Chapter 180: Going to Bed Vs Going Upstairs

“Sister Qin Zheng, Su Ke2Su KeMain Character!”

At this moment, Lin Xiao Bai opened the door from the inside and stuck her head out.

“It’s really you guys! Why aren’t you guys coming in!?”

“Right now, right now!” Su Ke seemed like he had seen his saviour as he turned to look at the Qin Zheng who was within arm’s reach. Her eyes were smiling and filled with playfulness, but she didn’t continue chasing him with questions, causing him to let out a relieved breath.

Su Ke then went to change his clothes. Wearing a formal shirt and pants wasn’t as awkward as he imagined it, but it wasn’t as comfortable as his own t-shirt and pants.

When he went back downstairs, he saw Qin Zheng speaking with Luo Fei Yan, “Yuan Fang didn’t act because he hasn’t figured out Su Ke’s background. After all these years, I understand him fairy well; he won’t act rashly, and he holds grudges. This time, Su Ke trampled him to the ground in public, causing him to become extremely embarrassed. It’s impossible that he wouldn’t take revenge!”

Qin Zheng sat in a position where her back was facing Su Ke, so she didn’t realize that he had come closer and continued, “I’ll call Yuan Fang again tonight and explain the situation! I can’t let Su Ke get in trouble because of me!”

Luo Fei Yan glanced at Su Ke, but didn’t seem to want to inform Qin Zheng, as she leaned forward slightly, “You guys kissed just now, but you say that now. Tell me, did you fall for Su Ke because of that kiss?”

“Yan Yan, do you want to die!? What nonsense are you spouting! I’m so much bigger than Su Ke!” Qin Zheng wanted to raise her fist, but just as she lifted her arm, she was hit by Luo Fei Yan, “Big, what big? Your chest is bigger than him! If you don’t start, you won’t have another chance. Du Wan, that lass, has had her eye on Su Ke for a long time!”

Qin Zheng was stunned, feeling very surprised as she stared at Luo Fei Yan wide eyed, “What!? You say that Du Wan likes Su Ke?”

“En, he was even dragged over to go see his in-laws today!”

Luo Fei Yan was the epitome of ‘wanting the world to fall into chaos’.

Even though Su Ke was behind Qin Zheng, she was still acting willfully.

Luo Fei then lowered her voice as she whispered, “Qin Zheng, do you have any feelings for Little Brother Su?”

Su Ke felt his heart speed up, not even daring to fart.

He actually saw Qin Zheng thinking about it before feebly saying, “If he was bigger, that would be good!”

Luo Fei Yan raised an eyebrow, her eyes flirtatious as she winked at Qin Zheng, her voice filled with innuendo as she playfully asked, “Bigger? Bigger where? His little brother (1)?”  

Su Ke knew that he had to reveal himself now.

If not, he didn’t know what else Luo Fei Yan would say!

Just as Qin Zheng was about to attack the blabbermouth, she suddenly heard Su Ke, “Cough cough!”

Her body unconsciously shivered as she quickly turned around.

As expected, Su Ke was standing behind her with a completely flushed red face.

Qin Zheng wanted to jump into a hole at the thought that he had heard her.

“Oh my god! What was I saying just now!? An old cow eating young grass!”

Su Ke was also embarrassed.

However, once he saw Qin Zheng evasive eyes that were unable to look straight at him, her sexy and shy appearance, and her revealed cleavage with a faint dusting of red, he felt secretly pleased with himself.

He didn’t expect his charisma to be so strong.

Su Ke then sat beside Qin Zheng as he exclaimed, “Sister Qin Zheng, you don’t need to call Yuan Fang! I can resolve any problems!”

Qin Zheng saw Su Ke’s unperturbed look and her heart felt anxious as she responded, “Su Ke, you don’t know him! Yuan Fang is very slick. Hua Lian supermarket is run by him. You’ve hit him this time, but when he knows who you are, he’ll come to take revenge!”

Luo Fei Yan suddenly said, “Qin Zheng, you don’t need to worry! Little Brother Su is very capable! What methods does that Yuan Fang have? Go to Seventeenth Middle School to fire Su Ke? Then he isn’t afraid of losing face!”

As she spoke, she sat on Qin Zheng’s other side, slinging an arm around her shoulder.

Luo Fei Yan then muttered into Qin Zheng’s ear.“Let me tell you! Little Brother Su is awesome! Looking at Yuan Fang, I think even three won’t be enough!”

She had seen Su Ke exchange blows with Ma Meng.

Even though it was only until the first hit, she could see that Su Ke had some moves.

“Skills?” Qin Zheng was most worried about Yuan Fang finding some seedy guys to cause trouble for Su Ke. After hearing that, her eyes lit up, but thinking of Su Ke’s slender physique, she didn’t dare believe it.

Luo Fei Yan seriously and authentically responded, “It’s true! I saw it with my own eyes!”  

Su Ke was sitting so close he could obviously hear what the two women were saying.

Hearing Luo Fei Yan crafting such a lofty image for himself, he felt immeasurably satisfied. Speaking of which, now that he had Jeet Kune Do (Expert), it could be counted as knowing some skills.

“Of course, I’m speaking of his martial arts and not his skills in bed! You’ll have to experience his skills in bed yourself!” Once Qin Zheng heard that Su Ke had some skills, Luo Fei Yan saw that she heaved an obvious sigh of relief and the worry in her eyes had eased.

Luo Fei Yan then immediately put to use her skill of causing people’s faces to change.

“Pfft!” Su Ke nearly spat out blood. How did it end up related to his bedroom skills? Originally, he had relaxed somewhat; the colour of his face returning normal.

However, his face then turned to look like Lord Guan’s red face.

Lord Guan (Guan Yu)’s red face

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“Do you want to die!? If you want me to experience it, I can’t be the only one- you have to join as well!”

Qin Zheng was never a reserved character.

Seeing that Luo Fei Yan was not putting a stop to her teasing, how could she not retaliate?

“Okay, okay, everyone will play together!”

Luo Fei Yan’s interest increased; this was called ‘not being afraid of cold food’.

She turned around and spoke across Qin Zheng’s back, “Little Brother Su, how about it? Show off your skills!”

Su Ke looked at Luo Fei Yan’s unrepentant face as she licked her lips. When the tip of her tongue poked out, it seemed to ignite a flame in Su Ke’s heart.

For no reason, Su Ke’s entire body felt parched as he shouted, “Sister Yan, I can’t take it anymore! I have to go to bed!”

“Go to bed?” Not only was Luo Fei Yan stunned, but Qin Zheng’s eyes had also widened, looking like she had seen a ghost.

“Eh? No! No! I meant go upstairs!”

After Su Ke felt his brain go numb, sweat started forming as he quickly waved his hand and explained, “I said to go upstairs, okay!? Go upstairs!”

Su Ke’s face was gloomy as he looked at the expressions of the other two. They had face full of smiles as they exclaimed in unison, “En en! It’s to go to bed!”

“Go upstairs, go upstairs!”

Su Ke was like Xiang Lin Sao (3), continuously mumbling to himself, his head full of black lines.

He wanted to cry, but he had no tears as he quickly hugged his head and scampered up to the 3rd floor, leaving the two flirtatious women to look up and laugh. ______________________________________________________________________________

1.Slang for d*ck

2. There’s a pun in the title and the story that doesn’t translate well into english. So in mandarin, 上床 (Shang Chuang), can mean to have s*x, while 上楼 (Shang Lou), means to go upstairs. As you can see, they differ by only 1 character, so Su Ke has a slip of tongue I guess.

3. Some tragic character from “New Year’s Sacrifice”. Can google if you need more details.

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