Road, the qi field was suddenly increased by two folds.

When Han Feng stepped on it, he could feel the slight traces of pressure.

As for the other two beside Han Feng, their expressions distorted.

“It is still manageable.” When walking on the second segment of the Star Road, Li Fuchen didn’t feel much of a difference.

If the first segment of the Star Road was a gentle breeze, the second segment would be a gentle wind.

Be it a gentle breeze or gentle wind, for a person who was traveling at high speed, there wasn’t much of a difference, it was just a blowing of their hair.

Without any decrease in speed, Li Fuchen began his swift run.

“Such speed.”

That youth with the stalwart figure had on an unfathomable expression.

The other slightly leaner youth sneered, “Show off. He will cry later on.”

On the Star Road Hidden Domain, you must never be a show off. Only by maintaining a comfortable pace would you then be able to walk further. If you hurried for the sake of cutting down the time spent, not only would you not be able to walk far, but your body and mind would feel the fatigue.

When Han Feng saw how fast Li Fuchen was, his expression turned cold.

He felt that Li Fuchen was doing this intentionally, to shame him.

Against such people, Han Feng would always use his actions to demonstrate to his opponents, what was inviting shame to themselves.

“As long as it isn’t a person listed on the first string, I, Han Feng have no fear for anyone else.”

Han Feng didn’t even inform the two others at his side. His speed burst forth, causing him to instantly overtake Li Fuchen.

In just a few breaths, Han Feng had left Li Fuchen far behind him.

“Han shixiong1shixiongsenior brother (disciple) is indeed formidable to be able to maintain such speed, even when he is on the second segment of the Star Road. That person must be flabbergasted!”

“From what I see, he just wanted to flaunt and humiliate Han Feng. A pity that he looked for the wrong target.”

“Let’s continue our slow run. Anyway, the Star Road has a wide horizon and the air doesn’t have any impurities. We can still see clearly from a few dozen kilometers away.”

“That’s right. Let’s run slowly, we might even catch up to this person.”

The two of them thought lowly of Li Fuchen and assumed that he was just putting on a false front.

Of course, this was mainly because of their high confidence in Han Feng. They didn’t even consider that Han Feng might lose to Li Fuchen.

When Li Fuchen saw Han Feng overtook him, he didn’t mind it a single bit. The current speed was his most comfortable speed and there wasn’t any pressure at all. There was only the pleasure of the Star Road qi field brushing across his mind and body.

As the time passed slowly, Li Fuchen’s speed was still holding.

“This person has some tricks up his sleeve. He is actually able to maintain his speed this entire time.”

The two of them had already been left behind for over a dozen kilometers. Currently, sweat was forming all over their bodies, just like when a normal human had completed a vigorous exercise.

“Pity, he will never surpass Han shixiong who is already three or four kilometers ahead of him.”

“Shall we slow down our speed? We will be able to stay on this Star Road for a longer time and see how Han shixiong leave him in the dust.”

At this very moment, the two of them were stripped of all competitive thoughts.

In any case, it was almost impossible for them to pass the second stage of the Star Road. They had recognized the fact that Li Fuchen’s potential was much superior to theirs.

Gradually, Li Fuchen and Han Feng’s figure slowly turned into two small black spots in their vision.

“A gap of eight kilometers. Let’s see how you catch up to me.”

Han Feng had this worry free feeling, although he might be feeling a trace of fatigue now.

Putting down his guard, Han Feng’s speed also slightly decreased.

After a period of time, it had decreased even further.

Unconsciously, Han Feng’s speed was already slower than Li Fuchen’s.

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Eight kilometers, seven kilometers, six kilometers, five kilometers.

When Li Fuchen was just five kilometers behind Han Feng, Han Feng looked extremely displeased.

Taking a deep breath, Han Feng suppressed his desire to increase his speed.

Four and a half kilometers, three and a half kilometers, two and a half kilometers.

When Han Feng saw that Li Fuchen was just two and a half kilometers behind, he couldn’t contain himself anymore.

“Damn it.”

Having no choice, Han Feng increased his speed once again. This time he was even much faster than before, like an afterimage rushing on the Star Road.

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When he pulled the gap to around five kilometers, Han Feng gradually decreased his speed.

But in just a short period of time, the gap between them was shorten to two and a half kilometers again.

“Does he not know what is fatigue?” Han Feng felt some imbalance in his heart.

He was like a gambler on the betting table. From his beginning calm behavior, to his mindful behavior, to the current uncontrollable behavior.

Two kilometers, one and a half kilometers.

The gap between the two of them constantly shrunk.

Panting heavily, Han Feng wanted to increase his speed, but he suddenly realized that he couldn’t increase much of his speed anymore.

His previous sprints had expended quite a bit of his energy.

The qi field on the Star Road was currently extremely strong. It was about the same as the force of a gale.

“I cannot continue like this. A fast speed might allow me to maintain the current lead, but I cannot persist for a long time. Once he catches up, I would be running at a similar speed like him.” Han Feng thought to himself.

In just a short moment, Li Fuchen caught up.

Han Feng casted a glance at him and his eyes involuntarily widened.

There wasn’t a trace of sweat on his body. He was running like he was floating on the clouds and drifting in the wind. He had this refreshing demeanor that didn’t seem to have any fatigue.

Maintaining the same speed, Li Fuchen was running alongside Han Feng, shoulder to shoulder.

About 50 kilometers behind, the stalwart youth and lean youth were both dumbstruck.

Li Fuchen actually caught up to Han Feng and was maintaining the same pace as him.

What kind of tempo was this?

Pant! Pant! Pant!

Han Feng’s breathing got erratic, sweat was gradually drenching his robes.

While on his side, Li Fuchen still maintained his clean and tidy look.

Half a body, one body.

Li Fuchen had overtook Han Feng for the first time.

Han Feng gritted his teeth, he chased after and closed up the gap.

15 minutes, 30 minutes.

Han Feng had already given all of his energy, but he noticed with despair that he was no longer able to keep up with Li Fuchen’s pace.

“Impossible. How could I, Han Feng lose? He must have some artifact that allowed him to cheat.” Han Feng had this sinister expression.

When Li Fuchen pulled the gap of about ten meters from him, Han Feng couldn’t bear it anymore.

“Damn bastard, get lost from the Star Road.”

Han Feng violently made a move. His first move was already a killer move which struck at Li Fuchen with extreme speed.

Li Fuchen frowned and had an instant burst in speed. It was much faster than Han Feng’s top speed earlier.


There was qi explosion, but it didn’t affect hit Li Fuchen.

“I will leave him further behind in one shot.”

Li Fuchen maintained the high speed. He didn’t want to have any meaningless fights on the Star Road unless necessary.

Five hundred meters.

Three kilometers, five kilometers, ten kilometers.

In just a short period of time, Li Fuchen left Han Feng ten kilometers behind him.

Han Feng had this expression of astonishment and disbelief. He felt as though he was given a ruthless slap on his face.

He felt as though he was ridiculed by Li Fuchen.

“This isn’t over!” Han Feng had on an expression of sinister resentment.

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