Chapter 228: Monument of Names

“Han shixiong1shixiongsenior brother (disciple) has been overtaken by him?”

Over 50 kilometers away, the two who had been observing Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist and Han Feng exchanged eye contact.

The field of view in the Star Road Hidden Domain was very clear. Even if they were 50 km away, they were still able to differentiate Han Feng and Li Fuchen.

They were shocked when they saw that Li Fuchen had overtaken Han Feng and even forced Han Feng to put down his reputation to make a move.

Who was Han Feng? He was one of the Celestial Seven of the Celestial Sect. If he was placed in any of the other secs, he would be an existence at the pinnacle. Those that could surpass him should be of 5 star bone frame or a heaven defying 6 star bone frame. Could Li Fuchen be a newly emerging heaven defying 6 star bone frame?

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As for 5 star bone frame, it was impossible. As soon as a 5 star bone frame entered a sect, the information would be spreaded all around and it was difficult to conceal it.

The second segment of the Star Road was incomparably long. The Star Road qi field began as a gentle wind but had gradually turned into a small wind.

Even Li Fuchen felt some traces of pressure.

But these traces of pressure was still minute and didn’t really affect Li Fuchen.

15 km, 25 km.

Han Feng had been left behind by Li Fuchen by a gap of 25 km.

Han Feng’s back was currently drenched in sweat.

In fact, if he had maintained he own tempo of traversing, he wouldn’t feel so tired.

But it was because of his competitive nature that he had used too much speed earlier on and was stimulated by Li Fuchen later on, which caused his poor condition.

If he wasn’t one of the Celestial Seven, he might already have been teleported out of the Star Road Hidden Domain.

Finally, Li Fuchen arrived at the second stage.

The second stage was also an isolated island.

On the island was this tall stone statue which had its eyes closed.

Once Li Fuchen took a step on the island, a formless wave spreaded out as the stone statue emitted misty rays of light. At the same moment, the stone statue opened its eyes and it was a pair of misty eyes.


Li Fuchen’s spirit will had been shaken.

“Illusion technique?” Li Fuchen was in a pensive thought

According to his resources, the first stage was the Roar of Thunder and the second stage was the Eyes of Mist.

It turned out that the Eyes of Mist was actually an illusion art.

Illusion techniques was something that was hard to guard against.

It was somewhat related to cultivation and also not related at the same time.

When saying that it was related, it meant that the higher one’s cultivation level, the stronger one’s spirit will.

When saying that it was not related, it meant that even if one’s cultivation level was high, if one’s spirit will wasn’t strong enough, the martial artist would still fall into the illusion.

If the illusion art martial artists was stronger, even if they were at the Earth Realm, they might be able to cause Heaven Realm martial artists to fall into the illusion zone.

If they weren’t an illusion art martial artist, it would be as difficult as ascending heaven, for an Earth Realm fighter to defeat a Heaven Realm expert. If they weren’t a heaven defying existence, it was impossible.

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But in order to cultivate illusion techniques, the prerequisites was to have a innately tough spirit will and also the aptitude to cultivate the illusion techniques.

The aptitude could be an illusion technique type bone frame or unique senses that was born in one’s body towards illusion techniques.

The illusion technique that was released by the stone statue was extremely formidable. It was at least ten folds stronger than the Spirit Hidden Sect’s Ghost Girl, Ye Hua, when she used it during the Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain.

A pity that Li Fuchen’s spirit will was much tougher and his consciousness was heaven defying.

To Li Fuchen, the stone statue’s illusion technique was just a ripple on the lake.

If it wanted to make him fall into the illusion zone, it would only happen in his dreams.

After walking past the stone statue, Li Fuchen saw a towering stone monument.

A writing brush appeared out of nowhere and floated in front of Li Fuchen’s eyes.

Li Fuchen’s eyebrows lifted and thought that this was the Monument of Names and the Brush of Names.

Those that could pass through the second stage of the Star Road after a single attempt could leave down their own marking.

The marking had to be done in a single stroke of the brush. Which was why no one had ever left their name behind.

Furthermore, everyone left their own markings, the marking of a name was undoubtedly a vulgar thing.

On the stone monument, the markings were segregated into several groups:

The first group was at the highest and they contained the writers’ spirit will and the mystical wave that was bestowed by the Star Road Hidden Domain.

The second group had a lot of markings and it was packed densely together, like small little tadpoles.

The third group had even more markings and with just a single glance, you couldn’t tell how many markings there were.

“The first group of markings must have been left by 6 star bone frames and the heaven defying 6 star bone frames.”

“The second group of markings should have been left by elite class 5 star bone frames.”

“The third group of markings, were probably left by those above average 5 star bone frames.”

“These markings that are dimmed, probably means that the writer is already dead.”

It seemed like those who could pass the second stage of the Star Road on their first attempt, were all extraordinary people. Regular 5 star bone frames didn’t have any chance to come all the way here on their first attempt. Only those excellent individuals with 5 star bone frames had the ability to come here on their first attempt.

From what Li Fuchen saw, Sword Maniac, Sword Tiger, and Emotionless Sword should belong to the second group of markings.

Sword Maniac must be obsessed with the sword and had an exceptional perception. It was a pity that his bone frame was too low, a 4 star bone frame.

Thus, Sword Maniac was a heaven defying 4 star bone frame.

As for himself, Li Fuchen laughed.

He was just a 1 star bone frame.

Extending his right hand, Li Fuchen grabbed onto the writing brush.


The instant he held the brush, Li Fuchen could feel that this brush was extraordinary.

This brush gave him a feeling that it was much more mystical than the earth class weapon shard by ten folds. He tried to enter with his consciousness, but a formless wave obstructed him.

‘This brush’s class must be at least at earth class high-tier.’ Li Fuchen thought.

As Li Fuchen held onto the brush, a mystical wave came out from the void and poured into the brush. Li Fuchen was surprised to find out that he didn’t even need to pour in any qi.

He thought so as well, as this brush which was at least of earth class high-tier, wouldn’t be satisfied with his qi. Making it impossible for him to even leave a mark on the Monument of Names.

Hence, it was the reason why those markings on the Monument of Names contained a mystical  wave. It was probably because of the Brush of Names itself.

After thinking about it, Li Fuchen began to write his own marking.

The writing was done in the mid air.

The marking that Li Fuchen wrote was a ‘Sword’, a sharp ‘Sword’. This ‘Sword’ contained all of Li Fuchen’s sword dao base and also his formidable spirit will.

The instant when the ‘Sword’ marking was completed in a single stroke, it began to emit a light and immediately flew towards the Monument of Names.

Third group.

Second group.

First group.

The ‘Sword’ marking rose quickly into the first group and found an empty spot to brand itself into.


The Monument of Names emitted a brilliant radiance, while the entire Star Road shook slightly at the same time. It seemed like something huge had happened.

“First group!” Li Fuchen raised his brows.

After the ‘Sword’ mark was branded, a mystical wave and spirit will that belonged to Li Fuchen proliferated. It was shining along with the other markings on the first group, it was high above and giving off an aura that stated that it held supremacy.

Furthermore, Li Fuchen noticed that in all the markings of the first group, apart from those that were dimmed, the others had different sizes in the markings, some were bigger some were smaller.

There were more of those that were smaller, while the bigger ones took up only 10% of them.

Li Fuchen’s ‘Sword’ mark was one of the bigger ones and moreover, it was the largest among all of them.

There were other ‘Sword’ marks that were unwilling to lose out and attempted to rush at Li Fuchen’s ‘Sword’ mark, seemingly trying to oppress it.

But Li Fuchen’s ‘Sword’ mark shook a little and immediately got rid of the other ‘Sword’ marks, making them dispirited.

“What is happening?”

Han Feng and the other two were panicking, not knowing what was happening.

Han Feng looked ahead at the second stage of the Star Road and found out that the commotion came from over there.

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