Chapter 179: A Light Kiss

Burning red lips descended on him, causing Su Ke2Su KeMain Character to immediately change into a person without strength to truss a chicken.

With a resigned expression, Su Ke blankly stared forward as Qin Zheng grabbed his waist.

Unconsciously, his body moved forward, his hands instinctively pulling on Qin Zheng’s waist.

Su Ke could feel his chest pressing against two soft lumps, separated by his shirt and Qin Zheng’s camisole. That extreme elasticity and softness was clearly transmitted, so much so that he had a slight pain in his chest.

However, there was a more pressing concern; the hysterical beating of his heart.

It’s just that this wave of assault had not passed yet when Su Ke saw that Qin Zheng’s face was getting closer and closer. Her tender yet lustrous lips were pouting slightly.

Only allowed on

10 centimeter.

5 centimeters.

1 centimeters.

Closer and closer.

“Let’s do it!” Su Ke closed his eyes and directly went in.

Instantaneously, it felt like he got electrocuted.

With a gentle fragrance and a softness like jelly, the two people kissed, just like that.

Su Ke could feel the pounding of his heart becoming louder and louder.

Not only him, but also Qin Zheng. Their bodies were stiff, tightly embracing as their breathing became urgent as they breathed onto each other.

There was a burst of numbness, making people even more vigorous.

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His brain was blank as he heard a buzzing in his head.

However, before he could understand this feeling, he realized that a soft tongue was knocking against his jaw, causing him to unconsciously open the gates.

Yuan Fang watched as his ex took the initiative to hug and kiss another person.

The two of them were practically one body. How could he stand this?

He took a few steps forward, ruthlessly grabbing and pulling on Qin Zheng’s shoulder.

Yuan Fang had one hand on Qin Zheng’s shoulder, the other pointing at her nose, his face red as he yelled, “Qin Zheng, are you going to humiliate yourself like this!?”

His face was so malevolent, it was like a demon from the depths of hell.

He was angry, his finger couldn’t stop trembling.  

“Let go!” Qin Zheng flung her arm, staring coldly at him, completely silent.

“This kind of man is everywhere; are you humiliating me?” Yuan Fang roared, pointing at Su Ke once again.

Su Ke was still thinking about the kill Qin Zheng had given him. Her nimble tongue had tangled with his. This kind of feeling nearly suffocated him.

Yuan Fang’s words jarred him as he frowned and took a step forward.

“Wei! Please! When you’re bragging, don’t look down on other people! That’ll make them think you’re a clown!”

Su Ke was extremely calm as he stared at Yuan Fang and continued, “And. It’s. Even. A. Dancing. Clown!”

“Hmph! Are you even worthy? Just you, this hairy youngster! I can make you have no standing in Wei Hai at anytime!” Yuan Fang seemed crazy. His eyes were bloodshot as he continued, “Playing with my worn-out shoes (1) and still -”

When Yuan Fang watched Qin Zheng kiss another man, he was already on the edge.

Right now, he was so angered by Su Ke’s words, he lost all reason, blurting out everything.

However, before he could finish speaking, Yuan Fang saw the youngster lift up his right leg.

Suddenly, it felt like a bison had kicked his abdomen.

“Bang!” Yuan Fang felt like he was on a rollercoaster. He actually felt strangely weightless.

His two legs had already left the ground, a sharp pain spreading throughout his body.

He flew down and landed on flat ground, skidding for a few meters before collapsing in a heap.

Su Ke lightly exhaled as he rubbed his nose. His heart was astonished.

Looks like getting Jeet Kune Do (Expert) had increased his strength by quite a bit.

Looking at Yuan Fang, who was sent flying, he noticed that his face was now ashen and fighting to stand up, his mouth curved up.

“He he, sorry! I couldn’t control myself, but you can continue scolding me now!”

“You, you dare to touch me!” Yuan Fang never expected that he would be kicked by someone, especially not in such an embarrassing situation in such a public place.

Everyone on the street was staring and pointing, making him feel like a disgrace.

It was even worse than watching Qin Zheng kiss Su Ke.

On his white shirt, a distinct footprint could be seen. Yuan Fang covered his abdomen with one hand as he struggled to stand. He was so angry, it caused his face muscles to twitch.

“If I’ve touched, then I’ve touched. You think you’re in a dream? You think you can’t be touched!?”

Su Ke then shrugged as he turned around, wanting to step down from the stage, but was instead pulled back by Qin Zheng.

“Fine, but I’ll remember you! Just you wait!”

Su Ke heard Yuan Fang’s angry shout, followed by the slamming of a car door.

However, he saw Qin Zheng shake her head at him with an anxious face.

He thought that she still had some lingering feelings for Yuan Fang and was not willing to see him take action, but her concern seemed to be directed at him instead.

“Sister Qin Zheng, what’s wrong?”

“Su Ke, Yuan Fang isn’t someone we can irritate! Don’t provoke him!”

When she spoke, Qin Zheng looked sad, but she quickly recovered.

She then grabbed Su Ke’s shoulder and smiled while she said, “Your kick just now was very handsome! Even more handsome than Beckham!”

“Hei hei!” Su Ke was embarrassed by Qin Zheng’s words. He grinned and rubbed his head, feeling Qin Zheng’s arm around his shoulder.

In such an intimate position, it just happened to press his other shoulder into Qin Zheng’s chest. His body unconsciously trembled as he quickly looked up.

However, this action caught Qin Zheng’s attention.

Standing at the doors of Fang Fei Yi Ren1Fang Fei Yi RenThe beauty parlour Su Ke works at and the one Luo Fei Yan owns, giving off a seductive charm.

At this moment, with an arm around Su Ke, she leaned her head towards his ear and whispered, “Little brother Su, did you kiss enough just now?”

“Eh!” Su Ke was following Qin Zheng’s gait, but when he he heard that, his legs stopped and his body went rigid. He looked at Qin Zheng, whose head was tilted towards him, her rose-red hair draped down. The amusement in her eyes, mixed with something else, made him even more anxious.

Su Ke gulped audibly, trying to calm himself down.

He then gave a strained smile as he yelled, “Sister Qin Zheng, don’t tease me!”

“Who’s teasing you!? Hurry up and speak! Hurry up!”

This Qin Zheng had abandoned her mature and sensible image.

Similar to Du Wan, with a childish attitude, it made Su Ke feel even more at a loss.

If he said that he had kissed enough, it would definitely hurt Qin Zheng’s feelings.

However, if he hadn’t kissed enough, that was even more frightening; it would show that he had become a pervert!

“I, I!” Su Ke was stuck between a rock and a hard place, causing him to stammer as his legs turned soft and his head was full of sweat.


  1. Can also mean loose woman or sl*t
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