Book II – Bandit, Chapter 34 – Jupiter vs. Vik Saver

Hearing this voice, Vik Saver and little River both looked up in shock and bemusement. Sitting not so high above them casually on the branch of a tree was a handsome young man in dashing black raiments. He had caramel brown skin and two deep ocean like eyes.

Obviously, this was Jodye Trill.

River felt her little maiden heart start racing the moment she laid eyes on this hot older boy. Although she was young in age, she was a genius with a sage body. Her maturity and intelligence could only be described as freakish.

On the other hand, Vik Saver grimaced immediately. He could feel a weak saintly sage aura coming from this young man in the tree. That on top of his appearance gave Vik Saver a forbidding feeling. This seemed to be no ordinary brat, was this her ‘so-called’ older brother? Vik glanced at the little girl and saw her eyes shining like stars. He was dumbfounded, but he quickly noticed the curious glint in the eyes of the girl.

She didn’t seem to know this young man, she looked as if she had just discovered brand new land. Most importantly, how the hell did this brat know his brother’s name? Hemp Saver was on assignment from his sect, White Serpent Cove. Was this twerp a scout here to recruit him? A spy form an enemy? Vik wasn’t sure what to think, but he knew he had to get this brat out of here.

“Listen, brat, this has nothing to do with ye. I suggest ye scat on out of here if you know what’s good,” shouted Vik Saver from below. Jodye Trill snickered, as he hopped down from the tree, stirring up a cloud of dirt as he landed 20 meters away from the pair. Slowly walking toward Vik Saver and Little River, Jodye seemed calm and composed like a scholar observing nature. Nineteen meters…. eighteen meters… at this point, Vik Saver was already incensed. An orange atmosphere burst forth from Vik’s body as he withdrew a combat spear from the magic pouch on his hip while shouting, “Boy! I’ll not be warning ye again! Stop now, or I attack.”

However, did Jodye need to fear a Vik Saver? This Vik seemed weaker than Hemp, even though he was obviously older in age. Stretching out his divine energy, Jodye registered that the intensity of Vik Saver’s physical energy was equal to around 10,000 pounds or 100 BP. Jodye knew that this represented the peak of the Essence Formation rank of the True Saint realm, and the origin energy in Vik’s body should belong to the Junior Spirit rank. The proof was that it turned orange once it emerged from Vik’s sage body. Orange atmosphere represented the Junior Spirit rank of the Sage Path. Once one elevated to the Great Scholar rank, their atmosphere would become crimson when ignited.

Jodye’s body had initially been a bit weaker than this, as thanks to being at the ninth level of the Wimpy Man realm his body had the strength of 90 BP. However, since Jodye was dual cultivating astral might and true essence to temper his physique, his body’s resistance had increased to around 102 BP currently. This was because his two sky forces were able to fuse into astral essence! This was a qualitative change and brought about fantastic benefits to his body every day.

Once the origin qi phenomenon in the sky finished forming, 53 white light spheres were floating in Vik’s atmosphere in the shape of a small impish creature. This confirmed Jodye’s conjecture.

The combat spear in Vik’s hands was a D-grade combat gear, and it didn’t seem very impressive. By relying on the inherited memories of Jupiter, Jodye felt confident that the boost this D-grade Combat Spear provided would be less than 20%. This was not scary at all. Thus, Jodye simply smiled gently and kept stepping forward.

Little River was silently staring at this mysterious boy without blinking.

Vik Saver grew nervous when he saw that the boy didn’t even flinch in reaction to his aura. He injected his origin energy into his combat spear to increase his intimidation. The white light spheres instantly increased to 63.

“Boss! Eh, what’s this now?”

“Boss you got her! Eh?”

“Is the boss about to fight someone?”

The six goons in the shack had finally come out to check the commotion, only to see their leader in full battle mode facing a refined looking noble brat.

“Right on time, grab the girl while I take him out boys!” bellowed Vik Saver as he dashed forward full of aggression.

Vik didn’t fear that he couldn’t slaughter this brat. However, he had been worried that the kid could distract him long enough for the girl to escape! Ultimately, this kid was here for the girl. That’s that only reason he had yet to attack. That was the only way Vik was able to picture this brat rescuing little River in this situation, as it was indeed possible if he had the speed. However, with his gang here, Vik needn’t worry about such things. The girl could not escape anymore.

Vik Saver released his perfected nascent voodoo concept and made a strange hand seal, as curse marks appeared all over his arm. The curse mark burst into the atmosphere before pouring into the combat spear. The curse marks on the spear emitted an eerie glow that covered the blade at the end before transforming into a soft violet fire!

Curse Art: Will-O-Wisp!

Jodye was surprised! This seemed to be a curse that had already been prepared beforehand and was now being loaded onto the combat gear. Presumably, getting hit with the weapon would mean getting hit with the curse. Jodye felt enlightened, “So just like spells can be saved into a staff, curses can be saved on the body for later use. This indeed makes curse arts more difficult to deal with. Who knows what crazy curses a voodoo expert would have tattoed on his body? It seems my knowledge on the life and death laws is still far too shallow.”

Sigma Octanis taught Jodye and Dessa a lot about alchemy, but true to their arrangement his martial dao lessons were genuinely sparse. Sigma only told Jodye things that he was asked directly. He wanted to lure the boy into accepting him as a master. However, due to Jodye’s overwhelming intelligence, he was able to understand some truths from a battle alone. This was how he came to possess his current strength!

Such as how he was learning more about curse arts by watching Vik Saver, someone whose power Jodye simply didn’t fear!

Meanwhile, Vik didn’t stop there. His perfected nascent level fire concept merged with his origin qi as they both poured into the combat spear. A multicolored force momentum gathered around the combat spear. The violet flames blazing on the blade of the spear were initially indistinct, but they suddenly became slightly more vivid. Finally, the 25 flaming light spheres condensing in the sky next to the 63 white light spheres suddenly vanished, only to be replaced by 75 brown light spheres once Vik poured in his pure essence force into the combat gear!

All together the qi concentrated into the combat gear wielded by this approaching warrior had reached a startling 238 BP!

Jodye was thoroughly intrigued, but he still frowned touching his space ring, and his Scarlet Flame Magic sword appeared in his left hand as he released a tremendous golden atmosphere at the same time. Jodye immediately galvanized his combat seeds, as the images of two giant sky wolves and a divine dragon appeared behind him briefly before fading into his aura. In the sky above Jodye, the origin qi phenomenon already formed 26 white spheres of light which quickly became 71.

In Jodye’s opinion, this so-called Vik Saver had shown a competence that was genuinely threatening after all. The Will-O-Wisp curse that Vik Savor used on his weapon seemed to compliment his own qi powers. The fire and voodoo forces he injected into the gear wouldn’t deplete if he stopped infusing them thanks to the curse maintaining them. This meant that as Vik recovered his curse and fire powers, the momentum of his combat spear would skyrocket.

Jodye’s divine energy made this entire process as clear as day to him, so he studied the movement of energy carefully as he released his primary calamity qi and fused it with his primary thunderbolt force forming 105 scarlet golden flaming lightning spheres. Jodye injected his origin qi into his B-grade combat gear the Scarlet Flame Sword. With a boosting effect of 65%, the white lights increased once more to 117 BP. This gave Jodye a total of 222 BP!

Jodye’s face was indifferent as qi momentum raged around him fiercely. However, his impassive face only served to infuriate the approaching Vik Saver even more. Behind Vik Saver, the image of a Fire Imp manifested as his aura powered up once more!

253 BP…

255 BP…

258 BP with the momentum rising!

Flames burst to life around Vik as he used his, Innate Skill: Flame Drive!

268 BP…

271 BP with the momentum still rising!

When Vik Saver was a mere three meters away from Jodye, his BP had already risen to 280! Jodye Trill frowned, “So this is how the accumulation of force momentum can change the dynamic of a fight. A once weak opponent is suddenly so fierce?”

Vik Saver reached the front of Jodye and swept out with his spear!


The sound of metal colliding left Vik Saver shocked! He thought he would instantly annihilate this brat, but he was actually blocked! Jodye Trill blocked with his sword and was knocked 10 meters back before he steadied himself, as Vik launched himself forward again without hesitation, in spite of his shock. The violet flames on the tip of his spear were ablaze as he stabbed forward with his most potent battle skill!

Flaming Boar!

Jodye Trill’s face was dignified. Two of the hieroglyphs on the scarlet flame magic sword lit up as it blazed with scarlet gold flaming qi momentum containing savage might! Jodye slashed out with more than 300 BP of blazing origin force. This was the spell embedded into this magic sword! This spell was what made it a magical sword.

Burning Heaven Slash!


The two attacks collided, and the shockwaves produced wrecked the surrounding trees and foliage to complete ruin, as a vast dust cloud emerged. The surround goons even felt their organs tremble, forcing them to cough out blood as they raised qi barriers to protect themselves, and little River was luckily protected by this as well.


A shadow shot out of the dust cloud and crashed through the run-down shack that had barely survived the shockwaves of the previous clash. This man had a mangled arm and a bloody gash on his chest. It was none other than Vik Saver!


“Oh s***! Let’s get out of here bro!”

“You don’t have to tell me twice.”

The visual impact of this brief exchange was so powerful that it left these six men terrified. Three of them immediately turned tail and ran while the other three scrambled to the ruins of the shack.

Little River coughed a bit of dust out of her lungs and then looked back at the wrecked building. She felt warm and tingly inside, but also slightly terrified. Who was the mysterious hero? Was he really here to help? He was even more dominant than that big bully Vik Saver!

“Hey midget, you lost? Quickly, quickly, now. Go on, come, come.” Jodye Trill was breathing heavily as he impatiently motioned for little River to come to his side. He had used about 40% of his origin energy in that attack just now, but he had only heavily injured the opponent! It was a severe injury, sure, but Jodye felt like that strike could have killed Hemp Saver easily! So it turned out this Vik Saver was actually superior in strength.

Was this the benefit of dual path cultivation?

Then again, it was perhaps due to the difference in cultivation realms, or maybe this guy Vik was simply a tough cookie. Even though Jodye knew he could kill him, it didn’t seem to be worth the effort. He only came here to rescue a child that actually had nothing to do with himself. As a child himself, he felt an uncontrollable sympathy for her. However, he didn’t see the need to murder indiscriminately.

Little River came to her senses quickly, as she snapped out of her state of reverie. She got up and nervously ran over to hide behind Jodye’s legs.

“Mister, will you really help me?” she asked in a soft and timid, yet adorable, voice.

“Am I not currently helping?” responded Jodye indifferently. “What’s your name, kid?”

“Uhm…” Little River hesitated, but ultimately decided to trust this savior of hers, “I’m River. River of the Clan Nile.”

“River… of the Nile…” Jodye Trill was stunned speechless for at least half a breathe until he noticed that this little girl’s eyes were a vibrant blue color that was even brighter than his own eyes. He exclaimed in wonder, “How beautiful…”

River’s little face turned a shade of beet red when she heard his words. She had never been complimented by a male she was curious about. This was due to her never having been curious about another male, as Jodye was the first in her life to catch her attention. Thus, little didn’t know how to respond at all. She just lowered her head and shuffled her feet uncomfortably.

Meanwhile, Jodye was in a daze and ultimately didn’t notice this reaction. This girl’s name gave him an odd feeling, as it reminded him of the name of a river in his old world. Subconsciously, he felt a little more familiar with this girl. He decided to not only rescue this lost child but to deliver her to her so-called older brother as well. After making this decision, Jodye smiled brilliantly as he glanced at her, “Well, how about it? Do you want to come with me?”

This dazzling smile short-circuited the little girl’s brain, and she could only nod dully. In the next second, River Nile was stunned to find herself in the air with wind encouraging her wavy light brown hair to assault her delicate little face. Jodye Trill had already cradled her into his arms and sped away. After all, he was alone, and Vik Saver had friends! If he let them regroup things might not end so quickly or easily. The key to successfully defeating a stronger opponent is always the element of surprise. Once the surprise was gone, the difficulty level would rise exponentially.

Jodye was definitely not foolish enough to gamble in such a situation.

The previous fight had taught him how much he still had to learn about this world’s experts. Even though he was far more powerful than opponents at his own rank, the martial artists of the upper realms were all terrifying. The opponent he thought wasn’t a match for himself was actually able to fight on the same level as him with relative ease. As a result, Jodye had nearly suffered from overconfidence. Luckily, he indeed had some capital to be confident about. However, it seemed that without his sky wolves present Jodye should be a lot more cautious.

This world was full of skilled warriors with hidden tricks!

He wouldn’t underestimate an opponent so quickly again.

Jodye swiftly ran across the rooftops of various buildings, continually changing directions before switching to the streets and doing the same. This way he could be sure that he wasn’t being followed. Unless the opponent could fly. Of course, if that were the case, then his actions would just seem silly. This was an old tactic from his days as a spy that had long since become a habit. During this period Jodye learned a lot about this little girl named River. River Nile was only six years old this year, but she was actually already a martial warrior with Sage path cultivation at the sophomore rank. She came from the royal capital of the South Ward to this end on a journey with her mother.

They aimed to stop her older brother from doing something reckless.

However, when asked what this something reckless was, River would remain quiet and evasive. Obviously, it wasn’t any reasonable level of recklessness.

“Nile… The Nile clan… Wait!” Jodye Trill suddenly exclaimed after raking through his memories. He had read many books in his youth, and among them, there were countless tomes related to the structure, culture, and formation of Pangaea. He had actually heard of the Nile clan, and he was inwardly shocked, “The Pharaoh King of the South, his name is Thoth Nile. Could it be that she is related to the Pharaoh? A member of the royal family?”

However, Jodye decided not to ask this child such a question, as it would likely make things difficult for her. If he forced the information out, then a sort of mental barrier would erect itself between the two. Jodye was fond of this child with a pretty name, so he didn’t want such a scene to occur. He would naturally discover who she was if they rescued her mother.

Thirty minutes later, Jodye Trill and River Nile were standing silently behind Dessa Chimes. Dessa wore pink tights and a stylish black blouse as she observed a big man in overalls walking to different stalls on market street.

Suddenly, Dessa Chimes felt a whisper in the corner of her mind that she had surrendered to her esteemed Mr. Jupiter, the voice was gentle and soothing as it whispered, “Behind you…”

“Mr. Jupiter!” Dessa whipped her head around to see Jodye Trill standing there casually next to a little girl in red. The excitement in Dessa’s eyes shifted to shock and confusion upon seeing the child, as she was far too adorable. Dessa felt this child was simply not real, but a doll! This was Dessa’s first time encountering a child from the negus lineage, and she thought that the child’s smooth brown skin was beautiful to the extreme. Dessa secretly wondered if this child tasted like chocolate. “Quickly look, I’ve discovered… Uhm. Who is this little cutie, Mr. Jupiter?”

“This is the little lady of the Nile. Little lady Nile, it is my, the mighty Jupiter’s, great honor to introduce you to my right hand. Her name is Dessa Chimes.” Jodye Trill hadn’t paid particular attention to River’s appearance, as he had recently seen the angelic Bilan Moon. Bilan was the first girl to make his heart race since his rebirth. He couldn’t take a tiny little girl like River seriously, in spite of being the same age as her himself. Jodye simply introduced the two girls here to each other and then briefly explained the situation to Dessa, while keeping track of the man she was watching a second ago with his divine sense. Jodye noticed that as soon as he appeared, Dessa’s previous focus dropped to null.

He made another mental note to correct this issue. Dessa was far too relaxed in his presence. It was apparent that she was dependent on him. In Jodye’s opinion, she should experience the opposite reaction, becoming far more vigilant in his presence while wanting to be depended on.

On the other hand, when Dessa heard what Jodye had done her heart felt warm, and she subconsciously started truly worshipping this boy who changed the course of her life. She regarded him as her everything. How brave! How chivalrous! This was what a man should be like, but wasn’t this merely a child? Dessa knew this child would be impeccable one day, and due to her previous predicament, she felt insecure without having a master to depend on. This was a mental barrier that she would have difficulties escaping for the rest of her life. However, this was also the reason that after hearing what happened to River, Dessa was utterly pissed off!

“Those perverted bastards!” Dessa’s eyes were colored with rage, “How dare they swindle such a little angel. Master Jupiter, may I kill them?”

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“Kill?” Jodye Trill smiled wryly while he shook his head in rejection. At the same time, River Nile was turning red as a beet once again from Dessa’s endless compliments, and hiding behind her savior’s leg in embarrassment. River was very sheltered growing up, and she usually only heard such words from her mother, her brother, or the maids. No one else would dare to address her directly.

Jodye was a bit caught off by Dessa’s violent outburst, but after swiftly thinking it through he was able to make sense out of it. “Even I cannot kill him at my current level unless I take some risks. Much less you, Dess.”

“Ah!” Dessa Chimes looked scared, her imposing aura vanishing completely. After all, Jodye was currently the strongest person she knew, if they discounted Uncle Sigma and old man Cassan. “So even Mr. Jupiter can’t kill them easy? How scary.”

This time, Jodye was not surprised at all. He figured out that since he already was seriously helping her cultivate the Titanic Rage Law4Lawthe rules and principles that create, govern, and maintain the energies of the universe. When laws come into harmony they form different systems naturally, with as many functions as the laws in harmony. For laws to enter a state of harmony, they must be compatible and have a proper conduit such as a star, or anything with its own unique Origin source law. With a good enough conduit it is possible to make incompatible laws reach a state of harmony, but in such a scenario there is a high chance of the force turning cancerous. The condensation of law energy produces what is known as Force or Qi.., her temperament was bound to undergo changes due to this. After all, hadn’t his done so as well? It wasn’t called titanic rage qi for nothing. Of course, since Jodye’s soul was incredibly strong, the changes in his own personality were significantly reduced. Dessa’s soul wasn’t so powerful yet, even though it seemed to possess some hidden strength that attracted Autumn Saver.

Luckily, she had only just started practicing, so the effects weren’t very noticeable unless she got irritated. Due to Dessa’s own torturous experiences throughout her younger life, this particular subject could be considered her reverse scale. It would easily trigger her rage. Merely, due to her introverted personality, this was never as apparent as it was currently.

Jodye suddenly had a new idea about this land’s eventual reformation under his hand. First, though, he needed more strength!

Jodye wrote out another mental note to himself to consider teaching Dessa soul cultivation. He had to work out the cause and effect of such a thing. After all, it would do her no good to be overly emotional, but it would also do himself no good if she were too independent. He needed Dessa to be impartial in all matters, seeking only justice as defined by their own morality. However, he also required her to heed his every command, even if it went against her own personal beliefs of temporary interests. This was the ideal Right-Hand in his mind.

As for the Left-Hand, Jodye had precise requirements for that role as well. Dessa simply didn’t fit into that role at all, and neither did Aiken Moon. Of course, Jodye was in no rush. How old was he currently? He had plenty of time to build up his loyal cabinet. Most of this cabinet would likely not come from the West or South Wards. He could only align himself with talents on the same level as the geniuses of the Legendary realm, without the corrupted mentalities of the voodoo states!

This was not something easily achieved. So far, Jodye had been lucky just to find a Dessa Chimes. Finding an entire retinue of comparable talents?


The ancient T’Zhane, Jupiter Titan, battled many geniuses of different races from the Legendary realm. The most powerful races cultivated heavenly powers just by increasing the rank of their bloodlines. Origin God Beast33God BeastMonster clan beast with fifth rank lifeblood. Once a Demi-god beast with more then 70% bloodline purity advances past level 9 they will evolve into a actual God Beast. Merely God Beasts that evolved from a lesser form will never achieve a strength higher then level 7. God Beasts are cable of, and mostly prefer, maintaining heroic form to cultivate greater law energy inheritances for a path to true strengths were a great example of this, as their bloodlines rewarded them with original immortal conceptions. By circulating the original immortal conception, they were able to promote their strengths and ranks with minimum effort. They simply had to grow up and consume potent flesh and blood energies and they would grow stronger. This was also the case for Jodye! Other races had other systems, but for the most powerful races, they all had excellent bloodlines that granted them real strength.

The hero race was wildly known to be an inferior race. Only in recent times had they broken through the shackles of mortality to create immortal clans and heritages. By mastering the laws of destiny, humanity was able to develop their own unique quality. The hero were the darlings of fate! In T’Zhane’s memory, not many humans existed in the Legendary Realms at all, the only hero around were all negus. This was the reason that the titan’s memories involving the hero race were limited and that Jodye didn’t know to distinguish Negus from other heroes.

Jodye’s combat souls may have regained consciousness, but they seemed to be in a similar predicament. Of course, Jodye also thought they were just worried about how much they should reveal to himself. After all, they came from a period millions of years after the one Jodye originated from. Even though he still had some confusion in regards to his transmigration, he was now aware that they had basically been banished throughout time and space. They were somewhere deep in the past, yet somehow the civilization of ancient times was far more complicated than his own.

“Maybe Earth was merely in the lowest of the lower realms, making it impossible for experts to be born,” thought Jodye Trill to himself.

When it came to making progress as a hero, Jodye Trill had no shortcut, he had to discover the limits of his body and soul on his own.

He had heard people in the world mention bloodlines, and he listened to his combat guardians do the same. He was even aware that he had inherited dragon’s blood due to his legacy fusion with his Vajra Dragon combat soul! This was no ordinary bloodline. Instead, it was a Divine Dragon’s blood. However, no one bothered to explain these truths to him yet. Jodye was only told that he would know on his own one day.

However, from Jodye’s inherited memories he remembered hearing a rumor about the hero race. It was said that as long as their souls possessed a certain level of strength, they could assimilate with nearly any bloodline! Of course, that was under the premise that their bodies could handle it. Otherwise, they would explode just like anyone else. To Jodye, this was confusing but still sounded pretty badass! Humans, though considered the weakest race, had an edge that others simply didn’t possess?

Jodye wondered why that was, but he didn’t have any way of knowing for sure. However, he presumed based on this information at hand that it had something to do with the mysteries of fate and the soul. The strength of one’s soul would directly influence every other aspect of their life.

“Oh?” as Jodye Trill was thinking to himself, he noticed that the big and burly man that Dessa had been spying on stopped in front of an abandoned and sealed up old shop. He pulled out a cyan colored token from somewhere before speaking into a serene sound stone on his hip. Jodye Trill picked up River again and dashed over, leaving Dessa to follow him instinctively. A minute and a half later they landed in an alley across from the man in question. Jodye swiftly ran two blocks and spoke to Dessa Chimes via the telepathic link he had established in her spiritual sea, “Why were you following that burly guy?”

“I heard him talking to his friends about some woman they were keeping in the back mountains! They were in the city searching for a little mistake or something.” Answered Dessa Chimes awkwardly. She wasn’t very accustomed to using her soul to speak. “I was hoping to follow them to the little mistake and then report it all back to you.”

Jodye’s eyes flashed with golden lights as he glanced down at the little girl in his embrace. This issue seemed to be bigger than he initially thought. That burly guy should be more powerful than Vik Saver, at least. How exactly did River escape pursuit? There was almost no way she could have survived under the watch of various experts at that level. Unless…

Jodye Trill grinned and seemed suddenly figure out something.

However, now he was more suspicious, and thus, cautious. Should he proceed? Or abort?

Right at that moment, the burly man dripped a drop of blood onto the token, which emitted a soft cyan light before floating up to the door. Seeing this scene, Jodye made a quick and bold decision, he placed River in Dessa’s hands and commanded, “Find Aiken and regroup somewhere near here. Do not make a move unless you hear from myself or Uncle Sigma and company. Understood?”

Dessa looked indignant, but she knew her master was likely about to do something reckless and dangerous. This was the same look that was in his eyes when he decided to explore the dark cave. There was nothing she could say that would change his mind. Dessa didn’t want to become a burden, so she just nodded her head. She decided that she would perform the tasked she was capable of achieving.

“Mr. Jupiter, I know that place, take this River with you!” blurted River Nile leaping back into Jodye’s embrace. She looked anxious, yet terrified. “Please, mister, please!”

“Ugh,” Jodye could sense with his divine energy that the man had just vanished, but the distortion in space still existed temporarily. Due to Jodye’s experience in the chaotic streams of space, his body had become rather sensitive to spatial law fluctuations. Of course, Jodye wasn’t totally aware of this fact. He was not sure why he knew how long this distortion would last, but didn’t think to profoundly into the issue and dashed across the street. Jodye carried River running straight at the sealed entrance as if he was a masochist amid battle. However, to the shock of any who noticed him, he simply passed through the sealed off entrance like he never existed.

Many people could make neither head nor tail of this.

“Did you see that?”


“Did that boy just…vanish? What sort of Phish was that?”

“That didn’t seem like magic phishing, right? Let’s go check out that wall, maybe there’s a treasure!”

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“Yeah let’s check it out, we cannot let the kid get all the spoils.”

“Isn’t that where that Ethan brute was a second ago? What happened to him?”

“Ah! That’s it! The kid must have followed after Ethan! There must be a way in after all!”

“S***, it won’t budge. Come on, wasn’t anyone watching properly?”


Meanwhile, on the other side of the entrance…


Jodye Trill had little River tightly pinned to his chest as they slid down an excessively long dirt tunnel that was too smooth to grip in any way. Jodye definitely never expected to fall into an amusement park ride during this spying adventure. After two breathes of time, the two kids felt a wave of heat assault them. Jodye was able to see a bright light at the quickly approaching opposite end of the tunnel slide.

At this point, he couldn’t help but turn incredibly anxious! It was more than evident to him now that he had dragged them both into a trap. That entrance must have a formation that sends intruders down a different way. Or maybe this was the way entrance was designed so that anyone who entered would immediately be under control. Either way, there was nothing good awaiting them at the end of this tunnel! Jodye sent his divine energy down the tunnel in advance. However, what he perceived made his body tense up even more.

Jodye and River slid straight out of the tunnel and were greeted by the rear end of an enormous Vicious Red-scaled Fire Lizard! This was a level 8 Vicious Beast27Vicious BeastMonster Clan beast that possesses Second Rank lifeblood. Vicious beasts are animals that can absorb and refine the forces of the heavens and earth. As a result, they are far more powerful than the animals who can’t. Level 1 Vicious Beast = 20 bp Level 2 Vicious Beast = 60 bp Level 3 Vicious Beast = 110 bp Level 4 Vicious Beast = 170 bp Level 5 Vicious Beast = 240 bp Level 6 Vicious Beast = 320 bp Level 7 Vicious Beast = 410 bp Level 8 Vicious Beast = 510 bp Level 9 Vicious Beast = 620 bp that was rumored to be descended from an actual dragon! It would probably evolve into a Trickster30Trickstermonster clan beast with third rank lifeblood. when a level 9 vicious beast with god beast lifeblood reaches level 10 they evolve into low-level demi-god beasts possessing superior intelligence without their own complete demi-god physique. Due to their frail forms, they use their lifeblood powers to condense a cocoon or origin qi that takes on the form of other beasts. Tricksters fight to obtain the ‘life force’ required to condense a monster core by condensing enough god beast lifeblood. Condensing the monster core allows the trickster to upgrade its physique to that of one closer to a god beast and cultivate different lifeblood inheritances. Vicious beasts with a hint of origin god beast bloodline in them merely become higher level tricksters upon evolution, with a more complete true form. Tricksters are only born through the evolution of a vicious beast. Injuries received by tricksters in their true forms risk reducing their level since they must burn their lifeblood essence to recover and transform again. Level 1 Trickster = 1,000 BP Level 2 Trickster = 1,250 BP Level 3 Trickster = 1,600 BP Level 4 Trickster = 2 AP Level 5 Trickster = 4.5 AP Level 6 Trickster = 9 AP Level 7 Trickster = 14 AP Level 8 Trickster = 21 AP Level 9 Trickster = 30 AP with dragon blood, or a Drake, one day! The wave of heat they felt came from the body of this beast! The Red-scaled Fire Lizard’s body was at least 10 meters long, and its head stood eight meters high above the ground.

The vicious beast’s eyes that were closed initially suddenly snapped open. Jodye grabbed River, and a golden atmosphere exploded out from his body as he released his full strength to duck and roll under the beast’s ferocious three-meter-long tail that swept out at the pair of children. The Red-scaled Fire Lizard whipped its head around and released a deep breath of magical fire!

Jodye felt his hairs stand on end, and both of his lives flash before his eyes. River’s sky-piercing scream reverberated in his ears. Jodye’s face was glum, and he mocked himself, “F***… a young divine dragon titan murdered by a mere fire lizard. What a joke…”

Even though he knew it was useless Jodye thought to summon one of his combat beast souls, and with thought, the [Cosmos Revolving Grimoire] flashed into existence. However, before Jodye could relay another idea, the heavenly grimoire flipped open to the fourth page, and a bright pink light overwhelmed the orange-red firelight that illuminated this previously dark passageway. This lasted only for the briefest of instances, before River and Jodye’s figures were totally swallowed in the flame.

However, at this moment a message appeared in Jodye’s mind as his remaining origin energy depleted by half.

[Emergency Summon]
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