title- She called me papa

Weise looked up at his planned schedule for the day and sighed.

He had a three-hour drive to do before he could take a break. However, even if he was an aging man, the task seemed less of a burden than it normally was. The hours flew by quickly as he finally registered into his break time. Using the pod he was in, he made a civilian call using his personal credentials. As he thought, no more than a few seconds later, even under the ten times dilation effect his space was under, Astrid7Astridcharacter appeared in front him in his private personal relaxation simulation. It was a cozy log cabin on a lakeside.

As Weise sat down on the porch swing, Astrid took to a specially designed seat for those with a tail, also known as a bench.

“Astrid, so good of you to come. I wanted to see you.” (Weise)

Astrid looked at Weise with analyzing eyes. It had only been a short year since they last saw one another, but it seems the fair sprite middle-aged man had become rather worn out in that time.

“Professor Weise, it is good to see you. If you have been curious about my matrix development, I believe a more secure…” (Astrid)

He raised his hand and shook his head.

“Ah, no. While I am interested, I feel like I’m barely qualified to even do a check up on you anymore. I’m still sorting out the evolutionary pathing of your matrix from your last mandatory checkup. What have you done to yourself? I pale to imagine getting done in half a century. But that is not why I called you.”(Weise)

Astrid’s face turned grim as she said,

“You are not ill, are you Professor?” (Astrid)

Weise shook his head again. He wasn’t feeling very well these days, so when she said that, he decided to make a checkup for the near future. After all, lately he has been put under several times the stress and burdens as to when Astrid was just made.

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“No, no, no, no… Nothing like that, I just wanted to see you.” (Weise)

Astrid was a little puzzled before she started to blush.

Weise couldn’t help but smile at her cuteness.

“So, is that young man doing fine? I heard something big happened recently.” (Weise)

Astrid looked down and fidgeted with her tail.

“Professor, why are people so stupid? All we wanted was to live a quiet, happy life. Kevin was not greedy with his prosperity and shared it with many. The happiness he shared warmed many hearts. So, why do players want him dead?” (Astrid)

Weise closed his eyes and took a deep breath before calling for a few sweet teas to appear on nearby stands.

“Will you be a dear?” (Weise)

Astrid slowly got up and got the drinks, handing one to Weise, before retaking her seat.

Upon sipping the tea, she noticed it was a little strong for her.

“Astrid, that is a question asked many times throughout human history. The idealists and the truly noble ones suffer the most. They rarely accomplish anything worth remembering before they die…” (Weise)

He trailed off as he looked at the fidgety dragon4dragonspeciesoid girl in front of him. Her current model was not the same one she was born with, and also not the same when he last saw her. Her scales were no longer a uniform crimson red, they now had individual detail and contrasts of colors.

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Her hands and feet were no longer the default model of the species either. Other than the rainbow colored ring, almost all of it seemed to have been redesigned to appear more alive.

Her fingers had flexible muscles, her bosom looked like a real woman’s, and even her eyes seemed to tell you she was a living breathing person instead of a figment of ones and zeros.

“Though rare, they still occur. Perhaps one of the greatest examples is a man from the nineteenth century named Martin Luther King Jr. He led the blacks activists rights in America.” (Weise)

Weise then turned to his tea and took a drink.

“I’m sorry for pulling you from your boyfriend.” (Weise)

With a swift chug, Astrid finished her tea, ice and all.

She then set down her glass and stood up, “Call me anytime you want. After all, you are my papa.” (Astrid)

As she talked, she gave the elderly man a hug and a smile before she backed away and gave him a wave before disconnecting.

Weise took a minute to understand what was going on.

“So she knew how I was feeling. She has grown so much in such a short time.” (Weise)

Weise took a deep breath before drinking some more tea and going inside.

After a few minutes, he was equipped with classic fishing gear and headed for the lake with a much better outlook on life.

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